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Sex Education Part of Longterm Social Engineering

March 27, 2015

Brock.jpg(Left, First Director of WHO, Brock Chisholm, 1896-1971,
worked to impose Cabala immorality on society.) 

The Illuminati conspiracy seeks to
dehumanize and mind control people under
the guise of promoting "mental health."

This means redefining "health" so that the sick
are healthy and the insane are sane, and vice versa.

Makow comment-  Western society has been colonized by a satanic cult and increasingly resembles one.  A satanic cult makes its members sick. "We corrupt (i.e. pervert, sicken) in order to control."
Satanism normalizes sickness & perversion.

By Dale Evans
The sex education controversy in Ontario today is is part of the government's recent "mental health" initiative, the roots of which go back for decades.

Shes-not-crazy-HRSA.pngAlso known as "Mental Hygiene," the goal is to produce a totally subservient population by dehumanizing the individual and controlling his every thought and deed from cradle to grave. Non conformists will be considered insane and treated accordingly.  

In 1948, Canada's Minister of Health Paul Martin Sr. introduced a system of health grants to support "mental health." His Deputy Minister was the ex-military psychiatrist, Brock Chisholm, who later became first Director-General of the UN World Health Organization.

In the Feb. 1946 issue of Psychiatry, Chisholm wrote, "To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."

He continued:  "We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers, our politicians, our priests....The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives... for charting the changes in human behaviour." 

Chisholm was a strong supporter of early childhood sex education: "Children have to be freed from... religious and other cultural "prejudices" forced upon them by parents, civil and religious authorities [...] sex education should be introduced in the 4th grade, (i.e. 9 to 10) eliminating "the ways of elders" by force if necessary."

Ontario's controversial new sex education curriculum is designed to destroy our family identity and make everyone an autonomous sexual contractor. 

It starts in kindergarten, where 5 and 6-year old children would learn to identify and talk about their genitalia. By seventh grade, 12 and 13-year-olds would learn about anal sex -- although sodomy is still is still illegal under the age of 18.

Ontario's new sex ed program also redefines  "male", "female", and "gender" and encourages children to admire transgender and gay people, and embrace same-sex marriage. That this goes against the religious beliefs of the people of Ontario is simply a speedbump. Diversity is social engineering, not social freedom. Public anxiety will be handled by lifelong psychiatric medication.

HIV_POS_T_Shirt.jpgBack in the 1940s, the Canadian public turned against Chisholm. Recently, Ontario Premier Wynne's constituents, many of whom are Muslim, have  turned against her. Some have renamed her sex ed curriculum "Pornography 101".

The new curriculum happens to coincide with a massive push to expand mental health treatment throughout the province.


With its sweeping goals of extending psychiatry into elementary schools, the current mental health movement raises the specter of a return of government-sponsored experiments in which adults and children were drugged without their knowledge or consent.

"The Father of Largactil," German-born, Nazi-trained Canadian psychiatrist Heinz Lehmann, advised government for 60 years. He once advocated putting the entire North American population on tranquillizers.

wynne_couple3.jpgIn a 1,000-page report to the 1971 Canadian Commission on the Use of Non-Medical Drugs, he put psychiatrist-researchers above the law, promoted the funding of experiments on citizens, and helped to get psychiatric drugs approved by the Canadian authorities.

Kathleen Wynne and her "wife" Jane Rounthwaite share an extensive background in the lucrative "mental health" growth industry in Ontario. Jane Rounthwaite secures government funding for private corporations in the field of mental health. Here is another trip to the trough. Wynne also appointed Rounthwaite's brother to a key mental health position at an annual salary of $210,000. This is a clear conflict of interest.

The 2010 Report, Navigating the Journey to Wellness: The Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan for Ontarians" recommends developing " the provincial and regional framework for the delivery of mental health and addictions services."

Since 2010, the Select Committee's program has gone into effect. There are "mental health" centres for kids from 0 to 6 years old. Secure child lockups have the power to commit children. Ontario is building super jails and spending millions of tax dollars for mental wards and hospitals.

The "promotion, prevention, early identification and intervention from early childhood to the senior years" has led to all-day kindergarten, surveillance in schools by mental health workers, enhanced surveillance by community mental health workers, and voluminous mental assessments of every individual in the province - all funded by taxpayers.

MHA_Weiss_24x36_web.jpg(Left, Same thing is happening in California.)

The "Reduce Stigma" campaign has given rise to mental health billboards, bus shelter ads, and blue Help Phone ads in subways designed to normalize mental illness.

Since "the right to autonomy must be balanced with the right to be well," some medical and legal experts bend the law to ensure that their clients receive the treatment that they need. Under the new mental health regime, if you are involuntarily committed, you MUST be treated.  Treatments can include everything from life-long psychiatric drugs to ECT.

Coincidentally, on May 5th, 2010, several childcare advocates in Ontario were sued in a SLAPP - a strategic lawsuit against public participation, SLAPPS are an increasingly pervasive tool in shaping the policies of Canada.

The people served were knowledgeable about the workings of children's mental health centres and the drugging of children with psychotropic drugs.

The Ontario sex ed curriculum is a social engineering mental health project right out of the Select Committee's recommendations.

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First Comment by Richard Evans:

Chisholm was a keynote speaker in the elite William Alanson White memorial lectures in 1946.  His lecture, "The psychiatry of enduring peace and social progress", published in Psychiatry Journal that year leaves no doubt of the designs of the people that took over control of everyone's children through compulsory education over a century ago. 

Chisholm wrote, "To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." through early education children would be severed from the morality of their elders "by conforming to the amorality of the Kabbalah". [1]

Chisholm wasn't a "lone nut" or eccentric.  In  2005 14th World Jewish Congress, Dr. Avraham Elqayam of Bar-Ilan University said the Kabbalist mindset was being mainstreamed through vehicles like Harry Potter books and movies, Madonna and other celebrities.

So why amorality? Because 'morality' is based on a set of principles based on "absolute truths". The Ten Commandments, for example.  Contrary to what many assume, Kabbalists reject the supposition of absolute truths, saying truth is "relative". 

This quote from 'Kabbalah and Postmodernism' by a Kabbalist sums it up in a nutshell: "The radically relative nature of truth is recognized in the Kabbalistic tradition; for instance, in the Lurianic dictum that there is an interpretation of Torah corresponding to each of the men, women and children who participated in the Exodus from Egypt."

"The postmodern view of truth holds that truth is not a static entity [absolute], and only emerges in the context of dialog".

Remember this next time you hear a politician or news caster talk about 'the need for dialog'.  What it means is this:  if they can get you to "dialog", the truth of any situation is decided by WHO WINS.  Not who is right, because to them, there is no "right". 

[1] Transcript of lecture, "The psychiatry of enduring peace and social progress" Dr. Brock Chisolm. (The William Alanson White memorial lectures). Psychiatry Journal; 1st standard Edition edition, 1946 ASIN: B0007IV8WY

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