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"Russia's Rebirth as a Great Civilization is Inevitable"

November 18, 2014


Vladislav Krasnov, 77, is a Russian professor who has worked at many US universities and think tanks, and written for the Illuminati (CFR) Foreign Affairs. His opposition to "Western (i.e. Zionist) unilateralism" indicates that resurgent Russian nationalism is very much part of the Illuminati dialectic. Essentially we see two Illuminati factions disagreeing about the shape of the world, a disagreement which may be sincere but certainly useful in terms of promoting tension and defence spending. Here is Krasnov's latest newsletter from his "Russia-US Goodwill Association."

"The problem the US has with Russia is NOT that it is reverting to the old Soviet ways. No, the problem is that the New Russia has been asserting itself as a new nation state which has thrown off the yoke of Communism and therefore feels stronger, prouder and more unified in body and spirit than ever under the USSR."

By Vladislav Krasnov


Dear friends of the Russia & America Good Will Association and antiwar colleagues!

Is the mystery of the Malaysian airliner tragedy finally solved? So says the Russian engineer Ivan Andrievsky who claims he received email from an anonymous American who had access to satellite pictures showing the shooting of the plane by a Ukrainian air force jet. You may choose from two reports, it's your call:

THE elections in Ukraine on October 26, in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics on November 2 and the mid-term election in the USA on November 4 went as expected. The only unexpected thing was the voter participation: about 75% in the war-torn fledgling republics, about 50% in the post-coup Ukraine and 36.6% in the USA. The impression is that the more US tries to "export democracy" to Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Russia, the less is left for local consumption. Even the unflappable Washington Post is exasperated at the lowest turnout since WWII

An unprejudiced observer can see that the further West you travel, the lower is the share of those who vote. It does not bode well for Western democracies.


Putin is tops everywhere-- the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Beijing, G-20 Summit in Brisbane, and at the BRICS leaders' conference inside G-20 Summit.

Forbes magazine reports: "For the second year running, our votes went with the Russian president as the world's most powerful person, followed by U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. 

Don't we need to hear what the world's most powerful person has to say? Putin's speech at the Valdai Club - full transcript

The speech shows a great deal of exasperation with the US drive for dominance, but Putin carefully eschews any belligerence or ill will. Read Patrick Smith's detailed analysis.

Friday, Nov 14, 2014 

What really happened in Beijing: Putin, Obama, Xi -- and the back story the media won't tell you. Ukraine, Iran's nukes, the price of oil: if only the media connected the dots

Patrick connects the dots the Big Media does not want you to connect

<<The planet's other major powers, for all their imperfections and, indeed, disgraces, understand that their time has come, parity between West and non-West is upon us. This is the core reality, not to be lost sight of. China's and Russia's domestic problems are rather like America's; they are to be resolved by Chinese, Russians and Americans, a point we understand easily when it comes to the interference of others but not the other way around, when the question is our interference elsewhere.>>

Patrick Smith's analysis echoes that of Seumas Milne on the other side of the Atlantic

<<A real counterweight to US power is a global necessity. Conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine will spread without effective restraint on western unilateralism...With the collapse of the Soviet Union, that restraint disappeared. It was only the failure of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - and Russia's subsequent challenge to western expansion and intervention in Georgia, Syria and Ukraine - that provided some check to unbridled US power.>>

Twenty-five years ago the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and with it - we are told - the last moments of the Cold War. Today there is talk of a new Cold War again pitting Russia against the West. One can make the argument the Cold War never ended for Washington. Watch Peter Lavelle CrossTalking with Ray McGovern, EdLozansky and Andranik Migranyan.

 RAGA's task of providing varied, objective and dependable info about US-Russia relations became a LOT easier with the advent of Russia-Insider. Below is Ed Lozansky's article--but please peruse through the whole site:

The West's Fatal Russia Mistakes: 1989-2014

    When the Berlin wall came down the West had an historic chance to find a strong friendly ally in Russia.
    Western mistakes over the following years has lead to the exact opposite.
    The US to must reverse its policy of hegemony, and pursue multilateralism 
Anything else will lead to continued conflict.

Lozansky blames the USA for imposing Neo-Liberal reforms on Russia: <The consequences of that tragic decision signified a catastrophe for Russia -- devastating economic decline worse than in World War II; collapse of education, science, health services, of the military; two Chechen wars; thousands of Western "advisers" helping implement criminal privatization of state assets; the IMF's crude policies...Russian oligarchs, some of them cheered by the West were grabbing not only economic and financial power, but also openly buying up politicians, wholesale and retail.>>

Lozansky does a good job of informing not only Americans, but Russians as well. About US role in Ukraine he writes:

<< In fact, it is no secret that the main aim of this project was a major geopolitical weakening Russia . What actually happened is well known : the Civil War , more than 4 thousand killed and tens of thousands wounded, hundreds of thousands of refugees , the colossal destruction of houses and infrastructure .... In the global information space actively implanted version that the blame for this tragedy lies entirely on Russia , or rather, its President Vladimir Putin. >>


RAGA associate Professor Nicolai Petro sends his remarkable collection:

"Is Ukraine Slipping Into Illiberal Democracy?" The Nation, October 30, 2014.

"Main legitimacy concern: Ukrainian parties opposed to 'Euromaidan' faced restrictions," RT Op-edge, October 28, 2014.

"Ukraine's Elections Sealed Minsk Agreement's Fate, Make Country Easier to Govern," RIA Novosti, October 28, 2014.

"How Russia Views the post-Cold War Order, Russia Direct, October 27, 2014.

"Ukraine Holds Parliamentary Elections, Al Jazeera America, October 27, 2014.


Sharon Tennison offers an interview with Ray McGovern,

History: Berlin Wall to Ukraine and Crimea


In a challenge to the authors of the booklet Costs of a New Cold War: The US-Russia Confrontation over Ukraine published by the Center for the National Interest, I argue on the pages of RAGA that the current US hostility toward Russia is an escalation of the New Cold War that the USA has started when post-Communist Russia refused to obey under US Neo-Liberal hegemony. This New Cold War conflates the Crusade against Muslim "terrorists" with a Crusade against secular, but a re-born Christian Russia.

The problem the US has with Russia is NOT that it is reverting to the old Soviet ways. No, the problem is that the New Russia has been asserting itself as a new nation state which has thrown off the yoke of Communism and therefore feels stronger, prouder and more unified in body and spirit than ever under the USSR. To be sure, the New Russia has its share of the problems, those inherited from the USSR (such as the weakness of civil society, suspicion toward democratic procedures, and excessive reliance on centralization and government controls) and those which have resulted from US-sponsored neo-liberal reforms (capital flight, oligarchic monopolies, corruption, and consumerism). However, Putin's Russia has been making big strides in balancing various group interests to create a positive vector of democratic development.


Recently I was interviewed by Radio Radonezh, independent Christian network broadcasting in Russian language across the globe. We talked about my book NovayaRossia, which is actually Russian translation of my book Russia Beyond Communism: A Chronicle of National Rebirth published in the USA in 1991. The thrust of my argument is that Russia's national rebirth as a great civilization is inevitable.

When I wrote the book, Soviet soldiers were forbidden even to wear a crucifix. Now Putin and his associates want to be seen at Russian church services. You may want to listen to this November 11, 2014 (at 22:20) interview on


If by its meddling in Ukraine, the US tried to divide the Russians in order to affect regime change in Russia, it failed miserably. After Crimea re-joined Russia via popular referendum, there is a remarkable patriotic upswing in all regions of Russia. There is a movement underway for consolidation of all patriotic forces, regardless of their political leanings, as long as they are ready to protect Russia's sovereignty. 




Kissinger sides with Putin on Crimea

NATO and Estonia Practice Bombing Runs Near Russian Border

East-West Conflict is a Charade 

US Uses Russian Rocket Engines to launch Spy Satellites 


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""Russia's Rebirth as a Great Civilization is Inevitable" "

Tony E said (November 19, 2014):

There appears to be something in human nature that desires a messiah, saviour or super-hero type figure,The illuminati knows this and with generational predictive programming have presented these colourful charming, strong, ethical figures to us in comic books, cartoons, movies, religious dogma, etc. Putin has become such a super-hero on the world stage, The sheep willingly worship such fictions & by proxy empowers their satanic creators.

As free thinking individuals we must ignore the temptation to elevate any political, sports or religious "leader" to a super hero status, this a position which should be reserved to each individual. We are all super heroes in our own reality as it relates to our families & community, do not live someone else's fantasy you will lose your self & surrender your power.

Doing otherwise will only lead to servitude & heartache.

Dan said (November 19, 2014):

I truly believe that deep down, any of Putin's 'secret admirers' in America are nostalgic for leaders that put their national interests first, without apology, and support their culture the way it has been at it's best - not these bull fruits who've been obsessed with forcing homosexuality and "change" and "diversity" on a society that's been in demographic tailspin since the Sixties.

I've read transcripts of Putin's speeches carefully. He is the sort of administrator that encourages heterosexual marriage and family responsibility because Russia's population fell below the replacement birth rate decades ago. American's that like Putin are aware that American replacement rate remains in freefall too, thanks to the Sixties "sex revolution", disintegration of marriage and nuclear families - it's no time to be monkeying around with "gay marriage" and pushing lesbian feminism. We LONG for someone - anyone - that will simply put their foot down on this nonsense. They're destroying America.

I remember feeling sorry for the Russians during the 1990's, with Globalist puppet Yeltzin giving Russia's assets away and allowing the society to spin into chaos. Crime was corruption was rampant. Russians had little hope.

When Putin took office, the life expectancy for a Russian man was 45 years old. Now it's up to 65. Russian mortality rate was tied to rampant alcoholism and cheap but toxic black market vodka, which often contained benzene. The murder rate remains 3 times higher than the US per capita - but America has 8 times as many rapes, and TEN TIMES more violent crime than Russia.
Plus, Americans are 20% higher in fear of crime.

Putin is clearly reassembling the Russian Federation, while the leaders of the US, Canada, NATO and the EU have been dismantling ours. It's easy to admire that.

Putin and the Russians aren't our friends. There's a certain resentment toward Americans since the London/Wall Street/Brussels bank mafia and NATO thought they were going to make Russia their bitch during the 1990's. Read Putin's remarks, for instance things he's said about our politicians like John McCain, and you'll know how America is presented to Russians on their televisions.

It's not only folly to look to them to somehow 'rescue' the world from our masters. What we should be doing is reassembling our best America, starting with restoring our own stock of virtue. Individually and in groups, we should learn from them, not the other way around.

G said (November 19, 2014):

If you listen to this brief 2013 clip from Putin, you will see that many of his views on what is happening in the western world might actually mirror your own.

Also, here is a good review of the history of post Soviet Russia, though it leaves out religion and the rebirth of the Russian Orthodox faith.

Ray said (November 19, 2014):

If there are two factions, then one is the "Dark Illuminati" & the other one is the "Light Illuminati"

But I wouldn't bet my last dollar on it!

Sandeep said (November 18, 2014):

Hi Henry,

that MH17 picture is a fake. It was not released by the Russians, but they ran with it in their news, probalby they were suckered in just as the independent media.


JG said (November 18, 2014):

The fate of the ongoing persecution of Russians in the now foreign occupied Ukraine is similar to that of the Germans who were trapped in communist occupied Poland before WW2.

This was done to agitate Hitler and draw him into a conflict against Poland to jump start WW2. It worked like a charm.

The 'Right Sector' terrorists are NOT 'Neo Nazis' but are an army of paid mercenaries funded by a foreign led Victoria Nunland and the "Neo Con" entity that helped start this coup. These war crimes that are now being committed against the Ukrainian citizens will continue to be even more horrific with the "Neo Cons" hopes that Putin will enter the conflict.

Unlike Hitler, Putin has not successfully been baited into this conflict like the West has accused him of.

Like Kiev, the American military is now under the direction of these very same "Neo Cons" that control the Pentagon. Their agenda was outlined years ago in what was called the 'Project for the New American Century' which was designed to keep America in a perpetual state of war.

Like Israel, these people don't believe in diplomacy or peace treaties because that would involve compromise and legitimate recognition of the potential adversary. This would be far to civil and humane for these psychopathic draconians to endure.

Putin still believes in a diplomatic resolution to the Ukrainian conflict by recently brokering a "cease fire" that was violated by Kiev not long after it's order.

This is not about American world hegemony anymore. It's about the people who rule Washington and Israel now and their quest for a world government that they will control.

Tony B said (November 18, 2014):

Seems obvious to me that all that Russia is doing is reacting to the constant push from the really insane neo-conned U.S. Don't see how that makes it the other side of the Illuminati.

The nonsense about the "most powerful man in the world" is a sick joke. Any real debate would be a private insider one of the Rothschild dynasty of which Rothschild might be a bit more powerful than others.

One difference with Putin: He, unlike any other national leader I can think of, is NOT owned by the Rothschilds or any of their toadies. I think that pulls him further away from any world conspiracy rather than adds him to it. And the Russian people love him for his manufacturing of independence of Russia from the NWO while the Americans and most other westerners are totally fed up with their Rothschild-ass-kissing "leaders."

Now it is true that the BRICS proper move away from the dollar might speed up the "Rothschild" push for a UN style world currency (which won't necessarily fly) but it is not because they want that. Those nations want to escape the Rothschild debt control (by copying it - fat chance). To my knowledge, none of those nations has yet figured out that debt as exchange medium is the problem. They are still playing with the impossibility of trying to buy solvency with debt while stupidly talking about gold, just like the rest of the world.

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