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Political Donors Control US Universities

April 2, 2015

(left, a Board of Regents, aka political bagmen)

Ten years ago, Susan L and her roommate at the
University of West New Mexico awoke to find
crews in haz-mat suits gutting apartments near theirs
and putting the material in bins marked "Danger: Asbestos."
Her quest for restitution led her to uncover the harsh reality
of power on US university campuses.


by Susan L

Public education has never followed a democratic model. Universities are governed by an incorporated entity called the Board of Regents (BOR).

The role of the BOR is codified into each state constitution and, has powers that far exceed elected politicians.  In fact, this entity has been called, "a fourth branch of the state government (1)."

This branch of state government is a silent, insidious force that has governed all higher education in the USA for almost two centuries.

'Silent' because most persons would never be able to identify the power behind a university president. 'Insidious' because they rule by appointment and could care less about any individual student or employee.

These appointed rulers of the education culture are owned by the governor and the political PAC to whom he or she owes favors.  Think monarchy...because this system is a carryover from old British law. Think authoritarian...because no matter how benign a BOR member appears to be...your voice doesn't count; not now...not ever.

susanl.jpg(left, University of West New Mexico, Silver City) 

I speak from experience. I cannot tell you how many times that I appeared before the BOR at my former university; presenting documentation, testimony and evidence of ongoing corruption by the university president and yet... they never did anything.

The chairperson of the BOR at the time was Tony Trujillo, the main NM lobbyist for Freeport -MacMoran...the largest mining conglomerate in the world.

Why should they? Eventually, I helped produce a documentary that revealed how a number of students (including myself) who were exposed to lead and asbestos contamination in our housing units.

This was the only university that the Environmental Protection Agency ever investigated and sanctioned. As a result of that action, I became a targeted individual on campus and lived in danger for many years. Eventually, I was illegally arrested, beaten up in front of my seven year old son, dragged in handcuffs, hospitalized, discredited, had false felony charges, tried my own cases and won.


After many years of advocacy for truth and justice, I have concluded.

1. There's nothing brilliant coming out of any university...anything with promise will be scooped up by the Department of Defense...because they underwrite most of the funding in major research universities. Evidence for this is many engineering departments have an integrated community program that provides innovative solutions for local use? None...

2. The Board of Regents (BOR) which are the governing body of any American university is an 'appointed' position in all universities. These positions are strictly political and are given to 'buddies' of the state favors.

3. Because of the BOR system, most universities are locked down by a controlling elite of mediocre suck-ups who pander to the ruling economic power.

4. Universities are basically sovereign nations contained within a state. They have their own state statutes, their own police force and are run like a foreign nation. Educational propaganda and conditioning is so powerful that the average individual will never understand this unless they actually are forced into a confrontation based on a violation. (i.e. lawsuit or rape.)

5. Most universities have utilized many of the law firms throughout their state in order to deal with any claims. Thus, most law firms have a vested interest in preserving this status. So... there is no recourse for students or employees with legitimate grievances.

counts.jpg(Left, John E. Counts was President of UWNM from 1993-2011)

6. The worst type of person for any presidential or administrative position within a university is a career military person coming from the officer ranks. You can pretty much assume that they have had CIA training or connections of this type.

They cannot facilitate the type of transparent and innovative curriculum or milieu required for authentic educational development. The university president that 'targeted' me and tried to destroy my life was a graduate of the West Point Military Academy and retired lieutenant colonel. Even when the FBI notified the university that they were under investigation because of my formal complaint, this President had no qualms about using the campus police to file a false felony charge against me.

7. Basically, universities have evolved into 'holding' tanks for populations. They are social conditioning units and employment farms. Truly brilliant people are rarely found in any current university system...anymore...if ever.




Note: Bill Richardson has consistently looked the other way while Western New Mexico University was  commandeered by former military person, John Counts.This man has been running this university to the ground, yet Richardson did nothing and kept appointing Board of Regent members that refuse to make Counts accountable for his abuse of faculty, staff and other employees. Counts evicted all of the families in family housing when two of the student mothers asked to see the lead and asbestos reports on the apts. they were living in. Richardson was fully informed about this situation and did nothing. In fact, he keeps a 'lid' on everything that happens in New Mexico.  Many Hispanics despise Bill Richardson.



Comments for "Political Donors Control US Universities "

Michael C said (April 10, 2015):

What a fine enlightening article Susan L. has penned on the American Universities. No wonder the world system from bottom to top for whistle blowers everywhere works the same way.

I am reminded of Rodney Stiche's "Defrauding
America." The former FAA investigator, turned whistle blower tried to stem corruption in the FAA, was dumped in prison on false charges. There he met former DEA, CIA men in there for knowing too much. Working to stem the tide of various related scandals he learned of, everyone in authority in the US Congress basically did nothing or passed the buck endlessly.

Tony B said (April 2, 2015):

There is no reason for anyone to go to college anymore. You can get a better education one hell of a lot cheaper by doing it yourself with the help of the Internet and/or proper libraries, some of which still exist.

Makes it hard to get jobs? What jobs? There are almost none that require an education. At least, in North America. Moreover, home schooled (same as self schooled actually) have a leg up over lockstep mis-educated in even most corporations as they know products of the system are generally too dumbed down to get the necessary work done.

Alan said (April 2, 2015):

Your stories must be doing damage to the elite, because they are striking back.

The company I work for employs a web access monitoring tool called “Websense”, it is a product of an Israeli company. It is blocking access to your site, saying the site espouses “intolerance”.

I would say that is a win.

Scott said (April 2, 2015):

John Hamer focuses exclusively on the 60's portion of Bob Dylan's career. Another reader mentioned the Hurricane Carter ordeal. Something happened much later in Dylan's career, which was much more symbolic.

Dylan made 3 albums in succession with overt Christian themes from 1979: Slow Train Coming, Saved and Shot of Love. Critics SAVAGED these records, which of course planted negative seeds within the minds of the public. This, despite the fact that the music and lyrical content was as meaningful as any of the finest work with his name attached (authentic or not). What happened next? The next Dylan album, Infidels, ended up being his most commercially-sounding release in years. The inner record jacket included a photo of him in the "holy land" featuring a Zionist-oriented song, called "Neighborhood Bully." Best of all, the press was littered with the announcement that he'd reconverted back to Judaism.

Based on some coments he's made over the years, he possibly remained Christian all along. Where does this bring us? It's not difficult to imagine that Mr. Dylan was summoned to Walt Yetnikoff's office and basically told how his music should sound, along with his public image and message, or otherwise being forced to find a new home. The alternative, of course, might not have been an easy choice, as most other top record industry execs were likely close business contacts of Mr. Yetnikoff's, not mention of the same persuasion.

All told, the other charges might all be true. Personally, I enjoy a lot of the music, but can accept if there's been a lot of deception along the way for the listening pleasure.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at