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Brazil's Marxist Schools Harbinger for West?

May 23, 2015

(Left, Brazil schools named after phoney Communist icons) 

Marcos, from Sao Paulo, expresses the 
despair of parents who witness the 
indoctrination of their children 
in state schools.

Brazil is the end result of dangerous trends clearly apparent in the West.

by Marcos

Parents in Marxist-driven countries such as Brazil are delivering their kids to the wolves every time they send their kids to school. 

What can you say about a country that tried to provide textbooks and DVDs depicting gay relationships to six and seven years olds? The initiative was blocked by a Christian Congressmen, after the materials were about to be shipped. The "Ministry of Education" provides manifestos against the patriarchy, capitalism and the white western culture. Instead of studying the classics, white kids are required to learn about religious beliefs and dances from African and indian tribes. They're taught they're responsible for slavery that happened 150 years ago.

PF.jpgPaulo Freire, left, who died in 1997, is the mind behind Brazilian education. He was a Communist who stole the literacy teaching method from Frank Charles Laubach, an American missionary and linguistic genius, and adapted the lessons for the teaching of Marxism to the poor. Every teacher in Brazil must study his books and most adopt his radical views that education should indoctrinate people.  


Obviously, a free and critical education is a noble goal, but there are people outside schools who are happy. People with less education are usually more conservative and family focused. They rely on common sense and many are successful in jobs that only require on-the-job training. In a time when plumbers make more money than philosophy majors, this should be easy to see.

However, this is a no-no for Marxists who want 100% of the population in schools to be indoctrinated. It is a common measure to just let students move ahead to the next grade, even if they fail the tests. What matters is pushing kids into the system.

As result, the mass of students graduate from high school without any real qualifications, intellectual or in the form of employable skills. They only have 12 years of political indoctrination. When it's time to apply for college, mediocre students can enter by using racial or social quotas. The whole class is dumbed down to the lowest level. It really doesn't matter because often any poor thesis on Leftist issues is a guarantee of a diploma.

In this way, the Marxists are assured that main positions in journalism, education (pedagogy), history and sociology (the social pundits) and philosophy are filled by faithful militants. These areas are important because they provide the analysis of the current situation and point to solutions in the future. Of course, the solution will always be more Marxism and involvement in the agenda of the new world order. The whole scheme works efficiently because it is self-perpetuating.


In a May 2015 ranking, Brazil placed 60th of 76 countries, only ahead of miserable Fourth World nations, in spite of massive investments in the school system. In 2014, an OECD ranking placed the country in position number 35 among 36 nations. Of course, useless Masters and PhDs diplomas in Marxist political sciences will not help the real economy, Representatives of Engineering Associations asked the government NOT to build any more engineering schools, because new students simply didn't have the mathematical skills required for the course and were forcing universities to teach high school math all over again.  Scientists and engineers? Let China provide them.

The atmosphere in the schools is awful. Last week, a 12 year-old girl was raped in a bathroom by three teenage students. Teachers are attacked and beaten on a regular basis. Sexual promiscuity is promoted as a cultural norm. 


A recent survey indicated that only 12% of parents follow their kids educational routine and help with homework. The majority simply doesn't take the time to check the texts and books their children are reading. We have to remember that students are vulnerable to peer pressure, fear of being ostracized and ridiculed by the teacher and also of failing. They don't have the emotional maturity and strength to challenge this indoctrination. We have to help them, and even though there are some political initiatives against this  onslaught (such as Escola Sem Partido NGO - Schools Without Political Parties), we don't expect they will be successful. Let's take the matter into our hands.

Few parents can afford the luxury of homeschooling. Most have to send their kids to school, and the government wants them in day care from the crib.  The only defence we have is to talk to our children. Check whatever materials they are reading. Ask questions. Take your time and present an alternative view. Show them movies (it is easy now with Youtube), buy them books with a conservative approach. Teach them to think independently and to ask pertinent questions. This will take time and effort. You will have to stay away from stupid entertainment developed by the globalists to waste your family time, such as sports, video games and reality TV. You will also have to invest in your own self-development, through systematic reading and research.

Parental authority is biologically ingrained in the brains of kids. Children will respect the opinion of a loving and involved parent. That's why Marxists hate it and why we have to take advantage of it while we can.


Makow Note:  Anyone who thinks the BRICS represent an alternative to the NWO should remember that the "B" in BRC is Brazil. 

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Comments for "Brazil's Marxist Schools Harbinger for West? "

Tony B said (May 24, 2015):

Schooling is not education. There are various ways to become "educated" and various ways of understanding. One person's education is another person's waste of time.

Those things which are honestly important to life are simple to learn for almost everyone while schooling always was and always will be a form of mind control.

For instance, when all children are forced into these dungeons from hell, they are all forced to study and learn exactly the same things. This means that everything else in the whole wide world that can be learned is not allowed to be learned by them as their time is already taken up by force. Therefore, the few who create the curriculum are the controllers of what people will know.

Anyone who can escape schooling should be highly encouraged to do so. All children learn mountains more of worthwhile information simply by watching and listening to what their parents do and say than they ever will by mandated schooling. Why close out practically the whole world from a child's mind for the sake of what someone else, who doesn't care a whit about your child, forces into his/her mind?

SL said (May 23, 2015):

To say that home schooling is a luxury is not entirely true, in my opinion. Sure, there're lots of expensive curricula, educational materials and tutors out there to buy, but you don't have to go that route. If you have a library nearby and internet at your fingertips, an education for your kid is practically free or very low-cost.There're websites that have free curricula as well. Here's one: Join your local home school group for support and advice from other home schooling parents. The one I joined organizes field trips every month, get-togethers for the kids to meet and play and classes for things like art, music and P.E. Even without all this, education can easily take place at home.

I think a lot of parents are intimidated by the prospect of teaching their own kids - I know I was! But if you think about the risks of sending your kids to school, it's just a no-brainer to keep them at home under your own influence and tutelage. You don't need an education background or degree to teach kids. It's not always a smooth ride to home school, but it's a real joy. Parenting is a hard job to begin with, to raise a person to be God-fearing (in our case), have integrity, be responsible and be thinking adults. Then again, it's not rocket science either. Get a dry erase board, handwriting paper and markers for teaching letters and numbers. Work with flash cards, manipulatives and games for math. Always use explicit phonics to teach reading and check out some good library books regularly, since it's free. By the time they're 10 or so, they'll start doing independent study because they'll be able to teach themselves.

YN said (May 23, 2015):

In all my years in the Israeli system, we were never thought to think for ourselves/critically,
but rather the entire state apparatus is mystical down to absurdities that an intelligent child notes quite immediately and celebrates promiscuity since the 1920s, and since the 1990
this has focused on celebrating LGBT. Thus not surprising that Tel-Aviv has surpassed San-Francisco on this field.

But then the EU is also like this since 1968 - utter confusion and deception of basic terms - turning northern Europe to jungle imbecility:

Opinion = Hallucination (both are unsubstantiated concrete claims).
Tolerance = Masochism (both are self-defeating orientations).
Socialism = imposition of Retardedness by means of Fascism.
Eurabia = White-trash.
EMEA = Narco-nigerization of the white trash.
Mason/illuminati = Islam

Robert K said (May 23, 2015):

"What can you say about a country that tried to provide textbooks and DVDs depicting gay relationships to six and seven years olds?" It seems as if Marcos doesn't realize that Brazil is not unique in this respect. Canada is pushing this in a big way, led by Quebec and Ontario. In the latter province the former Deputy Minister of Education has recently admitted guilt and been convicted on serious child pornography charges.

Anybody who is familiar with how higher university degrees are obtained and protected in the West knows that the safe course is to employ Marxist terminology and concepts. This has been going on for decades; I was in university (in conservative Alberta!) in the 1960s and it was definitely the case even then.

CH said (May 23, 2015):

I would only point out that we have this in Ontario schools now and those with an agenda are pushing for more.

Diversity and the PC agenda mean chasing down the last child. This is sick and evil. So many people are asleep.

Victimhood tournaments, anti-bullying as the new bullying, LBGT: taking offense to give offence, hate crime as thought crime, SJW’s: a cacophony of envy and rancour, anti-racism as a codeword for anti-white, microaggressions:– anything to make the STATE bully someone else to pay and obey without consent. Stop working, start complaining and look to the state.

There will be visible consequences: for economic productivity, reciprocity in personal life, lower educational standards and cultural involvement, declining social responsibility, crime and cynicism in public and private interactions, corruption and state coercion, racial conflict, ugliness in daily life. You believe you can coerce and control everything through state force indefinitely without consequence. You can’t: the failures, poverty, ugliness, and collapse of communism demonstrated that.

Fleecing the productive is a sure way to make the productive disappear or at least foster the parasitic mindset to steal, lie, coerce and destroy. There’s never a problem that someone else shouldn’t be compelled to fix (taxpayers) and never a failure that more government won’t solve. It must be stopped.

Thanks CH

Surprised you didn't mention the sex ed curriculum which is key to sexualizing and degrading the new generation.


Al Thompson said (May 23, 2015):

A free public school system is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. These schools should be shut down as they are only brainwashing interment camps for lower learning. Any parent who subjects their children to the idiocy of "education" is not doing their children a good service. Free public education is not admirable nor is it noble. It is a depraved activity foisted upon innocent children.

Most education today is nothing more than a communist training camp, where perfectly good children are having their minds twisted on a daily basis. The mother or father should stay at home and teach their children and be responsible for what they learn. To allow some communist-libtard jerk to teach children anything is a complete abomination.

This is already happening in the US and Canada, and at public schools throughout the world. This is what happens when people don't take responsibility for their own children. A mother or father should stay at home with the children at all times. The world is just too dangerous to send them to any institution of lower learning.

Communism, socialism, and fascism have nothing to offer and none of it benefits mankind. These political systems are twisted and have no value and the best thing to do is to avoid them.

IL said (May 23, 2015):

There are a number of fundamental issues related to public schooling. The primary issue is: You have to have intelligent parents, to have intelligent children.

Bottom line, if you can’t afford to have more than one child so that both parents have to work to survive. Stop having children. It’s selfish to turn your children over to the ‘state’ to be educated or to a daycare facility because you have to work full time. People have to stop using this ‘work’ excuse as a reason shirk their responsibility to the soul that they have brought in to this world.

An intelligent and conscious person assesses their economic conditions and determines whether they are capable of caring for their future child within the context of the prevailing socio-economic-political structures in which they live. There is no spiritual evolution taking place by selfishly, having sex and producing children that you cannot educate or care for, in the home.

An intelligent and conscious person/parent would understand that they do not have the ‘right’ to procreate when the consequences of bearing a child is so profound. Children are spiritual beings, not state assets.

If you are not intelligent enough to educate and raise your own child…then don’t have one. We are not here for expressing biological imperatives. Focus on cultivating your own spiritual growth and help others to ‘wake up.’

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