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American Viper -- Are Americans Too Stupid to be Free?

February 2, 2015

(left, Interviews with audience shows the movie is extremely effective as brainwashing.)

Movie proves the Illuminati can turn
any nation into the moral equivalent
of Nazi Germany

"Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns of foreign policy." - Henry Kissinger

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

                                                                                                                                   ~ Upton Sinclair

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Watching American Sniper was an ordeal. The Clint Eastwood move is a repugnant manipulative psy op that is turning Americans into unthinking killers.  Remember, the Nazis were very popular in Germany.

The movie's underlying premise is that soldiers like sniper Chris Kyle were defending home and hearth by murdering, maiming and displacing millions of innocent Iraqis.  Courageous Iraqis who defended their country were "savages" who needed to be stopped before they attack the US, as on 9-11.

"If we don't fight them there, we'll have to fight them here," Kyle says. In one scene, Kyle kills a woman and a child who are about to throw a grenade at a convoy.  These don't look like terrorists. They look like courageous patriots.

 There is no evidence Iraq was even remotely connected to 9-11. In reality, 9-11 was perpetrated by the US and Israeli governments and intelligence services as a pretext for aggression. These governments are controlled by the Masonic Jewish central bankers who are eliminating all obstacles to their one world government tyranny.

casey.jpgAre Americans too stupid to be free? The jury is out. On the one hand, this paint-by-numbers movie is a huge hit grossing over $250 million since its release on Christmas Day.

On the other hand, if people realized that almost everything they are told by movies and TV is a lie, they might start thinking for themselves and listening to their own souls.

As Paul Craig Roberts wrote recently:
"Facts no longer play a role in American political life...A matrix has been created, an artificial reality that channels the energies and resources of the country into secret agendas that serve the interests of the ruling private interest groups and neoconservative ideology. The United States government and the American people cannot contend with reality, because they do not know what the reality is...In effect, America is both blind and deaf. It lives in delusions. Consequently, it will destroy itself and perhaps the world."


I really hated the way the movie used "family' to make Kyle look good (as a husband/father) and legitimize his atrocities. The movie spends almost as much time in maternity wards as on the battlefield. I was relieved they didn't present him as a devout Christian too. Kyle's rationale for killing 260 Iraqis is he was "saving his guys" and the only thing that haunts him is not saving more.

 Kyle's public stand against gun control is not mentioned. That doesn't fit with the Illuminati Jewish banker agenda.

Kyle and a friend were murdered two year ago today at a rifle range by a "deranged" Marine veteran whom they were mentoring, named Eddie Ray Routh. 
Chris Kyle might have been murdered, as Pat Tillman was, because he was perceived as a political threat. People with mental problems are often used as programmed assassins.

craft-knights.jpg(Masonic and Templar references in Craft name and logo)

After retiring from the Navy in 2009, Kyle and partners started Craft International, the private security contractors implicated in the Boston Marathon false flag. Kyle was President of this company. Freemasonry is referred to as "the Craft." Kyle's wife is suing his partners for robbing the till and for unauthorized use of the company logo which Kyle designed, and is widely seen in the movie. 

Chris Kyle's father taught him that there were three kinds of people in the world: wolves, sheep and sheep dogs. The role of the sheep dogs was to protect the sheep.

In fact, "sheep dogs" like Chris Kyle are working for the wolves. Sheep dogs and sheep had better wake up before it's too late.


Profile of Chris Kyle

First Comment by Lynda:

To rephrase your question: Are Americans too brainwashed to be free?  Yes.  They have access to the rational and credible knowledge that Saddam Hussein's 'weapons of mass destruction' was a gov't lie.  The smoke cleared on that one. Independent weapons inspectors testified against the lie and were suicided.  But the US went in boots and all anyway and murdered millions of people
The US is a Golem of  Globalist Jewry (a ZOG) and its war of aggression on the nation of Iraq had no basis in anything except the Greater Israel landgrab and the schmoscreen of 'weapons of mass destruction'.
American Viper is another brainwashing exercise crafted to poison consciences of minds that are intelligent enough to figure this out. And there is a moral obligation to do so -  in the face of candid, historical facts that have withstood the test of time and become clear.
 A film like this is crafted in iniquity to poison the conscience and corrupt the moral and political will.  It is a Morgul blade which poison remains in the wounds of conscience, slowly turning the victim into a ringwraith under the shadow of  the Great Eye.
This exercise of brainwashing the American public is a work of Globalist Jewry and its web of social Masonry. As in the recent psy op organised for the memorial of the American servicemen who died on the USS Liberty.  Irish Savant calls it, just as you have called it.

In Case You Were Wondering About ZOG.    (The Irish Savant, Feb 2, 2015)


It is so sad to see America being played this way by the globalists. The country has not been engaged in one war that brought any benefit to the nation in the last 50 years. On the contrary, only geo-political defeats, huge spending of money and loss of lives. People who accuse the US of Imperialism are still in the time of the Spanish war and Ted Roosevelt. This America has ceased to exist after WWII.

Americans are easily manipulated because of their pride. American patriotism is admirable and strong, but the propaganda machine degraded it into pure boastfulness.

The American army has become the globalists´s military tool. They have been used to cleanse certain regions of recalcitrant dictators and governments who didn't want to play along the new world order. 

Americans need to learn that a soldier may be courageous and heroic, but his fight might be useless and pernicious, at the same time. Most Americans believe that people are criticizing their soldiers´courage when they expose the Illuminati´s plans. Not at all. The US military is brave and probably the best soldiers in the world, but they are being duped, used and discarded by the evil guys.

It is interesting that the movie created a fictitious enemy sniper, Mustafa, who happens to be Syrian. Is this a sign that the globalists are creating one more trap for American boys to die in?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "American Viper -- Are Americans Too Stupid to be Free? "

W said (March 3, 2015):

Just read your article on Chris Kyle and you are spot on. I can tell you that many who have served not just in SEALS but other areas of the military are not happy with his book. Right here in the town where I live there is an ex-Navy SEAL who was mortified that a SEAL would even write a book on the work of SEALS. He believes that Kyle may have violated a few articles of the UCMJ with is book and is not surprised that Kyle "got taken out." This SEAL also told me that what happens in war should stay there. He says the American public does not need to hear or see images of what SEAL's are asked to do in combat.

I think there may be more to this with his Craft International. He might have become a paid mercenary after his service. Just a thought.

Jim M said (February 8, 2015):

I am an avid reader of your articles. I don’t agree with you 100% of the time but I believe for the most part you are right on the money. Reading your article on Kyle and the movie American Sniper shocked me to say the least. I served in the US Army and I did my time in the first Gulf War. To denigrate such an American hero is shameful ( I can see if there was 100% proof that Kyle new he was working for the NWO and he was simply killing for the fun of it.

When Kyle was in “over watch” that was his job, to protect those soldiers on the ground. Every enemy combatant, either man, women or even sadly children that tried to harm and or kill American lives needed to be killed. It sucks, but that is the world we live in ). I can see it from your point of view, it defiantly seems like this movie could have been used to boost our national morale, but why? Why would the NWO want our morale boosted? We already are sheep being led to slaughter. Most of the population here in the US doesn’t know who the first president was, let alone foreign policy. Kyle did the job he was asked to do and from HIS point of view he was doing the RIGHT thing. To call him a murderer is pointless drivel. Wouldn’t we all defend our friends and family from those who wish to do them harm? I would defend my family, my friends and country unto death. Not because I am some crazed lunatic, but because it is the right thing to do. Even if ISIS was created by the CIA and the NWO to do their bidding, I will kill the first one of them that tries to take my head, or burn my family members alive.

To say I would be a murderer is ridiculous to say the least. Even knowing that ISIS was created by our own CIA I will defend my family. I will always do what is right and just.




If Kyle performed his heroics on the streets of Chicago against an invading force instead of Baghdad, I would agree with you.

He was the invader. Iraq did nothing to the US. The US is a sock puppet of the Illuminati Jewish agenda of one world government

Eichmann also "obeyed orders." The victors write history.


B said (February 4, 2015):

Please note, that Hilter was voted in by the Protestant-Freemasonic Germany and that Catholic Germany stood against and were persecuted by the Nazi (Socialist) regime.

The Catholic Church, up until the recent take over by the Neomodernist-JudeoFreemasonic-Sodomite fifth column of the structures of the Church (not the Mystical Body of Christ which will eventually restore the the Church and cleanse itself of these parasites), traditionally fought for the rights of the indidivual soul, fought the usurers and heretics, and protected those with whom it fervently disagreed like the Jews.

The true answer to the world's problems is the restoration of the One True Church. This will happen, but alas, it looks as if it will be on the other end of a Great Chastisement, rather than by a conversion of hearts via less dramtic means.

MA said (February 2, 2015):

If the be-headings are the pretext to go after the so called bad guys,got an idea for our duped soldiers,there is a gang known for their brutality in Mexico called los Zetas,who beheaded hundreds of people on daily basis,surprisingly I never seen a reaction from the American govt,since their goal is to free people from bad guys anywhere on this planet..

American people need to wake up And stop watching mindless sports game, and see the reality that's been hidden from them in the name of fighting a terrorism,but unfortunately the bread and circus approach is effectively working.

I'm afraid that's too late.

Bob said (February 2, 2015):

I’ve not written to you for awhile, but I do want you to know I appreciate your efforts. They’re interesting, informative, and appear to be some of the best information available. Yours is one of the select few pages I visit regularly.

In the above captioned article you use the “are Americans too stupid to be free” line which you then follow with “the jury is still out” in the next sentence.

I don’t wish to get into a discussion about it, but I couldn’t let that one go by.

MY JURY a (me) is not STILL OUT. My jury says they are way too EXPLETIVE stupid to be free. That’s not even something that deserves debate.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy what you have left of your “freedom”.


AA said (February 2, 2015):

Used to work in a school mentoring young people in class. The school's intake was predominately 90% ethnic-Somalians; Pakistanis; Africans; Brazilians. I remember supporting some kids in a History lesson. The teacher was discussing the D-Day landing and decided to show the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan, at least the first 15 minutes. The teacher was expecting a torrent of sympathy from the pupils but instead garnered a reaction filled with incredulity, bemusement and a complete lack of empathy-many laughed all the way through. Needless to say, the teacher would frequently pause the film in despair and bewilderment, unable to fathom said reactions. He didn't get it!!

What the pupils saw, was not the courageous and the heroic, but the murderous and imperialistic, the cowardly and hypocritical, the invading and occupying presence of the US Army, and they weren't about to have any of the this Hollywood bullshit, shoved down their throats. Reality to these pupils was what the invading American soldiers did in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Propaganda has not-thankfully-worked on these young 15/16 year olds, but for the average European white male/female, believing in make-believe fantasy crap, is tragically the deeply embedded norm, as epitomised by the History teacher.

Don said (February 2, 2015):

Sad to see how many so-called Christians have flocked to see American Sniper. It seems the majority of Americans have not received "the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God (has sent) them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness" (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). Thanks, Henry, for another wake up call.

Hans Friedrick said (February 2, 2015):

find it interesting, and fitting, that "Kyle, the sniper" died a violent death, the murderer was murdered!

"For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword." Christ said 2000 years ago.

The hype around the movie underlines my opinion that utter evil is not restricted to the "Illuminati", but includes the majority of the society. Its those who are willingly ignorant of evil, thinking "war verterans" are "heroes" and could even be Christians; its those who are "just doing a job" by putting on a uniform, terrorizing and murdering innocent people. It's the common evil of corrupt executives and their puppets, bent lawmakers, lying media-whores, or secret service agents, spying on fellow citizens but thinking they would "serve their country", of all those who have an insufficient love for the truth!

They all welcome such films as it bolsters their illusion to be right, and that they could be patriots and opportunists at the same time.

Jeff said (February 2, 2015):

I'd just like to thank you for seeing this movie for me, the one they've all been talking about.
Discouraging as it is to see Clint Eastwood (someone I used to respect) playing the game of neo-con, it's good to see a Canadian speaking up for me!

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