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Male Video Gamers Blast Feminist Critics

September 4, 2014

The culture war comes to videogames. a $70 billion industry worldwide.

"Feminists" like Anita Sarkeesian, left, have touched off a firestorm by claiming video games are promoting "sexism" and violence against women. The industry seems to be taking her side against their own customers. Males are being demonized. Paul Eric Bazinet wonders if this is all an Illuminati plot.

(Editor's Note- Be sure to read the comments by Dan and James below)

"If you have any criticism against the gaming industry journalism, Quinn, or Sarkeesian, it is simple: you are a misogynist pig, guilty of hate crimes, a terrorist, a tin foil hat nutter. "

Eric Bazinet, 36, a factory worker from Quebec "has an interest in truth and is appalled by secrecy and tyranny."

by Paul Eric Bazinet

Recently, an event "happened" in the independent video gaming industry, referred to as the "Quinnspiracy".

 zoe-quinn-youtube-ubj*304.pngAn ex-boyfriend publicly accused a prominent female indie game developer, Zoe Quinn, left, of cheating on him with five persons in the industry/gaming journalism.

This exposed many conflicts of interests in gaming journalism, which already had a stained reputation from apparent circle-jerking corruption. Many gamers and developers had been vocal about this for a while. This event blew into huge proportion. It is instigating a war on two fronts -- namely journalistic integrity and sexism--
between gamers and video game websites. Needless to say, it provoked an emotional response from gamers. It seems tailor-made to incite male outrage.

Then this degenerated into what is known as "gamergate" (not to be confused with video gaming website "gamer's gate")

The Quinn bee then claims to have been "doxxed" which means she was hacked and her personal information including bank info and all sensible details about her released on the web by hackers.

She claims harassment and death threats to her and her family by a horde of misogynistic man gamers. (This is a laughable and badly executed deception.) 


Then, on a massive scale, and I mean a landslide, gaming sites started censoring and attacking all critics of feminists, flagging them as sexist, misogynists etc.

Crying "hate crime," gamer men were as a whole just branded "terrorists" even called "worst than ISIS" based on this false hacking/harassment campaign by "men gamers" a.k.a. "virgin nerds".

Not only are polite and pertinent questions/comments about journalistic integrity turned into accusations of misogyny and hate crimes but most websites involved in the "coverup" publish pieces that supports Quinn and insult men gamers.

The gaming industry's most outspoken feminist, Anita Sarkeesian enters the fray. She is nothing more than an "agent provocateur" who raised $150,000  from feminists to make five short videos to "explore sexism in video games". These videos could be made for nothing.

She uses half-truths, exaggerations and outright lies about games she exposes, arousing lots of angry criticism. The response to this is more accusations of bigotry and aggressive name calling by the whole liberal cabal. to have been "doxxed" which means she was hacked and her personal info including bank info and all sensible info released on the web by hackers, cries harassment and death threats to her and her family by a horde of misogynistic man gamers. (This is a laughable and badly executed deception, once again)

Then, on a massive scale, gaming sites are censoring all critics and attacking them..... you get the idea, the very situation is a literal and lame copy/paste of Zoe Quinn's harassment claims. If you have any criticism against the gaming industry journalism, Quinn, or Sarkeesian, it is simple: you are a misogynist pig, guilty of hate crimes, a terrorist, a tin foil hat nutter.

You get censored, your account gets banned. Gamers are outright called scum as a whole and told they aren't wanted by websites that profit from them. The message is clear: gamers are being demonized.

fish.jpgAnother person in gaming related to this is a petty man known as Phil Fish, which is deservedly and by far the gaming world's most hated public person. He's fueling the flames of sexism too. He called everyone who criticized Zoe Quinn rapists in a blanket statement on twitter, among other things he says that seem to never have any other purpose other than cultivating hate from gamers towards himself. (He also pretends to have been "doxxed" at the same time as Zoe did.)

Here is evidence of Sarkeesian possibly is faking threats to herself.

She claims she had to leave her home due to these threats, but no police report was ever filed, just the same way Quinn and Fish didn't either.

This is the overview of the story. We are now over two weeks into the conflict, and as fickle as people's attention is, (particularly gamers, please forgive the generalization) this is not going away. It has already generated by far the biggest and most heated discussions ever in video gaming history, and it is an understatement to say gamers love to fight on forums.

 So maybe I am losing it but this has the stench of Psy Op all over it. I really needed to come out with this and the only person who could bring awareness about this that I think I can trust is you. I am looking forward  to hear from you about this matter.

Evidence Anita Sarkeesian is a Fraud - Not a Real Feminist. Involved in Furry porn.
Anita Sarkeesian Destroyed  Provides no evidence for her assertions.
Gamergate-The Community is Eating Itself (The Guardian)

Makow Comment-  The violence portrayed in videogames is not healthy. Men need to focus their thoughts on uplifting things. Nevertheless Sarkeesian is an opportunist making big bucks by applying the tired old Marxist-feminist critique to videogames, as feminists have done to the detriment of culture in general. We live in a world where males are not allowed to have any space of their own. Witness female intrusion into football and hockey broadcasts. The gaming industry is a big businesses. It answers to banks. Banks answer to the Illuminati. Do I think this is a psy op? No. It's just the way things are these days. I congratulate men for fighting back so effectively.

First Comment by Dan:

"Journalistic integrity"?   We're talking about the industry that inspired half the mass murders and nearly ALL school shootings since 1999.
They've even made video games based on real mass murders inspired by other video games:  'Super Columbine Massacre RPG!'  and 'School Shooter: North American Tour 2012' . 

Know what the creator of 'Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide' said when Muslim groups complained?  He said "Muslims need to suck it down and stop getting offended by everything".  (The aim of the game is blow every Muslims head off that appears on the screen.)

Though I may think the whole video industry is "of the Devil" and should be banned to begin with, since we all know that's never going to happen, Anita Sarkeesian should take a number and get in line behind Muslims and everybody else that's dehumanized in games.  Oh, "Just suck it up, Anita."

Of course, Anita and Zoe are only fronting the 'must be' agenda.   Everybody in gaming well knows the industry RIDES on selling sex and violence fantasy primarily to boys, underage to 30.   The greater the sense of emasculation in their 'real' world, the greater the susceptibility to chronic addiction to sex and violence fantasy games.  

bOiNGBOiNG - Addressing the stupid, intellectually dishonest critique of Anita Sarkeesian

Everyone knows that girl from high school. She's angry, bitter, and emotionally manipulative. She is a bully who lives to tear people down to build herself up. She's the girl you expect to leave behind at graduation. But what happens when these women go to college and enter the workforce? Well, they become feminists, of course!    ----  Rachel Edwards

Comment from James T

As someone who has played video games since the atari 2600 and pong on computer, I can say the golden age of gaming is definitely over. This newest bit isn't the worst of it; sadly, video games are definitely being used to sell doctrine and agendas, and prepare people for "externalization of the hierarchy" so to speak, satanism/gnosticism (they truly are the same) are major concepts in some of the "hottest" new games ("Darksiders 2", "Dark Souls 2" etc.)  Very popular games of recent years have been peppered with corrupted concepts. For example, "Fable 2" espousing homosexual relationships & marriages, as well as sexual promiscuity, vegan "all meat is evil" doctrines, and many Japanese games espousing killing of "god" as a concept, often JRPGs. "Final Fantasy" is notorious for this. Indeed the violence is actually not the worst the games have. From doctrines of devils/gnosticism to sexual themes and content, as well as grandiose lack of morality of any sort, modern games are vectors for mental and spiritual disease, and are seriously dangerous to youngsters.

The feminists trying to get on the bandwagon seem to be a bit of a distraction from the rest of these themes which tend to be unmentioned (after all "Tomb Raider" was clearly feminist-oriented)... but one does wonder, if this is indeed a psy op and not just a symptom of society's moral decay, to what ends is it intended? These are strange, and sad times, but though things look grim, this does present many opportunities for folks to do good for God's glory, opportunities that shouldn't be missed.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for " Male Video Gamers Blast Feminist Critics"

Tom A said (September 6, 2014):

Hi Henry great articles as usual and I just had to comment on Seth's comment on the video game article.

Video games are like books both can be fun and both can spread propaganda. There's nothing wrong with playing video games as an adult and reading is always great for the mind too. Some games like assassins creed are anti illuminati freemason so I see some developers are trying to spread the message. People who criticize video games are usually not open minded people. I'd rather game it than to be out in a sick society where anything can happen these days.

Seth said (September 5, 2014):

I stopped playing video games when I was 19-20 years old, realizing it was I started reading books. Its funny to me that
'adults' in their 20's-30's-40s play this stuff...what times we live

Lukas said (September 4, 2014):

I do work for a big gaming company. I can tell you that the feminists are attacking us constantly (on forums, in public events etc). The majority of the gaming population which is male, does not support feminism but it is crazy to see how widespread it is and how much energy those feminists have. I wonder if they have nothing else to do with their lives.

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