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Halloween is a Time of Murder & Mayhem- Coincidence?

October 30, 2014

Halloween sex and violence-  Delusions, Dissociation, and Amnesia

Halloween originates from an ancient tradition of
satanic ritual sacrifice. Keep your cats indoors.

"All you have to do is google 'Halloween' and any kind of rape, murder or bizarre crime and you'll find real life horror stories that have occurred on Halloween....The common denominators in non-cult Halloween violence cases are:  paranoid delusions leading to violence, dissociation, and amnesia.  "

by Richard Evans

Before the Romans, a mysterious priesthood of black magicians called Druids ruled Gaul and Britain through terror. They had people believing that the spirits of the dead could cross into this world for three days between Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice. The time was called 'Sow-een' (spelled Samhain in English).

According to Roman sources such as Julius Caesar's The Gallic Wars, the Druid priesthood demanded every household give up a family member for sacrifice, or be cursed.  Every family that survived in Druid territory had to betray a family member every year. That's governance through extreme psychological warfare. Even the Romans found this so repugnant that they exterminated the Druid priesthood to extinction, burning them in the same style they'd burned their victim in mass sacrificial bonfires.

The media ridicules anyone who warns of Satanic activities during the Halloween season.  You'll see a plethora of articles in mainstream outlets like "Ritual Cat Sacrifices a Halloween Myth, Experts Say".  

Don't believe them.  More cats disappear between August and Halloween than the rest of the year.  In fact, most animal shelters suspend adoption of black cats two weeks before Halloween. In the 1990's, newspapers printed photos of cats cut in half or eviscerated on makeshift altars in parks or abandoned houses.

Since 1994, media and law enforcement decided not to report any pet abduction/mutilation as 'ritualistic' and never, ever, ever said 'cult' or 'Satanic'.  I talked informally with a police detective who said they still "see it all the time". 

"Cats, especially black ones, may be the target of pranksters. Black cat owners are advised to keep their cats safely indoors during the Halloween season."  Halloween Tips From The Humane Society

More cats disappear between August and Halloween than the rest of the year.  In fact, most animal shelter organizations suspend adoption of black cats two weeks before Halloween.


This year, let's forget about the organized Satanists and talk about people who've done terrible things on Halloween, but don't have a clue what came over them.   It's not that organized Satanism isn't rampant, but there is also demonic influence on unprotected people.

By 'unprotected' I mean many who've followed their lusts, unaware or disbelieving that they're opening themselves up to malevolent non-human influence.

PERUGLIA.jpgAll you have to do is google 'Halloween' and any kind of rape, murder or bizarre crime and you'll find real life horror stories that have occurred on Halloween.  For instance, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito bleeding Meredeth Kercher to death after midnight on Halloween in their apartment in Perugia, Italy - still in costume. [1]

Everybody's heard of this case - it was tabloid fodder from 2007-2011.  But did you think of it as a Halloween murder?   I  must admit that I didn't.  That's because the media played that down - even though those involved had been partying in vampire costumes.  The murder occurred after midnight, but Halloween parties last all night, so it was a Halloween murder in my book. 

This murder didn't seem to be a planned ritual sacrifice of a Satanist coven.  But in real witchcraft and Voodoo cases,  occult killings have a life of their own. 

The common denominators in non-cult Halloween violence cases are:  paranoid delusions leading to violence, dissociation, and amnesia. 

October 2010, Halloween party shooting kills teenage girl (Oct. 30, 2010).    The girl was shot while talking with a friiend in front of her parent's home in prestigious River Oaks.  The killer was a boy she'd broken up with. He wasn't identified in the Oct. 30 report.  She's just received an acceptance letter from Harvard.

leslie-mazarra-adriane-insogna-horrible-halloween-crimes-550x600.jpgDemon of jealousy -symptom: paranoid delusion.  Napa Valley, 2004

"After a quiet Halloween night spent at their apartment handing out candy, three female housemates went to sleep. At 1am Lauren Meanza was awakened by thumping and ran upstairs to find her housemates stabbed to death. The killer turned out to be the fiancee of Adriane Insogna's friends. On Halloween, he acted on a paranoid delusion that he had to kill Adriane, or his girlfriend would break up with him." [2]

Peter Fabiano murder, 1957

"When you hear that knock on your door on Halloween night, you're not expecting anything but a little tyke in a colorful costume begging for candy. But for Los Angeles resident Peter Fabiano, "trick or treat" was the last thing he heard. On Halloween night, Fabiano opened the door to reveal a grown-up in full disguise, who shot him in the chest with a .22 in a brown paper bag before fleeing the scene. The murderer was actually a woman named Goldyne Pizer. Pizer was friends with a woman named Joan Rabel, who had a lesbian crush on Fabiano's wife Betty. Pizer and Rabel hatched a plan to get the man of the house out of the way, but cops managed to track them down and got them jailed for second-degree murder." [2]

Martha Moxley murder, 1975 (demon of rape, demon of murder)

"The high school girl attended a neighborhood Halloween party. She left to walk home. Next morning her bludgeoned body was found behind a tree in her own backyard. The rapist/killer wasn't charged till he bragged about the murder in drug rehab, twenty five years later." [2]

taylor-van-diest-horrible-halloween-crimes-550x600.jpgTaylor Van Diest murder, 2011

On Halloween night in 2011, a young woman named Taylor Van Diest was heading home from a party in the small town of Armstrong, BC. She never made it. Taylor was found brutally beaten into unconsciousness, and she was unable to identify her attacker before dying of her injuries. Her death traumatized the town of just over 5,000 people, especially after it was revealed that she'd sent a text to her boyfriend before the attack saying she was being "creeped on." Police eventually used DNA evidence to arrest both Matthew Foerster for the crime and his father Stephen for helping him cover it up. [2]


October 29, 2014  Professor beheaded in what witnesses first thought was Halloween prank (New York)

The woman's neighbors reported they thought the headless body in the street was a Halloween decoration.
A pedestrian hailing a cab near the body realized that it was corpse and called the police. The female victim has been identified by Farmingdale State College officials as Patricia Ward, a longtime professor at the university who taught language arts.  She was murdered by her 35-year-old son, who threw himself in front of a commuter train after abandoning his mother's body in the street in front of their house, leaving everyone baffled.

Don't believe media stories that say satanic sacrifice is a "myth" or "urban legend." Pagans believed the midpoint between vernal equinox and winter solstice, after the harvest is in, the spirits of the dead and deities of the netherworld are most accessible, and have the greatest influence. What if it's true?

It's not the dead, but it is demonic influence.  Diabolic obsession is acting "out of character",  sudden attacks of obsessive thoughts. These can be of an ongoing and even absurd nature. There is an added inability to be freed from these thoughts which range from desperation to suicide.  Diabolic obsession makes sense of the collective orgiastic behavior characteristic of Halloween parties.


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Comments for "Halloween is a Time of Murder & Mayhem- Coincidence? "

June said (October 31, 2014):

I am extremely surprised and disappointed that your site condemns Amanda Knox and exboyfriend as being part of some satanic ritual. I always trusted your articles, but to see you and this Richard Evans promote that ridiculous lie without doing your research makes me no longer want to read your site.

I do not know Amanda Knox, but I have read every book and all evidence of the case, and there is no evidence to prove your smear against that girl...she is innocent based on the evidence. it does not take a rocket scientist to see that she was framed by a nutcase prosecutor. do your homework before allowing articles such as this Halloween article to go up and falsely accuse people of being satanists. It boggles my mind that you have joined the bandwagon of the Italian crazies who prefer to burn the supposed witch at the stake based on gossip and no the old Salem witch hunts of old...sad indeed, Henry.

Kristine said (October 31, 2014):

"The druid priesthood exterminated to extinction"?? I don´t think so. They are alive and well and sitting on the thrones of Europe! These are the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, the Venetians, the pirates of the Caribbean (think: skull and bones).

Frank said (October 31, 2014):

Regarding Halloween, you can be sure that the Illuminati-controlled media and government coolly and calculatingly use this occasion for their own purposes, namely to create a culture of fear and terror and demoralization that is one of the bases of their control.

The most notable instance of this was the famous Zodiac case in the Bay area of California in 1968-69.

These killings, which have never been officially solved (and never will be), were closely, almost explicitly, associated with Halloween. And their purpose was not the killings per se, but rather the terror they engendered. It was following this that we began to hear a new, now ubiquitous term: serial killer.

And it was following this that other, similar crimes began to be perpetrated with increasing frequency, e,g,, the Unabomer crimes, also designed to terrorize and to lay the groundwork for the security/surveillance state.

The Unabomer case was "solved," of course, by giving the fall guy an offer he couldn't refuse. And nowadays it seems as if we have a terrorist crime every month. It's just a matter what new city will be selected for the honor. That way everyone gets the message: "You're next!"

GT said (October 31, 2014):

I saw your latest article, about Halloween and about the druids. I must say that the druids did not sacrifice humans or practice magic, they were scientists and healers, scholars and the intellectual classes of the Celts.

Roman accounts are propaganda, especially the Gallic Wars commentaries by Julius Caesar. You see Gaul was extremely wealthy and civilized and Rome was in a massive debt. Romans had for centuries lead slave raids and invasions into Celtic nations. Caesar needed gold and he targeted Gaul, he needed a reason to attack. He traveled into Gaul and he knew they were very civilized, but he wrote commentaries back to Rome that their druids sacrificed humans and burned them and so on, doing false flags and so on. He needed the Roman government to fund him and so he lied.

Would you like to know who funded him? Jewish bankers in Rome. Gaul was divided and innocent people were killed, and they were known thereafter as savages, a great civilization fell to despair. Also Halloween does not have its origins with the Celts, it is partially descended from Samhain.

Samhain was a Celtic festival but there were no sacrifices, it was a festival to respect the past ancestors and the dead, there was nothing occult-like about it, it was made to look so during the 19th and 20th centuries, especially in America, for commercial purposes, mainly about stories to entertain and scare little children from antiquity. Thank you for your time.

Richard Evans replies:

Maybe those Ancient Roman Jewish Bankers bribed NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC to discover recent evidence that Druids possibly committed cannibalism and ritual human sacrifice—perhaps on a massive scale—add weight to ancient Roman accounts of Druidic savagery, archaeologists say.

Robert K said (October 31, 2014):

While the details of dismemberment at the Luka Magnotta trial are treated by the media as scandalous and abhorrent, for months leading up to Halloween stores have been filled with severed feet, hands and heads for the kiddies to play with--a desensitization to gore that will ensure the generation of other Magnottas in the future. Why not describe this 'celebration' as it is--diabolical and sick!

Art Granda said (October 30, 2014):

Annette said below

"What is irritating here is that a total stranger thinks he has the right to insert himself and his point of view into my private world and I am supposed to like and welcome that !??"

A few things, when in public Annette's private world is completely encompassed by her clothing. Total strangers are not talking to her from across her dinner table, and as long as they are not being lewd or obscene they have a right to speak to, or "at", her. Next she wonders whether she is supposed to enjoy the attention, in whatever form it is delivered. I'd have to say that she is not supposed, or expected, to enjoy it ... but she is expected to deal with it like a lady (not a feminist).

The last generation's feminists sowed the seeds that have grown into this field of brambles which is sex relations today. Without feminism's poisoning of the well, men would be more respectful in what they say, and women would again feel flattered, empowered, gorgeous, ... and keep this under your hat folks ... FEMININE.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at