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Virtual Sex Will Put Porn on Steroids

April 9, 2015

oculus-rift 2.jpg

Sex won't take place in bed;
it'll take place in the head.

Do you want to live in a world where people spend their evenings in virtual brothels?

by David Richards

The next phase in the Illuminati's agenda to separate sex from reproduction, and break down the family unit, is the introduction of virtual sex. The use of virtual reality headsets combined with robotic devices will make a limitless number and variety of sexual experiences possible.

People will explore the side streets of sexuality but they will do it intellectually. Sex won't take place in the bed necessarily; it'll take place in the head.


Sony and Facebook will release their Morpheus and Oculus Rift headsets respectively sometime in 2016. The devices are remarkably hi-tech and will only cost about $300. The chief of the Oculus Rift project envisages a headset in every American home.

The headsets will provide the technological basis for immersive 3D worlds. It is interesting that they are being released as we are going through enormous global transitions and social upheavals. What better to placate people than to provide alternate worlds for them to explore?

Shuhei Yoshia, head of the Sony Morpheus project, promises, 'In VR you can set a perfect location. It could be a fantastic space like Star Wars or Game of Thrones, or another place you want to immerse yourself in. An anime IP in Japan would be attractive to a Japanese audience -- the place that you want to come back to will be different for different people.'

occuluslogo.jpgVirtual reality is being sold as liberating. However the logo of Oculus Rift is the all-seeing eye. It perceives things on our behalf; it's like a third eye grafted on to us. The technology will be used as a weapon against us.


Given that 30% of web traffic is porn, it's inevitable that VR will be used for sexual purposes. Here are a few of the new technologies that show how this will work.

·         Japanese company Tenga is developing a masturbation aid that allows a male to wear virtual reality goggles, put his penis into a cylindrical 'sex tube' and then a software program connects the tube to the action taking place in the video game, where an avatar responds to your actions. 'I think in the future, the virtual real will become more real than actual real sex,' Tenga's chief executive Tsuneki Sato said.

 ·         Social networks are being developed that allow both men and women to have sex remotely.  FriXion describes its product as "an online community whose users are able to touch each other using various supported haptic devices from hand holding and kissing up to full penetrative sex--regardless of where they are in the world, from across a room to across an ocean." How convenient; you can have degrading sex with a stranger without leaving your armchair!

·         Red Light Center is a role playing game where you can visit virtual sex clubs, bars, strip clubs and brothels. It offers animated avatars for users to manipulate: 'There are dozens of actions (sex positions, BDSM moves, etc) that you can command your character to perform,' boasts the website. Real sex workers are paid up to $40 an hour to provide live voice overs for the avatars. Ominously, the game already has 8 million users worldwide! The popularity of such games could increase tenfold if they utilize VR tech.

Online porn has desensitized men to sexual imagery and left them dissatisfied with real women. Virtual sex is likely to worsen the situation. What man will tolerate the trials of courtship and marriage when he can play in his own virtual harem?


2352.pngThere is a school of thought that virtual sex will be cathartic. Psychologist Dr Karen Moloney, left, argues it could reduce sexual violence, 'I think there are amazing social positives to come out of virtual sex. If you can have a sexual experience without touching another human being, it means you can say: "I'm going to rape you, but I'm not going to harm you".  You can live out your fantasies.'

That is madness. There will surely be people who, once desensitized to committing all kinds of heinous acts virtually, will desire to experience the real thing.

Psychoanalyst Jasmine El Doori disagrees, 'The men doing virtual sex have a woman at home who they could f**k, but they're not doing it.  They're in their mid-to-late 30s and they're in relationships with women who have ensnared them.  They have no professional status, no achievements; they're trapped in relationships with control-freak women and this is the backlash.'

She derides the idea that virtual relationships could have value.  'They're not real!  They have nothing to do with relationships.'

Nor does El Doori believe that virtual sexual violence could be cathartic.  'I'd say that this would bolster anti-social activity....  It's hard to argue that [violent virtual sex] could be an antidote to this behavior.'


The plan is for VR headsets to be as common as television. This is the time to think about the potential fallout. Virtual reality removes us from our senses, mental capacities and the people around us. It makes possible the expression of guilt-free psychopathology.

Virtual sex will further dehumanize and corrupt us; we will no longer simply consume immoral media but actively partake in it.

Do you want to live in a world where people spend their evenings in virtual brothels? Where people play rape simulation games? Or where your spouse compares you unfavorably to a sexual avatar?  We need to sound the alarm now.

First Comment from A.G.

I have learned that Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014 for two billion dollars.

lena-dunham-bikini.png(left, Facebook champions Lena Dunham, the best argument for virtual sex.)

Allow me to preface by saying that when Lena Dunham came out with her book, Not That Kind of Girl -which exposed herself as a child molester and a false accuser of rape, I was vocal about her using my Facebook account. I spoke the truth about her --saying only what she herself proclaimed in her book and interviews, and never posted any links or spam. Facebook quietly removed all of my comments around the web, and removed my ability to post any comments on news articles using my FB account.

Now that I have read this article, I see that Facebook is obviously a huge part of the agenda to kill the souls of human beings, through people like Lena Dunham, feminism, abortion, gay and lesbian agendas, pornography, divorce, and now with virtual sex.

Yes, this situation is dire, but not because of the impact on marriages, rape victims, the safety of children (which this device will train the human brain to enjoy sex with children in those already deviant in that regard), and relationships in general. This plan is a huge part of the desire to kill the souls of human beings, who, instead of being told how they can transform themselves into illumined children of God, are being indoctrinated into Satan's lower and reptilian nature, which will lead to their soul's ultimate demise. I will not call these people "Illuminati" as their agenda has to do with Satan (the level of self), not the Illumination of human beings. They are agents of darkness, not light.

Through feminism, gay and lesbianism, and people like Lena Dunham, hese agents of Satan have effectively created a world where men don't want to have sex with most of the women walking around (women who look like men, women who want to be with women), so with this Oculus VR and virtual sex, they will gain strong ground.

I am currently proceeding to cancel my Facebook account in protest of their intellectual despotism by removing my right to criticize Lena Dunahm, and now, because of their Oculus VR. I do not wish to a part of the darkness by keeping my Facebook account open. Imagine if every person cancelled their Facebook account in protest of this?

But they won't. Just like when Lena Dunham went public as a sexual degenerate with children, hardly anyone cancelled their HBO account (I did), or protested to HBO.

These are times when humanity cannot be half way. People will either have to take a serious stance against the dark forces who run the social, and entertainment media, or they will themselves, become a part of the darkness with their silent approval.

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Comments for "Virtual Sex Will Put Porn on Steroids"

LC said (April 13, 2015):

Excellent article -- but the illustration you selected does not do justice to the current "state of the art" in virtual reality.

Check out The Glyph:

Note the sleek design and how the audio input is smoothly integrated into the head piece.

This bring the world forecast by the movie "VideoDrome" to reality. A further refinement will be when we will be able to feel whatever is recorded, by wearing a sensory helmet, as predicted in "Brainstorm."

I am sure this is right around the corner. When it happens, humanity's descent will be on the fast track.

Nathan said (April 11, 2015):

I find it ironic that persons of Japanese descent are involved in the promotion of this type of satanic technology. Especially considering the depopulation threats they are facing.

And this is but a few articles.
Now I can understand a non Japanese person promoting this nonsense but a Japanese individual? Mind boggling?!
But many have sold themselves for less for less reason.

Dan said (April 9, 2015):

Much indebted to AG for the tip that the first commercially viable VR Oculus (or 'octopus' I call it) is now a subsidiary of FACEBOOK.
Today FACEBOOK and Youtube merely silence voices of reason by deleting them, but it won't stop there.

Also AG gives clear evidence of how 'social media' arbitrarily gags any user that's not regurgitating programming. We're supposed to react to VR Oculus with "Kewel, where can I get it?

Now suckers won't just be gleefully spilliing their thoughts and revealing their social networks to the NSA - users of VR they'll be sharing the 'virtual' sex crimes they'll commit - in their minds.

We're being reprogrammed from the old guilt based societies of Western Civilization to the shame based societies East Asia.

The guilt based mindset refrains from doing something because it is wrong. The shame based mindset only refrains if they think they'll get caught.

Fred said (April 8, 2015):

Second Timothy 3:1-3 says in the last days, men shall be lovers of themselves and “lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.”

Dan said (April 8, 2015):

In an interview with WIRED magazine in 1993 Clark said, "sure. I can envision an era of total couch potatoes, when we have our legs amputated because it just wastes energy to keep them functioning".

But I'll tell you what. 'Virtual sex' will be just as frustrating as any previous porn. Since it's not real, the masturbator is driven to ever more extreme fantasy to achieve climax. That's a primary reason that pornography is addictive. It's the kind of addiction in which not only must the 'fix' be repeated, but the 'dose' must also be increased. In the case of pornography more extreme scenarios progress from the merely deviant to the criminal. That doesn't change with the technology used to deliver the content.

Pornography addiction begins with masturbation addiction, which is why Organized Sodomy is bent on teaching masturbation in grade school. Since masturbation invariably leads to compulsion to 'act out' (aka 'fulfill') the fantasies, they expect more youth will succumb to seduction by adult perverts.

They are in fact under a strange mass delusion that's been called 'the Mystery of Iniquity'. Why is it wrong? It's wrong because an addict is completely blind to anything but getting their fix. That's how the psychopathic 'Sexologist' Alfred Kinsey could interpret "fighting off the 'partner', crying, screaming, convulsions" of 'subjects' being 'stimulated' by adults as proof of 'orgasm' and call that a "pleasurable, bonding experience".

Masturbation isn't 'cathartic'. On the contrary, it's the engine of sex addiction.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at