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"Police Brutality" Designed to Divide Blacks and Whites

March 10, 2015

(left -This audio is found here)

I was taken in by the
-killed-by-a white-policeman" narrative
until E. Michael Jones set me straight.

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By Henry Makow Ph.D.

I felt my anger
rising Monday evening as I watched the TV Network News. My sympathies were with demonstrators protesting the latest shooting of "an unarmed black teenager" by a white cop.

This time, "Michael Brown" is Tony Robinson, 19, and Ferguson MO is Madison WI.

trsundaybest.jpg(Left, Tony Robinson in his Sunday best.)

But later I stumbled across an interview with E. Michael Jones that showed me that even someone who considers himself sophisticated in the ways of the Illuminati media can be completely taken in by them.

E. Michael Jones is the author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and the Editor of Culture Wars. In the interview posted above, he explains that ever since the Jewish central bankers organized the NAACP in 1909, they have developed the black population into their "revolutionary vanguard." Their strategy for subjugating the US is to sow division between blacks and whites. (They're doing the same thing by dividing Christians vs. Muslims.)

Jones compares the "Civil Rights Movement" to ISIS in Syria: Illuminati bankers are using indigenous groups as their proxy fighters.  

Although the Iranian interviewer is clueless, Jones is able to get his message across. He says the problem is not the cops. It's the fact that Blacks "can't raise their own children."

He says 80% of Black youths are illegitimate. Without paternal discipline, they become petty criminals and antagonize the cops. "That's the real issue."
Michael Brown got shot because he went for the policeman's gun. Something similar probably happened in Tony Robinson's case.

Tony-Robinson-featured-593x442.jpg(Tony Robinson's mugshot)

As usual, they portray Tony as a model citizen. There's no mention of his conviction for armed robbery.
This article shows exactly how the media is manipulating us.

As one Jones' commenter said, "The country's problems are due to the Jews (i.e. the banker-controlled media) pitting Blacks and Whites against each other."

Jones believes the US government does not represent the people. Americans can't recognize their enemy, and can't mention him when they do.

Blacks and whites and ordinary Jews like myself need to unite against the central bankers and their myriad lackeys in government and media.

I was taken in. I quickly forgot that the policeman was probably a beloved husband, father and a good man. I felt hate for him.

That shows the power of the Illuminati media. I won't be taken in again. Thank you Michael Jones. 


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First Comment from Dan:

This a is world wide psyop.  This compilation video of world news with this modus operandi will be self explanatory for everyone. This viewer juxtaposed "unarmed black teenage" shooting stories in the US and LONDON.  Same script, same action, even the same TV speech given by Obama was parroted by the British head of the Home Office.

The Unarmed Teenager: Psychological Operations

Comments for ""Police Brutality" Designed to Divide Blacks and Whites "

JJ said (March 11, 2015):

We're living in a whacked-out satanic house-of-mirrors, and nothing spewed forth by their media engine should be trusted. There is always an evil spin to corporate "news". This is a good reminder that even an experienced adept can get dizzy sometimes.

Also, notice how many cops are clearly steroid users, you can see it in their chemically-enhanced musculature sometimes---this stuff can really addle the emotions---combined with their (sometimes) mediocre intellect, and hideous combat experience, and you've got some real specimens upholding the "law", happy to be a state-sanctioned sadist.

A said (March 11, 2015):

The problem here is the assumption that the kid "went for the cop's gun" scenario. This, like the ever popular "stop resisting", is a staple in the police bag of lies to justify their misdeeds up to and including homicides. That the police routinely abuse the power they have is manifest almost on a daily basis. If it were ONLY blacks then perhaps yes, there would be a pattern, but the behavior is universal and does not stop at drawn racial lines. The fact that is devastatingly clear is that the cops are completely and utterly out of control; not just in the US, but the systemic behavioral pattern seems to have spread globally as if part of a global agenda to beat down populations with the weapon of fear.

Given that the police selection process only keeps those who fall within a very narrow window of just barely above average in IQ it is no wonder we see these people reacting in a manner usually attributed to the mentally challenged.

This dumbed down group of sanctioned assassins do not possess the mental ability to make decisions in any other manner than that of a base human being as a result.

In a Grand Jury situation it is ONLY the DA that gets to put forth his view and that behind closed doors without the benefit of transparency or defense scrutiny, and when the DA's fear the cops more than they value truth and righteousness you have a skewered and perverted system where justice is only a psychological dream.

Tony B said (March 11, 2015):

There is a percentage of American cops, a large percentage, mostly Mossad trained in a Virginia "cop school," who brutalize American citizens. They are trained to do it. They are largely sadistic. As far as they are concerned they are above any law. Whenever they are called to account, which is seldom, they are "judged" by their own, are almost never found guilty of anything and are usually quickly back to "work." So, for all intents and purposes, they ARE above the law.

This country was created with peace officers. Police came later. Now it's "law enforcement" meaning they are the outlaw government's official kneecappers keeping the citizens "in line." SWAT teams, which are military in essence, not police, and can hardly be lawful under American law, seem to be the very worst. Their attitude is obviously to kill first; ask question later. Wrong address attacked and destroyed? Innocents murdered? Who cares?

The media could give heart breaking examples of these brutes every day, destroying the lives of innocent Americans - much more often white than black simply because there are many more whites than blacks - but it does not. Every last nationalized "victim" seems to be not just a non white but a non white thug who likely deserved more than he got. Too, if the cop who kills is not white the media sees no story there.

Someone has an agenda in action.

JJ said (March 10, 2015):

We're so inundated with tales of disproportionate police brutality against blacks by white cops in the US that it's becoming counter-intuitive. The media coverage is so biased and flat out false that nobody's buying it anymore, except for the lowest rung of society.

In other words, it's working pretty well.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at