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Liberal Media Picks Its Pervert

December 18, 2014

aaasun.jpg(Left, Benjamin Levin coverage is politically incorrect)

How the media shapes perception:

Two perverts were in Toronto courts on the same day. One was a woman beater. The other a child pornographer who drafted Ontario's sex education courses. Guess which one the liberal media ignored?

The implication - you can abuse children, but not women.
The liberal agenda - stigmatize male-female relations and legalize pedophila.

"Can we accept Ontario's lesbian  Premier Kathleen Wynne's position that any discussion of a sexual nature in the work-place among adults is totally unacceptable yet, discussions of a graphic sexual nature must take place in elementary school?"

by Nathan Wiedmann

On November 26, 2014, just after 1:30pm, Jian Ghomeshi exited the courthouses at 444 Yonge St. in Toronto. Free on $100k bail, Ghomeshi pleaded 'not guilty' to five sex-assault charges at his first court appearance.

aaaghomeshi.jpegCanada's scandal celebrity and his lawyer were escorted through the throng of reporters.

Earlier that same day, on the other side of the city, Benjamin Levin was free on $100k bail after pleading 'not guilty' to seven child-pornography and abuse charges. [1][2]

Two people were there to report on the proceedings. [3][4]

Jian Ghomeshi hosted 'Q' on CBC radio. The story of how he lost his coveted position because he was into rough sex (and women started complaining) has been carried by every major Canadian media outlet.

Benjamin Levin had been deputy-education minister of Manitoba (1999-2002), and deputy-education minister of Ontario (2005-2009). Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne was education minister from 2006 until 2010. Together, Wynne and Levin were at the helm of education ministry when, in 2010, then-premier Dalton McGuinty attempted to introduce a revised sex-ed curriculum.

 Under pressure from opposition groups, McGuinty quickly announced he would not implement the revisions. In 2013, Wynne replaced McGuinty as Premier, and appointed Levin to her 'transition team.'

At the time, Levin was Canada Research Chair in Education Leadership and Policy at the OISE, a part of University of Toronto. [5]


Early in November, Ghomeshi and the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace were discussed in the Ontario Parliament. Premier Wynne said this is a "very serious and disturbing issue," and that, "It affects all of us in all of our work situations across society, quite frankly, and it affects every single one of us in the sense that we all have to be vigilant and not pretend that somehow this issue has been resolved because it's 2014 and we have moved on."  [6]

Only a few days prior, Wynne announced she would revive the contested sex-ed curriculum in 2015 [7].

A bold move, considering the proximity to Levin's hearing, whose Twitter, promoting "large scale change" still exists, 2,177 followers and tweets the day before his arrest. [8]

Two days after Levin's arrest Wynne issued a statement: "I was shocked to hear about these charges through the news on Monday. Insidious crimes like these are absolutely terrifying...The safety and well-being of our children has always been my absolute priority and at no time did I have any suspicion of criminal behaviour. I am confident that the police and judicial system will address these serious allegations." [9]

No discussion in Parliament, no further statements or comments from Wynne, to date.

It is blatantly obvious that the media is assisting Kathleen Wynne is burying this story. If Levin's alleged exploits were widely known the uproar would be deafening. The publication ban on proceedings should be no excuse for silence.

Can we accept Wynne's position that ultimately any discussion of a sexual nature in the work-place among adults, is totally unacceptable yet, discussions of a graphic sexual nature must take place in elementary school?

We must "be vigilant in every way that we can in all parts of our lives," indeed; real 'sexual harassment' is a serious issue, yet so vague that the slightest of physical contact or 'rude' comment may be construed by an accuser as tantamount to abuse.

How about greater vigilance in protecting children? No comment. But we know that Wynne's mentor, Mr. Levin, thought that criminal background checks for people who work with children were an impediment. [10]  We could tear Wynne's comments to shreds until we are blue in the face; bottom line: the dichotomy is obvious, this is cognitive dissonance, Kathleen.
Only the conservative Toronto Sun has covered Levin scandal
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First Comment from Dan:

We suspected the Jian Ghomeshi scandal was just another scripted psychodrama [1].    Now that Ghomeshi's case is playing simultaneously with Levin's, I suspect the Ghomeshi affair was concocted as a decoy, effectively sparing Premier Kathleen Wynn further negative exposure.

For skeptics,  look at the source of the allegations against Ghomeshi.  Promiscuous women Ghomeshi met through Toronto's well established BDSM promiscuous swinger's circle, exactly the same pool that Manitoba's chief family court judge Lori Douglas swam in [2]. Also take a look at Ghomeshi's boss - Heather Conway, openly lesbian head of CBC Radio.

You don't think these women are connected?   These women are members of 'The Sisterhood' [3], doing a favor for their sister Kathleen Wynn.  Ghomeshi's also a 'member of the club' so he's in on the joke.

Why would Ghomeshi participate in his own 'downfall'?  Well, he's already worth $6,000,000 [2] .   Plenty of room there for a payoff in the form of 'out of court settlement' when the coast is clear.    He's clearly not embarrassed by the charges, he's proud of being 'out' as a 'dominant master'.   The publicity has made him a rock star of the Illuminati.

[1] see Dan's Comment on "Lesbian Fires "Rough Sex" Radio Host" (Oct 27, 2014)

[2] Canada Protects Porn Queen Judge

[3] The Sisterhood

[4] celebrity net worth:  Jian Ghomeshi

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Comments for "Liberal Media Picks Its Pervert"

Catherine said (December 19, 2014):

Yes, because children cannot really take legal action.

The legal profession are also groomed to believe that children lie, even though stats prove otherwise.

Baltimore conference where pedophilia - really child rape - was on the agenda to normalise it.

Dr Judith Reisman is an excellent read on this.

John said (December 19, 2014):

The public still does not have a clue on just how powerful the MSM is. They believe that the stories and events handed down to them are of top and urgent importance. They also believe that there is no motive that goes with reporting or that the MSM has any kind of political agenda. And, most of all they accept this news as undisputed truth.

The MSM generates and perpetuates victimhood at their own choosing. The good guys and bad guys often change depending on what political agenda is to be served at the time.

The once guarded and protected silence of much Black American crime is no longer the case. They were the "media darlings" of the Communist created Civil Rights Movement and they could do no wrong. And, if they did, it was not their fault because they were innocent victims in a corrupt white society.This MSM Psy- Op lasted almost 50 years. It was propagated mostly through movies, music, and television. It's the MSM who tells you who the good and bad guys are. This "media blitz" created violence and division as intended.

There is a new group of victims on the way and the MSM's next Psy- Op will be Gay/ Lesbian victimhood. The LGBT in Washington right now is demanding to be chartered and recognized into the Civil Rights Act itself. This will soon become a reality. They are already the new " media darlings" in movies and television.

We are already experiencing a MSM complicity in the silence of perverted related crimes as witnessed by this article.

Unfortunately, it's the Christians now who will be put on trial.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at