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"Battle of Lexington" (1775) -- America's First False Flag?

April 19, 2015

First depiction.jpg(1775 depictions show Americans being slaughtered. No one is even firing back.)

April 19 was the 240th Anniversary of The "Battle of Lexington."

The "Battle of Lexington," 1775, was portrayed as an unprovoked slaughter of colonists by the British. James Perloff believes that, like the sinking of the USS Maine and 9-11, the event was engineered to start a war, the American Revolution.

Freemasons have manipulated Americans into fighting wars from the get-go.  America was founded as a Masonic nation, what Francis Bacon called "the new Atlantis" when he supported the original Jamestown colony.

(from Oct. 26 ,2013)

By James Perloff

I grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, where on April 19, 1775, a force of British redcoats, on their way to Concord to confiscate rebel munitions, encountered a small force of militiamen.  Suddenly, "the shot heard round the world" was fired.  In the ensuing skirmish, eight colonists were killed, and nine wounded.  The British suffered one wounded.  This was a causus bellum for the American Revolution. 

But, was "the shot heard round the world" a false flag like 9-11, a pretext for war? 

As explained in detail my online article The Secrets Buried at Lexington Green,  Americans were deceived. It was proclaimed everywhere that the British had committed an unprovoked massacre in Lexington.  The truth is individuals in concealed locations fired on the British first.
Sam Adams.jpgThough most Americans today recognize him only as a face on beer bottles, the revolution's mastermind in Massachusetts was Sam Adams, whom biographer John Miller called the "pioneer in propaganda."

Adams, left,  Temporary Secretary of the 1774 Philadelphia Congress, had secured a pledge from delegates that, should warfare erupt between Massachusetts and British troops, the other colonies would aid Massachusetts.  But this carried a stipulation:  They would only help IF THE BRITISH FIRED FIRST. 

By mid-April 1775 the SECOND Continental Congress was 3 weeks away.  Sam Adams desperately needed a "British fired first" incident to bring to the Congress, lest passions for revolution and war wane.

Here is a HIGHLY condensed summary of my article.

 • Artists' depictions of the battle gradually evolved--from showing all colonists retreating, to all defiantly resisting.

• The original 1775 depiction [above] represented how Massachusetts rebels wanted the event then portrayed: unprovoked slaughter.  The newspaper MASSACHUSETTS SPY denied the militia fired ANY shots, even retaliatory.  In their depositions, no Lexington militiaman expressly admitted firing shots.

• As 50th anniversary celebrations approached, the truth began emerging. Residents of neighboring Concord boasted their town should be credited with firing "the shot heard round the world."  The outraged Lexington's denizens insisted the honor was theirs.  They obtained new depositions from the Lexington battle's aged veterans. In a turnaround, deponents now insisted, they fired at the British, though claiming the redcoats BEGAN hostilities.

• British reports that the Americans fired first are credible.   Since the British admitted shooting first at the subsequent Concord battle, why lie about Lexington?  Redcoats said the Americans fired first in diaries not intended for publication.  And the militiamen amending their depositions weakens their credibility.

John Hancock.jpg• The night before the battle, Joseph Warren dispatched Paul Revere on his famous ride from Boston.  Warren sent another rider, William Dawes, and both arrived at the Lexington house where John Hancock (left)  and Samuel Adams--leaders of the revolution in Massachusetts---were staying. Adams had recruited smuggler John Hancock, wealthiest man in Massachusetts, to be the revolution's financial angel.

What history books omit: Warren was Grand Master of St. Andrew's Freemasonic Lodge in Boston; Revere, Dawes and Hancock belonged to that Lodge.  After the war, Revere became Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

• During the French and Indian War, colonists and redcoats fought on the same side.  Britain's national debt nearly doubled by the war's end (1763), and Parliament felt British taxpayers should not bear it alone. It felt colonists should contribute since they were the war's main beneficiaries.  Britain's willingness to repeal each revenue measure (Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townsend Acts) shows more amenability toward colonial protests than commonly believed.

• Adams was instrumental in changing Americans' perception of redcoats to "the bad guys."  Adams became Boston's virtual dictator, controlling it through organized mobs.  "Tories" (British loyalists) had their homes looted and even destroyed, and their bodies tarred and feathered.  These mobs could not be brought to justice.  Massachusetts governor Thomas Hutchinson said he doubted if there was "a man of greater malignity of heart, or who less scruples [in using] any measure ever so criminal to accomplish his purposes" than Sam Adams.

 • Contrary to what Americans were told, British troops came to Boston in 1768 to restore order.   Captain Evelyn wrote his clergyman father in England: "Our arrival has in a great degree restored that liberty they have been so long deprived of, even liberty of speech and security to their persons and property, which has for years past been at the mercy of a most villainous mob."

Revere print Boston Massacre.jpg• Adams's antipathy to these troops led to the orchestrated "Boston Massacre" (1770), in which a mob of several hundred attacked nine British soldiers until they fired in self-defense.  Collected depositions, and Paul Revere's infamously misrepresentative print, portrayed it as unprovoked slaughter of innocents.

• At the soldiers' trial, Sam Adams's cousin (and future President) John led the defense. Thirty eight witnesses testified there had been a plot to attack the redcoats. On his deathbed, mortally wounded Patrick Carr forgave the soldier who shot him, as he had done so in self-defense. Enraged, Sam Adams declared the confession should be disregarded because Carr was a "Papist."

• By 1773, England eliminated all taxes on America save a nominal duty on tea of 3 pennies per pound.  This tea was so cheap, it undersold the tea John Hancock was smuggling in.  The Boston Tea Party conveniently destroyed the merchandise of Hancock's competition.

• Parliament ordered Boston harbor closed until the damage was paid for.  Sam Adams blocked  all efforts to pay for the tea while warning other colonies: "This attack, though made immediately upon us, is doubtless designed for every other colony."


• What a coincidence:  The night before the Lexington battle, Adams, Hancock and Revere--apparent mastermind and chief propagandists of the "Boston Massacre"--met in a house a few hundred feet behind Lexington Green.  Early that morning, Adams and Hancock walked to the green and spoke to the militiamen at Buckman's tavern.

1886 depiction (1).gif(Post war 1886 depiction; what a contrast to 1775's!)

• Contrary to common sense--and behavior of other militias (who fired behind trees and walls) --the grossly outnumbered Lexington militia stood openly in parade formation. The British, marching into the trap, had no choice but to confront them.

• Based on British reports, more than ten shots were probably fired at them before they began disorderly return fire.

• The opening shots came mostly from men in concealed locations, which set up the militia on the green to absorb the British reaction.

• Testimony exists that the shots were NOT fired by local militiamen, but separate gunmen whose identity remains unknown.

• Paul Revere himself was at the green when the British arrived.  Revere said he went with John Lowell (fellow St. Andrew's Freemason) to fetch Hancock's trunk at Buckman's Tavern. British reports said the first shots came from the corner of the tavern, where Revere had been only MOMENTS before.

• Parallels between the Boston and Lexington "massacres" were uncanny: similar artistic depictions, questionable depositions, dishonest newspaper accounts.

• Despite the Minutemen's famed marksmanship, the shots fired on the British at Lexington failed to score one significant hit.  My article suggests this may have been intentional--dead redcoats would have spoiled the "massacre" story that helped drive the continent to arms.

Before commenting, I encourage interested readers to see the full article 

James Perloff has authored several books, including Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, published this year in both Kindle and paperbound editions.  It discusses many other suppressed stories of American and world history.***
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----------  Harrell Rhome -
The Occult Origins of the American Nation

Thanks to Jim, we see that our image of the Revolutionary War is one-sided. Like all other wars, it was contrived as part of the long-term Judeo-Masonic plan for world government tyranny.


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Comments for ""Battle of Lexington" (1775) -- America's First False Flag? "

LoisAnn said (April 20, 2015):

A wonderful article of James Perloff's regarding the Masonic cult in building the 'colonies' aka America. What we were forced to learn in school is far different than how actual history occurred.

Being a 'history buff' it is with painstaking research Mr. Perloff discovered true facts of 'the REST of the story and I applaud both of you for allowing people who are sincere about historical truths to be given these articles.
Also, to thank you for using Dr. Harrell Rhome's article re: this cult and giving your readers a wide eyed version of what really happened 'behind the scenes' back in the day.

Chad said (April 20, 2015):

My suspicion is the next big bang will be not dissimilar. If or when it goes down, who will plants snipers and behind whom? This is a common tactic used to gain popular support. We know the Americans, in this case are not itching for a fight. It is the “Globalists.” In 1775, it was the people, or rather a tiny element thereof, who wanted to get things started. Looking at Jade Helm and the rest, is a provocation attempt in progress? Are the powers that be looking to push us into a corner to deliver the first shot?

They are doing everything possible to get the average American hot under the collar. From CPS seizing kids, police seizing our firearms, arbitrary raids for marijuana or getting shot in the back. The borders are being collapsed as unemployment rises. Who knows what’s going on for sure. The bottom line being the string pullers want America for themselves and need us out of the way.

What are we to do? I believe that if Americans are smart, they’ll do their best to remain calm while demonstrating resolve. Exercise freedom in increasingly greater steps at every opportunity. The last thing we want is a shooting war. That’s what the string pullers want, allowing them to sit off shore while the police and military duke it out with the militias and public. No thanks!

Tony B said (April 19, 2015):

Nice to see a bit of honest history on the founding of the U.S.

One could add the strange end of the war. The leader of the British forces, not in danger of losing at all, suddenly surrendered to Washington and his desperate army. Both men were high masons. Someone above all this had made a decision to establish a nominally independent nation in the western hemisphere that has never actually been independent of England. For, after getting rid of the Articles of Confederation by establishing the masonic constitution, Alexander Hamilton, with Washington's unlawful blessing, re-established the Bank of England on U.S. soil giving it an American name but it had the same stock owners as the Bank of England with the addition of a couple of Jewish financiers of the colonial side of the war.

This was meant, at least, to be a guarantee that the colonies would never establish REAL MONEY AGAIN as they had previously made themselves the most prosperous places on earth by each colony creating its own government script in proportion to the needs of exchanges, thus evading the usury of a Rothschild style bank debt medium.

After "independence" only Lincoln defied these bankers with creation of the government greenbacks for which he was murdered. Jackson did stop the national bank usury but failed to create a true national money, leaving an economic disaster.

The bankers must still be gnashing their teeth over the billions of usury they missed out on while the greenbacks circulated as a free medium of exchange. They had to finally invent the Federal Reserve to cement themselves as the perpetual owners of all the U.S., including its citizens.

Thus the ROOT CAUSE of all the evils which spew forth from Washington today.

MG said (April 19, 2015):

Very interesting article and if the author is right then the Devil's Priests have been using the same tactics for hundreds of years (I would go out on the limb and say thousands of years) and there of course still using them know. Just look at the whole chaos that happened in Ukraine during the Maiden protests where it looks like just when Yanukovich was about to peacefully start budging to the mobs in Kiev "somebody" started shooting at both the Police and the protestors. This was the moment that made Yanukovich have to get out of Ukraine and also this was the moment when Western controlled weasels like Yatseniuk and Poroshenko started their rise to power. Clearly like the famous saying says; If it's not broken don't fix it in other words if a tactic works why stop using it.

Glen said (April 19, 2015):

I think James has nailed it in this piece. As we who are serious students of history have discovered, it turns out very, very little(if any at all)written history is correct. When speaking of written history, I am talking about that which is put out there by our controller's. An author who's only motive is to give a true account of an event and just happens to differ from the "official" version will be vilified, mocked, his/her work buried. If none of that works they will be physically taken out.

I find it funny so many people would find it hard to believe our "founders" would be any different than any other "conspirators" who fomented revolution in the past. True, I think their motives were somewhat pure, but they still had to bend the will of the people towards the war. Any and all means available would be used to sell that war, just as it is today.

In my search for truth I have found that our founders were not the angles we would be lead to believe. A great book I am currently reading is Gary North's "Conspiracy In Philadelphia". I would just like to leave these words from Gary's book for all here to consider. This book is a must read if you want the real history of our founders. There is always a motive, let us never forget that. Gary talks about the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787–88.

J Perloff (author) said (October 28, 2013):

Hello, Henry. I have now glanced through the collection of John Quincy Adams's letters on Masonry. It is clear that these were spurred during the antimasonic furor that arose following the murder of William Morgan. The letters were not about the Revolutionary War.

It might appear that since masonry was criticized in the 1840s by John Quincy Adams, son of John Adams (second cousin of Sam Adams), my thesis about Sam Adams is contradicted. However, Sam Adams was not a Freemason, nor did I say he was. But that he worked directly with Freemasons such as John Hancock and Paul Revere is beyond dispute.

Peter said (October 27, 2013):

I'd like to direct you to a book that seemingly contradicts Petroff's interpretation.

Titled Letters on the Masonic institution (1847) .Essentially, the subject is a series of letters written by John Quincy Adams, who was extremely critical of Masonic organizations and their activities.

The Preface of the book is quite good, worthy of a careful read.

Gordon said (October 27, 2013):

the article by James Perloff about what really went on, at Lexington, fits like a glove into Tupper F Saussy's explanation of how confederation of the united States of America was master-minded by the Black Pope of the day.

It's amazing ... with a lot of first -hand evidence to support his theory = photos of symbols carved in stone. Test question : "what entity stands atop the Capitol building?"
"capitoleum" being a temple to Zeus

It would be most interesting to have your review of his book "Rulers of Evil"

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