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Marxist-Run Brazil is in Crisis

March 8, 2015

brazil2.jpg(Left, contrasting messages 2009 and 2013)

Marcos, a resident of San Paolo,
reviews a situation which is
making Brazilians very nervous
and is growing worse.

by Marcos

Brazilians today have the stunned look of people after a train wreck. Perplexed, they wonder how they ended up in this mess.

They are experiencing the worst crisis in 50 years. As predicted here four years ago, the incompetence of President Dilma and the promotion of Marxist policies have destroyed the economy. Inflation has risen to 8%; unemployment is growing.

 Automobile production has fallen 28.9% in the last year and industry in general is down 5.2%. GNP is expect to fall to recession levels, shrinking 1% or 2%, depending on the analyst. Electricity prices increased as much as 30%, and power blackouts are expected due to lack of investment.

While Brazil falls apart, Dilma has given away US$ 1 Billion for a harbor in Cuba and billions more to her Marxist allies in Bolivia and Venezuela to build refineries, roads and power plants. 

dilma-petrobras.jpg(President Dilma claimed she had no knowledge of the Petrobras corruption despite having doubled as Energy Minister)

The straw that broke the camel's back was a huge corruption scandal in the state oil company Petrobras. The company used to be the 12th largest in the world. After losing 2/3 of its value in two years, it fell to position #120. Debt skyrocket from R$ 100 BI to R$ 260 BI in less than two years.

A Federal Police investigation  found out that Dilma's Workers Party had been milking the company to finance its election campaigns, bribe opposition Congressmen, and to enrich Party insiders. It's all in the press, every week, because directors decided to talk in order to reduce their prison terms.  

Only the banks are happy. Dilma was able to grow Brazilian public debt 48% in four years, up to US$ 523 BI. Bank Itaú made R$ 26 BI (US$ 9 BI) in profit in 2014, while the economy shrivelled.

The Party's plan to maintain power is simple: Take the presidency using the Venezuelan fraudulent Smartmatic voting system and buy Congress with money from the state companies.


dilmademo.jpg(Left March 15 in Rio)

On March 15th, millions of citizens will take to the streets to demand Dilma's impeachment. The president's approval rating has fallen to the worst levels ever. The people hate her.

Brasilia was invaded last week by tens of thousands of truckers in protest. These truckers, who are basically working for nothing, have been affected by rising diesel prices (when oil prices are falling in the whole world) and by an increase in transportation taxes. The momentum is definitively against Dilma.

However, the Marxists will never leave power peacefully. Dictator Maduro from Venezuela recently said that he will invade Brazil if Dilma is ousted.  20,000 Cubans with military training are in Venezuela right now, led by Maduro's minister Elias Jaua. This same minister was in Brazil last October to meet with Brazilian Marxist peasant terrorist group MST and arrange guerrilla training for them. He was only detected by the press because his kid's nanny hid a gun in a bag, where terrorism and guerrilla manuals were also found. Brasilia was silent about the whole ordeal, which amounts to treason.  

mst.jpgThe Party has also "imported" 30,000 Haitians, providing them with passports and food stamps and employing some of them as Nazi brown shirts who beat up Brazilian citizens, as seen last week in Rio.

Last week, I was stuck in traffic with two kids in the car, while police escorted those criminals parading around town. They simply get 100-200 people together in a "protest" and block one of the major highways in the city, creating chaos. I had to run over the avenue dividing curb to escape the blockade. Who knows, they could have started throwing rocks at the cars or something like that.

Former President Lula, a corrupt thief, said last week that the Party would put the terrorist Army of MST  on the streets. These are people who burn farms and kill landowners, while police are told to stand down.


Marxism never worked and never will. It's a tool to demolish traditional values and individual freedoms. Once it's implemented, the situation gets so bad that people will accept anything in order to remove it. Voilà, the ground is clear for the introduction of the new world order model. The objective is to create the "Patria Grande" (the Big Motherland), the Union of South American Marxist Republics, which will be one of the New World Order's ten regions.

The future of Brazil will be eventually decided by the military. Brazilian Constitution gives them the prerogative of ousting a treacherous, corrupt  president and invoking new elections.

​At least this threat, if not action, could keep the Marxists in balance. ​Will they do ​ ​their duty, or will they sell the country to the Marxists, like their colleagues in the Venezuelan Army have done?
First Comment by Dan:

"Once...the situation gets so bad that people will accept anything in order to remove it. Voilà, the ground is clear for the introduction of the new world order model."  ~ MARCOS

That's a perfect analysis of events.  It's reached the point that people around the world can recognize it happening in their own countries.  Only the names and scenery change, but the game remains the same.

Warning for American readers:  Look at Brazil's history of the last 20 years to see the method of urban violence and privatization of police.  Dilma's real employers didn't put her where she is for her economic acumen, but for her half century of experience as an urban terrorism strategist - who got away with it.     That's the method about to be fully deployed against us in the United States as well.

It's the International Banker's War on the world, though they think of it as the revolution to end all revolutions:  the revolt of the "elite" families against humanity.   Read Chapter 5, "The Vacuum", of 'THE FIRST GLOBAL REVOLUTION: A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome'. 

Published in 1991 for a Club of Rome conference attended by such NWO minions as Al Gore, it's an overview of the plan to "phase out" what was left of what we still called "the Free World" back then, and bring in Global Neo-Feudalism. 

"The inevitable problems of phasing out democracy are difficult....democracy will be made to seem responsible for the lagging economy, the scarcity and uncertainties. The very concept of democracy could then be brought into question [2] and allow for the seizure of power by extremists of one brand or the other." (Marxists, 'ISIS', etc.)

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill."    (<--notice that phrase, "would fill the bill".  The authors are telling their plan, not a forecast.)

[1] Compare the Club of Rome plan with the language of this 2014 NATIONAL REVIEW doublespeak 'The New Feudalism'

[2] Urban Violence and Privatization in Brazil: Blended Invisibility

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