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Jewish Passive Aggression

August 3, 2014

FreudCartoon14web.jpgAsim, an Iranian living in the UK,
reflects on his extensive
professional contacts with Jews.

"To be opinionated and self-aware of one's own culture, religion and overall sense of self, never went down well with them-they clearly felt more comfortable with me, whenever I seemed unsure about my own identity and purpose in life."

by Asim

I remember attending a peace conference a few years ago, with a number of prominent Jews, Christians and Muslims in attendance. They debated ways forward out of the cesspit that is Israel/Palestine.

Rabbi David Yoewis from Nutrei Karta was present. He gave an informed and impassioned speech about how Jews living in Palestine pre-1948, were brutalized and forced to accept the coming Zionist state, and that thousands of Jews who had lived in harmony with the local Arabs, never sought to be part of this Zionist entity.

Whilst I was touched by his speech, I couldn't help but feel increasingly confused-what version of Judaism was he representing????

(Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, 1902-1994, who preached Jewish supremacy.) 

I asked him if what he said was true, then how does one account for comments made by the late Rabbi Schneerson, who deemed all Palestinians as significant as a bunch of cockroaches!!

And this was no fringe Rabbi. He commanded a huge following in New York, with many believing him to be the Messiah!!!!

Rabbi Davids' response was muted-he clearly didn't have an answer for this, and it has since then, left me baffled as to what Jewish Rabbis actually believe in. How come some Rabbis' clearly see the light of day, whilst others are so immersed in the doctrine of satanic hatred?


I like to think that I have gained some perspective on the Jewish mindset, having spent many years working for Jewish organizations and having studied Jewish pseudo-science (psychoanalysis) under the tutelage of Jewish Professors.

What I have found is that Jewish people seem to suffer from a grotesque sense of paranoia, and never seem to be fully relaxed with you, no matter how hard you try to be accommodating.

Sure, I could get on with them, make them laugh, discuss everyday issues with them-but to be opinionated and self-aware of one's own culture, religion and overall sense of self, never went down well with them-they clearly felt more comfortable with me, whenever I seemed unsure about my own identity and purpose in life.

This is a real shame and a major stumbling block for people like me who would like to form genuine friendships with people of all faiths, particularly Jews, but cannot face the feeling of coming across as some kind of perceived threat. That is why reading your work and communicating to you, Henry, a Jew, is the biggest breathe of fresh air I have had in a long time. I just wish there were many more like you out there.

(I asked Asim to elaborate)

...This can be exemplified during my time at one of the most feminist-indoctrinated, Jewish-run, universities in the UK- Birkbeck College, University of London. Whilst studying for my Masters in Freudian Psychoanalysis, I had the displeasure of being taught by the Head of the Psychology Department, a prominent and totally unabashed Jewish Zionist, who enjoyed elevating Sigmund Freud to God-like status.

During seminars, we would superficially debate the merits of Freud's theories, and it was during these sessions, that I noticed how comfortable the professor was, listening to a bunch of seriously dysfunctional students make sense of their lives- mentally screwed up, wannabe feminist idiots; highly neurotic homosexuals, and those like me with low self-esteem reaching minus 100.

aa-jewish-supremacy.jpgBut, it would be during the times when I managed to pluck enough confidence and argue the merits of belief in God, that  I saw a change. The Professor, clearly felt threatened by my admission of faith, albeit nominal at the time, and it seemed, was quick to make presumptions about my character.

Was I now deemed a 'radical', in his eyes? Heck, even worse,...a 'muslim anti-jewish radical'???

I actually felt sorry for the poor professor; he was now forced to teach an Osama Bin Laden wannabe!!!

During my tutorials, he would keep on asking me if I was Turkish?

I guess, I should have said yes, just to calm his fears-Jews love Turks so it seems-but I told him instead, that I was from Iran.

I never had anymore face-to-face tutorials after that!

My tutorials would continue via the telephone, which was really pathetic in the end. I could increasingly sense the paranoia and fear emanating from the Professor, each time, we would cross paths. It was almost tangible. And it was always incredibly annoying.

I was happy to accept him for who he was, even though, he made it abundantly clear, who his favorites were.

But, for speaking my mind, and expressing an opinion, a belief, and for being ethnically from a part of the world, deemed worse than Nazi Germany, I had inadvertently, challenged the Jewish status quo-I had now become 'part of the enemy brigade'.

Talk about Jewish paranoia!!!!!


Makow Comment-  By supplanting God, Judaism is a conspiracy against God and humanity. By enlisting unwitting Jews to a satanic goal, subverting
the human race, it is also a conspiracy against Jews themselves
, and accounts for the dysfunctional behavior of many. What is more passive- aggressive than conspiracy? To be aggressive under the guise of victimhood.

Comments for "Jewish Passive Aggression"

P said (August 4, 2014):

Very informative and moving article. You said everything that most people are afraid to discuss openly in public.

Asim said (August 4, 2014):

Very informative and moving article. You said everything that most people are afraid to discuss openly in public.

JG said (August 3, 2014):

The name Jew was originally given in reference to those from the Tribe of Judah. This was the chosen tribe that carried the Messianic Line. This name was not meant to refer to all the tribes in the House of Israel.

I do believe that part of the unknown mysteries of so called World Jewry today could be explained by the presence of the alien Ashkenazi entity that has subverted Biblical Judaism.They don't look like Middle Easterners because they are not and they deceptively live under the name of the Jew but are not the racial descendants from the Tribe of Judah and do not carry out God's will but rather seek to overthrow God's plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ the Messiah.

Even some of the "elect" in the Christian Churches have been deceived by these imposters. Unfortunately this is all going to have a catastrophic ending and soon.

Eduardo from Brazil said (August 3, 2014):

By rejecting Jesus, the Messiah ben David, that they were waiting for, they were rejected.

However, they were the sacerdoctal lineage, they needed to be blind in order to make the ultmost sacrifice that opened the salvation door.

Jesus said: “the salvation comes from the Jews”. He said that because He was a Jew and they needed to sacrifice Him, as an offering to God. Only a sacerdoctal Jew could do that according the Torah.

Majority of the Jews are now blinded by Satan.

There is a reason: since Jerusalem is the City of the Great King (God the Father) and Satan wants to go against everything that is connected to God, for him, using the Jews as his people and establishing his evil throne in the City of the Great King will reach his final objective.

At this point Jews are just tools in Satan´s hands, like any other people that is not, by heart, converted to the true God.

The Bible says in Revelation that at the end they will wake up, and see their wrong doings and repent.

We need to be aware of what is happening, but not hate them. Since Satan is using all those that are blinded by sin, from any culture, any religion and any race.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at