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Jade Helm: Take Threat of Martial Law Seriously

June 8, 2015


(Disclaimer:  I do not share Jim's concern. The military need to play games. The Illuminati are not going to awaken a gun owning population by declaring martial law when they can continue to manipulate them through the mass media. Nonetheless, Jim makes a good case that is well worth considering.)

(Jim has condensed this from a longer article on his site.)

by James Perloff

Internet traffic is buzzing over JADE HELM, a U.S. military exercise scheduled this summer across Southwestern states, and involving the 82nd Airborne, Navy Seals, Green Berets, and other Special Ops.

The concern that this exercise will transition into martial law IS warranted. But since predicting future political events is as risky as predicting the price of gold, I acknowledge I may be wrong. Anyway, here's what I believe people ought to know:

• No drill this extensive has occurred before. A Jade Helm press release explained, "The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas Special Operations Soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas." This seems disingenuous. The army has been operating in the Middle East continuously for 13 years, and has plenty of desert-terrain experience.

• Jade Helm includes nighttime activities, air drops near towns, and attempts to infiltrate local populations. The May 21 Houston Chronicle reported "soldiers will try to operate undetected amongst civilian populations. . . They're testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover." But if Jade Helm is training for overseas, why "blend in" with Americans? There's a literal world of difference between Red's Bar and Grill and a Syrian mosque.

• Although naysayers assert the drill only involves a "few" states, it is incrementally expanding. Mississippi and Florida are now included, and citizens in states like Michigan and Connecticut have witnessed military drills in their neighbourhoods.

• Jade Helm is unlawful; it violates the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits deploying federal troops in civilian areas (the Constitution allows it for "domestic violence," but that's not the situation).

• The operation's field map has labeled three areas "hostile" - troubling, since they contain populations especially apt to resist martial law: Texas (high gun ownership), Utah (tightly knit Mormons), and southernmost California (known for anti-immigration activism).

• Jade Helm's logo caption, "Master the Human Domain," inspires no confidence.

• Was the so-called "end" of the Iraq War (2011) intended to refocus the military on DOMESTIC objectives? The Council on Foreign Relations (chief Illuminati instrument of U.S. policy control) has a flagship journal, Foreign Affairs. In the May/June 2012 issue, Army Chief of Staff Raymond Odierno published an article, "The U.S. Army in a Time of Transition." He wrote: "I can see clearly that the coming decade will be a vital period of transition for the U.S. Army. . . . The need for U.S. armed forces, and the army in particular, to provide planning, logistical, command-and-control, and equipment support to civil authorities in the event of natural disasters continues to be demonstrated regularly. . . . In the future, it will be increasingly common for the army to operate in environments with both regular military and irregular paramilitary or civilian adversaries, with the potential for terrorism, criminality, and other complications. . . . In addition to combat of all kinds, possible operations in the next several years will include everything from helping victims of a flood to restoring order in a collapsed state with large-scale criminal activity, violence, and perhaps even unconventional weaponry."

• That same year, a massive domestic military buildup began, marked by huge convoys of equipment. 

• Across America, there are reports of nighttime helicopter activity (see my full article). On a personal note, I was recently awoken during the night by regular (about hourly) helicopter noise above our home near Boston. A week later a chopper came so close it shook the house, flashing a spotlight on the ground as it flew by. This is unprecedented in our area.

• According to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Jim Garrow, Obama has a new litmus test for retaining military commanders: whether they will fire on American citizens.  Former Navy Seal Benjamin Smith has confirmed this "litmus test." Blog show host Kevin Blake told me that while in the Air Force in 2012, a Defense Department survey asked if he was willing to fire on American citizens. He theorizes that answers to this question might determine the disposition of certain soldiers.

• Remember when Obama strangely sent troops - not doctors - to "fight Ebola" in Africa? They were enforcing quarantines (i.e., martial law). That's your "army in transition." Here are marines practicing citizen internment.

• Control of criminal activity has traditionally been a local police function. A plan evidently exists to supplant police with the military, who answer to the federal government. I suggest the anti-police rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore, egged on by mainstream media and greatly funded by CFR billionaire George Soros, was designed to catalyze this change. Local police, excessively portrayed as racist by MSM, become unpopular, and get overwhelmed by orchestrated riots, necessitating military intervention.

jade-helm (1).jpg
• Then there are the mysterious Wal-Mart closings. Any critical thinker knows multiple Wal-Marts shouldn't simultaneously close due to "plumbing problems," which will allegedly take six months to fix. CNN Money reported (2004) Wal-Mart received about $1 billion in government subsidies. Now we're seeing numerous army vehicles parked near closed Wal-Marts. In martial law, these Wal-Marts could make ideal supply depots; some believe they will also become processing centers for internees.


Obviously, President Obama couldn't declare martial law without an excuse. Otherwise, even under-informed Americans would resist. Many scenarios have been suggested, including economic collapse, Ebola, World War III, alien attack (fake or real) or asteroid strike. I believe recent patterns most likely suggest that a one-two punch would usher in martial law: (1) ISIS; (2) a geo-engineered catastrophe.

The Illuminati have invested much in conditioning the public to fear ISIS, beginning with the viral beheading videos, then several false-flag events: Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen, Garland, and last week Boston. None of the accused in any of these incidents lived to tell their side. In Garland, the alleged terrorists were dead 15 seconds after the incident began.

By staging multiple ISIS false-flags attacks, probably simultaneously, across America this summer, a nationwide police state (as in France after Charlie Hebdo) and lockdown (as in Watertown, Mass. during the Tsarnaev search) could be instituted.

Focus would then transition from ISIS to citizens. Jade Helm Special Ops, having infiltrated local militias, could lead them into firefights with the army. Obama, blaming these skirmishes on the "paranoid" militias, would intensify gun control.

However, this still wouldn't justify throwing Americans en masse into FEMA camps. That's where Phase Two comes in. How fortuitous if a geo-engineered catastrophe happened just when troops were deployed nationwide. This might occur around September 23, the date many sinister hints have been dropped about (even the Amtrak crash occurred at 9:23).

Obama is suddenly linking our military to "climate change." On April 7 he stated: "The Pentagon has already said that climate change is a primary national security threat that we're going to face, and we're working with the Department of Defense to start preparing for that." On May 20, he told the Coast Guard Academy's graduating class: "I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country."

Recently, geo-engineering and strange weather have sharply increased: rampant chemtrails, record Boston snowfall, souped-up tornadoes, California drought, Alaska in the nineties, India's lethal heat, deadly Texas flooding (possibly punishment for Texan resistance to Jade Helm). Weather events are also the most common "mandatory evacuation" pretext.

What sort of calamity would it take to justify evacuations on a national scale? I believe that the recent Nepal quakes may have been rehearsal for America: a HAARP strike on the San Andreas Fault, New Madrid Fault, or Yellowstone's seething volcano. On May 29, Hollywood released "San Andreas," which shows countless buildings collapsing 9/11 style. Here's the trailer. The film is acclimating Americans to view earthquakes as, like Caitlyn Jenner, a "new normal."

The long-anticipated collapse of the dollar and economy would occur AFTER one of these other events. Then the bankers and their media whores could blame the collapse on the "terror attack" or "earthquake," rather than the decades of debt and Fed-induced inflation that have brought America's economy to the precipice.

I believe Americans would be prudent to err on the side of caution, and be prepared for a downed electrical grid, food and fuel shortages, and possibly worse. When catastrophe strikes, preparation includes our spiritual outlook and relationship with God.

I hope I am wrong about Jade Helm. However, the massive convoys, policy changes and propaganda point this way. People everywhere are discovering the truth about 9/11 and who runs the world, and the banksters dread the awakened masses. As the Bible says of Satan (Rev. 12:12): "He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short."

James Perloff  is author of several books; his latest is Truth Is a Lonely Warrior. 

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Comments for "Jade Helm: Take Threat of Martial Law Seriously "

Bill S said (June 10, 2015):

James Perloff has done an excellent job (as usual). I just wanted to throw out a few more possibilities.
Plans for FEMA Camp Roundups Have Spread to All English Speaking Nations Invasion from Mexico: Jade Helm 15, Other Military Drills Prep for NWO's Next Event

AG said (June 9, 2015):

n reference to Richard's submission ...

I live in San Antonio now, and there are no shortage of military in this city. The other day, on my way to Austin, I was fueling my vehicle at the New Braunfel's "Buc-ees" location when a standard-looking "family truckster" type vehicle, pulling a white unmarked trailer large enough to carry a car in, drove up to the pump island next to me. Out of the car came five 20-something dudes with high and tight haircuts, wearing surfer shorts and T-shirts like some college kids on spring break. Their appearance didn't fit the vibes they were giving off and they seemed almost like posers. When they emerged from the vehicle they walked away from their car in what looked like a formation, spreading out evenly while trying NOT to look like they were casing all the other cars around them. The one closest to my truck came within 5 feet of me and was looking into the truck bed to see what I had there. If you've ever been to that Buc-ees you would know there is a lot of room between pumps (they have 120 pumps at this location). First thought was that these were some kind of undercover cops or something. About 5 miles north of the station I remembered Jade Helm, and that was when it became clear who I had been looking at. Those were special forces advance expeditionary units "blending in" ... somewhat poorly, with the general public.

Charles said (June 9, 2015):

Thanks for your page and persistence Henry .
Interesting iconography . Two arrows being smashed by a steel blade . Arrows = Injines = Natives = Locals = Americans .

Mastering the Human Domaine ? Controlling population . The Illuminati know that Civil Pop is locked and loaded , so they need to examine how to break this resolve . Probably lots of psycho ops to go along with the operation and psychotonic weaponry to see how they can get the Injines to respond .

RM said (June 9, 2015):

Americans have allowed the regime to put in place, over the years, unopposed, all the pieces of the trap. All the necessary laws, executive orders, and practice lockdowns. (They might not be there yet, it might still be ongoing.) It might seem there's no reason for the regime to impose martial law at this time. But if a large-scale catastrophe strikes, they'll spring the trap.

Richard said (June 8, 2015):

As for Jade Helm, they've done a good job of being discreet because I've not seen a single trace of military activity in this major US port city. During the Bush years military activity here was quite overt between 2004 and 2008.

All I've noticed since last year is the cops traded in the standard four door sedans for beefy SUV vehicles - enough room for half a squad of troops. The sudden unexplained increase in city police 'passenger space' is conspicuous.

But of course Jade Helm hadn't started yet. We'll see what happens from July through September. The newspaper has said to expect road closures and 'simulated violence near residential areas'.

We should consider the media driven 'race tension' agitprop part of the overall Jade Help operation. Media is driving a number of 'domestic terrorist' and 'civil war' memes this year and for several years. The HOUSTON CHRONICLE ran a headline "Patriot Day could rouse domestic violence, memo warns". Oh really? Domestic violence? You mean like wife beating? I really must wonder if a big city newpaper editor could miss a gaff like that, or if the 'misspeak' is intentional NLP.

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