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March 26, 2015

perv.jpg(Sex ed program designed by Illuminati Jew who confessed to incest and promoting child abuse.)

Wynne's Communist Sex-ed Co-opts Your Role as Parent

March 26, 2015
Why does the new Ontario sex-ed curriculum refer children for advice on sexuality to people other than their parents over and over again?

                                    Wynne's Sex-ed Steals Parental Educational Responsibility

The "credible source" a grade 8 child should consult about becoming sexually active is a health nurse and not a parent. 
Grade 5 students experiencing stress in their lives are told to consult a trusted adult or peer and not their parent.
Every totalitarian regime or school of thought has recognized that the elimination of prevailing cultural ideas can only succeed when the influence of parents (those who are the first to "inculturate" children) is removed.
Roots in Totalitarian Ways of Thought
According to Thomas Ward, vice-president and founder of the U.K.'s National Association of Catholic Families, in an  givaddressen in Russia in 2014, communism absorbed the traditional roles of parents into the state: "Communist society will take upon itself all the duties involved in the education of a child." [1920 Alexandra Kollontai, the first Soviet People's Commissar for Social Welfare Kommunistka "Communism and the Family."]
                      Sex-ed as the liberation of children from parents

Ward notes the progressive inroads into parental direction of their children's sexuality in the next few decades by organizations such as Planned Parenthood and its partners, such as the World Health Organization.  For instance, they directed that the parental role of teacher be taken over by sex-ed classes:
"Children have to be freed from... religious and other cultural "prejudices" forced upon them by parents, civil and religious authorities [...] sex education should be introduced in the 4th grade, (i.e. 9 to10) eliminating "the ways of elders" by force if necessary."

[Brock Chisholm, the first director of the World Health Organization in 1948, The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress 1946. Valerie Riches in Sex Education or Indoctrination? (London, 2004; Revised and reprinted version of Sex & Social Engineering 1986).]
Then parents were prevented from being given notice of their children's intent to use birth control or have abortions.  In Britain, says Ward, a government instruction from 1974 prepared with the advice of the birth control lobby "prohibited doctors from contacting 'parents of a child of whatever age' when she requested contraceptives.  When a parent challenged this the Law Lords ruled that when a doctor decided a child fully understood what was  proposed the child could consent to all treatments and parents' rights  stopped."
The International Federation of Planned Parenthood promotes the extension of children's access to so-called "reproductive health" --sex education, contraception and abortion--by collaborating with UN agencies and by lobbying within the EU. 
The birth control mentality separates life and love twice, says Ward:   once, in separating love and procreation in the marital act and again by separating parents from their children.  
                                                Let's stop Wynne's sex ed program 
The Wynne-Levin sex-ed program teaches children to confide in experts who will teach them the medical "facts" about safe sex.  But medical doctors such as Thomas Ward and Dr. Miriam Grossman believe the real medical facts are not being told.  It's not being told that sex education has not been proven to have any effect on lowering teen pregnancy rates. Nor are the destructive emotional effects of casual hookups on young people.
Parents need to call this sex-ed program out for what it is:  the preaching of a harmful doctrine of false liberation.  
It will teach children to think of sex as purely for pleasure and other people as means to an end.  It will erode the natural trust and respect of the child for the parent. 
And then we need to stand up for the inalienable rights of parents.  We need to protest to all the leaders who should be protecting that parent-child bond for the good of families and society.  And then we need to win back protections in every level of policy and law of our human right to be the Primary Educators of our children!
Best regards,
Teresa Pierre, PhD, President
Parents as First Educators (PAFE)  

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