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Dr. Benjamin Spock- Did Subversion Start in the Cradle?

June 30, 2015

(Left. Parenting authority Benjamin Spock, 1903-1998, 
with one of his two sons.)

"The future of a country is based upon its children. 
Destroy the children and the country is doomed." 

Dr. Benjamin Spock's baby and 
childcare book was the bible of baby boomer parents. Did it help create a 
generation of self-indulgent misfits and rebels? 

Makow comment: As a baby boomer, my life was warped by Illuminati 'social engineering' (perversion & dysfunction.) And it wasn't only feminism and sexual "liberation." It began in the cradle. My father didn't let my mother feed me when I was hungry. Naturally, I grew up feeling unloved and I made trouble. However, was this really Spock's teaching?  According to this obit, he didn't advocate a rigid feeding schedule or letting babies cry. Another outline of his teachings also sounds pretty benevolent. The fact the Illuminati media hyped Spock raises suspicion. Are they distorting his true legacy now? Was he a positive or negative influence?  Is this attack on him in terms of the Jewish Conspiracy valid? We need to study his writing from this perspective.

"How could a medical professional recommend a path that leads to certain destruction of baby, child, and family?" Dr. "Wu Tao-Wei" asks.

 Dr. Wu Tao-Wei is a pseudonym for Gregory Delaney, aka Banjo Billy, owner and editor of the Bamboo Publishing Company, based out of Saratoga, California since 1998.   This article is something of a hoax yet the fact that it is plausible and credible makes it worth considering. 

by Dr. "Wu Tao-Wei"
Dr. Benjamin Spock - Seducer of Mommy and Child 
(Abridged by 

When I first began my studies of Western Medicine and Culture, I read one of the books that was famous in America as being the ultimate in paediatric wisdom and family guidance -- "Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care" (1946.)

This book is what the mothers of the "Baby Boomer" generation had studied in order to raise up the present generation of dysfunctional families, homosexuals, transgender perverts, criminals, drug addicts as well as the ordinary people in present day America. So, of course, I was interested in how these mothers managed to do such an excellent job.

After reading the book, I was very much puzzled that a book full of such bad advice could reach such high esteem as to have sold over 30 million copies since 1946. And as the years passed, I continued to be puzzled because there didn't seem to be any reason why such advice would be deemed so valuable. But as the years went by, I began piecing together the puzzle as I learned of how the Jews control the publishing business and the Medical Monopoly. And the final piece recently fell into place after I read "Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques".

Beginning just after World War Two, Dr. Spock's system of baby and child care was promoted by the Jewish publishers and physicians as the ultimate guide for young mothers. It was written by a young Dr. Benjamin Spock who had learned from a Jewish paediatric college how to raise children. 

And of course, his studies included a hefty dose of that great Jewish quack and pervert known as Sigmund Freud. Freud's usefulness in the destruction of Western Culture was not lost on his fellow Jews so you will find his books also well advertised and widely distributed.

Not having any children of his own at that time, Dr. Spock gained his vast knowledge of how children are to be "cared for" from Freudian psychology [from] his Jewish professors. 

This was very embarrassing to Dr. Spock. But along with his publishers, he managed to overcome this minor inconvenience. And in a 1986 interview that "My book's main effect was that parents realized they didn't have to intimidate their children the way I was intimidated as a child by my sternly disapproving mother." [SF Chronicle, 3/17/86] 


In Chinese Culture, the knowledge of how to raise children is, of course, found among the mothers, themselves. And these Chinese mothers are taught from the earliest days of their childhoods to respect and to ask advice from their elders. And from what better source could a young mother seek advice about raising her children than from her own mother and grandmother and aunts and cousins and sisters all of whom had had their own children and who were qualified to give such advice?

Women love to talk about their children. Sisterly love and joy is generated among women as they talk such talk and fine-tune their experiences. The wisdom of the ages is passed down through such talk. And through such talk, China has successfully raised a population of over a billion people who, except for the Communists among them, are generally well developed and socially content. So, wouldn't you agree that in raising children the Chinese People must be doing something right?

And so, when I first read Dr. Spock's book, I was puzzled that he would flatter his readers with such vain advice as "You are smarter than you think." And he claimed that these young mothers were so smart, that they wouldn't need any other advice except what he provided in his book. 

Further, he recommended that these young mothers NOT listen to the advice from their own mothers on how to raise a child but, rather, to rely upon their own lack of experience and foolishness and to trust in his judgment. [He did say "trust your instincts."-HM] Feeding the child on animal milk and sugar from a plastic nipple instead of breast-feeding; putting the little baby all alone in a little barred and prison-like crib instead of sleeping with Mommy and Daddy; cruelly ignoring the baby's cries until its cries turned into shrieks -- these and many other cruel methods were advocated by this "expert" in child care. "How could a medical professional recommend a path that leads to certain destruction of baby, child, and family?" I wondered.

But when I had first read this book many years ago, I did not know that Communism is a Jewish swindle or that Jewish doctors are forbidden to heal a non-Jew of any disease.[This seems unlikely as well as unfeasible- HM] I did not know that Jews dominate the publishing business and the Media or that the Medical Monopoly is a Jewish monopoly. And so, in my medical notes I merely put aside my reservations about Dr. Spock's bad advice and went on to other studies.

But his book kept popping up wherever I went. It was in bins of used books and libraries. It was on the book shelves of American families that I visited. It was promoted by the Jewish publishers years and years after most books of the type were discontinued. So, it really never left that little question mark in my mind's eye. Yes, we were reminded everywhere that Dr. Spock was the greatest. 

And to further imbed this great genius in the American psyche, the Jewish writer of the Jewish television series known as "Star Trek" named his great Vulcan science officer, Spock -- played by a Jewish actor giving the splay-fingered rabbinic salute. And so, the Baby Boomers, themselves, were trained throughout their teens and early adult years to revere this "great" name of Spock. And if you revere someone, you don't question their motives or their actions. They are beyond reproof.

But it was only recently, after reading "Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques", that all the pieces of the puzzle came together. And the vastness and diabolical depths of the Jewish conspiracy against America and against Mankind came into focus.

The future of a country is based upon its children. Destroy the children and the country is doomed. It takes a truly cowardly and demonic sort of person to attack, deceive and betray little children. But it is being done in the American, the European and the Australian schools today. And the next best attack is to deceive, betray and swindle the mothers of those children. And the next best attack is to deceive and betray the doctors who advise the mothers of those children. And then to sell the children candy and junk food and fill their minds with televised pornography and violence! Oh, these evil monsters posing as saints and righteous people! Oh, these Jews!


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First Comment from Diane:

And to add to Spock, now we will have a whole generation of children with attachment disorder, thanks to Dr. Richard Ferber, whose  commonly used "Ferberizing" philosophy, to be used at baby bedtime is to let your baby "cry it out", to leave your baby in his room awake, and let him self soothe himself to sleep, "training him" to soothe himself to sleep beginning when he's between 3 and 5 months of age.He recommends following a warm, loving bedtime routine and then putting your baby in bed awake and leaving him (even if he cries) for gradually longer periods of time. Putting a child to bed awake, says Ferber, is crucial to successfully teaching him to go to sleep on his own.

I have talked with my Mommy friends over the years that suffer through Ferberizing---their intuition tells them its wrong. I never could do this, I slept in a recliner in my kids room so they would know I was there, until they went to sleep. Until they were each four or five years old, I don't care what anyone thinks. 

Especially interesting is that my Chinese neighbors, we have kids the same age, think Ferberizing is basically child abuse.  No wonder the Chinese think Americans are so neurotic, we are not following our hearts and intuition about child rearing, but instead, what we are told by others we should do or what is right or healthy.
By the way, two babies have died of the Ferberizing method, one of aspirating on his own vomit from crying so much, the other from shock. Yet millions of moms continue to use it. I honestly think so many women have to return to work at this time (maternity leave ending) , they are scared and confused about what to do. If only we had our parents staying at our home like the Asians do, to help with the transition.

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Comments for " Dr. Benjamin Spock- Did Subversion Start in the Cradle?"

Joe Ortiz said (July 1, 2015):

Henry, no one can guarantee how any child will turn out, whether they are raised in or out of church. However, we can train a child on how to seek and gain the wisdom he or she needs to make good and righteous decisions. Religionists (mainly Christians) will always use that one phrase in the Bible when giving their opinion as to how a child should be trained, found in Proverbs 22:6: Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it," and then go on their merry way!

Unfortunately even many Christians cannot explain what that verse means. However, those who read and study the Bible will have an upper hand in dealing with their kids, and all of humanity, as well. If any parents in your audience would like a little help to best understand this historical conundrum, they may be interested in reading the attached article Wisdom and Child Rearing.

KJ said (July 1, 2015):

My son could not sleep at night. I could not let him cry it out. I finally found a book by William Sears about sleep problems. He said to buy a King size bed and sleep together. So I did and never had the problem again.

Mike B said (July 1, 2015):

Dr Wu gives a link to' Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques', which supplements The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.The included address of Beria, an arch Satanist, is chilling; and his thoughts were implemented. The social engineering through forced celebrity like Dr Spock is mostly preliminary. In the US they have their bolsheviks and useful idiots in place, they have a police army comparable to Cheka,(DHS), they have their NSA lists of subversives, their anti freedom laws are on the books and they have control of the media including ability to modify or shut down the internet. Nest comes what is comparable to the Red Terror that swept the Soviet Union. All happening because the majority choose political correctness; going along with the program. Recognizing the truth would negatively impact some cherished beliefs, like the security of freedoms and the existence of a democratic republic. In any case it should be known that communism never resembled the state suggested and implied by Marx and popular socialists. Rather, this western banker supported system has always been Collectivism, which is just a feudal setup with and for a small controlling elite on the top.

James Perloff said (July 1, 2015):

The mainstream media’s hyping of this guy tells it all. Part of the Illuminati paradigm of using “experts” to advance agendas. (“Experts” say that man evolved from bacteria, that your body needs dozens of mercury laced-vaccines, that bombing Arabs protects us from terrorism, etc.) Should have been called “Dr. Schlock.”

JM said (June 30, 2015):

This article strikes a chord with me. I've been doing a lot of my own work uncovering my past and how it played out in adulthood. One of the greatest authors I have found on this subject is the late Alice Miller. Her books "The Drama of the Gifted Child" and "The Body Never Lies" have changed my life for the better. I recommend any of her books.

Tony B said (June 30, 2015):

My kids are "baby boomers" but I grew up in an orphanage largely run by "Pennsylvania Dutch," i.e., German stock people whose basic rule was the biblical "spare the rod and spoil the child." I was already past being a baby when I got there but their philosophy stuck. Discipline was strict but no one was ever denied food or other bodily needs.

When I had my own kids Spock's nonsense was commonly promoted but the people I knew mostly thought it was lunacy and derided it.

Many years later I read that Spock's wife remarked that he was the worst father imaginable. The suicide of his daughter was well hidden from the public; me anyway, this is the first I've seen it

Al Thompson said (June 30, 2015):

This is a very good article. The problem with people like Spock is that they rely upon junk science such as psychology as a foundation for their stupid ideas. This article confirms something for me when my sons was an infant. The pediatrician we had seemed to be a jerk. My son would cry right after his feeding and the doctor told me "just let him cry" until the next feeding. I told the doctor something like, "that's a great idea, however, I'm going to bring him over to your house and let him cry there." Doctor wouldn't let me bring him over to his house. I told my wife he's hungry and we're going to give him something to eat. We got him a little cereal and gave him one or two spoonfuls and he slept most of the night.

Baby's get hungry, and the "formula" isn't enough. They need food. So it makes more sense to me after reading this article. The Talmudic-Jews like to torture the goyim babies. Heck, they do it to their own. This furthers the case against any type of religion because I don't think God is that stupid to institute such nonsense.

The other problem in society today is the fact that young people don't respect the older people and refuse to learn from them. This is a tragedy. Chinese people seem more willing to learn from the elders.

I think parents should just use more common sense and right reason, rather than trying to learn anything from the idiots in the media. They really have nothing to offer anyone and they just add to the confusion.

The problem here is that most "western cultures" give too much credibility to the "authority." They think that they can pass off their problems to other "professionals" without questioning the validity of their doctrines and teachings. This is where people get themselves into a lot of troubles. People should question everything.

Art said (June 30, 2015):

I sympathize with you, my dear mother driven by the same misguidance used to let me cry in vain for food.

A baby boomer like you, I have been a lifelong hypoglycaemic. Possibly as a result of not being fed timely.

Robert K said (June 30, 2015):

It's axiomatic that any book that enjoys the commercial promotion Dr. Spock's has had will be mischievous and perverting. ["Remember the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism and Nietzscheism".] This is how our mass "culture" operates: Harry Potter, Fifty Shades of Grey, every book on the NYTimes bestseller list, etc.

My wife believed she could stop my children crying to be fed at nighttime by giving them a baby bottle of water rather than milk, on the premise that getting an unsatisfactory reward would cause them to abandon their plaint. This advice she got from her French-Canadian mother and aunts. I thought it was sadistic.

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