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Illuminati Plot to Destroy Boy Scouts

May 25, 2015


The illuminati is a satanic cult that controls us by making us sick. 

Boys need male role models. Homosexuality is a developmental disorder 

Having homosexual scout masters is designed to pervert youth. 
BSA President Robert Gates, a former US Defence Secretary and 
member of the CFR is leading this attack on gender.  

by  Paul Ahnert

On Thursday, the Boy Scouts of America convened it's annual convention in Atlanta GA.  President Robert Gates addressed the convention and urged the BSA to reverse it's ban on homosexual scoutmasters. As part of his remarks, Gates claimed that court challenges to the ban would be inevitable, costly and ultimately lead to the collapse of the organization.  

Gates went on to explain that, though he had planned on not addressing the proposed policy change, the culture and laws had changed so dramatically and so quickly over the past year, he felt he had no choice.  Gates did address the concern that many churches serve as charter organizations and would not continue to sponsor a program that allowed openly homosexual men to serve as scoutmasters.  In concession, Gates suggested that each charter would be able to determine it's own policy concerning who would be able to lead within that charter.  Gates also claimed to have no hidden agenda, only the best interests of Scouting going forward.


    This pronouncement comes on the heels of an historic policy change 2 years ago, when the BSA voted to lift the ban on gay scouts.  Citing financial concerns, BSA voted to reverse it's 103 year policy to ban homosexuals from the organization.  Many major donors threatened to withdraw funding if the BSA continued to exclude membership based on sexual preference, or so the leadership council claimed. 

 In 2013, BSA voted to allow gay youth to join as scouts, but did not address the issue of gay leaders, leaving the ban on gay scoutmasters in effect.  Some families viewed this change as an endorsement of a lifestyle they believed to be morally wrong and withdrew from membership, my family included. Click here for my blog on the 2013 policy change

    The vote did not have the desired effect, as many of the donors that were threatening to withdraw funding felt that the council did not go far enough by not allowing gay leaders to join the organization.  Some churches withdrew support and charters due to the policy change, leaving troops to find new charters and meeting places.  Though few people believed that the vote in 2013 was the end of the matter, the change managed to anger those on both sides of the issue and accomplished no real benefit to Scouting as a whole.  


     Robert Gates (center) seems to be an unlikely choice to lead the Boy Scouts of America.  Gates came to national prominence when President George W. Bush appointed him to the position of Secretary of Defense in 2006. Gates served in that position until his retirement in 2011.  Prior to that appointment, Gates served as a high ranking official in the CIA and withdrew his name from consideration for the post of CIA Director in 1987, due to his role in the Iran-Contra affair.  Gates also served on the Council on Foreign Relations as a task force co-chair.  

     Robert Gates' ties to both Bush presidents and the current administration, together with his membership in the CFR leaves little doubt that he is a globalist.  One major goal of the globalist agenda is to destroy the foundation of family values in order to usher in a New World Order under a centralized government.  

     Globalists aim to undermine faith and Biblical truth, believing these to be obstacles to achieving world dominance.  Interestingly, in 2010, Robert Gates was named MTV University's Man of the Year, while Nicki Minaj was named Woman of the Year.  MTV U cited the fact that Gates led the way to ending the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy in the United States Military as one of the reasons he was chosen for the honor.  


     One major result will be open access to young boys by sexual predators.  The Guide to Safe Scouting is the main safeguard against predators, but the Guide only protects from predators who have been previously caught.  Putting men in charge of a Girl Scout troop would be unthinkable as common sense dictates men have no place leading girls in an overnight outing such as a campout or backpacking trip.  Why would the same common sense not apply to not allowing men who are sexually attracted to males from being banned from Boy Scouts?  

     Financial stability and strength is cited as a probable result of policy change.  There may well be an initial influx of money from godless donors with progressive views, but the cost, in the long run, due to decreased membership and loss of support from major faith based institutions such as the Southern Baptist Convention and the Mormon Church could very well offset any financial benefit.  Churches will be forced to kick Scout troops out of their buildings. 

    A major consequence to this proposed policy change will be to the spiritual aspect of scouting.  Faith in God is foundational to scouting.  Spiritual instruction will be monitored and ultimately abolished in fear of offending those who have chosen to engage in activity that is plainly condemned in the Bible.  Currently, Christians, Jews and Muslims co-exist in the scouting community, all of whom condemn homosexual behavior due to religious convictions.  People of faith will be forced to accept sin or leave.

    The Bible teaches that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  Scouting, which requires a belief in God and declares a scout must be "morally straight" cannot allow open homosexuals in place of leadership without creating an identity crises.  How can an organization have leaders whose very lifestyle contradicts the tenants of that organization.  This is a recipe for disaster and can only lead to the BSA collapsing in on itself.


    Gates claimed that he is trying to preempt debilitating court challenges to BSA's current policy.  Gates is being disingenuous at best, as he must know that in 2000, the BSA won a Supreme Court decision allowing them to ban homosexuals.   Gates' claims to not have a hidden agenda is also questionable as he presided over the United States Military's transition from "Don't ask, don't tell" to open service for homosexuals.  According to a study by the Pentagon, sexual assault has increased in the U.S. Military 64% since 2006.  Remember, 2006 was the year that Robert Gates became Secretary of Defense, a very interesting coincidence, if you believe in coincidences.  

     According to GQ magazine, men in the military are increasingly falling victim to same sex sexual assault. Click here to read GQ article. According to GQ, more than half the sexual assault victims in the military are men.  This is directly related to the military's policy change on homosexual behavior. Is this the same kind of change that Scout President Gates wants to bring to the Boy Scouts of America?  For a man that claims to "not have a hidden agenda", Gates appears to be the right man to preside over these destructive changes in the BSA.


   As I consider what the response should be for people of faith, I cannot help but think of Revelation 18:4 ...Come out of her my people that you will not share in any of her sins.  Christians cannot remain in an organization that claims to be of God and blatantly spits in God's face.

Churches and people of faith must oppose any policy change that would allow homosexuals to serve as scout leaders in the BSA.  Churches and people of faith must cut ties with the BSA if it chooses to remove the ban on gay leaders.  This should be a non negotiable issue.  God calls us to be in the world, but not of the world.  

As society continues to slide farther and farther from God, His people will have to make tough decisions to not participate in organizations that promote sin. Our primary agenda as believers is to honor God.  The Boy Scouts of America cannot honor God if it changes policies to allow homosexual men to serve as scoutmasters. 

 Our primary agenda as parents is to protect our children and allowing openly gay men an opportunity to go camping with your boy does not seem like the best way to protect your child.  Pray for the BSA and the families that are involved.  Pray that Robert Gates is not successful in promoting his pro gay agenda. Pray for Robert Gates that he may have a personal experience with Jesus Christ and that he may come to salvation and a changed heart.  God loves all people and Christ's blood was shed for all sinners, myself included.  

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This degradation of standards was enough for BSA leader John Stemberger to start an alternative scouting program reflective of principle rather than expediency. Called Trail Life USA, its Statement of Values includes this:

Purity: God calls us to lives of holiness, being pure of heart, mind, word and deed. We are to reserve sexual activity for the sanctity of marriage, a lifelong commitment before God between a man and a woman.

Trail Life's Statement of Faith reflects its purpose:

We believe there is One Triune God -- God the Father; Jesus Christ, His one and only Son; and the Holy Spirit -- Creator of the universe and eternally existent. We believe the Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) to be the inspired and authoritative Word of God. We believe each person is created in His image for the purpose of communing with and worshiping God. We believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Who enables us to live godly lives. We believe each of us is called to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We believe God calls us to lives of purity, service, stewardship and integrity. 

Since its creation in the summer of 2013, Trail Life membership exploded, thanks to disaffected former scouts and their parents looking for a place where truth is honored and upheld, rather than attacked and degraded. At present there are more than 20,000 members in over 500 troops in 48 states, with another 300 troops in the process of becoming officially chartered. Its success is also reflected in the drop in membership of the BSA by more than 200,000 just since the change in membership standards was enacted.

Those seeking to raise up their boys in the truth of the God of the Bible thankfully have a place whose mission is to turn boys into men. 
First Comment from Richard Evans: 

When the Boy Scout's board said they'd accept "openly gay" boys two years ago, didn't everybody see this coming?  I spread the word at church that the scout troop could simply sever ties to the BSA organization and continue as they were.   Scout troops are nearly all sponsored by local churches, and fathers and volunteers actually do all the work. Who needs the Central Comintern? I also warned that if our church wouldn't pull out of BSA, parents should pull their sons out immediately, for the handwriting was on the wall.

But nobody did a thing.  Nobody ever does anything anymore.  They think they can just ignore things like this, and "well, that won't happen in this neighborhood..."   Fools!

Two years ago was the last chance to put a stop to the queering of the BSA.  Massive cancellation of Troop memberships would have threatened to collapse the organization -- and GOOD RIDDANCE. They're nothing but brand.  They don't own the forests, lakes and camp grounds.  They don't own anything but logo - which now will have a BIG FAT RAINBOW smeared across it.

I have no respect for any father that would keep his son in BSA now.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Illuminati Plot to Destroy Boy Scouts "

FB said (May 26, 2015):

Regarding the treacherous and evil plot to destroy our young men and boys in the Boy Scouts of America I submit the following comment to be posted at your discretion:


It would be more profitable for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were hurled into the sea than that he should cause to sin or be a snare to one of these little ones [lowly in rank or influence].

Thank you sir,

Pilgrim and Sojourner

Stephen Coleman said (May 26, 2015):

I was a boy scout, den chief, patrol and senior patrol leader. Later I got my wood badge and was an assistant scout master. My father was a scout master and I am the father of an eagle scout. I personally got more out of boy scouts one night a week and one weekend per month than I got out of 5 days a week in high school. I would look forward to next year's scout camp or 50 mile hike with such enthusiasm that I could hardly contain myself.

Wish I could say that for public high school, it really sucked.

It is a shame that BSA is degenerating to the point that parents are withdrawing their sons because they feel it is now creating more harm than good.

Stephen Coleman

Elaine said (May 26, 2015):

Robert Gates is a member of the exclusive band of elite that must destroy all semblance of Christianity, so their Agenda of a new world
global "disorder" can be put into place. God and Christianity must be eradicated from any and all organizations in our country, in order to
make sure that every area of society is compromised and adulterated with the scourge of immorality and perversion, that includes the Boy
Scouts. Nothing can be tolerated that smacks of God or Christianity.

That is why these same perverts have gone after the Catholic Church and infiltrated it, as they have infiltrated every area of government. The Agenda that is being imposed upon our country is not one that allows individual freedom. No, all must belong to the "collective" and anyone
not conforming will be neutralized as is the norm in every Communist, Marxist country. It also means that there will be a One World Religion.
They must have control of the Catholic Church in order to implement a one world religion, since it is the biggest transnational church, and
the oldest in the world. Making sure it is compromised from the inside is essential which is why these same elites have subverted the Church
with homosexuality - by controlling the seminaries. Nothing escapes their trap to destroy all morals and impose depravity, evil and destruction.

BR said (May 24, 2015):

Since I come from a very perverse country ("Israel"), having stumbled on so many perverts at work, studies, society, politics, media and military service, I draw several systematic conclusions on the subject matter of this email's title.

I think that Homosexuality vs. Sexual Confusion
are two important phenomena apart, where the latter complements the former in distorting society.

Thus I find that the purposes of confusing people of ALL ages
in to LGBT lookalikes are:
1. To camouflage the real perverts in public and in generic social circles.
2. To weaken the masculine and feminine characters,
by means of 'learning by doing',
thus making society much more controllable:
2.1 Turning the men docile.
2.2 Turning the children in to state indoctrination [Aaron Russo].

The way to restore Heterosexuality is to keep society under a dogmatic Heterosexual regime for generations (perpetuity?)- till all born humans are from a tranquil Pregnancy and are exposed only to Heterosexual exemplary behavior
e.g. NO females in "leadership", "police" or aggressive sports.

James C said (May 24, 2015):

The definition of perversion is "the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

The world is awash with men and women whose intent is to normalize sexual perversion. They are by definition perverts. What parent in their right mind would knowingly encourage and allow their sons to be guided by a pervert? It would be a form of child abuse. Perverts are by definition immoral people.

Scouting is all about character building. Part of the Boy Scout Oath is that the Scout is "Morally Straight".

He is also to be "Trustworthy" - to be trusted and tell the truth always.

The perverts are planning to compel all boys and scoutmasters to be liars if they are homosexuals. That is totally against the Scout Law.

This has nothing to do with character building of young boys.The Boy Scouts of America can't have it both ways if they choose to condone perversion.

By so doing, the movement will soon cease to exist.

James, a former Scout and Scoutmaster

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