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MK-Ultra Writer Hits Invisible Wall

October 3, 2014


When Ann Diamond, left, told her story of being a child victim of brainwashing

experiments, she discovered that an invisible force, the Illuminati, controls discourse and publishing in Canada.  "Successful people," often mind-control victims themselves, are collaborators. Art and entertainment are means of inducting society into this satanic cult which controls the world.  

"It didn't occur to me that a series of grownup MK ULTRA children could have approached Canadian publishers over the years with similar stories of underground laboratories at universities and military bases, where children were kept in cages, raped, electroshocked, and worse."

by Ann Diamond 


In 2004, I wrote a memoir about my childhood growing up as part a secret mind control experiment, one of hundreds across North America that operated under the black umbrella of the MK ULTRA program between 1953 and 1964.

As twin children of a Royal Canadian Air Force flight sergeant and his unwitting French-Canadian wife, my brother and I had been placed in a special program run out of McGill University`s Allan Memorial in downtown Montreal. 

Based on two years and thousands of pages of research and correspondence with other survivors, my 400-page book recounted the story of a typical Canadian family caught up in a classified program most Canadians have never heard of even now.

I thought I had solved a great mystery that had damaged my generation (Baby Boomers) and haunted me throughout my life. In Montreal it seemed everyone I spoke to knew someone, or had a family member who had been harmed by the same McGill doctors - psychiatrists and neurologists - I was investigating, including several heroes of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.- I had only to mention the subject and stories poured out, which explained so much about our collective and personal experience, that I was naively convinced that some brave Canadian publisher would pick it up and market it to a wide audience.

I was unprepared for what actually happened. Editors, agents and publishers I contacted not only rejected it flat out, but seemed to know all about the top secret program without reading past the blurb. Most declined or failed to respond to my emails and queries, and the few who did said things which were downright weird, even slightly scary. "This book could never be published in Canada" - opined one Montreal editor, with astonishing self-assurance. How could she know that before she'd read it?

An Ontario publisher expressed interest, then avoided getting back to me with a response. "They will swoop down and lock her up  --" he told a mutual friend who asked him what he thought. It didn't occur to me then back that grownup MK ULTRA children could have approached Canadian publishers over the years with similar stories of underground laboratories at universities and military bases, where children were kept in cages, raped, electroshocked, and worse. 

cia-doctor-ewen-cameron-the-grandfather-of-modern-brainwashing.jpgNot taking no for an answer, I pitched my book to an agent who referred me to Anne Collins, editor/publisher at Harper Collins Canada, Governor-General winning author of In the Sleep Room, and the recognized "expert" on the infamous Allan Memorial Institute where Dr. Cameron, left, had carried on his CIA-funded experiments on adult mental patients. Reading her book, I began to suspect her of being an actual survivor of the program - she wrote with the claustrophobic air of having wandered the Allan and knowing its secrets as only an inmate would. Given that she was my age, that would mean she was there as a child.

I wrote her a long email, detailing my amazing discoveries: like that Dr. Cameron was really the fall guy for a program that had employed Nazi doctors and others who used children as human lab rats. That some of the "disposable" children who died were Quebec Duplessis orphans and aboriginal children stolen from reserves and sacrificed to boost the careers of military scientists, including pillars of Canadian science and medicine. See "Dr. Mengele Comes to Quebec 1949"

I never heard back from Ms. Collins, but a few years later I attended a talk she gave to Creative Writing students at Concordia University. Oddly, that day a young man in the audience attempted to pitch a book to her - it was about a Montreal family which had been devastated by Dr. Cameron and sounded remarkably similar to my family story. 

Collins dismissed him in a sentence or two: "That book has already been written," she said, "by me. You should move on." 

She went on to defend McGill and Dr. Cameron. "He made his mea culpa," she says in a 2007 Scottish documentary called The Memory Thief, suggesting its time to forgive and forget the man who reduced his patients to a vegetative state before sending them back to families they often failed to recognize.


There is a list of taboo subjects that probably can get you locked up for mentioning them One of them is that children were (and are still being) used in secret mind control research, funded by the Canadian, US and UK governments and their respective militaries, to benefit the war and aerospace industries.

It has taken me all these years to realize how this amnesia thing works. In the first place, Canadian publishing, which survives on government funding, appears to be an extension of military intelligence. Many people who occupied key positions in Can Lit came from military intelligence backgrounds.

(In the meantime, they must make do with "kulture") 

Should it shock anyone that Canada's literary world is controlled by intelligence operatives? Maybe not, given that south of the border, the CIA took over the world of publishing and media back in the 1950s. If you don`t believe that, watch the recent documentary on J.D. Salinger - who received mind control training at US overseas headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, during and after the Second World War, and went on to appear on the cover of LIFE and TIME as the greatest writer of his generation on the basis of a single, first novel: Catcher in the Rye

Salinger, the military operative turned culture hero, became the model that every young writer from Sylvia Plath to Leonard Cohen tried to imitate.

Can Lit's subjection to military projects is troubling, and not limited to a small gang in Toronto, although Ontario has always adored "British intelligence." The pattern shows up across the country, and the British-born son of an intelligence officer I met in Vancouver a few years ago confirmed that he had been trained and sent out as an agent, like his father before him, to monitor and report on Canadian culture. Both his marriages had been arranged by the military, with his wives acting as his handlers.

What are the odds of this happened by chance rather than design? There has been an underlying plan all along to control what Canadians read and think, and it was concocted by military minds, not regular folks like you and me. 

Why would literature - which ought to be about awakening and reaching out  -associate itself with the secrecy and suppression?


(A reading from this book can be heard here)

After the story of my Cold War childhood had been rejected a few times,  I decided to publish it myself. This meant I was forced to promote it, which usually means getting readings around Montreal. I thought the best way to go about this was to contact my writer's association. I learned that my association had been taken over by a tiny clique of women who had come to Montreal mostly from New York a few years earlier. Its 600+ membership list was kept secret, and two administrators answered all emails and phone inquiries, running the association as a private business although they depended on government grants to fund their programs. 

Since the mid-90s, all readings were under the tight control of a woman who was good friends with the writers association clique. In dealing with anyone from this group, I always hit the same wall. When I submitted my self-published book to their annual awards competition, I was told it was not eligible. When I questioned this, they told me an "ethics committee" was evaluating my book. I was not allowed to know who the members were. 

On the day they were to render their decision, things got a little surreal. A man in a hat was sent to follow and question me. He appeared to be some sort of police informer. In an odd twist he was obviously one of the kids from the secret program at McGill.  He also happened to be someone I slightly knew. 

Clearly uncomfortable,  he insisted on meeting me for coffee and made a clumsy attempt to interrogate me about my writing. I had the impression I had transgressed some CSIS protocol by writing about my childhood, and was now on some list. I also had the strong impression my writers association had sent him.

Later at one of the controlled cultural events that now make up the "scene" in Montreal, and where my book MY COLD WAR was to be one of several "door prizes", members of the same clique caused it to mysteriously disappear. Afterwards, the administrator of my writer association literally followed me around the entire evening, interrupting any conversation I started up with other attendees, until I finally left.

I learned the former Chairperson of my writers association, was now Ombudsman for the McGill hospital that held my family's medical records dating back to the MK ULTRA program. After I spoke to her one day, she got on the phone and made sure I couldn't access them.

Through a long circuitous process I learned how a city can be placed under invisible lockdown as essential stories affecting thousands can be suppressed, public records hidden or destroyed, and memories erased through a system of collusion by guilty parties and institutions. In the process I also found myself not just isolated but almost criminalized for asking to know the truth about crimes against children which Canada hides behind a curtain of "national security.' 

leadvma2013.jpg(like Miley Cyrus, our cultural and political leaders are often mind controlled satanists)

This story may sound implausible and paranoid, but I suspect it will expand and deepen with the passing years, adding grist to conspiracy theories. It was shocking to see all this operating in my own backyard in the city of my birth, where I had lived for decades totally oblivious to the reality of my own past. Sometimes I had even worked for the same institutions who had funded and supported the secret program I had been part of as a child.

If it all sounds bizarre and dubious, consider this interesting fact: many of the culture czars and czarinas dominating Canadian culture today are children from the medical families who once profited from the CIA's unspeakable programs, while in the 80s and 90s, military intelligence agents controlled the publishing scene and the grant money supporting it.

Canada was created as a crown corporation for the enrichment of a small elite. Can Lit was invented and sold to us as a distraction. Our writers have been purposely kept back from representing the truth about this country, now well on the way to collapse - the most obvious signs being the attack on our environment, social programs, and once-vital cultural institutions including the CBC and NFB. When did you last read a Canadian book that dealt honestly with the realities we currently are facing, and do you think that is an accident?

There should be a national outcry over stolen memories, but instead there's an eerie silence while the gap between the average Canadian and the official stars of publishing just keeps widening.

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Comments for "MK-Ultra Writer Hits Invisible Wall "

Jeff B said (October 4, 2014):

I have comment about the invisible network. I don't know that it is even a conscious thing. They (the Few) work lock step with one another but I don't think it is something they are actually aware of in an formal sense. For instance, we have just heard that Canada must open its doors to untrammelled levels of immigration to save our country. Yet, we know these policies are destructive and are simply another attack on the honky males. To characterize them as something good would be a mis-understanding the overall agenda, as you have written in the past.

What is interesting about this is that they are doing the exact same thing in Europe. Undoubtedly you have heard some of the challenges created by high levels of immigration into Sweden and other places. It causes problems. Different cultures, contrary to what our Jesuit trained PM once claimed, do not naturally mix all that well.

I think you have seen this bit:

Premier Clark announced just recently that we desperately need to up immigration levels here in BC because she personally has created a million jobs generated by future LNG facilities, which will be built 10 years from now. My first question would be how would she know that? And second why do need foreign workers to do these jobs. I know a lot of young kids who have advanced degrees who are working as baristas. The smart ones get construction jobs. But, still what a colossal waste of talent and enthusiasm. That is a great crime.

So, did Clark get sent a memo to do this? Did, Harper get sent a memo to plan this policy? Did every last one of those thieving politicians get a text message telling them to bolster immigration rates as fast as possible. I don't know. But, it is possible that it is simply a disembodied force, mind parasite, or whatever you want to call that that affects this dufuses so that they all sing from the same song book. I think we have to consider that possibility.

Does politics attract baby rapin' perverts, does it create them, or do they become that through being weak minded shills?

Robert said (October 3, 2014):

Can Lit has been heavily penetrated by military intelligence? This sounds eerily like the discoveries that have been made about similar influences on the 1960s Laurel Canyon music phenomenon, which undeniably transformed American culture. ""Turn on, tune in, drop out"--the perfect formula for creating a manipulable and/or ineffectual electorate.

I believe Ann Diamond's story about her publication problems.

However, I don't understand Ann Diamond's nostalgia for the CBC and the NFB. Old productions of the latter agency are frequently broadcast on TV and many of them were blatant communist propaganda. I thought she was, sensibly, opposed to government financing--i.e., channeling-- of culture.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at