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Jurassic World's Family Values Are Deceiving

July 3, 2015

Jurassic World, which has grossed over a half billion dollars in three weeks has been touted as a return to traditional gender roles.

Aspen shows how the film is a more insidious affirmation of feminism than ever.

by Aspen

Jurassic World appears to be a film about Family Values, True Masculinity, Loyalty, and the Triumph of Good over Evil.

As one critic wrote, "The film did present a pro-male and pro-family perspective with Christ [sic!] Pratt garnering some livid social justice warrior hate for being a male hero... By the climax of the film, [actress] Bryce Dallas Howard's bitchy CEO persona has been humbled, and [actor] Pratt's masculinity has been vindicated".

Nope. Sorry, boys. It's a mind-screw, deliberately designed to sow seeds of confusion and contradiction targeting gender roles and family life -- and every critic missed it.

It's no coincidence that Jurassic World was released concurrently with the supposed "trans-gender" choices of Bruce Jenner. Every male figure in this film is either rotten, weak, impotent, corrupt, overconfident, or is eaten by females


The plot of the film devolves around the reckless creation of yet one more genetically bastardized dinosaur, a multi-hybrid freak that is notably larger, fiercer, and more formidably genetically fortified than the Tyrannosaurus Rex...and which, it is revealed, is FEMALE. This "Indominus Rex" has been succored and fed within a closely-guarded jungle enclosure.

In all of this we see an inverted mirror and mockery of the Biblical report of the creation of Man and Woman, and a bloodthirsty overturning of God's natural order. The enclosed garden area is a type of Eden. The rapacious and murderous Indominus Rex is a vile version of Woman, enticed by the reptilian wiles of the serpent, satan. She is a wicked Eve, who having found satanic "power" in her "liberation" from the natural female stupidity of the natural order, first slaughters all that is Male, and then seeks desperately to escape from the insufferable confines of God's Law.

And that is what happens in this film. The INDOMITABLE FEMALE engages in some highly intelligent reptilian trickery and escapes from her enclosure, whereupon to wreak havoc in the forms of: killing strictly for the sake of the joy of killing; causing general chaos; destroying the local economy; ruining the lives of nearly everyone involved. Steal; kill; destroy: the satanic manifesto.

Who does she eat first, upon escaping? THE MEN WHO GUARD THE INTEGRITY OF THE NATURAL ORDER. The Security Guards.

NOW, to the humans and the "family values" of the film.


The human male lead of the film is actor Chris Pratt, who plays an ex-Navy consultant named Owen Grady. He's interpreted by film critics as representative of Real Masculinity. Why? Let's tally his strong points:

He is handsome and muscular.
He drives a powerful motorcycle.
He is outspoken, headstrong, and incorrigible.
He is the only person who somehow magically understands everything that everyone else doesn't understand.

The female lead of the film is Claire, the Operations Manager of Jurassic World. One aforementioned critic claims, "By the climax of the film, [actress] Bryce Dallas Howard's bitchy CEO persona has been humbled."

That is NOT what this film portrays. She isn't humbled: she's raped by circumstance...and she LIKES it! How liberating, eh?

She's not a feminist. She's not even the CEO. She's just too busy to be a WOMAN.

She's a female who has become caught up in a corporate and societal web where at every turn the true authority is by natural order the masculine. Her boss is a man. Her antagonist is a man. The head scientist in the lab is a man. The surprise hidden military uber-mensch in the plot is a man! Even her two young nephews one-up her at every given opportunity.

SHE'S IMPRISONED IN A MALE ENCLOSURE! She's...Homo Indominus Rex!...sort of (her nails are manicured and gosh-darnit, she keeps those high heels ON).

It is not until Claire tears apart her corporate uniform (wagging her buxom cleavage, conveniently), and picks up a rifle, and acts like a soldier (in high heels) that she is offered the slightest modicum of deference by any male character in the cast. She's a compromised woman clinging to her female tokens while pretending to be a tough guy.

Is that "a bitchy woman being humbled"? It is not. It is Hollywood feigning to honor natural gender roles whilst vomiting on a rolling basis against natural gender roles by turning them into cynical and cyclical pornography.

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First Comment by Dan:

People need to break the habit of looking to movies and tv for their role models and approval.  They're the ones that led people astray in the first place.  They've been at it for over a century.  What does it take to understand that Hollywood is controlled by a Satanic cult? 

Chris Pratt is billed as a Christian white boy from Minnesota. He's married with a son.   There's more to his story though;  he dropped out college to dive into the fleshpots of California and Hawaii.  His resume includes working as a male stripper and drifter.

In Maui "We just drank and smoked weed and worked minimal hours. "People have to work. I just don't want it to be at a fucking restaurant."  From there he was miraculously 'discovered' by a Hollywood actress/director (18 years his senior). 

Most of you can fill in the blanks in that story which is cut from the same template as so many others over the last century.

Articles like  'Jurassic World' star Chris Pratt a devout Christian and a devoted family man'  are nothing but Hollywood public relations bullshit.  Just look at his life, who he hangs out with, and who he works for.   

Hollywood gives us our 'role models' and that includes "this year's Christian" beefcake.   Like Elvis. 

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Comments for "Jurassic World's Family Values Are Deceiving "

Peter W said (July 4, 2015):


Perhaps after consideration you may wish pass this gem on to interested parties

It reveals the mindset of the Enemy of Men's souls and the Spirit behind the recent SCOTUS decision - America really is living on borrowed time until God's patience finally expires.

IS: 59: v9
So shall they fear
The name of the Lord from the west,
And His glory from the rising of the sun;
When the enemy comes in like a flood,
The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

Magda James said (July 4, 2015):

Enjoyed the analysis, thanks Aspen. First they started with the animals and the plants changing the creation of the Creator is their forte .

Shaitan said, “Verily, I will mislead them, and surely, I will arouse in them false desires; and certainly, I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and indeed I will order them to change the nature created by Allah.” ( Quran, Al-Nisa: 119)

Larry C said (July 3, 2015):

Henry, Aspen laments, "Have we seen any celebrity woman, anywhere on the planet, boasting of having been tortured all of her life by the need to be A MAN?"

How could anyone have missed the Chaz Bono media blitz including "his" cha-cha on Dancing with the Stars?



You're right. It's just gender bending- no matter which way.


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