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Toothless Lions: Socialists Betray Greece

February 25, 2015

img_0433.jpg(left, Prime Minister Alexa Tsipiras will have to manage revolt within his party.)

Syriza came to power on the pledge that it would renounce the country's $327bn debt, kick out the troika bailiffs and put an end to austerity that has plagued the country for the last five years. Instead they caved, another reminder that socialists are part of the Illuminati.

Greece's salvation depends on leaving the Euro, something the craven new government is afraid to do. They even caved on EU sanctions against Russia.

Here, Jane Burgermeister, who questioned the Smolensk "crash" in 2010, takes the new Greek government to task.

by Jane Burgermeister

(Abrdiged by

The betrayal by the newly-minted Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras and his side kick, Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, has been complete.

One month after being elected to stop the Troika and banker-imposed austerity, controlled-opposition Tspiras and Varoufakis agreed to continue the very same policies of debt enslavement with only minor adjustments in a deal in Brussels.

janeb.jpg(Left, author Jane Burgermeister)

The theatrical negotiations on Friday were all in a days work for this pair of actors and media darlings. Only now the Greek people do not have the inclination to watch crafted displays of pain and suffering on the Brussels stage. They need relief from the crushing debt burden, and they need it immediately.

It is a defining moment in Greek history. This moment of betrayal in Brussels needs to be defined by one word. OXI. NO! No to debt slavery! Oxi!

After pretending to battle in negotiations, the duo of Tspiras and Varoufakis thought up the ruse of renaming the "Troika" as "Institutions" before they signed the new extension on the bailout with a flourish of their gold-capped pens on Friday. It is difficult to see how the Rock Stars -- as they are called by the mainstream media -- could have thought the Greek people would not notice the two words denoted exactly the same thing. A phone call to friends in the media to publish high fake poll ratings may have seemed an easy option to cushion the cataclysmic fall in public support.

But things have turned out differently. Public anger has boiled over at the "treason" . It is difficult to see how it can be controlled when the very existence of the Greek people is at stake.

Contrary to the media hype, there is no support for Tspiras and Varoufakis. They have no Rock Star appeal or charisma. They are not popular.

celebration.jpgThere is, however, support for an end the debt death spiral of austerity. If Tspiras and Varoufakis do not deliver on their election promises to end the banker debt slavery, Tspiras and Varoufakis must go.

Syriza has reacted swiftly to the betrayal and a revolt has started led by Manolis Glezos.

Glezos is a man of action who fought the Nazis in World War Two. Glezos cannot be fooled for long by mere rhetoric any more than the Greek people can. Today, he apologized to the Greek people for contributing to the anti-bailout illusion.

A 94-year-old MEP, Glezos cannot be expected to be as familiar with terms such as the Illuminati, false flag operations and controlled opposition as internet-savvy, ninth graders in Sweden are or as the US public is. But Glezos can see a huge lie.

And Glezos can say, and did say, the word Greeks most need to hear today. He said: OXI! No! No to an extension of debt slavery, no to more hunger, no to more misery, more hopelessness, despair! No!

replacement.jpgAfter the shameless betrayal by Tspiras and Varoufakis, Syriza should elect Manolis Glezos, left, as Prime Minister and reconstitute the government under a new leadership. Defence Minister Panos Kammenos should also get the axe, and the appointment of the right wing, former Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos  as President by Tspiras needs to be blocked. These figures are not unifiers, but dividers. Their role is to enforce the police state crackdown the bankers will need to crush the Greek people when austerity robs them of their last euro.

An alternative to the Troika bailout and debt slavery in the crumbling eurozone is an exit. The Drachma as a currency issued by the government can be the basis for restoring prosperity if there are inflation controls and forgery proof notes, as this blog has argued. The alternative to the well planned reintroduction of the Drachma is the complete and utter impoverishment and, ultimately, extermination of the Greek people....

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Finance Minister "Marxist" Yanis Varoufakis is a Globalist Wannabe  (by The New Statesman)

yanis.jpgEveryone here knows Varoufakis is the scion of an extremely wealthy family (his father was president of Halivourgiki, Greece's second-largest steel producer). Few hold his background against him. After all, as one blogger noted, "history is full of examples of rich people who betrayed their class and sided with the less fortunate, and Varoufakis has described himself as a Marxist...."

For the past three years, Varoufakis has spoken to diverse audiences ranging from anti-austerity demonstrators in Athens' Syntagma Square, staff at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Green parliamentarians in the European parliament, Bloomberg analysts in London and New York, the House of Commons in London, and hedge funds in Manhattan and London's City. The one group he has not spoken to are simple working people. This is odd, to say the least, for a self-proclaimed Marxist, even an erratic one.

He also adopted Merkelist propaganda in a recent interview addressed to the German public, when he said they, "paid so much money to Greeks". Quite the contrary, no money came to the Greek people; instead it went to usurers and the bankocracy. The average Greek, whose monthly income is well below that of most Europeans, was - and still is - compelled to pay interest rates needed to service loans that save no one but German, French, US, Chinese, and - yes - Greek bankers. Personally, my wife and I, who are fortunate enough to have jobs (we are both teachers) have been driven to the wall by all sorts of new taxes we can't afford to pay. Our two young children have long ago become accustomed to the fact that their parents can't buy them new clothes, or toys, or even go out once in a while to a restaurant together.

Many people who are to the left of Syriza - the KKE, or Communist Party of Greece, and Antarsia (this acronym spells "rebellion"), a conglomeration of Trotskyists and other extreme Marxists - are highly critical of Varoufakis' declarations that he does not want to replace capitalism with socialism. By his own admission, he is embarking upon a campaign for stabilizing the European socio-economic system to avoid the ascendency of right-wing Golden Dawn racist fanatics. He says he is adamantly against the disintegration of the Eurozone. His critics to the left accuse him of practising a modern-day form of appeasement. They argue that fascism is born of capitalism in crisis and that you can't save the system from the fascists because fascists aren't anti-capitalists and pose no threat to capitalism.

Greece's Minister of Finance has surprised supporters by saying he wants alliances "even with right-wingers". He describes as "genuinely radical" his pursuit of a "modest agenda for stabilizing a system that I despise", and admits to "running the risk of surreptitiously lessening the sadness from ditching any hope of replacing capitalism in my lifetime by indulging a feeling of having become agreeable to the circles of polite society".

Not surprisingly, many to the left of Syriza, but also increasing voices from within the party, bemoan the fact that an increasing number of mega-capitalists have recently come forward to say they support Tsipras' new government - people like shipping and steel magnate George Angelopoulos and petroleum and banking tycoon Spiros Latsis.

Varoufakis claims he wants to save capitalism for "strategic purposes", from itself. Nowhere does he mention what he, Tsipras and Syriza intend to do once they have "saved" capitalism. How sweet this must all sound to big businessmen and bankers in Athens, London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid and New York.

Will the new government in Athens move dynamically against Berlin and Brussels? Strange as it sounds, if Syriza has the guts to do so, it will have the support of the ultra-nationalist bigots. This in turn will blunt the neo-Nazis and sharpen the left. If Tsipras' government does not, the cannibals will return with a vengeance once it falls.

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Thanks to Peter Myers for sending these stories

First Comment from Dan:

Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis is actually trying to shift austerity to the Greek oligarchs by collecting back-taxes, and cracking down on high tax dodges such as smuggling.  The previous government was putting austerity entirely on the middle class and labor.   In other words, the Syriza Party's solution is to tax the rich and clean up the rampant corruption. 

Varoufakis knows they have the money - in 2010 former French finance minister Christine Lagarde (now IMF President) produced 'the Lagarde List' which exposed Greek tax dodgers' Swiss bank accounts amounting to FIFTY BILLION EUROS.

According to economist Michael Hudson [1], Greece could pay off the debt that it's borrowed simply by moving against the tax dodgers.  That's exactly what Varoufakis and the Syriza Party are trying to do.

But the Globalist Troika doesn't want these countries to balance their budgets by taxing their billionaires.
The whole debt game in Europe has been an economic war by the predator central bankers to is to drive down wages on labor, and privatize national treasures and resources of the smaller countries.  [2]

That's why the mask is off the troika, and we see it's really run by the German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who is livid that this is happening. [3]

Wolfgang Schäuble and the Greek billionaire tax dodgers are in the same club - the same club the late George Carlin called "The Big Club.  And YOU ain't in it.  You and I are not in the Big Club". 

[1]  Greece: Austerity for the Bankers

[2] Varoufakis and the Greek-German standoff

[3] Varoufakis-Schäuble meeting draws sharp reactions

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