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Brave Dissenter Writes of Repression in America

August 12, 2014


Professor James Tracy, left, almost lost his job
teaching Communications at Florida Atlantic University
for questioning the Sandy Hook false flag. Here he
discusses how a repressive pall has fallen over
the United States, former champion of freedom.

Makow Comment - Why is this happening? The West is controlled by a satanic cult, the Illuminati which is based on Cabala as was the USSR. Like the USSR, the West adopts the features of this depraved cult which demands strict adherence to a set of shibboleths designed to degrade and enslave its members, i.e. satanic possession. See: Makow- NWO is Throwback to Totalitarian Judaism

By James F. Tracy

(Condensed by

An infirmity once characterizing the past century's most severe totalitarian regimes has now taken root in Western public discourse and practice, a process akin to Orwellian "double think" acting as a form of de facto censorship preempting consideration of major issues and events.

truth.jpgThis mindset is obliquely shared by a majority of professional journalists, academics, and public office holders--in short, those who represent and lead public opinion...

Once a state-endorsed narrative of a questionable event has been presented to and conveyed by the mainstream news media, it is almost invariably accepted without question by "Inner Party" members.

Such silence is abetted by a mechanical allegiance to prevailing authority figures and institutional power. In possessing such a worldview one reflexively forfeits personal integrity to uphold the collective publicity of the unspeakable and an overarching faith in the given sociopolitical system's artificial spontaneity. Alternative interpretations of such events by the laity can be dismissed out-of-hand as "conspiracy theories," thereby further confirming the Party's creed.

The publicity of the unspeakable ensures that, under penalty of de facto or formal censure, deference to official narratives will increasingly eclipse free inquiry and expression in the West.

The notion that one's country is becoming a ruthless police state becomes clichéd, particularly with a lack of historical context. Extreme totalitarian regimes based on, for example, Marxist fundamentalism and unquestioning loyalty to the Party famously utilized internment and compulsory psychiatry to quell political dissidents and unorthodox speech.

Yet in the US and elsewhere, objectively assessing the facts surrounding events such as the key political assassinations of the 1960s, the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing, 9/11, or more recent mass-mediated terror events, is tantamount to political heresy and potential justification for state surveillance, interrogation, obligatory "medical" (psychiatric) treatment, and even a sort of asset confiscation in the form of reputational damage and job loss.

jpgSuch informal measures were brought against New Hampshire State Representative Stella Tremblay, left, who was compelled to resign from public office after she questioned the causes of the Boston Marathon bombing,[1] and similarly played out when this author questioned the official storyline of the Newtown Connecticut shooting in early 2013.[2]

The most recent example is New York state school teacher Adam Heller. Following the suspicious disclosure of his private instant messaging communications to another party where he raised questions regarding the Sandy Hook massacre and other dubious events vis-à-vis the legal purchase of two long guns, Heller was forced by local law enforcement, acting under probable direction of the FBI, to endure a 12-day inpatient psychiatric evaluation.

Then, upon the conclusions of another assessment by a "forensic psychiatrist," Mr. Heller was terminated from his tenured teaching position. The school teacher's experience is an especially dangerous precedent; one in which the state, with the aid of psychiatry, has imposed forced institutionalization and severe monetary punishment for "thought crimes" in a fashion commonplace to Soviet Russia and similar police states.

heller.jpg(left, Adam Heller)

"An individual in our country has basic civil rights, and [Heller's] were fundamentally violated," the former school teacher's attorney, Michael Sussman observes. After being visited by the local police, Heller proceeded to the hospital and "thinks he's getting some sort of physical checkup," Mr. Sussman continues. After the checkup, hospital personnel direct Heller to the facility's mental health unit. "For what purpose?" Heller responds. "You're confused. You seem sick," they advise.

Sussman maintains that Heller is neither confused nor sick.

This is Siberia in the United States! They keep him in the mental health unit for twelve days, and after twelve days they can find nothing wrong with him. He's a cogent, bright, well-read, urbane young man. He's in his mid-thirties. There's nothing about him that's peculiar--other than, as you'll find out--perhaps from somebody's point of view, some of his beliefs or explorations or considerations; the stuff that we hope people will engage in in their own intellectual curiosity.[3]

spivey1.jpgIn a similar vein, on July 30, 2014 UK blogger Christopher Spivey, left, was arrested on "suspicion of harassment" in a 2AM police raid on his Essex residence. A few days prior to his arrest Spivey posted an article on his site arguing that the May 2013 murder of British soldier Lee Rigby was a deception intended to incite anti-Islamic sentiment. Police refused to disclose what parties were subject to potential harassment.

"Among Mr Spivey's online supporters are David Icke, the former footballer and BBC Grandstand presenter who has become known for his conspiracy theories," the Daily Mail reports.[4]

There are clear historical antecedents to such state extremism. In his treatise on psychiatry's political deployment in the Soviet Union, for example, Russian author and political dissident Alexandr Podrabinek points to how a designation of mental illness was an especially effective means for the state to disallow nonconformist thoughts from the public realm while maintaining its own legitimacy.

Those "who do not accept the lies and who are prepared to suffer for the sake of the truth ... are few," Podrabinek observes, "but the regime fears them more than all the thieves, murderers, rapists and other criminals combined, for they are armed with the truth. As Shakespeare wrote, 'Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just.'"[5]

stop-all-conspiracy-theorie.jpgBANNING CONSPIRACY THEORIES

In the spirit of such pseudo-scientific procedure, contemporary social scientists are closely aligned with Western countries' severe police state policies and protocols seeking to address aberrant thought and expression.

Alongside Cass Sunstein's well-known proposal to "cognitively infiltrate" research and social communities harboring non-official narratives on complex events, similar postulations have filtered into the literature that approach "conspiracy theories,"[8] even using terms such as "inoculation" and "metainoculation" against such views.[9]

"Despite the psychological comfort afforded by conspiracy theories," one recent study asserts, "its attitudes are typically maladaptive. Conspiracies distract public attention from other more pragmatically important political issues and prevent constructive approaches to whatever issues they do address. Additionally," the paper's literature review notes, "conspiracy theories 'can have detrimental consequences: undermining confidence in government, contributing to extreme cynicism about the business and corporate sectors, and fueling dangerous extremist movements''"[10]

The political assumptions and implications evident in such a preamble are stunning. Most significantly, its authors assume that certain reportage and observations emerging apart from official pronouncements and corporate media reportage-many of which appear in prominent online foreign and alternative news media-are of limited merit and may even be detrimental to the body politic. Like their Soviet counterparts, such social scientists invariably become part and parcel to the enforcement of what the state authorizes as "permissible" thought and discourse.


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Comments for " Brave Dissenter Writes of Repression in America "

JG said (August 12, 2014):

The teaching profession at the University level is now supported by the federal government through the 2 trillion dollars of delinquent student loans. This doesn't come without strings attached. The Universities must "tow the line" by promoting the government narrative of history and current events along with a "no tolerance" policy against any professors who challenge that narrative.

The government holds the club on all that receive it's welfare especially at the corporate level. Under Communism, "all is money", and, the majority of the progressive population today in America and the world cooperatively adheres to this axiom. For now it's the "carrot and the stick" that rules but soon in America and the rest of the world it will be the stick without the carrot. This is the endgame of World Order Communism.

I wouldn't worry too much quite yet about considering fleeing to a foreign land to buy some time until the US dollar is no longer the World Reserve Currency because you might be surprised to find the same trends are taking place in those countries also and are being implemented by the same "beast" through global governance via IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve and all the other international fiat/ fractional banking institutions out of the 'City of London'.

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