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Ottawa Shooting Film Raises More Doubts

March 12, 2015

ZBthreat(2).jpegOn Oct 22, 2014, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, left, supposedly shot an honor guard in Ottawa and then rushed the Parliament Building, where he was supposedly shot. Our correspondent "DD" believes the event was staged as a pretext to introduce increased police powers under "anti-terror" Bill C-51.

Last week, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) released a video
of events inside Parliament to give legitimacy to this false flag. Here, DD, tears it apart.  The video purports to be "raw footage" but in fact it was partly staged and carefully edited. Cameramen were planted in advance and crisis actors used. There is no image of Bibeau's body.  

Makow Comment- The real reason for totalitarian measures is not "terrorism" which they instigate or fake, but to protect the central banker's fraudulent credit monopoly. They create our currency as a debt to them and collect interest. (Our government could do this at no cost.) The central bankers intend that we remain their debt slaves in perpetuity. 

by DD

After an analysis of the video, i believe crisis actors and reporters/cameramen were planted to make this video which advances their agenda for  totalitarian government.

This video  purports to be raw footage taken by three CBC cameramen who were in the Center Block at the time Michael Zehaf-Bibeau ran in. Two of these cameramen have worked abroad covering the wars that Canada are involved in. They are Jean Brousseau (starts), Mike dePaul (starts 7min 36sec) and Yves Levesque (starts 16min 46sec).

The CBC removed a five-minute section from dePaul's tape that showed MPs and journalists standing by an entrance on the west side of the building. This edit suppresses the fact that there were two long shootouts separated by a 90 sec lull.

Why would the CBC edit five minutes that, in my opinion, are critical? Is it to save the viewer time? No not really. Its already over 23min long. Is it because it is not relevant? Actually, its VERY relevant because if you watch the video you will find many parts of the video they could have cut out. These 5 minutes that CBC arbitrarily snipped was intentional to keep us ignorant and they have been CAUGHT!!

dailynews.pngJean Brousseau who provided the first part of the video was in the perfect position to catch the final shooting. Bibeau had no bullets left at this point as reported by MSM. Jean apparently was there when Bibeau ran down the Hall of Honour. Why didn`t he retreat towards the foyer by the House of Commons? Why perch yourself in a more vulnerable position?

This is an experienced cameraman who worked in the field in Afghanistan and would know a thing or two about safety. He did say on camera that he was more concerned about being safe than getting pictures and that he thought he might not make it that day. Really Jean? Jean`s decision to hide in the alcove can only be the result of pre-planning.

Next, we have Mike DePaul`s footage. Starts at 8min. This part exposes Josh Wingrove`s whereabouts and activities during the Center Block shooting. Josh claims to have flashback episodes from that day and after a couple of months, he is still reacting to things like a door being slammed. I find this hard to believe because in the video it is clear he is not panicked whatsoever after the first round of gunfire.

He looks relaxed while he is multi-tasking. He was an embedded reporter with the CDN military in Afghanistan and therefore he is accustomed to sudden loud sounds and bangs. Also, it seems some of the people there did not know who he was and you can hear one person ask, ``Who is this guy?``  He is the guy hiding in the alcove embedded to catch a video which will go viral and the only piece of video that gets looped by virtually all MSM.

Josh was planted. I have a read his articles and listened to him in interviews and he fails to focus on the first round of gunfire. Why? Bibeau enters, confronts guard, and then runs down the Hall of Honour. The police give chase and right behind him. All this is happening in a very short period of time. They quickly confront and kill Bibeau in the alcove by the library. So how does this fit into Jean Brousseau video? It doesn't! It was staged!!

Then we have Constable Samearn Son who is credited with confronting Bibeau and as a consequence was shot in the foot. His foot should have been blown clean off from the impact of a bullet from a 30-30 Winchester. Its been reported that the bullet was left in his foot because it would have been more dangerous to remove it! This video shows what a Winchester will do to a watermelon.

Bogus! There was no bullet and he never confronted Bibeau the way MSM reported. You see him in the video. Go to 19min 56sec. He is kneeled down. Look at his feet. Does he look like someone shot in the foot with a hunting rifle inches away? No blood. Nothing. It is obvious he wasn't shot and it was something else that is making him limp.

Vickers (2).jpeg(Left, Sargeant at Arms Kevin Vickers, credited with shooting Bibeau was made ambassador to Ireland as reward for his part in the charade.)

And finally the crisis actor. 18min 33sec. This is the plainclothes officer who runs up the stairs after he hears the second round of gunfire. Look at how he is holding his handgun. This is NOT the way to hold a handgun and there are NO circumstances you would hold it this way. The slide action at the top of the pistol would severely the fingers. Furthermore, he is holding the pistol in such a way that would make handling the recoil difficult. Do you still believe this was a real event? I think NOT.

Conclusion: There is so much evidence that the Ottawa Shooting was staged to pass more legislation that would legalize a totalitarian government with the veneer of democracy. This legislation "subverts basic principles of constitutional law, assaults rights of free speech and free assembly, and is viciously anti-democratic."

RCMP Chief Bob Paulson stated that it's the courts that are the current problem and would like to remove this obstruction. This is democracy? WAKE-UP CANADA!!

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First Comment by O: 
1 (1).PNGMore proof of staged event with actors as checked this out with mapping and they were not waiting for a bus as bus stop is not near the entrance. The car makes a U turns further down the street from the left hand lane which can be done with or without a red light - no problem. Now at :50 the actors are waiting for the car to arrive; at 1:36 car is driving from the monument about to make a U turn around the corner; and at 1:43 one of the actors checks to see if it is the right car. The drama then unfolds into terror as they all run for their lives. Its all part of the drill. LOL

I have driven the route and at 1:27 they are positioning themselves for a car that cannot be seen until he does his U turn at 1:36. These actors have been scripted to watch for a car during a U turn which is part of the drill. The guy at 1:43 checks to see if it is the right guy before they all run away for the cameras.

In any drill positioning is key and at 2:46 the RCMP car is parked in a strange way. His vehicle is blocking traffic so that the car gets a clear drive to the entrance door. Now at 2:55 he slowly turns to follow the RCMP chase car, but too little and too late which was the intention. It was a drill and they all had parts to play.

1 (2).PNG

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Comments for "Ottawa Shooting Film Raises More Doubts "

O said (March 14, 2015):

The official story was at the parliament entrance the guards had a struggle with the man and his rifle. Two shots were fired causing injuries and one guard was hit in the foot or his leg. The two shots at the entrance can be heard starting at 23:00 and we see law enforcement coming in at 1:17 to follow him down the hallway. There is a problem here. Nowhere between 23:00 and 1:17 do we ever see any man with a rifle running from the entrance down the hallway; he does not exist!

Robert N said (March 14, 2015):

1) The Date. The number 22 is an occult favourite. It's divisible by 11 - the most powerful number according to their tradition.
It also represents the two striking serpents, ot the double Gimel. Anytime an event like this occurs, look at the time and date.

They use it as their "tag" as gangs do today, and have been doing so for a long time. Witness the assassination of JFK (11/22/1963), Remembrance Day, the many elevens surrounding the 9-11 event - including the buildings themselves, the London Subway bombing (7/7), the Madrid Bombing (3/11), Fukushima (3/11) .... you get the idea.

The greatest threat to the authority of the Crown in Australia was Ned Kelley, who was hanged on 11/11/1880. (Don't confuse the Monarchy with the Crown; they are only its employees, and have been ever since January 30 1649 when they executed King Charles 1st.). They have been in existence for a long time, and whether or not you and I believe in the validity of occult numerology - they do.

2) The images of Nathan Cirillo all seem to have one thing in common; his facial expression. It never seems to change from one shot to the next. During a quick slide show during the CBC news, I saw at least half a dozen shots of him in various situations - with his dog, with his buddies etc, and his facial expression was the same from one to the next. There were two consecutive shots where his face appeared to be EXACTLY the same, with only the background changing - like it had been Photoshopped. The same expression, beard stubble in all the shots would indicate to me that they were all done as part of a photo shoot and not a random selection from family and friends. It seems that Canadian production values are still not up to those of Hollywood ....

David said (March 13, 2015):

Henry, no doubt that these are all staged just ahead of some draconian bill to expand the state's police powers. Just like the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, there was a cameraman who "just happened" to be there to professionally record the whole incident which is then flogged on the corporate owned networks for maximum shock and propaganda value.

MA said (March 12, 2015):

Ottawa is a disgusting dump. Downtown Ottawa looks like bile straight out of Hell, especially at night. Its not surprising, since many of these lizards who sold their souls live down there.

One of the best things in my life was moving out of that weird, cold, dark, political crap hole.

Robert K said (March 12, 2015):

While being no expert in weaponry, the way in which the final stage of this operation was carried out seems to me to have been insanely reckless, especially considering that the perpetrator was pinned in an alcove and going nowhere. Bear in mind that in the Sydney shooting, one of the victims was reported to have been killed by a ricocheting bullet. Anyone familiar with the locale where the Ottawa shooter was hiding must wonder how the Hollywoodesque fusillade that ended his life (or was he already dead at the hands of Kevin Vickers?--or was he, as some reports stated, actually shot about a dozen times before the Sergeant-at-Arms emptied his pistol into him, leaving a symmetrical pattern of holes over a wide area of the wall behind--the public never seems to get a final account of these matters) could fail to result in ricochet injuries to the officers involved.

Annette said (March 12, 2015):

What in the world could be more important that the nurturing of a happy well- adjusted intelligent human being ? And what child especially early on wants to be dumped with strangers as opposed to being with a loving parent or other family member.

So much to know. Here is a website of a women who is on a mission to bring not only conscious child birth to the awareness of people but that there is a need for conscious conception as well.

How many people are hooking up and conceiving children where there is no love but only the use of each other as masturbatory partners ? It's all connected- it's all about consciousness and love. Don't give up, the wheat will be separated from the chafe. As things move along and become darker and they most certainly are, the people who have a clue will make their choices based on love and common sense while the others choose the way of Lucifer.

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