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Topless Twist in War on Gender

August 3, 2015

These young airheads are campaigning for the right to go topless in public. Women like them march in "slutwalks" to normalize dressing like streetwalkers. Both campaigns advance an ongoing satanist objective of turning nature on its head. Bflouting natural heterosexual reactions and standards, they undermine marriage and genderTom Bothwell shows the absurdity of their argument woman should go bare chested if men can.

By Tom Bothwell

For several days now, the top story on has been about women going topless in public: "Rally in support of women's right to go topless takes place in Waterloo, Ont."

The protest in question was organized by the Mohamed sisters who, while biking topless a little over a week ago, were stopped by a male police officer and told that the law requires them to cover up.

The officer was in error.  Women going topless in public has been 'legal' in Ontario ever since 1996 when Gwen Jacob, who had been charged with indecency for doing just that, was acquitted by the Ontario Court of Appeal. The judge ruled that baring one's breasts was not a sexual act or indecent and that it did not exceed the 'community standard of tolerance'.

The legalization of public toplessness was, of course, largely a feminist goal and was argued for on the grounds of 'equality'. If men are allowed to go shirtless in public outdoor spaces, then women should be permitted to go topless as well! 

After all, any other arrangement would be a form of discrimination and a manifestation of patriarchal oppression, or so the argument ran.
 The basic problem with this line of reasoning is the fact that men and women may be equal, but they are not the same. 

Specifically, a woman's breasts are a private and intimate part of her anatomy in a way that a man's chest is not. 

If you were to accidentally touch a shirtless man's chest in a casual way, it is no big deal.

 Now, try touching a woman's naked breasts under similar conditions and see what happens. You're likely to be charged with assault. The woman would experience the contact as a type of violation. 

Similarly, one can ask: how many of these topless women who were protesting with their signs saying "they're just boobs" would appreciate passers-by taking photographs of their breasts and putting them up on the internet for all the world to see? 

How many of them would consider that sort of exposure 'exploitation'? They want to have their cake and eat it too - a very common problem amongst special interest groups in our degenerate age.

None of the domestic media outlets reporting on this story have released uncensored footage of the protest. Might it be that they dare not take the risk of legal entanglements? By contrast, filming a shirtless man or positing his photo on flikr would be a non-event. The double standards are numerous.


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Comments for " Topless Twist in War on Gender"

MD said (August 4, 2015):

Mr. Bothwell's explanations in this article are brilliant, as are reader Matthew's posted comments (including "men normally don't walk around topless either"). And Mr. Makow's cogent introduction is extremely powerful writing.

Tony B said (August 4, 2015):

I'm too old. Women who think and act as in this article to me are simply cock teasers. That was the common name for them most of my life.

David said (August 4, 2015):

Campaigns like this are a way for people to feel they are doing something courageous and just, while they turn a blind eye to worser evils like Israel's genocide of Palestinians, US wars without end, grand larceny on Wall Street, cops murdering innocents every day and getting away with it. The wide media coverage also distracts the rest of humanity from the real problems in this world.

Matthew said (August 4, 2015):

Anyone half awake can see from miles away, that this is another step of very many steps of our western society imploding. Surely, except on a beach, where women are scantily clad anyway, men normally don't walk around topless either. You just have to go back 100 years, and both sexes were very much dressed up all the time, even on the beach. In what way, from this perspective has it been a case of male freedom and female oppression?

Everything that feminists say is ill thought through and reactionary. It's plain to anyone that there is a constant push in whatever way, shape or form to break down society.

P said (August 4, 2015):

I think it goes deeper than that. We're seeing the evidence of the progressive slutty character of women before our eyes. The guy flesh may love it (that's how we're built), yet is nothing short of the sirens' call analogy.

Liberal women are going to play their sexuality to the hilt as society continues to degrade. I believe that some of them may come around if they find a decent man willing to defend her. Sadly, not too many on either gender want to fill their sexual roles.

Deeply rooted broken hearts, in both genders, outwardly acting out in wild abandon.

Dan said (August 4, 2015):

We went through the late 60's and 70's rock festivals and concerts so these children think they're on the cutting edge of human possibilities. Tit flashing pre-dates Mardis Gras. That's when hundreds of fat, nerdy college girls flock to New Orleans to flash their tits, to the amusement of the local drunks. No beads for you, sunshine. Nude feminists evoke images of pig farms and cattle drives.

For nearly fifty years of feminist demonstrations, they still rely on flashing flabby tits. Is it just a cliché due to lack of imagination? Or is it pathological exhibitionism?

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