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American Cancer Society is a Scam

June 14, 2015

Society is a satanic cult which exploits its members by making them sick. The American Cancer Society is a prime example of this. The world's wealthiest non-profit, it collaborates with corporations that cause and profit from cancer while suppressing prevention and cures. 

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by Cristina Sarich

We can thank Samuel S. Epstein and many others for shining a light on an institution that is more concerned with lining their pockets than stopping cancer - the American Cancer Society (ACS). Hopefully, after reading highlights from this more than 100-page document outlining the shady dealings of the American Cancer Society with Big Pharma and its neglect in discussing environmental factors which add to cancer rates, (highlights here) you will boycott them all and leave them with nothing but lint in their pockets.

It's over-reported news by now, that the cancer industry is a multi-billion dollar cash machine. The only way that machine can keep running is when information - such as the ways natural solutions like soursop fruit or turmeric can halt cancerous cell growth - is suppressed, and instead, the agenda's of large multi-national corporations who stand to make money off of people's illnesses get their message to the masses. One of the institutions helping Big Pharma get their backwards message of radiation and chemotherapy as cancer solutions to the masses is the ACS.

The American Cancer Society also promotes companies who make cancer drugs, and totally skip over some of the natural and simple treatments that are offered by Mother Nature. It doesn't do a single study on how GMOs affect cancer rates, or other environmental toxins - like oil spills, chemtrails, polluted water, etc. The company has close ties to the makers of mammography equipment as well. They also receive financial support from the biotech industry, cosmetic companies, the junk food industry and petro-chemical companies.

Just one example of how the ACS is corrupt can be seen with their 'awareness' push for breast cancer. Big pharma giant AstraZeneca has made multimillion dollar contributions to ACS, influencing just about everything that the ACS does - every poster, leaflet or commercial product about Breast Cancer Awareness you can think of. These publications focus almost exclusively on mammography and don't mention a word about carcinogenic foods, chemtrails, aluminum in deodorants, or antiperspirants.. There is no spoken word of breast cancer prevention via natural, inexpensive means, while touting the 'cure' of mammography and cancer drugs.

Is this really the organization you want to get your anti-cancer advice from? In this crazy world, you have to always be aware of the money trail. It pervades almost every industry, and keeps real, helpful information from being disseminated to the masses. Instead of listening to the ACS, try reading some of these articles instead about natural cancer cures:

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First Comment from Al Thompson:

I have lost numerous family and friends to cancer and I believe all of them may have lived longer and more comfortable lives without the "conventional" treatments. These treatments are too destructive and inflict a lot of pain on those who take them.

ACS would be the last place I would look for advice to prevent cancer, and yes, I believe that it has all of the traits of a satanic cult.  The cause of cancer was discovered by a scientist by the name of Otto Warburg.  He received a Nobel Prize in 1931 for this discovery, but the medical community must have had other plans.  This discovery says that cancer cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment.  So the best way to prevent cancer is to make sure the body is getting the proper nutrients in order to keep oxygen in the system.  The primary way to do this is to have a healthy diet.

If you know the cause of the problem, then the solution is just as easy.  Yet, the medical community pushes this toxic crap on the patients.  Chemo and radiation cause even more cancer and it doesn't address the underlying cause.  I was able to beat cancer by simply modifying my diet and taking 3000 mgs of calcium.  

 But there are many other ways to beat cancer.  The writer says that turmeric is effective in fighting cancer.  Vitamin C and Vitamin B17 (apricot seeds) also help.  There are many different ways to achieve a cure for cancer, but there's not much money in the solution.  Some of these things should be added to the diet to keep the body strong against cancer.  One doctor in Italy, Dr. Simoncini claims that cancer is a fungus and he cures it with simple baking soda.  He even has a video of an operation showing the baking soda working on a tumor.

The current medical system is an abomination.  My experience is that there's no limit to the number of drugs doctors will prescribe without knowing anything about the reaction of mingling so many drugs and their side effects.  With the internet, there is no excuse for people not to do their own research about any medical issue.  In fact, I would consider it extremely stupid for people to completely trust doctors with their healthcare.

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Comments for "American Cancer Society is a Scam "

David M said (June 14, 2015):

This is a great article you posted. Cancer can be cured. All one has to look at is canibis for example. It has been proven to cure it, but the medical profession does not want to heal it. We can see happen to doctor Stanislaw Burzynski who was able to cure cancer. He did a documentary called Cancer is Serious Business which tells the story of medical doctor Stanislaw Burzynski in his problems with the Food and Drug Administration and the Texas Department of Health. These two agencies tried to do everything to shut him down by even threatening him with jail time for daring to provide a cure for cancer. This proves the government has no desire to cure cancer, but instead wants to slowly kill the population by keeping them dumb down.

We can also look at Dr. Leonard Gerson who developed the Gerson diet in the 1930s for curing cancer. The government did want him to do this. A friend of mine told me the story of how the medical industry literally killed her mother. She was a German citizen and had developed cancer. The doctors gave her radiation and chemo. This did nothing for her. It got so bad that she literally could not drink the water she was given. My friend mother told her daughter that the doctors were literally killing her from the inside out. The family could not sue the doctors since they protected from any form of malpractice. This proves how big pharma goes to protect those in the medical industry who do their work.

Anonymous Physician said (June 14, 2015):

As a physician, I was attending a national conference on breast cancer 2 years ago. When the speaker discussed the role of diet, I brought up the issues of GMOs and scientific evidence, that a 100% organic vegetarian diet prevents or cures, in many patients, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke and even some cancers. (These are the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in the world.)

The speaker kinda brushed me off. Later, when I spoke with him in person, I realized he was not allowed to discuss these!

I was even more surprised that the audience, almost all physicians and surgeons, seemed to have almost no concept of GMOs.
Most people just think inside the box.

I stepped out of the box several years ago. I try to give these information to my patients. Most of them appreciate it. But some of the farmers who use GMO, get upset and don't want to see me again.

However, one day a gentleman opened his heart to me tell me and said he has no choice and can not go organic because of his debts to the banks, and because organic farming is much more labor intensive and does not have the high yield of GMO.

I think great majority of the farmers are good people. But they also think inside the box and, as one organic farmer said, "they are lazy".

Regarding vegetarian diet, There is a documentary called "Forks Over Knives", done by two well known physicians in the U.S. It discusses diet and disease. There is a patient with diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity. She requires insulin to control her blood sugar. When she changed her diet to pure vegetarian and walked every day, she lost weight and went off of ALL of her medications (about 8)! It did not happen overnight; it took her two years. But no more medicine.

There are other factors. I think people are responsible too. They don't eat right and don't exercise. They also smoke, drink too much alcohol, use too much sugar and animal fat. The fast food is the worst. Of course there is too much advertising, and the fast food has been made intentionally cheap and easily accessible. Average person also may not be able to afford organic.

I think we should consider these factors: money, medical industry, training, media, advertising, laziness of people and farmers, lack of knowledge for a healthy diet, chemicals, preservatives, plastic and Teflon dishes, etc. and of course the psychopaths who run the world and create pollution, wars, famine, etc. for others, while they stay away from all of these harmful factors and have their own organic farms and gardens.

Dan Abshear said (June 14, 2015):

National Alliance on Mental Illness ( is the same way. Their funding comes from big pharma, so the idea is basically to medicate everyone, instead of actually trying to help others in some way.

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