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Illuminati Jews Plotting World War Three?

February 9, 2015

doomsday.jpg(On Jan 22, the Journal of Atomic Scientists moved the Doomsday Clock from five to three minutes before midnight.)

The chances of winning the Powerball lottery
are greater than nine Jews overthrowing Ukraine's
President and promoting Armageddon

NATO top commander in Europe says 'military option' possible in Ukraine

Putin says Russia will never succumb to unipolar world order

Cabalist Doctrine of Creative Destruction Behind War (and Terror)

US Officials Compare Talking to Putin with Appeasing Hitler   

Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government. 
---Col. Charles Lindbergh, on Jewish agitation for World War Two, Des Moines Sept 11, 1941.
(See excerpt below article)

by Martin Purcell
The Ukraine, the Protocols of Wolf Blitzer and Powerball

Israel's Maariv newspaper reports about one in every 514 on earth people is Jewish, about 0.02 of mankind. 1

powerball.jpgIn fact, if you put all 7.3 billion earthlings names into a hat and drew out nine Jewish names in a row, the odds of doing that are over 10 trillion to one, a feat many times harder than winning the Powerball jackpot.

A year ago, a secret recording surfaced on YouTube. Assistant Secretary of Victoria Nuland was overheard actively plotting a coup d'etat with the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Jeffrey Pyatt.

She used the "F" word, which got all the publicity, but few seemed to notice that she was trying to name, or actually choose, the new interim President of the Ukraine. His name, Arseniy Yatsenuk.

Three weeks later, Victoria got her wish; the pro-Russian government of Yanucovych collapsed and Yatsenuk was in place. Shortly thereafter, an election was held in which Petro Poroshenko became President. 2

nuland.jpgWhat is curious in all this is that Victoria is Jewish, 3 and her co-plotter, U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, is Jewish, 4 and Yatsenuk who stood as the interim President is Jewish, 5 and Poroshenko is too.6

That's four for four.

In early February, Wolf Blitzer interviewed Congressman Eliot Engel, who strongly urged the U.S. to send lethal aid to help Poroshenko and Yatsenuk's besieged government against Russian separatists.

Mikhail Gorbachev warned that sending in lethal aid could lead to World War III. Even a NATO general said sending in lethal aid could cause unprecedented Russian anger. Putin has made off-the-cuff remarks about nuclear confrontation. A seasoned NYU Russian expert issued sober warnings about things getting out of hand. 7

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved its doomsday clock up to 3 minutes before midnight just last week. It attributed the move to climate change and "outsized nuclear arsenals."8

This situation is serious and explosive, but Wolf Blitzer and Representative Engel had a very cozy tete-a-tete about lethal aid anyway with absolutely no mention of how this could bring us closer to Armageddon. Wolf Blitzer, by the way, is Jewish and Congressman Engel is too. Wolf's executive producer, who oversees what kind of guests Wolf invites, is Linda Roth who is Jewish.9

Linda and Wolf's boss at CNN used to be Susan Grant, who is Jewish, but she was replaced by Andrew Morse, who is Jewish, and Andrew, in turn, is answerable to his boss, Jeff Zucker, the President of CNN who is also Jewish.

Not only is that a mouthful, its nine for nine. Jackpot!

What is consummately disturbing in all this is that, even if it has to do with provoking nuclear confrontation and World War III--if you mention any of this, you're just an anti Semite and not to be taken seriously.



lindbergh.jpgCharles Lindbergh on Pre War propaganda effort-

"They planned: first, to prepare the United States for foreign war under the guise of American defense; second, to involve us in the war, step by step, without our realization; third, to create a series of incidents which would force us into the actual conflict. These plans were of course, to be covered and assisted by the full power of their propaganda.

Our theaters soon became filled with plays portraying the glory of war. Newsreels lost all semblance of objectivity. Newspapers and magazines began to lose advertising if they carried anti-war articles. A smear campaign was instituted against individuals who opposed intervention. The terms "fifth columnist," "traitor," "Nazi," "anti-Semitic" were thrown ceaselessly at any one who dared to suggest that it was not to the best interests of the United States to enter the war. Men lost their jobs if they were frankly anti-war. Many others dared no longer speak.

Before long, lecture halls that were open to the advocates of war were closed to speakers who opposed it. A fear campaign was inaugurated. We were told that aviation, which has held the British fleet off the continent of Europe, made America more vulnerable than ever before to invasion. Propaganda was in full swing."

First Comment from Linda:

Nuland, Pyatt, Yatz, Poroshenko, Blitzer may all be Jews, but more importantly they are all (to use the contemporary phrase): 'jewced'.  They are agents merely.  They are effective agents because they are 'jewced'.
The quote of Charles Lindbergh, American patriot - for all Americans who want to be Americans - understood well the modus operandi of the Kabal.  And he laid it out for those who might care to know and act upon that knowledge.
He was able to do this, because he had read, understood The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (aka 'that anti-Semitic canard)  and was thus able to apply that understanding to his analysis of the events of his own time (the engineering of WW I and II).  Lindbergh and those following after him,  from an understanding of the same document must apply the same level of understanding to the events of our time (the engineering of WWIII).  The Protocols are the template of Modus Agendi direct from from the Kabal itself. They are running the same plays.  The agents differ, the cartography differs, the leaders upon whom the play is being run differ, but it is the same play.
Protocol 10 deals with the time transitional to their seizure of world power - always more of which is grabbed in war and then consolidated in peace.  So it follows that to seize world power, they have to have world war.  In Protocol 10.6, the Kabal states that it was never their intention to publish 'the work of the genius of our Guide' or reveal it even to a select company.  But that work has been revealed. And from our history with it,  the genius of their Guide could not be countered by the unaided human intellect at the time of its disclosure. And it can be countered now.
That said, Russia has set up a church and state relationship whereby the faith of their church informs the deliberations and actions of the state.  The New Testament, another document, which principles and Modus Agendi can not be countered by the human intellect unaided, is now informing government policy at the the highest level of the Russian state.
Russia can win this conflict.  They are not some secular, post Christian Golem of the Kabal undergoing the social engineering of satanization.  Russia was a Christian monarchy that was revolutionized by the Kabal through its Communist vector and is now in the process of reclaiming their Christian heritage as a nation and as an ethno state.
They can win this conflict - even if it is nuclear - because the Genius of their Guide is higher than the genius of the guide of those who are following The Protocols in their various theaters. Putin has said that Russia will oppose a uni-polar world.  The Kabal knows who he is talking about here.  So they have brought uni-polarization to the Russian border and unleashed war upon the Ukrainians who are ethnically Kievan Rus.  There is no way this can not escalate.

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Comments for "Illuminati Jews Plotting World War Three? "

MG said (February 8, 2015):

First of all lets de-mystify all the lies; whatever you think of Jews most if not all of the people listed in this article are really Jewish Imposters (I am talking about the Ashkenazi Jews) as in they have nothing to do with Jews of the Old Testament. By the way this deception is a big reason why a lot of Christians naively support the Israel which at it's tops is filled with Ashkenazi Jews.

Ashkenazi Jews have more to do with Afghanis, Uzbeks, Mongols and here is the key Ukrainians (this is where my second point comes in) then they have to do with any ethnic group from the Middle East.

By the way here is an interesting website about this issue:

Know secondly the people that are in control of Israel and International Jewish Organizations are either in the know about what's coming or are outright making it happen and they know more then likely America is soon going to lose all the power it has. They also know once that happens that the State of Israel, which is being protected by it's big brother America, stand no chance against the angry (and justifiably so) Arabs and Muslims. So they need an escape route, well it's looking like they have found there escape route...


It seems like they have hand-picked Ukraine to be the next home of International Jewry; they already have all their boys in charge of in Kiev but know they need pieces of land where they can move their people.

Enter Crimea, and all the regions that are being brutally thought over for the last year.

I think there Satanic plan is to do something similar to the Russian speaking people in Eastern Ukraine that they have done to Palestinians; so kill most of them and for the rest build an open air concentration camp. Once that is done they can send in wave after wave of Jews from Israel to Ukraine before America falls apart, WW3 starts and the Arabs and Muslims can get to them.

The basically think that once again they'll be able to escape judgement in time.

Andrew said (February 8, 2015):

Most research sources say 14 to 15 Million —- which I always thought was BULLSHIT.

My guess is maybe 70 Million Jews on Earth.

But if this morning’s essay is correct 2% of 7 Billion people on Earth are Jewish —- we have 140,000,000 Jews on Earth which is twice my guess and 100 times greater than most published research declares.

Help me with math.

What is definition of Jew?

Maybe 14 Million Religious Jews, but even that would be a stretch.

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