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Paul Elam --False Prophet or False Opposition?

June 21, 2015


Unless he's a CIA imposter,
can someone who claims 
leadership of the men's
movement be so clueless?

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By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Paul Elam's website A Voice for Men is the largest "men's rights" site in the world. Elam claims to be a leader of the burgeoning men's movement. Yet he evinces no understanding of the New World Order or its relation to feminism. He hasn't a clue about masculinity. 

I've researched these subjects for 15 years. My work is all over the Internet and in four books. Yet not a word has registered with Elam. Either he's stupid or he's false opposition. I don't think he's stupid.  

If you think this is just injured vanity, consider Elam's beliefs based on his talk "The Plague of Modern Masculinity."

1.   Elam thinks history is determined by "Alpha Males" who succeed in winning the deference of "Beta Males" who impose their will on "Gamma Males." He doesn't realize that these "Alpha Males" are empty suits (front men, argents) empowered by the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel.

 Elam has maintained his website since 2009. Yet, when I googled "Paul Elam" and "Federal Reserve," there were only 2-3 references, none of which I could retrieve. There are barely any references to the NWO or Communism. No references to Satanism, Rothschild, Freemasons or Jews either. 

2. Despite the testimony of Aaron Russo and abundant evidence, Elam thinks feminism was a grassroots movement that expressed genuine feminine grievances. He is unaware these sparks were lit in women's minds by Communist activists and fanned by the Illuminati media. He thinks the "Alpha Males" willingly ceded power to feminists because of women's power of "sex selection" - they decide who gets laid. This is ridiculous.

Elam is "fighting feminism" yet doesn't understand that feminism is social engineering sponsored by the central bankers who create currency as a debt to them.
To protect this fraudulent credit monopoly, the bankers need to pacify and re-engineer humanity by destroying the four pillars of human identity: 1. Religion (God); 2. Race; 3. Nation and 4. Family (gender.)  They do this by promoting one religion (Luciferianism); one race (miscegenation) ; one world government; and one gender. Feminism promotes one gender and undermines family.

3. Elam blames men for feminism because, due to an "outmoded masculinity" men were too forceful in asserting leadership. The true enemy "is staring you in the mirror," he says. But men can forget about dominance now that "the toothpaste is out of the tube." He espouses a neutered male who "goes his own way" except for crusading against misandry in the legal system and trashing feminists online.


The destruction of marriage and family has always been the goal of the satanist (i.e. Masonic Jewish, i.e. Communist) banking cartel. Before the bankers subverted humanity, women consecrated themselves sexually and psychologically for husband and children. The traditional role satisfied their economic and emotional needs and society's need to raise a new generation in a wholesome environment. 

Now women have been brainwashed to seek power instead of love. Instead of empowering men, women emasculate them and become masculine themselves. Deprived of family love, these sex mutants have become a radicalized political force in the hands of the Illuminati bankers.


Masculinity is defined by power. Men must be the leaders in a heterosexual relationship. As I have said, women want love; men want power. The Heterosexual Contract is the exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. If either sex breaks the contract, the union is void. 

But many women have broken the contract by seeking power. They no longer care to love men or know how. At the same time however, there are many women who are still in touch with their natural instincts and want a traditional relationship.

If a man wants children, or permanent caring and companionship, he can marry if he is 100% sure of his choice. A woman expresses love by abdicating power to one man, her husband. If the woman is from a successful traditional marriage and understands the media's toxic influence, she is marriage material.

If a man doesn't want family or a lifelong companion, he can "go his own way."
There is a long tradition of men who pursue their own goals undistracted by the
obligations of marriage and family. Neither path implies a loss of masculinity. 

Women are under constant psychological attack. As a result, marriage is a minefield. Either way, despite what Paul Elam says, masculinity is based on male dominance, or what women refer to as "confidence." Men must assert ownership over wife and children or they will lose interest and women will not respect them. 

Finally, the modern world is the product of the triumphant Judeo Masonic conspiracy. If a "leader" like Paul Elam fails to understand this, he is False Opposition, another example of their divide-and-conquer tactic.


Makow -- Women's Liberation Movement Born in Communist Party of USA
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-------------------- MGTOW- The Flipside of Feminism

Note-  Elam helped pioneer the "MGTOW" (Men Going their Own Way) movement which sees the traditional male role as protector and provider as being a utility. Women don't love men; they use them. However, there is currently a schism in the movement because Elam believes a MGTOW can still be married. A Short History of AVFM and MGTOW (YouTube)

First Comment from Dan;

I'm glad you brought this up Henry.    Whenever I hear the word 'movement' I reach for a loaded gun.

Natural things don't need movements to exist.   The most obvious criticism of the 'women's movement' was that women had men right where they wanted them for hundreds of thousands of years before the 1960's.   The majority of women I've known over the last fifty years didn't appreciate a movement speaking for all women.   But that's what any 'movement' is:  a tiny coterie of malcontents trying to impose their vision on the world by speaking for millions of people they don't know.  Such influence never gets very far unless Big Media picks them up, and saturates the noosphere with them.  You have to ask why a late middle aged, uncharismatic politically incorrect cypher like Elam would be made Poster Boy of this imaginary 'men's movement' on abc TV's '20/20' program in 2013.

Try finding any biographical information on Elam, though -- it's nowhere to be found.  Yet he's been made famous by what I call the "dialectical circle-jerk" of supposed opposition:   Southern Poverty Law Center, JEZEBEL Magazine, Huffington Post, and a host of high-profile Feminazis.

I will go as far as to say Elam and 'A Voice for Men' fits the profile of controlled opposition actors like the late Fred Phelps and his Westboro "Baptist Church".  He doesn't represent me, no thank you.

I quickly noticed the problem with MGTOW is the complete rejection of family (marriage).   A prominent (youtube) proponent of MGTOW is Diana Davidson, whose youtube channel catchphrase is "What we don't want is to return to a traditionalist world". 

Defeating the Marriage Compulsion with MGTOW 


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Comments for " Paul Elam --False Prophet or False Opposition?"

SK said (June 23, 2015):

I enjoy reading your blog however your assessment on Paul Elam seems to be somewhat limited. You seem to advocate returning to traditional hetro sexual roots, however is that really possible with modern feminist women? Maybe it is - I really do not know. PE though I think is working for a bigger broader picture that includes women but is asserting for men's welfare. More important though is PE gets things done! And respected and noted women work with him to accomplish the bigger goal. That itself speaks volumes. Claiming PE may either be stupid or false opposition --only devalues your own work Mr Makow. Please consider this.


Thanks SK

There is no option to the traditional model. Nature does not issue new models every year.

Marrying a feminist is like a Jew marrying an anti semite.
(not original)

PE is CIA. Even his name is phoney.


John B said (June 22, 2015):

As usual you are spot on!

Just look at how Matt O'Connor co-founded, emasculated and co-destroyed "fathers4Justice" in the UK, while milking every molecule of the oxygen of publicity for his other self-centred designs.

I recall clearly his studied disregard in 2003 to Dr. Badsha, outside Court 33 of the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand , London) to the legally-founded and voluntarily -proffered, non money-making, and superbly honed experienced assistance of Dr. Badsha's estimable" Environmental Law Centre." in England.

Rudderless under O'Connor and cabal, F4J sank into oblivion.

Dan said (June 22, 2015):

This morning I noticed a comment by Peter that made me see that 'Elam' spelled backwards is MALE.
Do you suppose that's not his real name?

I expect that it's not. Many if not all the names now associated with MGTOW are inside jokes. Diana Davidson said she served as a moderator on the Voice for Men forum at Elam's request - posing as a male - under the name of Mike Hunt -- say it fast and it's 'my cunt'. She excused this duplicity by saying, "they made me the admin because I was extremely experienced on forums, and they trusted me. I only agreed to do this anonymously, as a male, because that was best for the forum."

Sounds like trolling to me. That's why I quit participating on forums in 2007. They're all a racket, since you can never know whose on the other end.

That's the typical ethics of 'generation X' social networking 'culture'. If you catch one of these people standing over a dead body holding a bloody knife they'd say, "I'm not a killer! That's not me man."

Peter said (June 22, 2015):

That is all it takes, spell the last name backwards and be an idiot.

Alpha Males are useful idiots for the Banksters.
Beta Males are bullies enforcing gangster power over -
Gamma Males, the enslaved masses.

Anyway, that’s what I thought I was looking at. If I am right, then I’m still sane!

Peter Nolan said (June 22, 2015):

I outed Paul as an agent long ago. This was his response.

EB said (June 22, 2015):

Hello. Just read your article on Paul Elam. I find it interesting that his last name spelled backwards is Male considering that hes the leader of the mens rights movement.

Hans said (June 21, 2015):

I always get suspicious when i hear the notion of "Alpha", "Beta" and "Gamma"-males. It is too closely related to Social Darwinism, and reflects a masonic pyramid structure, or a lodge with its gradual degrees.

Most supposed "Alpha-Males" in politics, banking and the media are nothing of the kind, no original thinkers or true leaders, but usually hired and used as the most willing and compliant prostitutes, otherwise they had not been progressing up the ladder.

Everybody who is searching for truth, and who is not afraid of speaking it out, is automatically a winner (or a true "Alpha-Male"), as he has overcome the world and its lies. He does not have to look down on those, who are allegedly "less fit", less rich, less promoted, and "below" him in the system.

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