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Is Rape a Reaction to Women in Military?

January 3, 2015

rape.jpg"An estimated 26,000 rapes and sexual assaults took place in the military in 2012; only 1 in 7 victims reported their attacks, and just 1 in 10 of those cases went to trial."
Victims are demanding compensation for post traumatic stress syndrome caused by sexual trauma. Do you sympathize or do you agree with jarhead1969 (below) who says women have no business in the military in the first place.

"The problem is growing more pressing because female veterans represent the military's fastest-growing population, with an estimated 2.2 million, or 10 percent, of the country's veterans. More than 280,000 female veterans have returned home from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. "

From "Refreshing News"
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Thousands of female veterans are struggling to get health-care treatment and compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs on the grounds that they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder caused by sexual trauma in the military. The veterans and their advocates call it "the second battle" -- with a bureaucracy they say is stuck in the past.

Judy Atwood-Bell was just a 19-year-old Army private when she says she was locked inside a barracks room at Fort Devens in Massachusetts, forced to the cold floor and raped by a fellow soldier.

For more than two decades, Atwood-Bell fought for an apology and financial compensation from VA for PTSD, with panic attacks, insomnia and severe depression that she recalls started soon after that winter day in 1981. She filled out stacks of forms in triplicate and then filled them out again, pressing over and over for recognition of the harm that was done.

The department labels it "military sexual trauma" (MST), covering any unwanted contact, including sexual innuendo, groping and rape.

A recent VA survey found that 1 in 4 women said they experienced sexual harassment or assault. And the problem is growing more pressing because female veterans represent the military's fastest-growing population, with an estimated 2.2 million, or 10 percent, of the country's veterans. More than 280,000 female veterans have returned home from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

About two weeks ago, when Atwood-Bell checked the department's Web site,  she was stunned to discover that the agency had accepted her claim for compensation.

"It's taken over 20 years, and that should've never happened," said Atwood-Bell, who retired as a sergeant first class and lives in New Hampshire, her voice cracking with emotion. "My fight is not over. It's not done for so many other women out there. I want to help them to get what we are entitled to."

The Pentagon has been conducting a high-profile campaign to prevent sexual attacks and punish offenders amid concerns that defense officials neglected these assaults for years.

But advocacy groups say VA has been slow to adjust to the rising number of women in the military.

Some health centers, for instance, only recently opened female restrooms. Women who go to VA centers for treatment say they are routinely asked whether they are waiting for their husbands or are lost. And while there are a few showcase centers for female veterans, a third of VA medical centers lack a gynecologist on staff...

Female veterans, in part, are pressing for more VA centers that specifically treat military sexual trauma, with separate waiting rooms for women and child care...

But advocates say thousands of female veterans confront an even larger problem: They are unable to get disability compensation benefits for sexual trauma because they do not have enough paperwork to support their claims. Advocacy groups and VA officials blame a culture of secrecy and denial inside the military that heavily discourages women from reporting sexual assault...

Elena M. Giordano says she was raped about 10 years ago by two men on separate occasions while serving aboard a Navy aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean as an airman apprentice. When she reported the attacks, she says, Giordano was discharged with "pre-existing personality disorder," a label that advocates say is often applied by military officers to women who report rape.

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rape1.jpgjarhead 1969 comments

Women voluntarily join an army they know is male dominated and holds a warrior mentality. They demand co-habitation and training with the men, but with amends and considerations for the female frame. They "tease" the men just with their presence in the barracks and close quarters and accommodations have to be made, even in combat situations, for the female and her "privacy".

What insanity, and then the men, most of whom have never had any formal moral upbringing, no religious upbringing, coming from a Marxist indoctrinated public school system, are thrown into near co-habitation and close quarters with women who have a feminist mentality, who reject Christian morality and laws in general, both thrown into the arena of male testosterone and female estrogen, the clashing of natural attraction - and then they want to claim - PTSD - WOW.

And to top it all off, the entry of women into the ground or warrior units, has resulted in a ongoing dumbing down of male combat training, and the deliberate weakening of our military.

Women think subjectively, that is they think according to the ways things might be in accordance with their own vision. Men think objectively, the way things are and indicate what is to come. The promotion of women into leadership positions, commanding men and combat operations, training and units, has and is, debilitating our military and its preparedness.
First Comment from Richard:

Women have always been 'fair game' in the military.  I can't speak for the Navy, Women I knew in the Army and Air Force told me about it too many years to chalk it off.   There's always been a sexual subculture in the military bases network.  It's not the entire system, it's an embedded percentage.   To say the military is "rape culture" is exaggeration, but since the military is a rigid chain of command, poor enlistees are in trouble if assigned to a corrupt command.

A young woman stationed at Jacksonville Air Force Base told me that during a medical examination, the doctor offered her birth control pills. She declined, and the doctor frowned and told her she'd better take them - she was going to need them.  He creeped her out so she tried to report the incident to her sergeant, but rebuked her for not taking a military doctor's 'orders'. She was assigned to work as a secretary for a Captain, who coerced her into submitting to intercourse from the rear leaned over his desk. While in this position, the framed photo of the Captain's wife on the desk filled her field of vision. This continued for several months till the Captain 'traded' her to another officer on the base.   This is a true story from 1974, so this isn't a new problem.   Back then there was absolutely nothing the woman could do about it.  Today there's probably

That's the kind of rape we're talking about, systemic exploitation of military command hierarchy.

I don't believe women should be in allowed in the military.  Jarhead is right that placing young women in theater weakens military preparedness.

 But we can't blame high school girls for signing up.  The whole culture and government has been pushing female enlistment for on high school campuses for 50 years.  Poor girls listen to the high school recruiters for the same reason the boys do: it's sold as a way out of a future flipping hamburgers.  'Learn a trade and see the world' - money for college, and VA benefits.

I think Jarhead has been trained not to lay blame on the chain of command and Capitol Hill for this problem, so he's blaming the victims.    The problem is a government that's obsessed with a 'Gender free' society.

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Comments for " Is Rape a Reaction to Women in Military?"

Elaine said (January 4, 2015):

Human nature never changes. If stupid military people in government "don't get it" then there is nothing anyone can do about it, except not to cooperate in their stupidity. Women who do will continue to be exploited until they smarten up and realize that the sexes are different, always were and always will be no matter what some psychopathic military leaders try to do to change human nature.

It is futile - so stop cooperating with insanity and stop complaining when nature inevitably takes over. We know when God has been disallowed in our public institutions for many years, lies and myth become the norm. This alone should be the reason not to cooperate in allowing the situations to occur in the first place by being thrown into it by stupid military leaders who haven't the common sense of a pea let alone care what happens to women allowed into the military by these psychopaths. Women need to smarten up and stop allowing an evil bunch of people to lead them around by the nose.

James T said (January 4, 2015):

Not only do women not belong in the military (and aside from the fact it is a feminist breeding ground), but the whole thing is one of the better known secret societies.

What they do to intiates in say, skull & bones, or the "bloods" gang, is no different from what is done to people in "boot camp" which is intended to "break" people so the military "can rebuild them to suit". It is brainwashing no different from the typical filth that runs through all secret society models, it is intended to destroy individuality, and foster an "us vs them" mentality, for the purpose of warfare. It has its own hierarchy which demands blind respect, a rank system that requires sucking up to others of higher rank in order to advance to anything meaningful, information clearances, and secrets.

No, women should never be in the military, and as it is, neither should anyone else, as long as it follows the modern secret society model and structure (lie to prospective recruits to gain members, use them, and if they get out of line, discard them or discard them and make them out to be crazy, if they talk, etc.) as it stands, the present militaries that follow this model are corrupt puppets used as a bludgeon for the would-be feudal "shoguns", that is to say, the devil worshipers who never get shot at.

Given that the military is a secret society that is corrupt, and given the amoral character of the society they recruit from (as mentioned by Jarhead), is it any wonder that women will be raped or used, as the men are? (men are also raped in the military.)

With the greatest threat to the nations of the world already rather entrenched in those nation's banking systems etc. and well within the borders, the biggest threat to worry about is not external or some "isis" bunch of mossad mercs, it is internal, and until it can be neutralized that threat will continue to make problems, and not be brought to justice... and it will use the military to enforce it's plots and schemes. Until the military gets "clean", ceases using deceit, and stops trying to "reprogram" people to be tools for dictators, we can expect this vile cycle to continue.

RS said (January 4, 2015):

in the very is a problem..and men and women suffer for it..and the children of them..ask me how I know...
I think the issue is bigger than blaming the victims ( male and female) there is more male to male rape than hetero-rape. just saying. pornography leads to "gay sex" and most who have gotten their eagles have been sodomized/ raped. top brass are sodomizers...

Tyron said (January 4, 2015):

Jarhead is 100% correct. Women have absolutely no place in armed units. If they serve at all it should be in traditional roles as nurses, secretaries etc and even then they ought to know they are in male (yes, piss on the tree to mark your boundaries) territory.

The worst thing one can do to a military fighting unit is introduce women into it. They cannot perform at the level of men both physically or mentally. Most men in the military are young, not fully developed mentally concerning sexual relations. The worst thing for a young man in the military is to have p-ssy on his mind because it blinds him toward his responsibility. Men are brainwashed on top of this to be killing machines- not to think but to react in preprogrammed manners. The one thing all men count on in a fighting unit (I am ex Army Cohort- Infantry) is that each one has the others back as we all work as an inseparable entity with certain organs performing specific fuctions toward good of the whole- for the team. Enter a female and you have men not thinking as a team but as individuals wanting naturally to protect the women over their male comrades. One might as well cut off the arm of every male in a fighting unit with a female entering the fray. That is how damaging it is.

It is NO WONDER the elite Jews forced this on the military- they knew it would destroy us (like they did our civilian society) from within.

CF said (January 4, 2015):

Women in the military? Just one more weak link, put into this 'built for failure' system. [Clearly, women do *NOT* belong in the military, *with* men.]

What was the first thing Clinton did as President? Gays in military. Rumsfeld? "Army of one." And a lot of trimming back equipment, much of which was already inadequate - leading to unnecessary (but designed) losses and major injuries. What has the 'O' done? Cored out the hierarchy, until ALL seasoned, knowledgeable officers are GONE. Only yes-men are left. He also set up our nuke defenses for total failure. Meanwhile, as the populace remains thoroughly distracted, radiation levels are steadily rising, across the USA - and NOT just from Fukushima. Furthermore, do people really believe veterans are constantly suiciding, in record numbers, or is something else going on?

Everything that has gradually destroyed the U. S. Military (from the inside) has seen an exact OPPOSITE process done in both Russia and China. The writing is on the wall. History will soon read that writing in blood; the blood of duped, complacent Americans. Never has a nation, or empire, ever embraced its own eventual demise - on every level/in every area - as the United States, and never so quickly... America, please wake up!

Jennifer said (January 4, 2015):

The women are simply naive. They have no idea what's in store for them. But is it a reaction to them being there? Well men are being raped by men too. Michael Matthews was raped in 1974 at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, a year after graduating from North Babylon High School. The media have mostly focused on sexual crimes against women, but Matthews said abuse in the military is “not a gender issue but a human rights issue.”

Chris H said (January 4, 2015):

agree with most of the commenters and their comments above. I was just thinking- since most of the war is the result of NWO propaganda, it would actually make sense to broaden the recruitment eligibility. This broadening of course is incorporating women and homosexuals. It's probably the case that NWO influencers know before-hand that eventually the men would stop signing up because males are more likely to sniff out the skunk involved behind this whole war. The numbers need to come from a variety of places to keep the numbers rolling.

As I write this, I am watching Play-off Football. We all know the political correctness has been infiltrating football; but, why no female football players? I guess we know, at the end of the day, the majority of women can't take a hit. But if that's the case, then why in the military? Even if our Mid-East fighting was totally justified, I would want troops that can take a hit.

Oh well... at the end of the day, the comment about our cultural subversion seems to be the essential problem. Until we get to the root of NWO Psy-war, the wheels will just continue spinning.

Tony B said (January 3, 2015):

Hysteria is a female abnormality. Or is it a female normality? Whichever, it does NOT belong in any kind of uniform, anywhere.

Moreover, women, unlike men, interconnect in everything. It is impossible to believe that these women voluntarily joining the military are ignorant of the high percentage of rapes they will encounter. Do they expect to use this possibility as a means to, once again, get something for nothing in the long run?

Women forever whining about their, often imaginary, problems gets extremely tiresome. They have the world by the balls and aren't satisfied. That's the nature of the female from the time of Adam and Eve but it is insane for men to cater to it as it always leads to the destruction of civilization when allowed to flourish. Is it any wonder that the highly-hyped toward brutality military man decides "fuck women," and, when pushed, takes it literally?

Wade said (January 3, 2015):

As you may recall I have a military background.

At the risk of stating the obvious I will say that women in combat is ludicrous. When I was in the military women were nurses, secretaries etc. Women (including my own mother) worked in
factories that built bombers My Dad flew those bombers against the Japanese. I have a "Rosie the
riveter" picture of my Mom in her coveralls, rivet gun in hand.

Back in the days of common sense and clear thinking so much of what is politically correct now was simply idiotic and would never even have been discussed...much less implemented.

As I am sure you know Henry...the inmates truly are running this asylum called America. There is
a scripture in the Bible that says "When men turn their backs on God...women and children
will rule over them".

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