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Solzhenitsyn Foresaw Satanic Contagion Infecting West

April 28, 2015

Nobel Prize Winner, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, (1918-2008) gave the speech
below in 1983 in London on the occasion of winning the Templeton Prize.
Expelled from the USSR in 1970, he was feted in the West to bolster the
Cold War. But he proved to be an embarrassment because of his espousal of Christianity and his warnings that the satanic spirit that ravaged Russia
had spread to the West. This is confirmed by the muted treatment of the Christian holocaust in Russia.  

"Tens of thousands of priests, monks, and nuns, pressured by the Chekists to renounce the Word of God, were tortured, shot in cellars, sent to camps, exiled to the desolate tundra of the far North, or turned out into the streets in their old age without food or shelter. All these Christian martyrs went unswervingly to their deaths for the faith; instances of apostasy were few and far between."

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"Men Have Forgotten God"
by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
(Abridged by

...The demon of evil, like a whirlwind, triumphantly circles all five continents of the earth...

In its past, Russia did know a time when the social ideal was not fame, or riches, or material success, but a pious way of life. Russia was then steeped in an Orthodox Christianity which remained true to the Church of the first centuries. 

The Orthodoxy of that time knew how to safeguard its people under the yoke of a foreign occupation that lasted more than two centuries, while at the same time fending off iniquitous blows from the swords of Western crusaders. 

During those centuries, the Orthodox faith in our country became part of the very pattern of thought and the personality of our people, the forms of daily life, the work calendar, the priorities in every undertaking, the organization of the week and of the year. Faith was the shaping and unifying force of the nation.

But in the 17th century Russian Orthodoxy was gravely weakened by an internal schism. In the 18th, the country was shaken by Peter's forcibly imposed transformations, which favored the economy, the state, and the military at the expense of the religious spirit and national life.

And along with this lopsided Petrine enlightenment, Russia felt the first whiff of secularism; its subtle poisons permeated the educated classes in the course of the 19th century and opened the path to Marxism. By the time of the Revolution, faith had virtually disappeared in Russian educated circles; and amongst the uneducated, its health was threatened.

It was Dostoevsky who drew from the French Revolution and its seeming hatred of the Church the lesson that "revolution must necessarily begin with atheism."

That is absolutely true. But the world had never before known a godlessness as organized, militarized, and tenaciously malevolent as that practiced by Marxism. Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin, and at the heart of their psychology, hatred of God is the principal driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions. Militant atheism is not merely incidental or marginal to Communist policy; it is not a side effect, but the central pivot.

The 1920's in the USSR witnessed an uninterrupted procession of victims and martyrs amongst the Orthodox clergy. Two metropolitans were shot, one of whom, Veniamin of Petrograd, had been elected by the popular vote of his diocese. Patriarch Tikhon himself passed through the hands of the Cheka-GPU and then died under suspicious circumstances. Scores of archbishops and bishops perished.

Tens of thousands of priests, monks, and nuns, pressured by the Chekists to renounce the Word of God, were tortured, shot in cellars, sent to camps, exiled to the desolate tundra of the far North, or turned out into the streets in their old age without food or shelter. All these Christian martyrs went unswervingly to their deaths for the faith; instances of apostasy were few and far between. For tens of millions of laymen access to the Church was blocked, and they were forbidden to bring up their children in the Faith: religious parents were wrenched from their children and thrown into prison, while the children were turned from the faith by threats and lies...

For a short period of time, when he needed to gather strength for the struggle against Hitler, Stalin cynically adopted a friendly posture toward the Church. This deceptive game, continued in later years by Brezhnev with the help of showcase publications and other window dressing, has unfortunately tended to be taken at its face value in the West. 

Yet the tenacity with which hatred of religion is rooted in Communism may be judged by the example of their most liberal leader, Krushchev: for though he undertook a number of significant steps to extend freedom, Krushchev simultaneously rekindled the frenzied Leninist obsession with destroying religion.


But there is something they did not expect: that in a land where churches have been levelled, where a triumphant atheism has rampaged uncontrolled for two-thirds of a century, where the clergy is utterly humiliated and deprived of all independence, where what remains of the Church as an institution is tolerated only for the sake of propaganda directed at the West, where even today people are sent to the labor camps for their faith, and where, within the camps themselves, those who gather to pray at Easter are clapped in punishment cells--they could not suppose that beneath this Communist steamroller, the Christian tradition would survive in Russia. 

It is true that millions of our countrymen have been corrupted and spiritually devastated by an officially imposed atheism, yet there remain many millions of believers: it is only external pressures that keep them from speaking out, but, as is always the case in times of persecution and suffering, the awareness of God in my country has attained great acuteness and profundity.

It is here that we see the dawn of hope: for no matter how formidably Communism bristles with tanks and rockets, no matter what successes it attains in seizing the planet, it is doomed never to vanquish Christianity.

The West has yet to experience a Communist invasion; religion here remains free. But the West's own historical evolution has been such that today it too is experiencing a drying up of religious consciousness.....Judging by the continuing landslide of concessions made before the eyes of our very own generation, the West is ineluctably slipping toward the abyss. Western societies are losing more and more of their religious essence as they thoughtlessly yield up their younger generation to atheism.

 If a blasphemous film about Jesus is shown throughout the United States, reputedly one of the most religious countries in the world, or a major newspaper publishes a shameless caricature of the Virgin Mary, what further evidence of godlessness does one need? When external rights are completely unrestricted, why should one make an inner effort to restrain oneself from ignoble acts?...

Our life consists not in the pursuit of material success but in the quest for worthy spiritual growth. Our entire earthly existence is but a transitional stage in the movement toward something higher, and we must not stumble and fall, nor must we linger fruitlessly on one rung of the ladder. Material laws alone do not explain our life or give it direction.

 The laws of physics and physiology will never reveal the indisputable manner in which the Creator constantly, day in and day out, participates in the life of each of us, unfailingly granting us the energy of existence; when this assistance leaves us, we die. And in the life of our entire planet, the Divine Spirit surely moves with no less force: this we must grasp in our dark and terrible hour.

To the ill-considered hopes of the last two centuries, which have reduced us to insignificance and brought us to the brink of nuclear and non-nuclear death, we can propose only a determined quest for the warm hand of God, which we have so rashly and self-confidently spurned. Only in this way can our eyes be opened to the errors of this unfortunate twentieth century and our hands be directed to setting them right. There is nothing else to cling to in the landslide: the combined vision of all the thinkers of the Enlightenment amounts to nothing.

Our five continents are caught in a whirlwind. But it is during trials such as these that the highest gifts of the human spirit are manifested. If we perish and lose this world, the fault will be ours alone.



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First Comment by WB:

It is my opinion that the mass murder of Christians (66 million) by communists in Russia is coming to America. This fact is clear and obvious to me and other Christians in the USA who are awake and in touch with The Holy Ghost.

The reason why Christianity can not be stamped out by mass murder or any other means is simply because Christianity is the TRUTH and truth can never be stamped out. Truth will always eventually stand matter how many times or in what manner it is put down.

The American people have swallowed the lie that they are somehow "exceptional". When the truth is America has been the recipient of the grace and long suffering of Almighty God to an extent never before recorded in human history. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, will not strive with America forever. I think we can safely say we are daily witnessing the effects of the loss of God's patience with our post Christian Nation.

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways. Then I will hear their prayer and heal their land". American people...understand that God is no respecter of persons. Every Russian life lost in the Communist holocaust, as well as every civilian life lost in Iraq and around the world, is just as precious to God as is the life of an American. Think about it.

We are not "exceptional"...just blessed, and in the midst of God loosing His patience with this Nation. As we have thrown God out with both hands and turned our backs on Him, so shall we reap what we have sown.

Resources compiled by Mary:

Henry I have been doing quite a bit of reading more on the fake fall of communism since several Polish historians discovered Lech Walesa's name listed as an informant on a "SEALED"  KGB document from the seventies .

Throughout most of the former soviet republics the same communist and /or KGB connected politicians  remained in power, and since that time the populace has become increasingly divided as to whether they should be tried for all the hundreds of thousands of crimes they inflicted on the citizenry. Just one example below.....

"But most of the main Solidarity leaders who were driven underground by the general's tanks in 1981 and negotiated with him in 1989 are taking his side, including Mr. Walesa, who testified in the general's favour at a trial involving his soldiers' firing on striking mine workers in 1970, arguing that the communist system, not any individual in it, was guilty. Mr. Walesa had opposed the trial."

Former communist dissidents and political prisoners have documents and have been trying to educate the West.Sadly, they feel no one is paying attention.Could it be the West IS already too heavily infiltrated?

Some excellent books address the subject of how the KGB/FSB and StB have spread the errors that ruled Russia and now , have rooted themselves  deeply into other  "free" nations.

"Systemic embezzlement, skimming, fraud and personal enrichment through power--these have long been assumed about Vladimir Putin's inner circle, but they have not been comprehensively laid out until now. Karen Dawisha's book made headlines in April, five months before it was published, when Cambridge University Press backed out of publication in Britain, fearing English libel laws. "Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?" delivers precisely the kind of meticulously researched evidence one would hope for in a work preceded by such controversy."

   This all echoes too familiarly everywhere now. Khrushchev told President Nixon that his grandchildren would grow up under Communism. KGB head , Andropov ,drew up the long range plans.
We were warned......

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Comments for " Solzhenitsyn Foresaw Satanic Contagion Infecting West "

David said (April 30, 2015):

I understand the only book of Solzhenitsyn's that has never been fully translated into English is 200 Years Together, which documents the Jewish role in the purges and terror of the Stalinist era. Where do organizations like PEN stand on this suppression of free speech?


Thanks David

Free speech? I'll try to stop laughing. We have free speech, just no freedom to be widely heard.


Peter R said (April 30, 2015):

The ultimate unresolved question is still whether Putin is part of another Punch and Judy show performed by East and West, as was the case between the Soviet Union and the money printers.

The Dawisha accusations [cited by Mary] and their use by neocons and money printer media looks more like a case of the pot calling the kettle black, either for real or for make believe. We can't know that. But the fact that it is used by the most untrustworthy and criminal elements in the world is rather suspicious and makes it meaningless. For that reason we must reject it. Not because it is a priori false, but any accusation from that side means nothing. They have done much worse than libel people.

Solzhenitsyn said they killed 66 million Russians, so why would they shy
away from smearing one Russian man, assuming it's not for show only?

Contaminated, self-serving info like that should never have been brought up. We have to wait for better evidence than the pot saying how black the
kettle is.

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