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Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult

January 16, 2015

onedollar.jpg(Hidden in plain sight, Illuminati logo on the US one dollar bill)

Many Jews, Freemasons, liberals, socialists and feminists
have unwittingly been inducted into a satanic cult based on
the Jewish Cabala.  Society increasingly resembles this ruling cult, the Illuminati.

A satanic cult inverts healthy and unhealthy,natural and unnatural so, for example  heterosexuality is treated as a 
pathology while homosexuality is natural. Similarly, it inverts beauty and ugliness, truth and lies, justice and injustice, making evil seem good. It controls its members by corrupting and making them sick.* Its members are dysfunctional and identify with their condition. The real occult meaning of "revolution," is supplanting God with Lucifer, turning reality upside down.

Pharmaceuticals alone are an annual $1.2 trillion industry

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult:

1.  There is a distinction between the "initiated" and the general population which is kept in the dark. They are not told the cult's true objectives (to exploit and enslave them) but are deceived instead with noble sounding platitudes. Leaders (part of the "initiated") routinely lie to the people as in the case of false flags, assassinations and wars. False flags are a form of mass brainwashing, arousing mass sympathy for the alleged victim and hatred for the alleged perpetrator. 

2.  The symbols of the cult are everywhere and its monuments (obelisks) dot our cities. Illuminati motifs are also prominent in corporate logos. Illuminati bankers control most corporations. 

Charlie-Hebdo-cartoon3-228x300.jpg(Left, Christ depicted screwing God. Note the Illuminati pyramid and eye in Christ's ass.)

3. They deny that humans have a divine soul that is connected with a spiritual and moral order. Mention of "God" and a universal design and intelligence are suppressed. "God" is a dirty word. Instead of God, (conscience) we are required to obey the cult leaders and their factotums. Believers in God are persecuted. By denying our Divine soul, they define us as simply animals who can be domesticated or culled. They encourage us to degrade ourselves by indulging our animal nature.

4. They attempt to overrule nature and encourage unnatural and perverse behavior. A prime example is the bizarre occult hatred of gender (masculine and feminine), and their encouragement of gender confusion, homosexuality, transgenderism and androgyny. They teach school children to experiment with sex toys and homosexuality. This is state-sanctioned child sex abuse. Homosexuality is a developmental disorder. Its official promotion is proof society has gone over to the dark side. 

Police2.jpg(In your face. In front of Toronto police HQ, there is a statue of a policewoman working on an unfinished pyramid like the one on the $US)

5. Western society is a sex cult i.e. it is besotted with sex and "hot" women. The Illuminati promote promiscuous and anonymous sex in order to degrade people to animals. They normalize sexual deviance to defy God and serve their god Lucifer. The sex cult's sex obsession is surpassed only by its love of money. Millions are engaged in stock market gambling. The cult (society) encourages both addictions, and addictive behavior in general. The cult controls us by making us sick, physically and/or psychologically. The cult makes its members sick and then sells them a "cure." Healthcare is a $1.7 trillion industry in the US, surpassing even "Defence." One in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four.

6. They attempt to destroy the institutions of marriage and the nuclear family so that the cult (society) will be our first loyalty, and ultimately will take over procreation and child rearing.  Homosexual adoption is a step in this direction.

islamistbogeyman.jpg7. They create a climate of fear and use this as an excuse to remove civil rights and create a police state capable of ensuring cult control. 

8. There is extensive surveillance to control every individual by blackmail.  Thought criminals are shamed and expelled. The CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign after giving a donation to a group that opposes gay marriage. This enforced conformity, which is becoming commonplace, is characteristic of Communism, which is Illuminati in origin and character. The term "politically correct" originated in the Communist Party. 

tongue5.jpg("Tongue Tied" video. Myley Cyrus' cry for help?) 

9. They suppress the truth. True history, art,music and literature are suppressed. They even deny that objective truth exists and is knowable.They use entertainment as occult ritual. They degrade and distract us from reality by creating an alternate fantasy world.  Entertainers are often mind-controlled agents of the cult.  New "Common Core" school curriculum is turning people into widgets.
Universities suppress free speech and focus on Communist indoctrination.

10.  There's also a relentless focus on dysfunctional people, minorities and "underdogs" rather than the strong, effective, happy and truly healthy. Deprived of family supports, more people can't cope and resemble zombies, disheveled, eyes focused on smart phones, head phones in ears, nose rings and tattoos.

Finally, a cult usually has a charismatic God-like leader whose judgment is never questioned. Think Hitler or Stalin. 

In the West, we are still waiting for this figure to emerge. When he (or she) does emerge, the cult will be complete.

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First Comment from FF:  I thought your list on the proof of the pervasive satanic cult was actually unpersuasive.

Love your stuff as outlandish as it seems sometimes.

1. I think one hurdle people have with this stuff is denial of the murdering ethic. I do not believe there is one single solitary man who does not understand fully that an impregnated woman has a baby inside her, yet thousands of these men procure abortions for women. Once you grasp that some men will kill there own son or daughter in order to dodge responsibility the idea of Mossad secretly orchestrating 911 in order to further their interests seems quite reasonable - and 2700 dead a minor secondary detail.

2. Usury- People accept obvious extortion in the banking system as the only way to survive.  As if under a spell.

3.  Taxes- People do not even loosely believe that gov't has their interest in mind, yet they continue to pay out of irrational fear.

4. The military in the US has become de facto a French Foreign Legion in service to the military industrial complex.

5. "False flag" is more rightly should be called corporate flag.  Basic to any crime in motive. 'Hate' gives people indigestion, money gets people out of bed to do complicated stuff.

6. The Holocaust.  = It is the corporate boogyman. There are millions of American children who have men in their family tree who died in battle fields of Europe and they know nothing about it. Yet they can name 2 or three concentration camps.

7. Somebody must be in charge of the carefully orchestrated campaign to drive the culture to dependance. The forces must be covert because they are hidden.

got to go...

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Comments for " Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult"

Gary C said (January 18, 2015):

Concerning FF's comment, Henry: I find his judgment that your list is "unpersuasive" to be, ah, rather unpersuasive!

After all, you never said that your list was definitive--that other folks couldn't add or subtract elements from it. I suspect all free-thinkers, left to their own devices, would come up with their own list of the best-dressed, worst-dressed, dumbest, smartest people in Sheboygan or on he planet! (I won't force you to accept my list and, I suspect, you won't compel me to accept yours!)

The key is to keep dialoguing, keep talking. Our world is going bonkers and a lot of us are trying to figure out what, how, who and why. I don't agree with everything you write, but I'm glad you write what you do, have the guts to let it roll. In a world of mealy-mouthed gamester-politicos and matrix-media-heads, you provoke, question, challenge and open up some space for individual piecing together!

Laurence said (January 17, 2015):

Spot on Henry. This is a QED article. If only everybody read it, really understood it and did further research, then changed their own lives to antidote the cult in every way possible, and then spread the gospel to all their friends ( and as many others as possible ) there is hope to overturn this occult evil power base.

If the war is already lost then God will intervene, and we can only have faith that Christ's return is imminent, in that scenario. I believe that this is the case, because it defies logic that a relatively few evil men can control the mass of mostly decent humans and it would really appear that they do have a supernatural ally, the prince of this world, whom we entitle Satan, to achieve this.

Your article at least shows where we can draw the battle lines, whereas if we are asleep to the agenda, it will carry on unopposed, till completion, as you have written, when this antichrist figure enters the stage.

Harry O said (January 16, 2015):

here is another 'subtle' example of the programming underway in this beleaguered society of the duped...

At first I thought "coincidence"... then I saw how easy it would have been to right that star, though it is still a pentagram from any angle. Perhaps, this is an isolated case, this particular bus being the only one with lights carelessly installed... again, nah... nothing coincidental about this. This is the new world dis-order.

Magda said (January 16, 2015):

Excellent article and that chilling reference in the end can only be the Anti-Christ. Here is a video on the signs at the end of time in Islam by Sh. Hamza Yusuf Hanson from California.

JG said (January 16, 2015):

Henry, you really need to remove that blasphemous cartoon. By leaving it up you are inadvertently advertising these Satanist's perverted depiction of God and his Son Jesus Christ by giving it exposure.


People need to see the true Masonic Jewish (Satanic) character of the magazine everyone is now lionizing

TT said (January 16, 2015):

The charlie hebdo Christian comic drawing is truly unfortunate for its drawers, because
it mocks the le Saint Esprit [= Holy Spirit] and as such is the blasphemous sin from which there can be no redemption.

Matthew 12:32

Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at