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Alex Jones' Links to John Birch & CIA

July 21, 2015

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Dept. of False Opposition

Like the John Birch Society, Alex Jones' role is to divert attention from the Cabalist (Satanic) 
Jewish cult that controls the Federal
Reserve and through Freemasonry nearly every aspect of American life. 

In his 1988 book Murder By Injection, Eustace Mullins wrote that the JBS was created by the Rockefeller family as controlled opposition to the conspiracy it purportedly opposed. Jones' father was a JBS member and young Alex was probably recruited at a young age to advance their treasonous ruse. Revilo Oliver, a JBS founder, discovered the group was directed and funded by Jews. 

by Timothy Fitzpatrick
Did the CIA Recruit Alex Jones Through the John Birch Society?
(Excerpt/edited by 

Neither the John Birch Society nor Alex Jones, attack the core problem which is the private control of the nation's credit by a cabal of exclusively Jewish banksters. 

On his radio program, Jones constantly ranted and raved about the United Nations takeover of America, a specifically JBS theme. The JBS states that one of its "most immediate to get the United States out of the United Nations and the United Nations out of the United States." 

Other JBS rhetoric often rehashed by Jones includes the notion of fluoridated water as a plot to make us all docile. In my observations of Jones, when he is under criticism, instead of addressing the points, he will automatically fall back on his foundational JBS rhetoric, including the fluoride and vaccine conspiracies. 

Older readers may remember that the JBS was strongly anti-JFK during the former President's short term in office. The JBS was remembered for distributing close to 5,000 flyers accusing JFK of committing treason while serving as President, in the days leading up to the assassination. 

Jones has gone out of his way to suppress the Israeli Mossad orchestration of this crime.[11] Of course, the Society and Jones have not been so anti-JFK in recent years, as it has become more obvious that there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, and to say otherwise would tarnish their image as being anti-conspiracy.


JBS, like CIA front National Review, was established in 1958, at the height of the CIA's psychological warfare research and development phase and during the CIA's creation of its Operation Mockingbird program, which would pave the way for the CIA to use the media for covert domestic and international psychological warfare. 

John Birch himself worked for U.S. intelligence through the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). And like National Review, which was dominated by Jews at the top[12], it appears the JBS' function is to homogenize the conservative movement and, eventually, the conspiracy community, into one manageable controlled opponent.[13]

The Rockefellers were also active on the 'right wing' front through their sponsorship of the John Birch Society. To enable Robert Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to devote all of his time to the Society, Nelson Rockefeller purchased his family firm, the Welch Candy Company, from him at a handsome price. Welch chose the principal officers of the Society from his acquaintances at the Council on Foreign Relations. 

For years afterwards, American patriots were puzzled by the consistent inability of the John Birch Society to move forward on any of its well-advertised 'anti-Communist' goals. 

Similarly, many of Jones' critics reach the same conclusion that Mullins reaches about JBS--Jones' inability to move forward on any of his purported goals of thwarting the New World Order conspiracy.


Late Zionist researcher John "Birdman" Bryant [discovered] disturbing revelations by  disillusioned Bircher founder Professor Revilo P. Oliver, which implicates what he calls the "B'nai Birch[15]" with Jews and the CIA. Bryant writes,

"In 1966, Prof Revilo Oliver (1908-1994), who was co-founder (with eleven others) of the Birch Society and Associate Editor of its major organ, American Opinion, discovered that Robert Welch, the JBS's principal founder, was controlled by Jews." 

The purpose: to harmlessly absorb and deflect the energy and money of patriotic Americans while suppressing the Masonic and Jewish nature of this satanic conspiracy.

In 1981 Oliver published America's Decline: The Education of a Conservative, in which he told the story of his discovery.[16]

I was not astonished, although I was pained, by the discovery that Welch was merely the nominal head of the Birch business, which he operated under the supervision of a committee of Jews, while Jews also controlled the flow, through various bank accounts, of the funds that were needed to supplement the money that was extracted from the Society's members by artfully passionate exhortations to "fight the Communists."[17]

The money generated from Alex Jones' supporters could be working against their own interests. Oliver makes another prophetic, parallel Jones-JBS critique,

..."I note that Welch, perhaps on instructions, no longer has much to say about the "Communist Conspiracy," and, after flirting with the notion of reactivating Weishaupt's diabolic llluminati, seems to have settled on the conveniently nameless and raceless "Insiders" as the architects of all evil, inspired by an unexplained malevolence."

This describes Jones' carefully crafted explanation of the world conspiracy as being merely the work of "globalists", "the elite", "Luciferians", etc.

Oliver goes on describing the direct Jewish involvement in editorial policy,

"...the Society still publishes American Opinion and the Review of the News, for which very competent journalists are hired to write under Jewish supervision, and both periodicals contain some authentic information that is not found in the New York Times, since they are censored for distribution to a different audience."[18]

Today, JBS publishes The New AmericanProving Oliver correct, on Sept. 13, 2011, JBS published an article by the Jew Sam Blumenfeld endorsing the official kosher story of the 9/11 WTC attack.[19] Birch writer John Rees is alleged to be an "Israeli intelligence agent."[20] Rees also allegedly provides intelligence to the CIA, FBI, and NSA.[21] JBS has also propagated the Holocaust dogma of Judaism.[22]

Oliver, again, details then what is now echoed about Jones as controlled opposition,

"After my resignation, many individuals urged me to "expose" the Welcher, but almost all of them had already perceived that the Society had become a Jewish auxiliary, primarily used to keep the goyim confused and docile and to frustrate patriotic movements that had any potential of effectiveness." [23]

The JBS never addressed Oliver's accusations but, instead, Welch and the society went on a public smear campaign against Oliver. Likewise, when confronted, Alex Jones never addresses his many Jewish and intelligence connections but ends up smearing the questioner or diverting the discussion.


But as the JBS has somewhat faded today, Alex Jones has risen to popularity to carry on its legacy. It appears Jones was knowingly recruited by the CIA at some point during his John Birch-influenced upbringing. 

Along the way, he has been guided by the "Jewish supervisors" such as Stratfor in Austin. Like National Review and like the JBS, Jones' objective is to misdirect dissent to the New World Order conspiracy by homogenizing dissidents into a monolithic group that can be more easily directed by the conspirators. It's interesting that Jones uses the word "experiment" when talking about his parents raising him. Could it be that his parents were somehow involved in the CIA or one its fronts? Jones Jr. then, was being groomed for work as a field agent from a very young age, which is not uncommon in the CIA.

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Originally Posted October 26, 2014 
Thanks to Bill for the tip!

First Comment from Richard-

I have followed Jones from the beginning of his career. He started on Austin public access TV, and was quickly given a show on KLBJ (owned by Lady Byrd Johnson, a CIA front). He was fired from the show to give him credibility as a 'truth teller', then hit the internet with a state of the art website including audio streaming which was extremely expensive in the 90's.  He was then syndicated nationwide like Rush Limbaugh. 

That's controlled opposition.  His bio doesn't make sense - I've always thought he's at least 5 years older than he claims in order to conceal 5 years of active  military time.  He's military as hell, yet he claims to have never been in the military. 

Here's the kicker - Jones was created to mimic and replace Bill Cooper who had been duped to believe he'd seen documents that proved government concealment of UFO contact.   Around 1992 Cooper figure out he'd been duped, and because a real threat. 

Banned from Commenting on Infowars

James Perloff writes:

I worked as a researcher in the Birch Society's headquarters in 1987-88 and never met anyone working there but good, sincere people who were patriotic activists. I know many Birchers today and can still say the same about them.

It was out of education in JBS materials that I wrote my bestseller THE SHADOWS OF POWER.

For many years, the JBS stood almost alone, at least as an organized group, in exposing the world government and Federal Reserve conspiracies. One can certainly fight something like the Fed without having to characterize the arguments in Jewish terms.

Here is a clip from 1983 of Congressman Larry McDonald, then new head of The John Birch Society. Watch Tom Braden (CIA, CFR) try to pistol-whip him for being a "conspiracy" theorist. Not hard to figure out who the good guy was in this exchange:

Sam Blumenfeld, who passed away at 89 in June, worked tirelessly for decades against the public education system's evils.  Homeschoolers loved him. So what if he didn't understand that 9/11 was an inside job? That wasn't what his life was about. Here's an obit. People's lives shouldn't be characterized based on one thing they said that is disliked.

Today I fully recognize that there is a Zionist-Masonic cabal, and I write about it in my latest book TRUTH IS A LONELY WARRIOR. But I didn't write about it in my 1988 book THE SHADOWS OF POWER. Why?  Because I was a CIA agent? No, because I was a work in progress (as I am today) and hadn't discovered many things yet in my own pre-Internet search for truth. I notice that in the Truth Movement today, there's sometimes a tendency to call people "shill" or "CIA" just because they disagree with us or they're lagging behind us on our truth curve.

But this is NOT to say I disagree with everything Fitzpatrick says and conjectures in this article. I've never studied Jones's background. I was never privy to the high echelons of the JBS, so can't comment from experience about influences there. But I can say that in my own discussions with Birchers, at least some of the reluctance to touch on Zionism and Israel stemmed from the Society's being labeled "Nazi" and lumped with the KKK during the Society's formative years, and I know they were trying to distance themselves from that labeling.

Also, from everything I have heard or seen in recent years, there is certainly no love for Alex Jones at the JBS; they never stock his materials in their online store.

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Comments for "Alex Jones' Links to John Birch & CIA"

Rae said (July 24, 2015):

Thank you for the article Mr. Makow. While I don't agree with it entirely, most of the article brought up some really good points. I think western civilization, more aptly The United States needs to accept responsibility for their actions in how feminism was brought about in the first place. The media and men sent a clear message to women that they were not appreciated. While women stayed home, cooked and cleaned, men supported the family. Often times though you heard about women get abused by the very entities that were supposed to protect them, then in a lot of cases men cheated. Nowadays, men send the message that the hoe or whore is the woman that they would rather be with. While I don't blame men entirely, it seems like alot of them like to blame women. Just like men cater their actions for love from a woman, the same can be said about women in terms of their relations with men. No longer do they want virgins, but whores. The adage in the end is, if you want a whore, you gotta pay to play. I think though that this can be healed with respect from both sides.

Tony B said (July 22, 2015):

Birchers were trained to call real patriots "neutralizers" when, in fact, they were the true neutralizers. The Birchers never did a damned thing to stop even what they proclaimed to be the enemy. All they ever did was constantly pack their minds with massive amounts of unnecessary details which hid the real war and made them into never-going-to-be-prepared students of worthless, massively detailed material, organized and demanded to be studied by headquarters.

Believe me, the Birchers were created because the American people were listening to the patriotic voices and the criminal elite was scared that their agenda was going to go down in flames. We used to get huge audiences to meetings set up by ad hoc committees until the Birchers arrived on the scene and, with media promotion, co-opted "patriotism" in order to smash it.

Al Thompson said (July 22, 2015):

I believe that anything that Alex Jones says is a pant-load. He has a nightly TV or radio dog and pony show which never does anything to help bring about the defeat of communism. He sounds like he has gargled with Drano and his whole presentation reeks of a brain gone wild. If you look at any "political" opposition you can see that it hasn't gone anywhere for hundreds if not thousands of years. Any political group who questions the fundamental questions will always be compromised. All one has to do is to look at the JBS and see that none of the obvious solutions have never materialized. The whole system is communist. Alex Jones in his BBC interview a couple of years ago seems to bear out the fact that his job is to make people who study conspiracies look foolish. Anyone who acts like this should always be suspect.

Bill said (July 22, 2015):

I agree with James Perloff. I learned all about the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers from reading The New American magazine. Passing out JBS voter guides at the train station in Elmhurst, IL was a memorable experience and I believe worthwhile to all concerned. So what the Zionists meant for evil was used by God for good IMO. Actually, if Good is to triumph over Evil, it will be this sort of jiujitsu maneuver that does it. I was raised in the public schools and university, totally indoctrinated by the Powers That Be. And yet, here I am - awake and learning - sharing and thriving. This is GOD'S Unseen Hand - Divine providence. We WILL overcome - and the Gates of Hell (which are now opening) will not prevail against us.

I have Shadows of Power by James Perloff on my book shelf. The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. Books by William Jasper and Alan Stang. None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen. The unseen hand by Ralph Epperson. NEA: A Trojan Horse in American Education by Sam Blumenfeld. All wonderful books. All wonderful authors. And now there is YOU, Henry. You stand on the shoulders of the Prophets who have gone before you. None are perfect - each has their blind spots. But it's okay. Faithfulness and a kind heart is what counts. Even these are gifts of God, so that no one can boast.

Juniper said (July 22, 2015):

I do not believe Alex Jones is a NWO agent. I believe him to be sincere. I have listened to his program for nearly 15-years and have witnessed immense growth in his research and understanding. I also believe he was fed disinformation in the past but he is working out the truth on his own and now better comprehends the 'conspiratorial satanic masonic cabalist/ talmudic Jewish bankster' role in governing the NWO agenda. Basically, I think Alex recognises that the majority of 'everyday' Jews are decent and do not understand/ are not aware of the evil teachings of the Talmud (let alone espouse them). Hence, in contrast, these decent Jews believe themselves to be 10 Commandment/ Torah Jews (or at least not satanic talmudic NWO Jews). This important distinction is something you also highlight in your writings. Thus, it appears that Alex wishes to prevent the demonization of innocent Jews just as you wish. I guess this discretionary sensibility is what both you and Alex exercise in relation to the Jesuits/ current (anti) Pope too; that is, you both highlight that the current NWO anti-pope's sympathies/ worldview do not represent the sentiment of the majority of decent Catholics (nor authentic Catholic teachings).

Consequently, I hope you will reconsider your appraisal of Alex Jones as I believe he is sincerely trying to unite all humanity under the banner of freedom and liberty which is a very effective tool against the NWO's divide and conquer modus operandi. Indeed, his program galvanises the truth movement, becoming accessible to many Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, atheists, gays, straights, males, females etc. However, I do think your research is panoptic in scope and the key missing link to unravelling the complex subtefuge and obscurantism surrounding the NWO agenda, rationale and history. Indeed, you are my 'go-to' researcher when I wish to get an accurate "eye-of the-storm"/ "bulls-eye" assessment re the NWO. But I also think Alex is doing a phenomenal job in making the truth and liberty movement popular, comprehensible, global and mainstream. Thus, Alex Jone's program is a great, general portal for the NWO novice researcher. Besides, perhaps Alex is being strategic by not using the term "conspiratorial Jew" but naming names instead. It might be his only 'ace card' left which prevents his total annihilation by the evil PTB (i.e. that think Alex's avoidance of the term "conspiratorial Jew" helps cover the NWO's incriminating anti-Christian, misanthropic, trail of blood). However, if you listen to Alex's broadcasts regularly, you will notice Alex more than 'hints' at them and often.


Google "Alex Jones, Freemasonry" In more than 15 years, there are only 2-3 references.


George said (July 22, 2015):

For five years, I have listened to Mr. Jones every day with very few exceptions, and day in and day out Jones absolutely savages Jews. There is not a single high powered Jew he has not laid waste to. The list is too long to even begin to compile. In fact, it would be far easier to come up with a very short list of Jews he hasn’t attacked, but as a few random examples of those subject to his onslaught I give you Sumner Redstone, Elena Kagan, Rahm Emmanuel, and Janet Yellen. Jones has merely made the decision, for whatever reason, to attack the super elite as human beings without distinguishing them as Jews. So what. That is his prerogative. If others are able to put the last piece of the puzzle together without Jones being so explicit then he has done the job marvellously. Makow, you have to sharpen your skills in distinguishing good from evil. Jones is your ally.

Henry, I’ve read enough of your writing to know you have a good heart, but on this one you are terribly misguided.


Thanks George

You cannot oppose this conspiracy without identifying it in Cabalistic Jewish and Masonic terms. To do so is deceptive.


Robert K said (July 22, 2015):

I have never known Alex Jones to advocate pressure on politicians from the electorate to change the policies he criticizes, not even the beneficial American institution of Town Hall meetings.

While pressure from the financial establishment on the political system to keep the banking system dominant is omnipresent, the only possible way to counter it is through political action outside of the ineffectual, controlled "cast a vote once every half decade" system. Jones promotes an anemic, passive notion of "democracy" ("rule by the people"--what a joke!)

Mary (2) said (July 22, 2015):

When Alex made that Bohemian Grove had to have be "allowed" by higher ups in government...there's no way he could have done that so-called video unless the government wanted him to. That video didn't reveal anything that people didn't already know.

Anonymous said (July 22, 2015):

Not a bad article by Fitzpatrick. This Alex Jones is allusive. Looks like little is known about his true past.

The comment from Richard is good. Jones is controlled opposition. No question about that.

The CIA was the OSS (Office of Strategic Studies) based on British Intelligence MI-6.

I don't think that the CIA is subversive to Israel like the article says but the CIA might be subversive to British intelligence.

The CFR is an offshoot to the RIIA in London. Eustace Mullins said that the CFR were "errand boys" to the RIIA.

Either the Jewish money power is protected by whomever controls London or the other way
around, the Jewish money power controls London. I think the former as London is run by
the Babylonian - Venetian money power including the Jewish money power but both are separate entities like they were back in Venice of long ago.

I haven't listened to Alex "bullhorn" Jones this year. His voice gives me a headache and he will rock the boat from time to time but will never sink it as he will not bite the hand that feeds him.

C said (July 22, 2015):

I am a big fan of Alex, but I concur that he covers up for Israel. He is forever referring to the secret 28 pages of Sen Graham's report that are supposed to prove that Saudi Arabia " quarterbacked" 911 with no word about Israel, Odigo, the "dancing Israelis," Dov Zakheim, the fact that it was an Israeli security company that was in charge of the airports, etc., etc., etc.

I think he is sincere but I think he knows his show would be history if he touched this third rail. Also, as you know, it is a very divisive subject what with the misguided Christian zionists such as Joseph Farah and naive ignorant people in general. I don't dislike Jews, but I know that the higher-ups do have a plan and it doesn't include anyone else but them.

Having said that, I wonder if Alex is even married to his wife anymore. He never mentions her anymore, he just bought a "little house" in Austin, and he mentions his parents at family events to the exclusion of his wife. That makes me very sad.

It's a very deceptive world, and we must be "wise as serpents and innocent as doves" as you know. Unfortunately, no one has all the answers.

p.s. I think Saudi Arabia and Israel are secret allies. Consider Israel vis a vis Isis and how its injured are hospitalized by Israel and how Israel is not attacked.

JC re. Infowhores said (July 22, 2015):

I take Alex with a pinch of salt, if you want to be in the delusion of being half awake and half asleep he is the ideal tonic. This tonic is useful until you want real answers like who are the internationalists/bankers etc?

To be fully awake read and research more. The most important things are conspicuous by their absence: Israel, Zionism, Rothschilds, Jesuits & Vatican. His role is a gatekeeper and disinformation projector to send you in all directions except to the unholy alliances.
The purpose of a shill is always keep to a carefully controlled script, so as not to reveal too much. His “exposures” will only go so deep. We know that Alex Jones is such an agent. He is the mass media’s poster boy for rantin,’ ravin,’ lunatic right wing kooks. The mass media presents him as an authentic representative of a right wing conspiracy nut, but his entire operation is run by Zionist Jews, he is married to a Jewess and his lawyer, Elisabeth Schurig, is the personal lawyer of the Bronfman family (Seagram’s, Chivas Regal, Crown Royal, Martell, Absolut Vodka, Captain Morgan). Jones is a bogus patriot, who stops short of exposing the Zionist/Talmudic/Jewish connection to all terrorism and war crimes.

He blames “the New World Order, the Illuminati, the powers that be,” etc. The lesson is this: Just because somebody publicly reveals more information than the Mainstream Press, this is not proof that the messenger is on your side! Alex acts as an agent-provocateur who puts up a believable front, in order to dupe people into thinking that they are legitimate. He seeks to cause rebellion, uprising with Patriots to create the very thing he fears the NWO Police State by misleading people to behave predictably making Martial Law a reality.

Ron said (July 22, 2015):

There is no doubt that Jones was influenced by the John Birth Society but it is also clear that he did not absorb everything they espoused. Jones' position has never been that Jews are not in positions of control... his position is that there are many other groups in positions of control all working for the same Globalist & Luciferian goal.

Mary said (July 21, 2015):

Hey Henry, I used to listen to Alex Jones regularly and subscribed to the email. I noticed my email then got "carpet bombed" continuously by his website. I finally, in a week or two, unsubscribed....I immediately got a reply email from his website asking me for an "explanation" of why I had unsubscribed so quickly. I thought, at the time, that was highly unusual! I never responded and I've quit listening or playing any of his YouTube videos....( a year and a half ago). I've found others who have made videos exposing Alex and David Icke as "controlled opposition".... I definitely believe that they are....lots of false so-called prophets out here now. People need to be wary!

Tony B said (July 21, 2015):

Was happy to see the article on the Birch Society.

Having been in this war before that outfit was invented, when it hit the nation I realized immediately that it was false opposition.

For one thing, Birchers were forever learning and never coming to the truth.

Well, almost never. I know of two chapters, many years ago in So. California, which were shut down by the headquarters for - you guessed it - studying the Jewish question, which was, of course, not on the monthly study sheet.

I noticed early on that the Birchers, like the big insurance corporations who handed out pocket copies of the U.S Constitution to show how patriotic they were, always equated capitalism and free enterprise to be synonyms when, in truth, they are 180 degrees opposite. Capitalism, as the name implies, is capital concentrated into the hands of the few, what we suffer under today, while free enterprise is capital dispersed among the whole population with local business taken care of by local businessmen - not by huge malls, chains and franchises which forever take the exchange medium out of the local areas to corporate headquarters.

Free enterprise creates a huge middle class of people with comfortable circumstances, few paupers and even fewer super rich while capitalism - monopoly capitalism always - gives us what we now have, the super rich 1%, the 10% of somewhat rich prostitutes for the 1%, and the rest of us fighting each other over the crumbs they let fall. The monopoly capitalists are in love with "libertarianism," which wants no possibility of government oversight forcing a level playing field in business activities, their phony concept of a "free market."

Now one should see the reason for the existence of the Birch Society and many other "conservative" organizations.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at