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Young Woman Rages Against Feminist Subversion

March 11, 2015


Rebecca's testimony confirms that satanic possession takes the form
of gender reversal. Men prefer women who are masculine because men have
been feminized. Both sexes eschew marriage and family.

Rebecca reminded me of this passage from Richard Wurmbrand's Marx and Satan: The Russian Revolution was a time when "love, goodwill, and healthy feeling were considered mean and retrograde. A girl hid her innocence, and husbands their faithfulness. Destruction was praised as good taste, neurasthenia as the sign of a fine mind. This was the theme of new writers who burst on the scene out of obscurity. Men invented vices and perversion, and were fastidious in their avoidance of being thought moral."

by Rebecca

I am a long time fan of your writings... Since you are one of the few people exposing the feminist movement, I've decided to ask you for advice and help.

I am a young woman, twenty years old to be exact. I've read through your material exposing feminism as the disgusting elite social engineering.  I am glad that I was able to do so before feminism was able to ruin my life.

feminist09.jpg(Left, this is what a feminist looks like)

Before finding your site, I used to be a feminist and I was going down the self-destructive path that is encouraged by mainstream society today, that of being a "strong independent woman" who put career before everything and all that.

I was basically your run of the mill feminist/dupe/useful idiot. Now that I've read your wonderful articles, I know the truth and I've been cleansing my mind of society's feminist indoctrination.

Sometimes my efforts come to a screeching halt because of the way feminine women are perceived and treated in this disgusting society.

Everybody hates feminine women and any opportunity to trash talk them is taken. Idiotic, brainwashed feminist women constantly act like they're better than traditional, feminine women. They act as though they're smarter and all around better and constantly belittle my goals, like wanting to be a wife and mother and create a healthy happy family.

One feminist brainwashed moron called women who decide to stay at home and raise their kids "drains", as in a drain on society.

The so called "men" nowadays are just as bad. They're under the same moronic brainwashing. They too act as though a woman who wants to dedicate her life to creating a family and raising children is an idiot, weak minded, airhead, and so on.

naral-pro-choice-america.jpgMen nowadays will trash talk feminine women but will be impressed by and will support the unfeminine, masculinized, alpha feminist brainwashed women who choose to dedicate their lives to being a mindless wage slave--oops I mean, being independent and pursuing a career.

For example, men see traditional, feminine, stay at home moms who dedicate themselves to raising their children and being a good wife to a strong man as inferior, wastes, stupid, lazy, parasites.

But they see feminist brainwashed women who go into the military or who grind their lives away at some job (especially one in a masculine field)  as everything great in the world, wonderful, what women should be.

Men nowadays just love it when women act like men. Men also go for alpha, masculinized, dominant feminist women for relationships/marriage.

Traditional masculine men are also mocked and belittled in this hideous society both by "men" and women nowadays. Whenever today's androgynous creatures come across a real masculine man, they feel the need to attack every essence of his existence, from the way he carries himself (like a man rather than an effeminate punk) all the way to his traditional beliefs. Everything about masculine men is mocked and attacked. Masculine men catch hell in this ugly society, but feminine women get it the worst.

And then you have the media constantly putting out the anti-feminine women narrative; tv shows, movies, books, music videos, cartoons, comics with masculinized feminist heroines who shun the feminine role and portray it as inferior.

It just gets so hard sometimes, seeing the the feminine woman being attacked, belittled, put down and disrespected everyday in every way by every brainwashed simpleton.

So, I turn to you for spiritual help, advice, and encouragement. Please, help me understand that the idiots of today's society, both men and women, are wrong and that the traditional feminine woman is a wonderful ideal that should be appreciated, loved, and respected.

Please help me rise above the toxic anti-feminine narrative that engulfs society today, understand it is wrong and the role of traditional feminine woman who dedicates her life to making a home and family with a strong man is a valuable role worthy of the admiration that it once had a long time ago.

Please help, because it gets so discouraging hearing morons cackle endlessly about how "stupid" feminine women are because they don't conform to the vapid CAREER MONEY WORK MONEY COMPETE LIKE A ROBOT feminist "life". Your words will be greatly appreciated!!

I replied below but I invite readers to weigh in:

Kudos on escaping the brainwashing. 

Have you read this?  

Feminism Can be Cured if Detected Early

or The Dying Art of Femininity

Avoid the toxic influences you mention, change friends , join a traditional organization like a church or mosque. There are also numerous websites like this one where you can be mentored by real women. But ultimately you need to obey your own instincts and focus on consecrating yourself for husband and children. There are still many good traditional men out there. Don't despair!


First Comment from Jim T:

All that has been said
in this present issue concerning the Feminist Subversion, I agree with entirely!  I too am so very upset with the state of things in this regard, especially in North America.  I have lived in Europe years ago, and in comparison, Europe was a blast of fresh air as to the manner of interaction between men and women there, and the ways of life in my youth, still being help unto there, among the older folk. 

There is another aspect of life we might add something I desire to add to this horrible situation: many wonder concerning the reasons for homosexuality becoming more obvious than ever in recent memory, and beyond doubt, one of the main reasons for this, is the amount of children who grow up with only one parent.  Feminism and as noted, the "vapid CAREER MONEY WORK MONEY COMPETE LIKE A ROBOT feminist 'life,'" has brought to the foreground, many children, both male and female, who due to there being only a Daddy for a little girl, or a Mummy for a little boy, children have grown, who have had only the opposite sex parent whereby the child might learn the various subtle cues that give them a look into the adult "in disposition," they will become, as they advance in years under the tutelage of that opposite gender parent.

When this is the case, it becomes all too easy for a boy to read into his adulthood on a daily young child's advancement, a feminine disposition, as always interacting with Mum, he is doing exactly that which the male child of two parents, a Dad and Mum, was able to understand from same sex Dad, as the manner of all boys to become men.  As this was not taught, it was inbred if you will as Yahuwah's methodology of dispositional clarification among the human population since the beginning.  Thus, a male child of a single Mom, sustains some female characteristics, and without any knowledge of this being incorrect, displays these in his interactions with children his age, albeit these do not become recognized as gender specific attributes until middle school or high school, whereby many decide this young man displays homosexual features - that young girl similarly - and so they are banished without a word, to the group who also have these behaviors, until they find the only friends they are able to recognize as truly friendly, are all in the same grouping.

Although in my understanding, as homosexuality was considered an aberrant behaviour back in the early 1970s, which the DSM-I [The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 1, of the American Psychiatric Association] then cited as a personality disorder, I would never assume the idiosyncrasies of the group, would demand the aberrant behavior of any two in the grouping; however, there is seen within prison populations, disgustingly aberrant behaviors, for the sake of sexual dominance and the acquisition of power among that group itself, and so there is little to making the assumption that within this grouping of young men or young women, sexuality will be found.  The same Marxist cabal spoken of above, being ubiquitous in our world, and with Satan at the head, then brings names such as Gay; feminists; lesbians, etc. to allow those who are in no wise desirous of remaining within these consensual sexual expressions, to come to the conclusion, this is who de facto they are - homosexuals!  Thus, having listened to this crafty and involved plot of the cabal to achieve consistent results within the ranks of those who were never truly homosexual, these hurt and friendless young people now consider themselves to be that which they are not, thus we have a growing homosexual community, also a side effect of Feminism.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Young Woman Rages Against Feminist Subversion "

Aisha said (March 16, 2015):

I take respite from the trash around me by looking into religion and history. Surround yourself with stories that bring a previous era back to life, where women were praised for their child-rearing and femininity and men for chivalry and their masculinity.

Someone I heard recently said it beautifully: "A wife's job is not to earn money... a wife's job is to BUILD A NATION."

Chad said (March 13, 2015):

Women in America (the West) are setting themselves up for extinction. Weak men too. But of course, that’s the plan, as far as the Family Planners are concerned. The battle of the sexes will leave them childless with no heirs. No big deal. They are losers and deserve no offspring.

Women! If you want a man, go abroad. Men! If you want a woman, seek or seek from abroad. Essentially, look for a foreigner who comes from a nation that still values traditional and tribal culture. That being, where men are men and worship and love women. And the opposite, of course for women.

FF said (March 13, 2015):

I congratulate you for having been able to cut through the propaganda at a such an early age. I think you have great prospects of living a happy life with a loving husband and many children. All real men want a woman like you if we really think about it. If you at all want to waste time on feminists I have a few arguments you might find useful:

Have you ever met a woman (or man for that matter) who wished she would not have spent so much time with her children and focused more on work.

What is the best thing an intelligent woman can do for her society and community, become a professional high achiever or a mother of many happy intelligent children?

If all intelligent women choose a professional career, society will disintegrate within one or a few generations.

Women in general (there are always exceptions) are not made for the competitive environment of elite professions, just as men are not made for taking care of small children. I have myself a high performing wife, but we are both aware that the ideal would be if I alone could support us comfortably and she stayed at home. In a sane economic system we would easily manage on my salary, but the economic system pushes women out into the workforce since it is all focused on destroying traditional family.

Hold on to your traditional values, and be a feminine woman. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who celebrates her femininity in a descent way. I am sure that you will make a man very happy as well as yourself.

LJ said (March 13, 2015):

I really understand Rebecca's plight. From a look at the old movies on Turner Classics, I'd say it is a historical problem.

I was a feminist once. Then I had my son - driven, ambitious, cranky, artistic, athletic - from week one. I had the realization one day at that time that my entire being would have to change. I nearly fainted.

I became a stay-at-home Mom, a good cook and housekeeper and dreamy wife. I stopped wanting approval from anyone a long time ago. 29 years have gone by and I've created and reinvented myself many times, but always as a woman, wife, mother and confidant. That is a glorious job.

Joey said (March 12, 2015):

A young woman just wrote about how she escaped Feminism. Good for her. I live in LA. Men here are incredibly effeminate. I call it "The Pussification of America." I just left a conversation with a guy who notices the same thing. Fortunately I've been having a lot of conversations in the last month with guys like me who see what's going on and are real men who want real effeminate women.

AB said (March 12, 2015):

The real sickness in our society comes from always having to worry about what other people think. How we all react to other people's energy, to the prevailing consensus, as if we needed the approval of others to feel good.

Personally, when I was a young man, I was a pretty boy, sensitive. I believed in feminism myself somewhat. But that was earlier, before feminism began to turn nasty. In those days, I was almost totally reactive towards what others thought about me.

I have gone through a huge process of change since those days. And regarding what she said about a "real man" being reviled, all I can say is that I care less about the opinions of others every day. I find that I'm becoming a REAL man, and even walk with a sort of swagger. And all I can say is that most people seem to really love it. People love authenticity, someone who can genuinely connect, and who is not too afraid.

Susan R said (March 11, 2015):

My little sister is 26 years old and is the proud mother of a 6 year old boy and 18 month old twin boys. Her boyfriend is the bread winner and my sister stays at home all day and looks after the children.

Both of them agreed that they would never put the children into daycare because they know how terrible that is for children, and how as parents they would lose their influence over their children. My sister is perfectly happy with her role in life and knows that what she's doing is the most important job in the world. If she needs help then our mum is living just up the road and she is more than happy to help if needed.

Also, my sisters boyfriend, the father of the children realize how important he is too - that the family depend on him to 'bring home the bacon' and that his sons need him around.

And the boys all adore him! my sister is like a real little housewife, cooking, cleaning and caring all day, everyday. but she wouldn't have it any other way. i am so proud of her - although i am 17 years older than her i really look up to her for her choices and her life. she knew what she wanted and she was lucky to have found a man who knew what he wanted too.

Don't give up hope Rebecca - hang in there and be true to yourself!

Al Thompson said (March 11, 2015):

There is nothing more honorable and dignified as a woman who wishes to raise up a family along with the leadership of her husband. You are on the right track and don't let anyone discourage you or make you feel that somehow you are misplaced. The feminist movement is for losers and it is responsible for destroying the strong family unit. You are going against the "new normal" but that's okay, just be who you want to be and find a man who wants the same things.

Just do what you need to do and get it done. As far as a career is concerned, the best career for a woman is to raise children and to have a good husband. That's true happiness so don't let anyone talk you out of it. A career is good for making money. But that's all it is or ever will be and the primary earner should be the man.

Remember, you should get used to going against the feminist grain. Feminism is nothing so what do you care if they don't like you. Feminism is a part of the communist-satanic culture which has no future. Your desire to have a family is way ahead of feminism and it is honorable.

One more thing, do not have sex before you are married. Because it ruins the relationship before it gets started. I tell young people that here in town and they think I'm nuts. They have sex, have children, and then get divorced; that's if they even bothered to get married. Do not fall into this trap. Stay focused on what kind of man you want and then wait until the right one comes along.

Mike said (March 11, 2015):

Great article today by Rebecca. I encourage her to stick to her guns. There are millions of like-minded men and women in the world, but they can sometimes be difficult to find, especially in liberal cities and states.

Like Rebecca, I was also duped. We've all been duped. The only difference is some have had the courage and intelligence to wake up, while others remain sheeple for life. Maybe there should be an organization called duped anonymous.

I encourage Rebecca and readers to participate in one of the four spheres of influence: education, politics, religion, media (books, movies, blogging, etc.) and do what they can to help turn things around. Being a mother and raising healthy, aware children is one of the bravest, most patriotic and spiritually uplifting things a person can do. The ones who belittle it do so because they are cowards. People condemn what they can't have and then project their own feelings of inadequacy onto others.

PS: As for that picture of Laurie Penny you posted, it should be used in schools to promote abstinence. It's better than a cold shower. One look at her will give any woman a splitting headache and make any man go completely limp.

Magda said (March 11, 2015):

Congratulations for breaking out of the mental slavery that has been promoted by the feminists. Believe me pursuing a family first is very gratifying and will never be regretted as a choice. Do both parents really need to pursue and work for the business of others? Moreover, who will adequately take care of our children and families?

There is a website that is put up by childcare workers called "Daycare's don't care" and the truth is made apparent that no one can take care of your baby as you do despite the best of intentions. Btw, these choices are not mutually exclusive should you wish to pursue a career later you can jump start that after the needs of your family change or you can even pursue a home business etc. Most importantly do not let the opinions of others sway you from your purpose, always follow your gut feelings.

"And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts. Undoubtedly in these are signs for those who reflect." [Noble Quran 30:21]

Andrew said (March 11, 2015):

I like what Henry had to say about trusting your instincts but I would go further and also tell you to listen to God. God will speak in a quiet soft voice it is that voice you must listen to not the loud voice that distracts one from the truth ,which in this instance is the mainstream media and some political spokespersons. Often doing the right thing creates more resistance from others than doing the wrong thing- be courageous.

As for finding a mate I would also tell you to be patient. At twenty years old most young men are obnoxious arrogant self centered children- give them time. Look for potential at this age, look for the guy that seems to have a future, he will mature. Now at fifty two years old I can say I did not understand myself or my masculine role in this world until I was twenty four and I think that today that would actually be considered early.

Good luck to you and be proud of and enjoy your femininity.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at