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Memory Hole: The Murder of Admiral Jeremy Boorda

August 12, 2015

AdmiralJeremyBoorda.jpg US Chief of Naval Operations Jeremy (Mike) Boorda was a Jew who wasn't part of the Illuminati. On May 16, 1996, he was murdered on leaving his Washington home after lunch. The "elite" media dutifully reported he committed suicide over allegations one of his medals was bogus. In fact, he was not perturbed by this controversy and was looking forward to retirement in August. More likely he was murdered because he opposed the CIA's use of US Navy ships to transport drugs and he had a meeting with both Newsweek and President Clinton that very afternoon. 

The article below by Tony Bonn suggests that Boorda's attempt to clean up a powerful Masonic and homosexual ring described by Marine assassin Col. George Griggs wife, Kay Griggs, also may have been a motive. Shooting yourself in the head is a typical method of suicide.  The admiral shot himself twice in the chest. The autopsy has not been released.

[Ken Adachi: Every American citizen needs to listen to Kay Griggs entire eight hour 1998 video interview to understand the complete degeneracy and subjugation that has taken place among the upper command structure of the Army, Navy, and Marines due to the subversion of Zionist fifth columnists.]

By Tony Bonn
(Abridged by

Admiral Jeremy "Mike" Boorda (1939-1996) died, according to the state controlled media, of suicide from controversy surrounding wearing of the V device on one of his navy awards. The truth is that he was murdered.
At the time of his murder [May 16, 1996], Boorda was Chief of Naval Operations, an accomplishment he achieved by rising through the ranks as an enlisted man to an officer serving at the pinnacle of the Navy's hierarchy. Such an attainment almost invariably requires graduation from Annapolis; so this exception probably earned Boorda some animosity from many naval officers whose philosophy of life is based upon entitlement rather than merit.
Around the time of his death, newsfakers reported that Boorda left two typed suicide notes, one to his family, and one to the Navy. Neither note has been released although retired United States Army Reserve Major Glenn MacDonald presented the contents of one. The problem with the suicide notes is that they are unsigned, as in the case of Vincent Foster, meaning that Boorda did not write them.
Another concealment which confirms that Boorda was murdered is that of his autopsy which has never been released which means that the Navy has something to hide. What the Navy has hidden is that the CNO was murdered. MacDonald obtained the witness of one Chief Medical Corpsman who stated that he saw TWO bullet holes in Boorda's body. The official story is that Boorda shot himself in the chest with a hollow point bullet, but the truth is that his murderer killed him with 2 shots to the chest.
All persons who knew Boorda were shocked by the "suicide." The majority of comments posted on internet sites are very favorable of the admiral, but a few planted-comments by ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence] spooks degrading him stand out as anomalies. Given his family background and personality, no one honestly believes that Boorda killed himself, especially when hours before his death he remarked how he was looking forward to retirement later that year.

MacDonald alludes to the Kay Griggs [left] revelations in which she, married to Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs, relates that her husband was most likely involved in the Boorda murder.
Griggs goes into considerable detail about the Tailhook scandal which was a vast Marine Corps and Navy homosexual sex ring involving very senior naval personnel. We would never have assumed that to be the cause of the murder until we watched the full 8 hour interview of Kay Griggs given in 1998 in which she suggested that her husband was involved in the murder.
Griggs is vitally important to understanding how the Marine Corps and Navy work. She states that it is nearly impossible to rise to colonel / commander or above without participating in the gay sex rituals which dominate the upper reaches of the US Navy.
When the Tailhook scandal broke, it was painted as a call girl / sexual harassment story, but Griggs set the record straight by pointing out that it had everything to do with extensive homosexual activities and rites.
Griggs also stated that her husband George was an assassin for the Marine Corps, though it always operated under Army command. Thus her husband was involved in countless assassinations of Americans.
Boorda made the "mistake" of firing or easing into retirement too many of the individuals involved in the Tailhook operation, earning numerous powerful enemies such as General Jim Joy, General Al Gray, General Victor Krulak, General Carl Steiner, and many more senior military officers who sponsored and participated in the rituals.
Boorda hit a raw nerve in attempting to clean up the scandal and debauchery, but did not know the extent of the animosity and power behind the cabal of officers committed to these practices.

While we cannot be dogmatic about the reason for his murder, we are certain that Tailhook was the root cause of his demise.


Bill Clinton acting surprised for the camera on getting news of Boorda "Suicide"

Thanks to Ken Adachi for sending this important story. 

First Comment from Dan:

Bill Cooper covered the Boorda hit on episode #879, aired May 31, 1996   

William Cooper - Death of Admiral Boorda  (If you're in a hurry, start at minute 26.)
Cooper's audio archive is invaluable for he reported on these things when they happened, and listening brings it all back in full context.   According to Cooper, not only was suiciding Boorda a Clinton hit, it was part of a purge of patriots which included William Colby, former head of CIA. 

Stan writes;  Watching Kay Griggs is a must.

She even alleges that former head of the CIA - William Colby - was murdered by a combo of Navy Seals and Israeli special forces.
She talks of "Zionists" out of New York running things like armed forces computer systems. She talks of retired Generals running the drug trade - known as "The Brooklyn Mob" where US Marine Corp personnel work as "hitmen" for the mob.
How many American "jews" are serving in the IDF and then coming back to the US? They then attain sensitive positions in both the private and public sector.
How many American/British/Australian armed forces are training in Israel and Jordan and being compromised while there be at around drugs, sex or...whatever? Israeli intelligence specialise in the "honey pot".
A huge US Marine training base is in Israel. Also bases in Jordan.
Kay Griggs is a true hero and worthy of a major book and movie. Without doubt, one day it will happen.

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Comments for " Memory Hole: The Murder of Admiral Jeremy Boorda"

Peter said (August 13, 2015):

It is time present this ancient Russian proverb,

Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.

John said (August 13, 2015):

After WWII, some German military taboos were incorporated into US military ritual and traditions, which Kay mentions. Rising stars come to mind if you can turn them when they are young and they adapt into that cherry whatever branch of service they come from. Adm. Boorda was a champion for decency in the military and towed the line unfortunately his life ended too soon.
Speaking of drugs Coast Guard hauls in nearly 2 billion worth of cocaine. I imagine the other coast has similar headlines. Some agencies bring in drugs while another one gets credit for removing them:

Ken said (August 13, 2015):

Jeremy Boorda grew up and graduated high school from the same Midwest Illinois farming town I did, Momence. Population 3,000 forever. There are NO synagogues near that town for many miles. Likely up north to Chicago 50 miles if you wanted to find one. He was several classes before me, so I never knew him personally, I just know it was a Midwest town value environment. Many patriotic enlistees. Even the few like me who hated Lyndon Johnson and would never enlist in his phoney war, were still short haired conservatives. The few in town with any hint of Jewish ancestry, were all married to Christians and practiced respect for Jesus Christ, not the Zionist/Talmudic garbage we see pushed in our faces today.

Unfortunately, the Freemasons did infiltrate and run many/most churches and small businesses in town. If he got a sample of how evil it was in Momence, his patriotic soul would not condone it running our country.

Ray said (August 12, 2015):

Reading this article, put to my mind the old saying.
"You can't never be too paranoid ? "
This should be a mantra to anyone going against the PTB scums !

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