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Another Jewish Misfit Who Undermined Gender Identity

April 12, 2015

"The mutual relations between the two sexes seems to us to be at least as important as the mutual relations of any two governments in the world." - Thomas Babington Macaulay - Historian & British Secretary of State for War, 1840  

In our occult-controlled society, homosexuals are a protected species but it's open season on heterosexuals.

Masonic Jews have free license and unlimited funding to attack heterosexual roles, traditional marriage and family. But to point this out is considered "hatred." They are the real haters. Throughout nature, gender is differentiated; but these Satanists think they can override God and neuter us all.

Sandra Bern, (1944-2014) left, was an American psychologist. According to Wikipedia, she and her husband Daryl  "took the public by storm with their revolutionary concept of 'egalitarian marriage.' The husband-wife team became highly demanded as speakers on the negative impacts of sex role stereotypes on individuals and society..."

Naturally they divorced. The Bern Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) is the most commonly used and validated gender role measurement tool across countries and age groups. This ridiculous model suggests that people with high levels of both masculinity and femininity (androgynous characteristics) are more adaptive and hence have better health.

The account below, from a series called Feminist Voices, is actually intended to be sympathetic. These losers and misfits demand that the world conform to them and thanks to Illuminati support, they have spoiled the lives of millions.

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by Meaghan George
(abridged by

Sandra Ruth Lipsitz was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1944 to a working class family. Her father Peter was a mail clerk, and her mother Lillian was a secretary. At a very young age, Lipsitz remembers her mother warning her that housework was not a very desirable task.

These cautionary words may have been one of her first introductions to the idea of an egalitarian household and lifestyle that would later shape both her career and personal life.

When Lipsitz began to express and act on her beliefs in gender equality, she quickly discovered that the rest of the world was not yet as progressive as she was. When she was in grade school, she insisted on wearing pants. Her unrelenting refusal to wear a skirt almost led to her getting expelled from her Orthodox Jewish school.

1984SDickDienstbier-JoanMartin-VirginiaOLeary-SandraBem-JudithRodin-NataliePorter-TheoSonderegger1200.jpeg(left, Sara Lipsitz, center, and shabby, neutered fellow gender theorists c. 1984)

Life in the Lipsitz household could be tumultuous and conflictual. Lipsitz recalls fighting with her mother, who would get very emotional and often threw things at the walls during arguments. Desperate to get away from home, but fearing she couldn't afford to go away to school, Lipsitz enrolled at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, where she could attend classes while living at home. She majored in developmental psychology and greatly enjoyed her work...

During the last semester of her undergraduate degree, Lipsitz took a class with a young new professor named Daryl Bern.  Only six years older than his new student, Daryl quickly took a liking to Lipsitz. The feeling was mutual.

However, terrified by the image of the housewife her mother had warned her about, Lipsitz rejected Bem's marriage proposal. The couple then brainstormed ways in which they could have an "unconventional" marriage... They soon drafted a plan for an egalitarian marriage in which they would both share household and parenting responsibilities, should they decide to have children. They also agreed that they would support each other's careers equally, and move to universities that would benefit each of them equally.


Bern2.jpg(Enjoying opulence and independence in old age)

After the wedding, Sandra Bem moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to pursue graduate studies. Daryl remained at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh, so they spent this time apart, meeting only on weekends. After graduate school, Bern moved back to Pittsburgh and got a job teaching at Carnegie Tech (soon to become Carnegie-Mellon University). Bern became professionally interested in gender and sex roles. She did research on sex-biased job ads and women's recruitment in the workforce which culminated in expert testimony that led to non-gender-biased job advertisements.

Her work in this field led her to develop the Bern Sex Role Inventory (BSRI), which operationalizes masculinity and femininity as two independent dimensions, allowing a person to exhibit characteristics of both. Bem used the term "androgynous" to refer to individuals who scored high on both scales of masculinity and femininity. Low scores on both scales indicated an "undifferentiated" sex role orientation...

Her award-winning book The Lenses of Gender: Transforming the Debate on Sexual Inequality (1993) elaborates on her theories of gender and sex roles.
Three years after Bem began teaching in Pittsburgh, the Bems were both offered teaching positions at Stanford University. They gladly accepted, as Daryl had always wanted to move to the west coast. Brn continued her research on gender and sexuality. When her tenure application was rejected by the Dean of Stanford University, the couple moved to Cornell University. After they moved back east, the couple separated for a time, finding they had lost sight of the egalitarian goals of their marriage.

They raised two children together, and both continued to teach and conduct research at Cornell. Sandra Bem continued her research focusing on gender schema theory, sexuality, and clinical psychology. In 1998, she published an autobiographical account of raising her two children to defy traditional gender roles called An Unconventional Family. She served as director of the Women's Studies Program at Cornell. In 2010 she retired from the university.
On May 20, 2014, four years after learning of a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, Sandra Bem peacefully took her own life at her home in Ithaca, NY
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--------------  Incest Survivor Exposed Illuminati Jewish Satanists

First Comment from Dan:

I'd never heard of the Bem  Sex-Role Inventory  till reading today's article, but I sure was subjected to it in 1984-85.   As you may recall, that's when I cohabited with a professional feminist* for over a year.  But here's an example of how she tried to impose Bem's 'androgynous relationship' theory on ours.  One Sunday, I about to sweep and mop the floor as I did every week, and she stopped me to say, "from now on things are going to be different.  We're going to start rotating the housework tasks so that each of us does them all".

I said, "that's not necessary.  I like what I'm doing."  What I'd been doing was all the heavy chores.  Hauling the wood, tending the wood stove;  hauling the garbage up the hill to the gravel road;  mopping the floors, and so on.  She handed me a list in which everything was reversed.  I said, "but I'm no good at ironing, or folding sheets, especially not the way you like it.   What I'm doing is fine, so forget it."     It went downhill from there.  She turned into Hillary Clinton, hitting me with psychobabble. When I wouldn't back down, she lashed out with the vilest ad hominem insults.   And the snow was a long, freezing winter. 

No time here to go into the full extent of what I learned about the professional feminist network, so here's where Sandra Bem's 'egalitarian relationship' theory kicked in: and transformed this relationship into 5 months reminiscent of Stephen King's novel 'Misery'. 

For years I'd been a 'lazy liberal' and hipster.  Now I'd learned the hard way that feminism isn't about equal rights for women:  it's an ideology of female supremacy.  But you know what?  From Bem's legacy was spawned theorists like Judith Butler who say there's no such thing as male or female at all.  Here's a quote: "Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed."

So the hidden agenda of Bem's misnamed  'egalitarian marriage' was the notion that the masculine and feminine must be neutralized to achieve 'androgyny'.

The woman I lived with in 1984 wasn't an Illuminati initiate.  I know now she was just another useful idiot, a common foot soldier in the Long March toward the Illuminati goal of grooming a modified race of genderless drones, who will lack the exponential human power unleashed when an uncorrupted heterosexual man and heterosexual woman forge the instinctive bond. 

* Professional feminist:  master's degree or better in women's/gender studies, psychology, education, law, etc., who is an activist or insider in the feminist international network, which works in lock step with LGBT, Leftist political parties and organizations; into New Age or hardcore occult ranging from Yoga to Wicca to 'goddess' worship (feminized Satanism - you might say the 'feminine side' of Satan, Shekinah).

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Comments for "Another Jewish Misfit Who Undermined Gender Identity"

Thomas F said (April 13, 2015):

I will tell you that I am 29 years old at the moment, was raised primarily by a single mother, from the age of 3, and live in Denmark, the first country in the world to legalize pornography. Denmark is a social laboratory for the NWO-gang, and we are among the most sexualized, secularized and politically correct countries in the entire world, if not on top. Sweden is somewhere around the same place on this scale. There is rampant militant feminism, militant homosexuality and multi-culturalism galore. It does not look good culturally, on the surface. I, however, have utter Faith in The Divine Creator, and am certain that The Light is stronger than The Dark.

Here are some observations. The feminists and homosexuals are mostly deluded, and are not really evil people, if one treats them how they ought to be treated, intuitively. For example, if an openly lesbian butch and bitter-faced girl comes down the street, one can approach her, cat-call her, and make a "power-battle", energy-wise, with her (because she will take it as a grave provocation!), and if she is not as much in contact with her masculine side as I am, she will yield and show herself to be an adoring feminine creature, just, completely transformed in a matter of instants, and she will blink with her eyes, show modesty, shyness and blush. It is quite enjoyable to watch. The Divine lives in her just as in everyone else...

Multi-culturalism is not all bad, actually. If the different cultures can respect each other, and live side by side in peace, friendship and harmony, it can actually be quite enjoyable and inspiring. I have been given to understand that this is how it was in Jerusalem in the old days, Jews, Mulsims and Christians all living side by side in good neighbourship, each in separate quarters, with clearly defined cultural boundaries, but open for exchange and cross-pollination. Of course, those Jews were True Torah Jews, doing their best to follow the 10 commandments, and not the insane Talmudist "Jews" that seem to have almost completely commandeered the Jewish Identity.

Now, as I see it, through my own explorations in my own psyche and inner nature, and through my interactions with the world, we all of us contain both a masculine and a feminine side. The masculine is the positive (Light), creative side, and the feminine is the negative (Dark), potential side. the feminine side is the one that supplies all the energy, and the masculine side is the one that is supposed to control the feminine side, so it does not run astray. This relationship is exemplified in the Yin and Yang-symbol. Very coarsely, it can be divided thus: The Feminine is the energy, the passion, the feeling, and The Masculine is the creative, directional, the rational. That the feminine is the energetic side can be seen, also, in the fact that the female supplies all the energy and machinery to make a baby grow, while the man supplies only a little seed. Thus, the feminine and the masculine are of exactly equal worth, and both necessary.

As I see it, the most healthy of all human beings are those who have managed to balance, as near as possible to 50/50, their own Inner Masculine with their Inner Feminine, and can thus be called "androgynous". This is also the reason why the androgyne creature is found symbolically to represent God-like entities in many cultures, including, but not limited to, genuine Tantra.

PB said (April 13, 2015):

Hi, Dr. Makow. I understand your view and agree for the most part; but I don't understand what is wrong with a couple sharing household and child care duties. This is what most families do these days, and it's not because of some "egalitarian" ideal, but because it is practical. I don't believe that all couples who share responsibilities are androgynous. It is wonderful that women who want to be stay-at-home moms can do it in this economy; I applaud them, but I don't believe that because a woman wants to go to college that she is a feminist. One of the most moral, Christian, loving people I know is my best friend of almost 50 years. We practically grew up together. She has two Masters degrees, one from Wharton. She became pregnant with twins at the age of 33, and now has four children. After the babies were born she never went back to work and that was 17 years ago. She managed to have a career and then children, whom she would die for, and I don't consider her to be a "feminist" or what have you. Her husband works like a dog to provide for the family so that she is able to stay home, but God forbid, if he died of a heart attack from stress, would that alright because it meant his wife got to stay home? My maternal grandfather died at the age of 60 from heart issues, and my grandmother never had to work, but it seems sometimes like a bad trade-off. Just my thoughts...

Dear PB

Read Dan's comment. The agenda isn't sharing. It's androgyny. I share too. I shop cook and clean up after. But I am the male. I consult but I am the boss. I am not emasculated. Power=Masculinity. Women trade power for male power expressed as love. This is origin of femininity. The heterosexual contract is the exchange of power for love. If the man fails to behave lovingly, the contract is broken.


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