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Another Catholic School Panders to Sodomites; Suspends Tenured Professor

January 5, 2015

suspended.jpg(left. Prof Mac Adams)

Thomas Carter reports on the latest episode
 in the Communist (Masonic Jewish)
chill that has settled over the
Catholic Church and the West in general.

by Thomas Carter

On December 16th, Marquette University, a Catholic institution in Milwaukee suspended Prof. John McAdams for posting a blog about an assistant professor, Cheryl Abbate, who told a philosophy student who wanted to defend traditional marriage: "You don't have the right to make homophobic comments in this class."

Professor McAdams on his blog, The Marquette Warrior  commented, "Like the rest of academia, Marquette is less and less a real university when gay marriage cannot be discussed -- certainly not a Catholic university."

Prof. McAdams was informed via letter from the Dean Richard Holz that he was "relieved of all teaching duties and all other faculty activities," and that he was to remain off campus during that time.

Unfortunately for the university administrators, Prof. McAdams has a backbone. In a Fox news interview, appearing unaffected he said he had a lawyer on hand if legal action was required.

When Prof. McAdams asked why he was suspended, he received no reply from the Dean.

The university later stated that the blog post was reason. Prof. McAdams said this was consistent with a trend on the Left to dismiss opposing views as "offensive" rather than to debate them.

Several petitions were started to support Prof. McAdams. On December 23rd, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty ("WILL") asked Marquette University to abide by its own rules and to honor its commitment to academic freedom.

 The university is on the defensive. It is likely that Prof. McAdams will be reinstated but this is not normally the case. Prof. McAdams had the guts to stand up for himself. He was ready to fight. Too bad most educators back down without a hint of resistance.


The Catholic Church is the largest western institution that still, in theory, opposes "gay" marriage. Even Pope Benedict (Cardinal Ratzinger) re-affirmed Catholic teaching regarding people with disordered affections. In his 2012 Christmas address, he stated:

"People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to them by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves.' 'The manipulation of nature, which we deplore today where our environment is concerned, now becomes man's fundamental choice where he himself is concerned"

index8.jpg(left, Francis making Masonic sign)

Things changed with Pope Francis, in his first press conference, he was asked a question by Brazilian reporter about a 'gay lobby' in the Vatican. In his answer Pope Francis used the word "gay" no less than 5 times and at one point uttered, "If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge him?"


Veteran investigative journalist Randy Engel, author of The Rite of Sodomy, (2006) saw clearly the implications of these statements and responded with an Open Letter to Pope Francis in which she informs Pope Francis that "in any war, verbal strategy is as important as military strategy" and that "all combatants for the Faith, especially those of highest rank, should never use the language of the enemy."

It seemed at this point Mrs. Engel may have thought that Pope Francis was merely naive but to conclude her article she drops a bombshell...

RandyEngel9.jpg"It might surprise you Holy Father, that until quite recently, I still hoped that despite your obvious sympathy for the Homosexual Collective you nevertheless might find some merit in the concept of a Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality...Unfortunately, that glimmer of hope was wiped out when by chance a close friend of mine, Mariaelene Stuart, a multi-lingual journalist and creator of the exquisite blog, Roman Catholic World, sent me a copy of an interview you gave to Rome reporter Andrea Tornielli of the Vatican Insider in February 2012 while you were still Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

In an interview titled "Careerism and vanity: Sins of the Church," Tornielli's last question to you was: Can you tell us how the Roman Curia is perceived from the outside?

And you, Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, replied:

    "I see it as a body that gives service, a body that helps me and serves me. Sometimes negative news does come out, but it is often exaggerated and manipulated to spread scandal. Journalists sometimes risk becoming ill from coprophilia and thus fomenting coprophagia: which is a sin that taints all men and women, that is, the tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive aspects. The Roman Curia has its down sides, but I think that too much emphasis is placed on its negative aspects and not enough on the holiness of the numerous consecrated and lay people who work in it."

Now the term "coprophilia" which you used spontaneously in the interview refers to a sexual perversion (fetish) by which a person derives sexual excitement from the presence of feces. The term "coprophagia" pertains to the actual act of eating excrement. Both paraphilias are commonly associated with homosexual behavior and are a regular feature of homosexual pornography."

That a bishop should so glibly refer to such disgusting and perverted practices in a public interview clearly indicates to me that you are not unschooled in the ways and dangers of sexual perversion, and hence, have no real need for me to instruct you on the perversity of homosexual behaviors, nor on the grave necessity of combating the Homosexual Collective and other forces of organized perversion."

Benedict-Francis-Masonic-Handshake.jpg(Left, Benedict and Francis exchange Masonic handshake-thumb on knuckle)


The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property boasts 120,000 active members.

Their student action group is dedicated to on campus demonstrations and online petitions.

They have an excellent video called Attacked by Tolerance highlighting their on-campus demonstrations in defense of traditional marriage in which they are physically attacked, sprayed with pesticides and spit on by homosexuals.

They have been successful in several instances.

-YouTube yanked dozens of videos showing blasphemous desecration of the Holy Eucharist thanks to a TFP petition signed by 18,200 Catholics.

-Notre Dame finally dropped the charges against 88 pro-lifers thanks, in part, to more than 20,000 petitions sent to Fr. John Jenkins.

Their current list of petitions include:

-Protesting Gloria Steinem coming to speak at St. Norbert College

-Saving the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade from homosexuals

-Protesting internship opportunities with Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations through St. Thomas University.

Note: Though the Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property are doing excellent work, it is fair to note that the inner group have been accused of being somewhat cult-like. The arguments go back and forth and I have not seen anything conclusive, I feel the worst they are being accused of, if true, pales in comparison to the evils they are fighting against. I include a summary of criticisms and the Society's rebuttal.

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First Comment from Robert G:

It is more than strange that Bergoglio speaks about "gay marriage" as he has. While the question of same-sex orientation is a critical issue for the question of the individuals' salvation (and in that regard Bergoglio is correct, "Who am I to judge?"), Scripture is only too clear and categorical that marriage is a covenant (brith) between man, woman, and God. In the Christian rite it is a sacrament that only a man and woman can undertake and which requires their vows to  one another and God as their way to get to salvation. Their vow at the same time is to their offspring which they will rear in the ways of Divine Governance.
It is simply too clear to debate this point.
Why Jorge Bergoglio would hint at any other possibility (and he has in his "off the cuff") remarks baffles the mind. More importantly, ask any Priest (like me) and he will tell you that performing a "gay marriage" ceremony is a sacrilege for the Priest. It is equivalent to stepping on the Holy Eucharist.
Eastern Orthodoxy rejects any overtures of the sort intimated in Bergoglio's musings on this issue.

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Comments for "Another Catholic School Panders to Sodomites; Suspends Tenured Professor"

Rich C said (January 6, 2015):

Henry, The following comment is in response to Hans or Anonymous.

Anyone who attends the Latin, or TLM Mass, has the ability to understand it and we do. The use of a hand Missal provides one with the prayers and the translation to any vernacular tongue. It's really not that hard, Hans. However the most important reason for the use of Latin is that it is a "dead language". This means that the words in the Missal are not subject to an evolution in meaning. Truly the prayers, and their meanings, are set in stone. The readings are also usually read in the native tongue after they are read in Latin, as are the sermons. Yes, the Mass has a lots of mystery and that's what makes it real. But it is not so mysterious as to evade understanding by the laity. The vast majority of its attendees know exactly what is going on at the Altar and we are also cognizant of the tone of the Church on any given day within the Liturgical Year. To accuse us of vain repetition or babbling on is an insulting misnomer and needs to be corrected from time to time.

Hans said (January 6, 2015):

What can you think of a Pope who is distributing sleeping bags to the homeless of Rome, while his organization, the Roman Catholic Church, owns at least a quarter of all houses in Rome, and is a multi-billion business? That,s a feeble pr-stunt and pure hypocrisy.

The RCC is organized like a masonic lodge. „Latin mass“? What use is it for those who don't even understand Latin? Christ condemned elaborate and factitious prayers and vain repetition.

Anonymous said (January 6, 2015):

What can you think of a Pope who is distributing sleeping bags to the homeless of Rome, while his organization, the Roman Catholic Church, owns at least a quarter of all houses in Rome, and is a multi-billion business? That's a feeble pr-stunt and pure hypocrisy.

The RCC is organized like a masonic lodge. „Latin mass“? What use is it for those who don't even understand Latin? Christ condemned elaborate and factitious prayers and vain repetition.

Fr Francis said (January 5, 2015):

I enjoy most of your posts, but I find it a little unsettling that you put "the Vatican" on an equal footing with the other secret society cronies. That it has been compromised in the last 50 cannot be debated and you have shown this as have others. When you look at Pope Pius IX, Pope Leo XIII and especially Pope St. Pius X, the Vatican is in the forefront, (anyone behind us?!?) in sounding the alarm. Could we say instead of "the Vatican," "Post Vatican II Vatican?" or, "The Vatican during and after John XXIII?" "The Conciliar Vatican?" "The 'auto-destruction' of Paul VI's Vatican and it's Successors?"

I think it is important to remember - and I think I am preaching to the choir here - that the slavery of the world is the by product of the silencing of the Traditional Latin Mass and the Catholic Church. Our Lord, His Priesthood and Sacraments are the target since they bring peace, joy and strength to His children, families and societies.

I Otherwise enjoy your work,

Bruce said (January 5, 2015):

Hello Henry - thanks again for publishing such important and timely articles.

Regarding the current Pope's curious and disturbing language regarding homosexuality, I have no doubt that he knows exactly what he's doing and that is to initiate ambiguity and uncertainty about Church teachings that have always been precise and unequivocal. This has been a weapon used over and over again by the Illuminati/Masonic/Communist infiltrators that have invaded the Church like termites for centuries culminating in their seizure of the Papacy with the election of John 23rd in 1958 and every one of his successors.

Their biggest triumph has been the disastrous consequences of the 2nd Vatican Council which directly resulted in the almost complete destruction of the Perpetual Rite of the Holy Mass together with widespread confusion about basic Church teachings - a confusion so profound and widespread that most modern day Catholics are being led by the nose into a completely different religion than the one established by Saint Peter.

The final frontier for these criminals is the complete destruction of Traditional Church teachings on the Sacrament of Marriage and Christian sexuality morality which, despite their many past successes, they have not yet been able to fully realize. Pope Francis clearly hopes to lead this final victory by publicly creating ambiguity about Church teachings while behind the scenes actively promoting more 'inclusive' Pastoral guidelines towards homosexuality.

This Pope has also made some very curious and disturbing public statements about other aspects of Catholic teaching that are too numerous to mention here. It would appear there is now a Wolf leading the Sheep.

Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success, please intercede for us.

JG said (January 5, 2015):

The Catholic Church must understand the severity of this issue of "gays" being accepted into their Church. The Catholic doctrine recognizes homosexuality as sin and it is their responsibility to uphold it's teachings by not giving into threats from external worldly forces or any satanic subversion that was allowed to seep into it's congregation.

Allowing gays into the Church gives them access to the innocent youth that they long to defile. And don't tell me that doesn't happen. These vampires seek undefiled flesh the most and wish to corrupt it and who is more vulnerable than a child.

I am a believer in the forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ. I also believe that there can be a place in the Church for openly repenting gays who now denounce the lifestyle they once led and recognize it as sin and seek forgiveness.This means no gay marriage or any physical encounters with those of the same sex.

The problem with these ill degenerates is that they believe they have the right to define their identity outside the realm of God and practice this heresy inside his Church.They don't recognize this as sin and therefore seek no forgiveness. They only wish to corrupt and pervert. THEY DO NOT HAVE A PLACE IN THE HOUSE OF ANY CHRISTIAN CHURCH. They should be expelled immediately.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at