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Revilo Oliver on Jewish Apostates

July 16, 2015

Revilo Oliver (1908-1994) was a Classics Professor at the University of Illinois who, in the post-war years,  had a strong and clear 
view of the Illuminati Jewish world conspiracy.
Although I don't agree with many things he says, (i.e. Christianity is a spiritual disease that has emasculated the white race) he is worth reading. 
Definitely a racist, Oliver doesn't believe any Jew is capable of acting from principle. Here he discusses a few Jews who sided with their countrymen, and attributes their courageous action to a desire to spare their fellow Jews retribution.

By Revilo Oliver
(Excerpts by 

IT IS A GRIM AND TERRIBLE FACT that most of the members of our own race have had their minds so deformed by centuries of cunning Jewish propaganda that they have been conditioned, as effectively as well-trained dogs, to snarl and bite when their Jewish masters utter certain key-words, such as "fascist," "racist," and the like, which take the place of the "sic 'em" to which dogs respond. 

(1953 passport photo with wife whom he credits for his productive career.)

They are, furthermore, so emotionally addicted to narcotic fantasies that many of them are both unwilling and unable to endure the distress of looking at the real world about them and thinking rationally about it. They understandably prefer to close tightly the eyes of their minds and live in the dream-world of pleasurable fairy tales, such as they heard in the childhood to which they subconsciously long to regress. As Kipling neatly characterized them, "If they desire a thing, they declare it is true. If they desire it not, though that were death itself, they cry aloud, 'It has never been!'"

It is a tragic and potentially disastrous fact that any candid and reasonably comprehensive analysis of our present plight not only exposes its author to surreptitious or open reprisals, but also alienates many members of our befuddled and perhaps doomed race, making them snarl and want to bite the man who would make them face an unpleasant reality. Many more are so timorous that even a hint of disrespect for Jews sends them running for cover, like frightened cats, lest the Jews punish them for having listened to impious words....


The Jews speak bitterly of Henry Klein, a Jewish attorney who, during the premature Jewish Terror in the United States in 1944, did not betray his American clients, as a good Jewish lawyer should, but defended them before the Jewish Federal judge who had been appointed by our great War Criminal to destroy them and thus terrorize all American curs who dared not to lick the boots of their masters. The Jews so persecuted Klein that he denounced the Zionists (e.g., in his booklet, Zionism Rules the World, 2 which he had printed at his own expense in 1955) before he was hounded to suicide. But, nota bene, he denounced the Zionists, not his own race, and it is only reasonable to believe that he, however mistakenly, believed that he was protecting his com- patriots in the United States, not harming them. 

It must be remembered that even in 1944, the Americans were not so prostrate and cowed as they now are. In 1939-40, for example, it was possible for an American, Paul Beshers, who had enjoyed a brief season of political prominence a few years before, to assure his Jewish friends, "If you drive us into a war against Germany, it will not be long before Americans are shooting Jews on Michigan Avenue [in Chicago] without a hunting license." 

Some Jews were (he says) impressed by that prediction in 1940, and quite a few well-informed Americans, including officers in the armed services' intelligence corps, during the war of 1941-45, expected very drastic reprisals against the Jews after that war. It is against such a background that Klein's supposed "betrayal" of his race must be understood.

Benjamin Freedman.jpg
The majority of Jews hate Benjamin Freedman, who quoted a few well-known passages in the Talmud and other Jewish writings that the lowly goyim should not be permitted to see in his books Facts Are Facts and The Hidden Tyranny.  Freedman, unlike the many Jews who had themselves sprinkled with holy water and worked themselves up to positions of power in the various Christian churches during the Middle Ages and in the time of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, incurred the venomous hatred of many Jews. 

When I met him many years ago, he told me -- I assume truthfully -- that when he and his wife were in an elevator of the very expensive apartment building in New York City in which he then lived, and the very rich Jews who lived in the same building entered the same elevator, they would spit all over his and his wife's clothing to show their disapproval by a typical Jewish gesture. 

Freedman, however, did not intend to betray his race; on the contrary, he was convinced (it seems, mistakenly) that he was racially a real Jew, whereas most Jews were Turko- Mongolians who had disguised themselves as Jews and cunningly come to dominate the Jewish race, which he certainly did not intend to depreciate, much less betray. On the contrary, he imagined that he was, at great self-sacrifice, protecting his own people from the reprisals that might someday fall upon them.


The clearest example of the betrayal of the Jews by a Jew would be the famous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," if, as is maintained in some accounts of their publication, that document was sold by a Jew to the Russian intelligence services for a fee. The Jews, however, vociferously claim that the "Protocols" are a forgery. This allegation was long accepted, on the grounds that it was extremely unlikely that Jews would rashly put in writing so candid a statement of their purposes, and it was generally believed that the document was forged by a white man who had a phenomenal knowledge of the Jews and an astounding ability to predict what they would do in subsequent decades. 

Recent exhibitions of Jewish arrogance and contempt for the Aryan mentality suggest, however, a reconsideration of the problem. It may be doubted whether any man of our race could have so perfectly anticipated and described in the last years of the Nineteenth Century the policies that the Jews put into effect in the Twentieth, down to the present time. But however that may be, we cannot regard the "Protocols" as proof that a Jew betrayed his own race.
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First Comment by Dan:

Revilo P. Oliver was a brilliant writer and speaker.   I read and studied his material , which can be very compelling, but with a first rate Sophist like Oliver, a showman, it's wise to take him with a grain of salt.  Because you will run up against a 'poison pill' here and there.     

It's not a red flag when someone's skeptical of Christian narrative, as Oliver is in 'Reflections on the Chris Myth'. 

To his credit, Oliver also dismissed the 'Aryan Religion' as "just another weird cult for people who want to believe whatever is incredible." 

Another tendency of people who need heroes is their belief that everything their hero says is right.  Mature adults have learned to know how to agree to disagree.  We don't have to buy a 'total package' - that's how Political Correctness works. 

So Oliver's critiques of religion aren't the 'deal breaker'.  But from we know now about the origins and covert purpose of the John Birch Society, that it's extremely likely that Oliver was a counterintelligence agent.   If his role in helping found and promote the John Birch Society isn't enough, you must consider what it means that he was called to testify before the Warren Commission. *

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Comments for "Revilo Oliver on Jewish Apostates"

KS said (July 17, 2015):

Christianity is a spiritual disease that has emasculated the white race'.

It is looking pretty hard to argue against that. Something has certainly emasculated the white race. It's not even reproducing.

Christianity seems to have begun as a movement dangerous to both the secular and certain religious authorities of the time. Something significant certainly took place since churches quickly began springing up in many locations. (Michael Bradley has some very interesting ideas on early Christianity.) It took around 300 years for the State to wrest control of the movement with the Council of Nicaea 325. Add in the protestant 'reformation', and there is not much left for any one to worry about.

We do have inherent rights and responsibilities that cannot be abrogated but we are going to have to rediscover and apply them.

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