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Bizarre "Valentine's Day Massacre Plot" Foiled

February 16, 2015

Over the past weekend, a foiled Columbine-style massacre at a shopping mall in Halifax, Canada was in the headlines.

Peter McKay, the Canadian Justice Minister was at pains to say this was not terrorism. How is that? reporters asked in the video (left.) It was not motivated by "ideology" or "culture," he replied.

How does MacKay know that?  Does he think it wasn't terrorism because the suspects were "murderous misfits" (his words)  and not Muslims???

In fact the "misfits" may have been Satanists or neo Nazis.

The government is at a loss on how to spin this event.


A young man and woman in their twenties were arrested, and another young man aged 19 committed suicide Saturday after their plot to massacre shoppers at a Halifax mall was exposed.

Canadian Justice Minister Peter Mackay  boasted that the "balance of privacy rights and police power was on full display" during this case. This was an odd comment to make since the plot was exposed by a phone tip.

gamble.jpg(James Gamble, 19, found dead)

Here are some other oddities of this event.  A tip was made to Crime Stoppers Thursday morning of a "weapons related threat" and within 18-20hrs it leads to the surrounding of James Gamble's house (found dead inside @1:20am) and the arrest of Randy Shepherd and Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath at Halifax Airport by 2am.

This is impossible. Crime Stoppers is NOT a law enforcement agency and is in fact SEPARATE from them. Further, according to the FAQ page of Calgary's Crime Stopper page (I couldn't find anything on NS crime stoppers page but its safe to assume it's the same procedure) the tip has to be vetted before being acted upon.

Here is the exact wording: "The report is sent to the relevant law enforcement agency who will investigate the information. They have the legal responsibility to investigate the information prior to acting on it to ensure the information is correct and not given to us maliciously in order to set someone up. "

According to Sudbury Crime Stoppers, "The police can not get a search warrant or make an arrest based solely on a tip; there must be other intelligence to support the Crime Stoppers information."

Additionally, the police had NO advanced warning of the conspiracy. So how did the RCMP & Halifax police go through the legal process ensuring credibility of the tip and gather "intelligence" to act within a day? Frankly, its VERY unlikely making this event very suspicious.

The suspicions grow when you visit the Facebook pages of the three conspirators. You won't find anything suggesting any imminent danger to the public but more importantly, they have nothing posted that would raise any concern.

Lindsay_Souvannarath_in_recent_Facebook_photo-a-6_1424100575367.jpgLindsay Kantha Souvannarath, left, is in my estimation, opinionated but not threatening. I couldn`t find James Gambles` Tumblr page which apparently is where the picture of him with a gun was taken. By itself it means absolutely nothing. The police would have to take the next step and investigate to determine his intentions.

And in fact, it has been reported that James himself tipped off Crime Stoppers!! In addition, not having advanced warning of this conspiracy of mass killings the police would have would have taken days, weeks perhaps months to build a case.

In this
circumstance, it's very implausible that events unfolded in a very short period of time. Further, there was no purpose for this conspiracy. RCMP stated the individuals had `some beliefs`. What does that mean?  The RCMP and Peter McKay have stated that this plot had no cultural or political motivation.

From Peter McKay, "The attack does not appear to have been culturally motivated, therefore not linked to terrorism," He has redefined terrorism for all time!

 Why would three "misguided" young adults want to senselessly go on a mass shooting rage and then, in one case, commit suicide? It is nonsensical and improbable.

jpg(left, Randy Shepherd, Vincent MacDonald and James Gamble)

To support that these individuals could not have plotted this unthinkable crime a friend (Vincent MacDonald who is the unidentified man in the picture, who the media have misreported his name as Vincent Appleton,) has stated that James and Randy never uttered anything about committing such heinous acts even in jest. As their Facebook page indicates, these two guys seem like two harmless young men who interest range from Stars Wars to hard rock music like AC/DC and Black Sabbath. No mention of guns, murder, Nazi's, columbine, etc.

The other possibility is that a police undercover agent talked these kids into planning a mass shooting, and then informed on them.

All in all, the whole event smacks of a psy-op designed to inculcate fear in the public, and support for more stringent law enforcement. This takes place at a time when a public controversy rages over new powers the government wishes to grant Canada's CIA, CSIS.  

A comment about Peter McKay's Q&A press conference above.

MacKay reminded me a bit of Coroner Wayne Carver from Sandy Hook. He doesn't seem to have a full grasp of the law and yet he is the Justice and Attorney General of Canada. The accused have been arrested and held beyond 24hrs after which they cannot be held unless charges have not been laid. If charges have not been laid, Peter McKay could not explain under what law the police are keeping the accused in custody. Mr. McKay seemed uncomfortable. The rest of the Q&A seemed very contrived and awkward with Mr. McKay blurring the lines between what is and what's not terrorism.

This is another psy op with the purpose to publicize how privacy rights and police powers can coexist.  Hey Peter. Busted!


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First Comment from RZ:

Their tumblr accounts are more disturbing than the facebook stuff:
The tumblr account of Lindsay Souvannarath
The tumblr account of James Gamble
The tumblr account of Randall Shepherd:

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Comments for "Bizarre "Valentine's Day Massacre Plot" Foiled "

MM said (February 17, 2015):

Come on now, not every event is a false flag. I don't see why it's so hard to believe that some punks with no future decided to take out their anger on innocent people and then end their miserable lives. It's happened before, and sadly it will probably happen again.

DD gives zero compelling evidence for the false flag conclusion here, and though I am no friend Mr. McKay or his government, he's right-this was not terrorism. Terrorism is defined as violent acts (or threat of violent acts) intended to create fear, perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal. Disturbed adolescents acting out their misery and rage is not terrorism. People yelling conspiracy and false flag for every occurrence are not doing the truth movement any favours.

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