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Sex - Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

December 4, 2014

reporter.jpg"How can a man concentrate on the news when his mind
is bedding the beautiful young woman reporting it?"

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Almost every day I see beautiful young women carrying big signs that say, "LOVE ME."

But below, in smaller print, they say, "No. Not you."

You can see how men in my position, probably 80% of all men, might find this frustrating.

Especially when so many young women and girls today dress like streetwalkers.

Sex is the elixir in our pagan sex cult society.

We are besotted with fertile young women.

They are goddesses. Sex with them is just below money at the pinnacle of value.

I wonder how these young women must feel? To be venerated for sex appeal - something they did nothing to earn?

I used to enjoy "girl watching." I thought it lifted my spirits. 

But now, I wonder if that is true. It just makes me think about sex.  Usually, this happens while watching television...

sportsreporter.jpgTV TITILLATION

Television seems dedicated to sexual titillation. Many shows are quasi pornographic.

Sex appeal is not just a criteria for actresses, but also for reporters and anchors. If she's sexy, it must be true. 

Foreign correspondents are all "hot." So are the women covering business and men's sports.

How can a man concentrate on information when his mind is bedding the woman reporting it? 


At 65, I had hoped my sexual energies would fade. But this hasn't been the case. My body senses its oncoming demise and wants to perpetuate its DNA.

At my age, my wife and I don't want children. Nonetheless, the body has its own ideas.

So I must wrestle with this natural instinct.  I must realize that "eye candy" is bad for the soul. It's just another way of behaving like a beggar.

Out of sight, out of mind is my motto. I avoid attractive young woman.  I avert my gaze or switch the channel. I've noticed (out of the corner  of my eye) that some women do a double-take. They're not used to being ignored. Their vanity requires constant reassurance.

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First Comment from Ian:

Hi Henry, I'm 63 and after a dirty look from a young girl for looking at her and obviously not seeing the, no not you, you old pervert sign, I asked an old guy I know, who must be 90 and can barely get about. I asked him, when does it stop? When do you stop turning and looking  at them as they go past because I'm getting tired of the dirty looks as they tug down on their coat to hide themselves from my oh so obviously unwanted gaze. He stood for a minute, then shook his head and said," you're gonna  need to speak to somebody  much older than I am son".    


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Comments for "Sex - Out of Sight, Out of Mind? "

Lucas said (December 17, 2014):

I just read your post: Sex- out of sight, out of mind?. I wanted to share some information that I think may help you with this issue but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment.

I am 30 years old and my sex drive has been too much to handle for a very long time. But, recently I added something new to my diet and it has changed my life, increased my strength, improved my mental ability, and lowered my sex drive and desire to have sex with every attractive woman I meet... It's fish head soup.

And, even better is small ocean fish (like 5-8 inches), especially the ones with big eyes. The eyes (and other parts of the fish) have gelatin and other oils that our bodies are extremely deficient in. My theory is that when our bodies are deficient in the required elements to sustain health then our reproductive functions (and desires) increase to perpetuate life before our bodies die. When we have full nutrition then it settles down.

Wild caught ocean fish, cleaned and gutted, then put in a pot with water and veggies (including the head and fins). Let it simmer. Add some salt. And sip on it. You will love it and it will help diminish the sex desire.


I have another theory that this is part of the reason for the fish symbol related to Christ... I think it's a hint that he left us...

C said (December 6, 2014):

It seems to me that the over-sexualization of women and the obsession men have w the female form, while not new, has been greatly enhanced by feminist culture, only inverted by women intent on using sexuality to get promotion, equal pay and power... this cynicism is the bedfellow of a culture dominated by men and how it sells itself to them. In part, because women no longer have the basic class and charm of being women, they resort to this, but undoubtedly, men have blame to share. More satanism undermining our roots.

Either way, it was not until I fasted on water for three days and prayed in Jesus's name on my own lusts and issues, that God lifted the filth from my eyes and thoughts and I realized how brainwashed I had been. It was like night and day. Like the snap of a finger that breaks a trance. It is nice to be reminded of a time when I knew girls as a child and saw them more innocently. Jesus says that there are some demons that only come out through fasting and prayer, so whenever I have an issue now I always turn to fasting, especially if prayer alone is not enough.

Yes, waking w "morning wood" is a good sign of healthy men processing testosterone properly, but making the jump from physical health to indiscriminate lusts for every beautiful woman we see is due to doors we have opened by allowing these thoughts: when we watch films that play on it without discernment, music that celebrates it, ANY thoughts we allow opens the doors and soon enough you can have a great big demon pushing you around into perverted thoughts and behavior beyond your control. The Lord's Prayer can also help when an annoying thought persists. We have to take responsibility in our actions and thoughts we allow and CHOOSE.

I have known men rich and poor display embarrassing uncontrollable leering and lust for nearly every woman who walks by them. I never understood the supernatural component of this and how Jesus can liberate us from it. One more reason Jesus is so distorted and maligned by culture.

TD said (December 6, 2014):

Job 31 v 1

“I made a covenant with my eyes
not to look lustfully at a young woman.

Stephen said (December 6, 2014):

A man of any age may appreciate beauty when he sees it – but I think you were talking about lust, not beauty. It’s not right for a man of any age to look lustfully at a woman (unless they are married to each other) - not right and not good for either of them.

The desire in a woman to inspire lust is just the female counterpart of the desire in a man to gratify his lust. Both genders need to rise above their animal natures to honour God and for their own good (of course those two reasons are one and the same).

It’s okay to appreciate beauty, like a classic car or a beautiful face. It’s not ok to covet that car or that girl. Not now, and not when you were 25. To the pure in heart all things are pure. Or we can remain beasts like the man in Synchronicity by the Police. “The secretaries pout and preen like cheap tarts in a red light street, and all he ever thinks to do is watch”

Countrywest said (December 5, 2014):

What’s this? You still watch television? I’m 64 now and I pitched mine before I was 30 years old.

Today, I’ll watch the Packers once in awhile……but that’s it. Even then, I’ll walk out mid game because I can’t stand the commercials. Of course, my friends and relatives all think I am crazy……but I get even by telling their kids to watch mommy and daddy’s face when they are watching TV……that’s when they have their zombie face on.

Get rid of your TV asap… won’t believe the changes it will make with your spouse and family.

KS said (December 5, 2014):

I concur with your readers that television is relentless and sophisticated mind pollution. Best not to watch any of it's aptly named 'programs'. I don't believe anyone can watch even small amounts of television without detriment.

But for the rest can we lighten up a bit? Lets enjoy the primal beauty of young women. It can be one of natures delights so long as we do not allow our selves through our own weakness to become infatuated by any one of them. We just need to remember that they become dangerous if we forget they are dangerous and that tomorrow may introduce us to yet another with her own unique charms.

"He who has no poetry in himself will find poetry in nothing". Joseph Jourbert

Sandeep said (December 4, 2014):

Having hotties presenting the news is not a match winner for the news outlets anymore. People care about content, and aren't deceived by the presenter themselves anymore. Declining viewers is the best evidence.

Women should get the attention of men, and not just ignore them just because they are perceptually attractive to the eyes. Maybe you as being someone who is married may not be the appropriate person to give girls the attention and validation because that should be reserved to the wife, but I think that men should go out there and just tell girls that they are pretty etc.

Women in the real world (even those that are really beautiful) are also victims of this 'hotness' bullshit in their own rights (for example poor self-esteem) and need validation more now than ever. I guess this is another reason to throw the TV out and go out into the real world.

Greg said (December 4, 2014):

For a man, to neutralize the ravages of the feminist age, the best course is non-sexuality. This creates a stand-alone engine of creative energy and self sufficiency. Non-sexuality also has the added benefit of nullifying the prevalent social constructs pushed by feminists and LGBT.

The non-sexual man is not defined by heterosexual, feminist, or LGBT sexual behavior so he simply does not care. Their issues do not enter his provenience of becoming a successful man.

Given the weaponization of sex in society today, it might prove beneficial for a man to become non-sexual so that he can pursue his full potential and spiritual capacity unhindered by the rusty drag hooks of sexual deviates.

Besides, this is the age of the make-over and when you look at these "pretty girls" you really do not know what hair color, eye color, face or body lift, even skin color, is behind the mask. It is a mask of deception and the mask wearers are desperate.

Marco A said (December 4, 2014):

"You can see how men in my position, probably 80% of all men, might find this frustrating."
"They are goddesses... I wonder how these young women must feel? To be venerated for sex appeal - something they did nothing to earn?"

It is very frustrating. I have begun simply treating women as if they are men, as a consequence for their 'feminism'. I used to try and be gentle with them, as if they were delicate and could be easily offended. They aren't delicate, and they are a monstrosity no matter what they look like, in my opinion. Society and culture did it's job on them and made them into selfish, shameless, indelicate, self-righteous monsters.

They definitely are not goddesses, but many (not all - to be fair) seem to think they are and that to simply look at them is some sort of sacrilege. Maybe I should sacrifice a couple bulls and burn some incense before smiling or talking to one next time.

One commenter said that they put woman as news casters out of a subversive intention. I can't help but agree with this. I was listening to the Communist Broadcasting Corporation on the radio on the way home today (woops, I mean the CBC), and it's nothing but a bunch of effeminate men whispering, while women (empowered by feminism) take the charge and proudly voice their opinions (which are generally repulsive - but the CBC is another topic altogether).

Overall, I'd rather swallow a gun than get married to one of these things called women these days. They imitate hyenas more than they emulate anything gentle, delicate, or even sentimental.

Magda said (December 4, 2014):

Hi Henry it is better for those who wish to pursue healthier spiritual lives that they lower the gaze from the opposite sex.

That gaze can lead to broken homes because the wife or husband is not measuring up those TV anchors or magazine covers and eventually can lead on to pornography and illicit sexual relations.

It is in an arrow not from cupid but from the arsenal of Satan.

Allah swt says in Qur'an(24:30-31)

"Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their modesty, that is purer for them. Indeed Allah is acquainted with what they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty..."

at another place in Qur'an(40:19)

"Allah knows the fraud of the eyes, and all that the breast conceals"

Anne said (December 4, 2014):

I would say that no one really “gets” it. The Roman Catholic Church, instituted by Christ, as the continuation of the Hebrew religion taught by God and continued by Abraham (as a boy grows into manhood, not quite the same but still the same person), is defunct. whether it is temporary or not, only God knows. It provided all that one needed for salvation, the real goal of life on earth, and set forth a beautiful, orderly existence for all mankind if only it would follow His laws, obey the Church and its ruler, the Holy Father (who is the descendant of the High Priest of the Old Testament).

Sacraments were given to men to keep them holy, sacramentals and graces to help him avoid evil, exorcisms to defy Satan, and a Holy Mass, the unbloody Sacrifice so pleasing to God and so beneficial to the world, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

Now it’s gone and we are seeing what it’s like without Holy Church: Satan is running rampant and so are his organizations and bedeviled, possessed people. A veritable criminal organization is running the world and Pope Leo XIII said it all in his encyclical you republished.

Think about baptism: it removed the curse of original sin, gave sanctifying grace, and made the recipient an heir to Heaven. Think of all the unbaptized people running around with hatred in the heart, for example, Moslems for Jews and vice versa. Who has worked so hard to destroy the works of Christ down through the centuries. Even in the Renaissance, the clergy was trying to control the lascivious artists who insisted on painting nudes in the churches!

One writer insists those painters were homos, but of course, who know now for sure? And how about the awful maligning of the Jesuits of the early years who gave up everything to convert peoples in inhospitable lands! Even their lives.

The evils ones can’t stop at that; they even infiltrated the clergy, as per directions in Italy 200 years ago, and now who but the very pious uninformed Catholics ever keep them on a pedestal today? “Going My Way” was the start of making the priest a “regular guy” who even played golf and the old cranky one who persevered as a real priest, was sent off to retire with his mother, if I remember the story.

Al Thompson said (December 4, 2014):

The purpose of having good looking women presenting the news is to promote fornication and it is a subtle attempt to destroy the family. I stopped watching TV news a long time ago. I can read what I want on the internet and watch selected things that I know won't offend me or start thinking about fornication.

Something that helps me is that I always try to remember that fornication will never do me any good and can produce great harm. This way, when I happen across these photos, they don't tempt me. But I am still careful about what I look at. I know I'm right through my own experience. If I had it to do all over, I'd wait until marriage, and stop watching the chicks on the various news medias.

So when I see an attractive woman, I just leave it alone and go on my way. I still love women, but at 67 I don't need any more drama. I was having a conversation with some men and one told me that the only thing that changes with women are the faces. I suspect that relationships that start with fornication are more susceptible to failure.

Best to do what this article suggests is to keep them out of sight; out of mind.

JG said (December 4, 2014):

Henry, whatever happened to the old phrase, "dirty old man"?

I knew a man once that was still chasing young whores in his old age. The last one he got involved with did a serious house cleaning on his bank account.

Another old man I knew that also got involved with one of these "crack whores" was beaten and robbed in his own home by the woman's real boyfriend who unexpectedly appeared on the scene.

When we reach the cycle of "old age" and we still haven't conquered are sexual fleshly passions it can be a costly and humiliating experience by getting involved in the chase once more for this "last chance" for love.

It has been said that there is no fool like an old fool, and sadly, this might be the case for some of these "lonely hearts".

Love, money, and drugs are the three big deceivers in this worldly kingdom that we dwell in.

Not until we have the love for God can we set free from the chains of worldly enslavement to these deceivers that rule our hearts and minds.

How can we love the creature but not the creator? The truth of the matter is that in many cases we love neither. We're only in love with the counterfeit vanity of our own imagination.

Eduardo from Brazil said (December 4, 2014):

I have removed TV from my house 5 years ago. I browse the internet with images all disabled, and five filters to remove most possible of junk and porn images. My routes uses OpenDNS family configuration, and computers are in places that can be viewable by anyone. No hidden places; Smartphones have the YouTube removed, browser with images blocked, and filters added.

After a period of detox, I could see how terrible the media is. It is corrupting our standards, our moral and our spirituality.

Sure God made us with an instinct. In addition, we need to behave to that instinct according His ordinances, which is not difficult; otherwise, He would not give us that to obey. Obeying that is the true worshiping; we get the best fruits that God planned. Otherwise, we live with the consequences.

Dan said (December 4, 2014):

These are facts of the culture we live in. The cause is daily bombardment of meticulously planned subliminal sexual stimulation through media. Even though I deliberately avoid as much media exposure as I can, I'm pelted with dozens of powerful images with as little as a trip to the grocery store. Even in rehab, invalids are pounded by two large screen TVs - one on "The Young and the Restless" and the other on 'news'.

Even we are too young to remember it, but newscasting was reserved for men until around 1966. So part of social engineering of female news anchors is program us to see women as authorities. The bizarre part is the blending of authoritarian and sex object.
Notice also that the male anchors hired since 2001 are gay.

These are just two of the reasons I don't watch TV news voluntarily. There's too much other shit going on with what they're doing to people's heads than just reading a bunch of stuff that happened today.

Jeffrey said (December 4, 2014):

One way of dealing with the dilemma you've described that works wonders for me is watching old TV shows like Perry Mason, The Untouchables, Have Gun Will Travel, The Twilight Zone, and others from the era of the late 1950s to early 1960s.

Great writing, acting, uplifting stories with some kind of moral base, but the women on these shows are what women should be. You know what I'm talking about. They were not shameless whores, even when they were the femme fatale. In other words, feeling like a dirty old man doesn't come with the territory.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at