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Non-Masons Face Constant Discrimination

February 1, 2015

Roger Barbour recommends this "very long but very instructive video that explains what Freemasonry is all about." 

Roger Barbour is the author of seven-part series "My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons"  reprised yesterday. I asked him if anything had changed
in the five years since the series was first posted. He said no but he offered additional anecdotes to illustrate that non-Masons are second-class citizens and don't even know it.  

by Roger Barbour 

As it stands, nothing has changed on my end. My knowledge of their grips and passwords simply serves to make me more aware of their presence/influence in everything that transpires around here.


About a year ago I engaged a real estate brokerage firm to market my property. During my first meeting with the agent, I suggested he market the property to foreign owned and/or minority businesses. Since the locals seem loathe (or afraid) to make offers, I thought this would be a worthwhile endeavour.

His response: "Oh, I don't know if THEY'LL go for that."

THEY???......Who or what does the collective term "THEY" imply?.......Seems my potential buyers are being chosen FOR me by parties who prefer to operate from within the shadow world of secret societies?

I MUST employ a local realtor to market this place; by law, out-of-state agents are barred from representing me.....The obvious alternative is to put up a "For Sale By Owner" sign which will only be seen by locals who are prohibited from dealing with me.....This, of course, comes full circle to my idea of marketing the place to foreigners, minority businesses, etc.......All of which are taboo in the eyes of the local PTB.


During the last several months I developed a sound working relationship with a company that employs a team of highly skilled craftsmen. Some of these mechanics are (obviously) "lodge members" but the majority are not.

The job at hand is critical and before commencement, each tradesman is required to pass a hands-on proficiency test in order to maintain employment status.

While observing the "test-out" process, I immediately noticed the obvious interactions between "apparent lodge members" and the inspector.....Numerous gestures and odd phrases passing between them......One such set of exchanges immediately caught my attention.

The candidate in question, while facing the inspector, raised his hands above his head as if he were being held at gunpoint......Slowly he lowered them, in three distinct motions, to his sides while mumbling, "Oh Lord my God, is there no help for the widow's son?"......The inspector seemingly paid scant attention and continued along with the testing process.

When the test was complete and the specimen disassembled for inspection, a serious flaw (enough to disqualify the candidate) was discovered. At this juncture, the inspector told the candidate to cut a piece out of another, more suitable area, of the specimen.....This (of course) passed muster and the candidate was approved for the high paying job......Meanwhile, other, non-masonic candidates taking the test did so on a win or lose basis without the opportunity to pick out the "piece of their choice"....Consequently, several failed and were forced to settle for significantly lower paying positions

Little more of any grand significance or import to relay.....It's just the same old ebb and flow here within the confines of this Masonic septic tank I now regard as a prison.....Locally, human interactions appear to be suffused with what I call "The masonic undertow"......It lies in wait, just below the surface; feeding on the uneducated and the unaware.....

Needless to say, I don't swim in these waters.....I merely observe from the safety of my isolated cove.

First Comment from Dan:

Few know that Apollo 11 Moon Landing astronauts "Buzz" Aldrin and Neal Armstrong were 32º  Scottish Rite Freemasons at the time.  Armstrong took out his Masonic apron and held it up for the camera.  That apron remains on display at the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington, DC.  After Armstrong planted the American Flag, "Buzz" Aldrin planted the Scottish Rite flag with the double headed eagle of Freemasonry.  

aldrin.gifI grew up in Presbyterian church in which all the deacons and prominent men were Shriners, meaning they were all above Master Mason.  So it doesn't surprise me that Aldrin (left) was a Presbyterian.  In 1969, the 1917 Canon law 2335 still expressly forbade Catholics from becoming Masons.  Such a man was considered automatically excommunicated, even if he kept it a secret.   Presbyterians also don't consider consumption of "Communion" to be a sacrament.   It makes me wonder what kind of ritual 'ol 'Buzz' really did up there.   Aldrin returned a 33° Mason, and the Apollo 11 moon landing was - according to Michael A. Hoffman's mentor James Shelby Downard - one of three pivotal Freemasonic, Rosicrucian, Hermetic rituals of the 2Oth century, which they had been working toward since the days of Francis Bacon. 

"The Creation and Destruction of Primordial Matter"    = the detonation of three atomic bombs in 1945.

"The Killing of the Divine King"   = the Kennedy Assassination at noon at 33° latitude in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, 1963

"The Bringing of Prima Materia to Prima Terra."   = the manned Moon Landing in 1969

As for the 'mixed messages' of Brother "Buzz" as "True Masonic Pioneer" on Freemason websites, and devout Christian taking "the body and blood of Christ" along for the Masonic rituals on Prima Materia. The rituals of the 33° are secret, though I've heard that either the 32° or 33° includes desecration.   Growing up in surrounded by Shriners I know that everything for them is a private joke. 

"Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. 33°, 'Christian"

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Comments for "Non-Masons Face Constant Discrimination"

JJ said (February 1, 2015):

First of all I have a problem with Bill Schnoebelen's claim that he was a 90th degree mason, or some such number above 33. Some of his other claims make me wonder, too.

Everyone has experienced a Masonic shutout or traumatization with or without knowing it, most likely without. It infests families like a cancer or a virus. Not every single living male member of your family has to be Shriner or even a lodge member of any sort. Through marriage or any kind of association they can put their plans into fruition, and then you get it, and you get it hard. Lest we forget that the Elks, Kiwanis, Eastern Star (big time) and other "harmless" organizations are tributaries that flow from the big sea Kahuna of Masonry. Don't forget fraternities and sororities.

Maybe you wondered why some kids in high school were obscenely popular when they had no admirable qualities. Why they could do nothing wrong or get into any real trouble. Surely they weren't "Worshipful Masters" at the age of 17.

David K said (February 1, 2015):

I just had to comment on the first comment to this article. Dan talks about the moon landing and acknowledges it was a masonic ritual but then seems to actually believe they landed on the moon. The moon landing was one of the most ridiculous hoaxes ever and anyone who has looked at the evidence for themselves knows it was totally fake and nobody ever landed on the moon.

No wonder everything is a private joke to these secret society scum bags. What I have found recently is that the international space station is also a really poor hoax proven by their own footage of the station. And also satellites are another total hoax. All supposed satellite communication is really done by bouncing radio waves off the ionosphere. GPS is done this way too and relies on cell phone towers. The Hubble space telescope is also completely fake as are all its photos. Space travel is not even possible with existing technology.

Try to find a picture of a satellite or a picture of Earth from space. They are all fake, CGI crap. Once you look into this you will find for yourself that it is indeed a massive hoax. Another one is the nuclear bombs tests. All footage of nuclear bomb tests is also fake and really poor fake at that. Hiroshima was simply carpet bombed into oblivion. Its more than likely that to this day there are still no real atomic bombs.

So Russia, USA, China are all in on these hoaxes together, they all go to the International Space Station which does not exist. And think about all the countries and companies that claim to have satellites. They are all in on this hoax, lying to the public. This really is the top of the conspiracy, they have given us a view of the universe which is completely false, its made up of fake pictures and made up science. Truly the big bang theory, evolution and the huge expanding universe is a religion just like all the old religions where the masses believe what they are told by the elite.

Please look into the moon, space station, satellite and Hubble hoaxes. The evidence is overwhelming... This is the conspiracy that tops all others.

K said (February 1, 2015):

A personal experience as small contribution for the articles about masons.

I taught it was journalists exaggeration until the spouse of the director of the largest bank in my country (East Europe) told me that her husband was mason.

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