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Help! A Cult Stole My Wife

September 5, 2014

joeh.jpg(left, Crusading chiropractor, Joe Hawkins)

 While society mostly has turned a blind eye to the Twelve Tribes cult,
 Joe Hawkins, a Winnipeg chiropractor, doesn't have this option.
Last November, his common law wife left him to join this group and took their
two-year-old son. While Joe has joint custody, he says he can't allow his child
to be exposed to a criminal organization involved in child abuse.
This impressive website documents his claims.

Latest! Group Defends Use of Sticks to Discipline Children  Radio interviews listed below.

"My wife whom I still love does not want to talk to me. She says she will now live her life according to her "convictions" and i should do the same. Well i my convictions tell me to fight for my son , and fight for the woman I love even if she verbally tells me she does not want me."

by Joe Hawkins D.C.
My wife of four years, common law, and I visited "Twelve Tribes" in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada many times in the Spring-Summer of 2013. My wife, a stay at home mom in her early 20's, warmed up to the group. Foolishly I didn't think much about it, imagining it was a good social outlet for her. I trusted that they were a general community who wanted an alternative lifestyle from the immoral mainstream way of life. I could see the attraction. No one in Winnipeg had exposed them since they arrived in 1994. They were very good at covering a false impression of who they are and what they are about.
Twelve_Tribes_Wedding_004.JPG(A wedding. Group pretends to espouse Biblical values, wholesome living.)

I have done nine months of serious investigation and to my horror this organization is not known to anyone even though the police and media did expose them upon their arrival. Since then, nothing has been said. That's going to change. They have hit my son, turned my wife against me, stole my car, and attacked me in the courts to take my son permanently.

They claim to be people of 'god'.  What a joke. They all have Hebrew names, but no one speaks Hebrew, one of many tactics they employ to cause a person to be confused.

After 9 months of research I discovered this shocking video  CBC news show "The Journal."   The video exposes the cult through interviews with children explaining how they are hit if they make noise, how the cult leader took /kidnapped a child, how they bury dead babies in the back yard. the CBC informed the police. The police dug up the grave and found a dead baby. Ex members world wide report this is common practice. Ex members started this web site.
As result of this German undercover documentary, showing child abuse,  German police raided the cult in Sept. 2013 and took 41 children into protective custody.  26 are still in custody a year later.   A 'child training manual" that I obtained from a ex-member clearly shows that any child can be beaten by any adult for pretty much anything including not answering the question fast enough. Children are taught to inform on other children or adults. The "elders" (clearly the people that are doing the manipulation) are considered as 'god" and cannot be challenged.

My wife whom I still love does not want to talk to me. She says she will now live her life according to her "convictions" and i should do the same. Well i my convictions tell me to fight for my son , and fight for the woman I love even if she verbally tells me she does not want me.

My parents and grandparents who were each married for more then 50 years taught me to do the right thing. The right thing to do here is to do is to fight for my son, my wife and the 31 children in Winnipeg that i know are being abused.

spriggs.jpgThe cult uses the same teachings through out the world, this cult by definition of who they are and what they do, is to be a carbon copy of the leaders teachings. Half the teachings come from the bible, the other half from the cult leader Gene Spriggs, left, an American and Eddie Wiesman (second in command.) 

I cannot fight this cult alone. Some ex-cult members are leading the charge like this lady who got out after 20 years and still has a daughter inside. Here is her video. 
Some of the ex members i have spoken with, tell of their sexual abuse, and it is so gut wrenching I can not help but cry.

A copy of this letter/article will be provided to all Child and Family Services, and to all police agencies, but please DO NOT think that will make the difference. The cult has had a mountain of bad press, but they are still allowed to exist. They are con artists at best; at worst they are a organized criminal gang. They have their own ocean going boat to transfer cult victims world wide with no trace, they move people across borders. 

Meanwhile , this cult just continues to dish up food at their restaurants in Winnipeg and Nelson B.C. and the public is none the wiser, but people are starting to catch on. I am told WWOOF Canada, an organization that provides free farm workers to the cults farms woke up and stopped doing just that, stopped helping to create more victims. When you join the cult, they take everything you have, rip apart your family and turn you against your family. It is insane this is going on really.
east-gate-winnipeg.jpg(left, Winnipeg group)

I will continue to try to help the mother of my child and all the children that are being systematically abused by these men who claim to be god fearing, and denounce the troubles of the world as they create the worst troubles anyone could imagine. They take hypocrisy to an absurd and extreme level. Beyond hypocrisy they are simply criminals pretending to be pious and pure. Where have we heard that before?
If you can help with information or ideas, please contact me at:  [email protected]

Mother's Testimony Lifts Lid on Commune

Makow comment-  I suggest Joe raise money for a good lawyer and go for full custody on the basis that his son is in danger.

First Comment from P:

My name is Mary Phan. I and my boyfriend both have been very loyal customers to Chilliwack Yellow Deli restaurant. 

I read your article about your wife and have a big fear that it will happen to me in the future. In the beginning, I don't criticize their thing because they seem happy and friendly to talk with. However, things turn out to be very weird during the time I had gone back to Vietnam to visit my parents for 3 months. 

My boyfriend seemed extremely happy to go their Friday celebration and got really feisty while I rejected to hang out with them. It makes me become curious about Twelve Tribes Religious and found out the truth. After that, every Friday, I feel uncomfortable to go there because one by one of the member tried to introduce their religious and Yoshua. 

The main reasons why I feel uncomfortable are have already voluntarily joined into Buddhist. Secondly, it is how naive my boyfriend thinks about "free food" and "good hospitality". 

However, yesterday is my end of the line. Shaba( Leaders of Chilliwack 12 Tribes) sat next to us. My boyfriend begins to compliment him about the atmosphere. Then he starts replying back by: "You can live like this forever You have to give up everything including your bank account, lands, and other financial assets. Also, you need to break up with your wife. Because spouse can prevent your freedom and accomplishment." 

It was horrible when you heard that when you sat next to the loved one. I began to sense that this guy felt impatient about us why we always went there and ate free food on Friday and never finally joined into theirs. I also feel that their true face begin to show in front of us. 

However, my boyfriend is still naive and tries so hard to get along with them. I and his parents tried to warn him about this but he never listens to us. I would like to have more information about this religion.

Austin writes:

I sympathize very much with Joe Hawkins, as I spent two-and-a-half years in a communal situation myself as a younger man. The commune was Bible-based, and it looked at first, like a piece of heaven on earth - because that's what everyone is looking for - peace, nirvana, 'garden of Eden' type setting, but such places do not exist in this life.

Nobody wants the humdrum daily reality of life in the suburbs, with huge problems - crime, transport and housing issues, cost of living hikes, insecurity about what the future holds. So many opt out of the burbs, and go out bush to a retreat or commune or whatever is on offer, because of their vulnerability towards modern living.

Cult leaders recognize these perceived needs and wants, and take advantage of them. Towards the end of my time on the commune, I realized that the leaders had been virtually deified by the followers. No one could speak against them, but after I had gotten out from under their mesmerizing influence, I could see clearly how wrong the whole setup was. It was a complete con job that controlled people's lives and money, so that the leaders could build their own 'country club' style existence, at the expense of their followers. They paid no rent and shared in no costs - everything was prepaid for them, and they were worshiped by the followers for their gross wrongdoing.

I still have strong Christian beliefs to this day, but cannot deny that as a young believer, I was totally deceived by the "Farmily" as the locals used to call them. Jesus Christ Himself gave us strong warnings about false prophets, dressed in sheep's clothing - take the warnings seriously, as these places do exist, and they wreak havoc on unsuspecting but well meaning people.

Keep your friends and family safe from cults and the occult - read Matthew 7:13 to the end of the chapter, and realize that God does care about you - all of you. Joe - I will say a prayer for you and pass on the link to your story as a warning to others, and I do hope that you are able to recover your family situation and start over again. My thoughts are with you.

Mathew 7:13 "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

Comments for "Help! A Cult Stole My Wife"

Warren D said (September 7, 2014):

What's interesting to me about the corporate cult movements like 12 tribes and the mormons and the amish etc, is that they all believe in the ordination of the higher powers.
Thus when you see the government run CBC doing hit pieces on cults, it's like one corporate monster trying to demonize a smaller corporate monster. But the bigger evil in my opinion is the action of the bigger monster. There is a reason why they condone these corporate cults - they probably have their hand in setting them up. Setting them up to be demonized that is.. it helps prevent any legitimate kind of organization from ever starting up. Because now everyone thinks any organization that has strong convictions about anything is a cult and should be demonized and disbanded as soon as possible. AND the people to bring em down should be the biggest thugs on the block - the law enforcement.

If you look at it from this lens of just how much these cults are controlled and why they are so publicized in the negative, I really think people will get a clearer picture of what's going on Hopefully they will realize that these organizations are set up by the very people who are running the government and the whole thing is to prevent YOU from ever doing something legitimate to rival the powers that should not be.

K said (September 7, 2014):

Thanks for this update on the 12 Tribes
We have one of these in asheville, NC
When I mentioned that, and forwarded the article
to a friend, she said that would not happen here in the US because there are laws against this.

Laws do not stop anything. These cults, like the Bruderhofers, Gloria Dei, Boston Church of Christ, Shepherding Movement all those: are family, life, church destroying movements (bowel movements)

Steven said (September 7, 2014):

I was asked to join the Twelve Tribes cult in 2008. I don't know where the particular commune was, but I was invited by a bearded young man named Obadiah I met in a marijuana pipe shop in Grand Rapids.

A coincidence, because I hadn't thought about it much until yesterday, when a friend and I watched a Simpsons episode where Homer joins a cult and forces his family to come. I told my friend about how Obadiah came to me and was very friendly, asked me to come visit his Twelve Tribes organization's commune, and he gave me a newsletter the group put out.

I gave him my phone number and he called me a couple days later to say again he'd love for me to come out and try the group out. I was impressed with the group, since the big newsletter gave addresses of communes in Germany and other places, but I didn't join because I was a a drug-addled derelict who figured they'd just kick me out. I guess I should've gone b/c it sounds like they might have put me in charge of the place. What a terrible story.

Ken Adachi said (September 6, 2014):

"My wife" Really? Does society consider two people who live together for 4 years and bear a child as married and as husband and wife? I don't think so. I've heard it said that people who live together for 10 or more years can be considered a common law marriage, but 4 years? When does common law "marriage" kick in for this guy anyway? At year 3, or year 2, year 1, or Day 1? Can anyone just live with a woman and simply declare they are "married" under common law?

Does he now possess all the rights of a father and husband based on his self declaration of marriage? I'm sorry, but this woman is not his wife. They bore a child out of wedlock, plain and simple. Whatever "rights' he has, it's not that of a husband.



The State would recognize him as financially responsible for both wife and the child.


Dan said (September 6, 2014):

Doesn't take much research to recognize 'Twelve Tribes' is a textbook cult. This one's high risk. Cults so intrusive as to break the bonds of
parents from their children are dangerous. I can't think of better advice than you gave.

When cults like that get away with it, chances are they've got protection from somebody in government.

Grae said (September 5, 2014):

I couple of years ago I watched the ridiculous, (non-comedic) comedy film 'Wanderlust'. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, a couple from New York looking to escape their humdrum lives and ending up at a 'free-living' commune somewhere in Georgia. What ensues is nothing short of degeneracy (wife-swapping, orgies, greed / financial scandal, heavy drug usage, etc). The husband (Paul Rudd) loves it at first—much to his wife's annoyance— because he absolves him of the responsibility to provide for him and his spouse and everything is free. But he wants to leave once he realizes that the other men at the commune more or less have free access to his wife. He leaves, she stays, melodrama occurs, and he comes back to rescue her. The people living there aren't painted as evil or bad, just lost or strange. The leader, however, is a criminal with ulterior financial motives. This man basically found himself trapped in Wanderlust, except his wife decided to stay in the end. Sucks for him.

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