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Drugs Help Explain Modern World

June 1, 2015

Left. Hitler was off his head on "Pervitan" - Meth.

So many behaviors 
you find strange become obvious 
when you understand drugs.

by our Kuala Lumpur Correspondent 

Hollywood sets are "sexually charged" because they are all off their heads on Meth and cocaine.

In the old days - Julie Garland, Wizard Of Oz - they were all off their heads on benzedrine.

You could do a documentary on drug use by politicians, actors, armed forces etc...

Soooooooooooo many behaviors you find strange become obvious when you understand drugs.

When I went to night clubs, I could never understand people up all night and standing in the UTTER freezing cold in a tiny top and mini skirt seemingly unaffected by the weather. It was close time in 30 minutes but they kept lining up. Then I tried Meth for the first time in 1997 and then I understood.

Then Hitler raving on the podium and sweating like a pig onstage became clear. He was off his head on "Pervitan" - Meth. First synthesized by the Germans in 1932 and injected IV into Hitlers veins by Dr Morrel - a syphilis doctor and most likely jewish. For a man who hated Jews so much Hitler sure spent a lot of time surrounded by them, including his Jewish vegetarian cook. It will take another 50 years to unravel WW2.

Then watch Mussolini on the balconies raving - Meth! Completely off his chops and SOOOOOO obvious but I never saw a doco on it all till 2003.

Then all the crazy stuff Americans and Israeli's are doing. Thats METH! The Waffen SS lived on it. The British, Americans and Russians used Benzidrene.

Its worth several documentaries. This is why the German Army committed so many war crimes - they were off their heads on drugs most of the time. Three days of no sleep - revved up on Meth. This is where killing women and children becomes easy. Just ask the IDF who have one of the most massive drug problems of all the armed forces. They absolutely live on it.


I know a guy who was a stage actor. He ran a shop in London during the infamous swinging 60's. It was one of the first health food shops around. ALL, and I mean ALL of the who's who of the time came to that shop including The Beatles.

Jack told me that he too believed Paul McCartney was not the same man who started out. He said when they came to his large flat to hang out, Ringo would sit in the kitchen and not even speak to Paul. At the time he thought it very strange. When he first read of the theories about McCartney it made sense to him. He said Paul looked different. Many commented on this at the time.

Check out "Jack Potter" and "Wildcard" on you tube. Jack told me of all the perversions that go on and was one of the reasons he left the industry.

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Comments for "Drugs Help Explain Modern World "

Stephen Coleman said (June 2, 2015):

The strange behavior mentioned in this article could have drug connections, but many of the people mentioned here were socio or psychopaths. Drugs or not, these people feed on power and control, that is their drug. One moment they seem rational and the next they can blow up the village if they don't get their way.

Hollywood is full of people with narcissistic personality disorder, (NPD) they naturally make good drama performers. NPD is a form of sociopathy. They can act, but they lack the feeling like normal people. NPDs also tend to abuse drugs and alcohol and have little sexual restraint.

The author assumes the people he mentions are normal and not sociopaths.

To me, NPD helps to explain human history. I believe that NPDs should be registered like sex offenders and never allowed to raise children or get into positions of leadership. The problem is they are difficult to ID. I know one therapist that had an NPD patient sitting in his office weekly for 2 years and he never caught on.

BTW, several mental health professionals have identified Obama with NPD. That is not a good choice for America or the world to have this guy with his finger on the button.

Doug said (June 2, 2015):

Good article and IMO this is about the biggest elephant in the room. For drunkenness and debauchery, Winston Churchill can’t be left out either. He would start drinking every day before breakfast and was seeing double during the years of lead up negotiations and treacheries that led to WW2. He never actually made the declaration of war speech himself (Norman Shelley mastered the way Churchill spoke with an ‘effect’ and used to stand in for him) . Churchill was no doubt too inebriated at that time of day for any kind of public appearance and even sober, would have had no understanding of the events those words would unleash on the world. Stalin was as big a drinker too

Omar said (June 2, 2015):

Interesting theory your Kuala Lumpur author has about drugs and its effects on Hitler and Mussolini. For your average Joe, everyday layman, a good dose of Meth might help them grow a pair and start ranting and raving with passion in front of a crowd. But I don't think Hitler and Mussolini were your average Joes. For them, POWER was the drug. And so it is for modern day politicians. Say what you will about whether or not Hitler, Mussolini or any politicians/leaders were puppets, their power, compared to 99.9% of the population, was supreme.

It could very well be that towards the end of the war when Hitler was ordering non existent panzer divisions (most were already destroyed towards the end) to launch attacks, that he was zoinked out of his mind. But I don't think his drug use can be blamed for what comes down to pure megalomania and an insatiable thirst for power - the drugs were just a side show.

As for the IDF being drugged up more than any other modern day army, I agree with the author, but for different reasons.

Most of the IDF conscripts are not accustomed to violence, and like most people who grow up in privilege, have a certain degree of nebbishness. I think the whole idea of being a soldier scares the living shit out of them.

Furthermore, I think most can't deal with their guilt for their treatment of the indigenous people. I don't believe all in the IDF are unsympathetic monsters.

Drugs, whether illicit or medicinal, are taken to counteract symptoms of an ailment or disease. The disease of the soul can't be cured by drugs, they can only lessen the symptoms.

Art said (June 2, 2015):

I hear tell that faux Paul is Billy Sheers, as introduced on the Sergeant Pepper album.

& if you compare the old Sun Records Rockabilly Elvis to the post US army Elvis, there are noticeable differences, ie. body shape, sounding histrionic & theatrical etc..

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