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Is Tibetan Buddhism Part of Globalist Plot?

August 19, 2015

dalai and asahara (2).jpg

(left, Dalai Lama with the guru Shoko Asahara of the AUM sect of Japan,

responsible for the Tokyo sarin gas attack on March 20, 1995.)

A reader, Matt, senses something sinister

about the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism.

"Tibet is a stronghold of both spiritual and temporal power, connected with the highest secret orders and globalist councils in the world. The common goal is world domination through a saviour king to bring this about."

"Today, the media focuses on the crimes of Islamic fanatics, but when is the last time you heard about fanatic Buddhist monks inciting violence? Is Buddhism a sacred cow for some reason?"

Will Planned Antichrist be a Lama? 

From Nov. 13, 2014 (Updated with hierarchical chart now in English) 

by Matt



Something may be rotten in the state of Tibet.  Ever suspicious of the Dalai Lama's status as being the universal "holy" friend of seemingly all political and religious leaders of the world, I decided to learn more information about this character and the institution he represents. Something about the man seemed fake and deceptive to me, as if he had been fooling the world with his perma-smile all along.  Check out The Darkness Over Tibet, an excellent, brief summary on this subject. Example:


- The Dalai Lama is only a marketing program to make Tibet look good. He and his 100 servitors could never have exiled Tibet without the agreement from the Chinese government. The Chinese government and Lamaist (Tibetan Buddhist) organization are closely linked on an occult level. The true "spiritual" leader of Lamaism is the Panchen Lama, who is almost unknown at all outside of Tibet. He's considered as the "black pope" (the Catholic pope is the "white pope").


(Left. Twin Peaks- pointing to Tibet)

- The Catholic Church (Jesuits) and Lamaism are closely linked. Jesuits have been traveling to Tibet and helped to setup the hierarchical lamaist organization (the first Dalai Lama was named in the 14th century), which in turn offered help to the Vatican (this confirms many theories according to which all the major world religions are secretly linked at the very top). Many spiritual leaders in Tibet are in fact Jesuits. Both hierarchies are arranged scientifically to optimize the function of black magic rituals.

- He mentions Maitreya, who is supposed to be the upcoming reincarnation of Buddha, but which will be used by those in power as a false messiah to "save the world", from problems which are mostly illusory because created by those in power.

My searches led me to the online tome The Shadow of the Dalai Lama by Victor and Victoria Trimondi.  Here, my suspicions of the Dalai Lama were confirmed when I read that his Holiness   worked with the guru Shoko Asahara of the AUM sect of Japan, responsible for the Tokyo sarin gas attack on March 20, 1995.  Asahara apparently was very much connected to the Tibetan religion and met with many high Tantra masters.  This is just one of a myriad of examples pointing to something seriously wrong with this institution.


I found a few good articles discussing the feudal, hellish society that existed under the greedy Lamas who ruled with an iron fist and treated the masses like animals. When the Dalai Lamas Ruled - Hell On Earth and The True Face Of The Dalai Lama provide a decent summary on the feudal Lamaist theocracy of Tibet.


Today, the media focuses on the crimes of Islamic fanatics, but when is the last time you heard about fanatic Buddhist monks inciting violence? Is Buddhism a sacred cow for some reason? For a brief summary on this, read The Long and Strange History of Buddhist Violence. In the Kalachakra Tantra, war and violence is discussed as the means to cleanse the world of undesirables  Read about the Aggressive War Myth here.


Dugpas-Drukpas (1).jpg(left, Dugpas)

If you've seen Twin Peaks, you may remember the strange references to Tibet. In one episode, Windom Earle uses the Tibetan word 'Dugpa':


"... these evil sorcerers, dugpas, they call them, cultivate evil for the sake of evil and nothing else. They express themselves in darkness for darkness, without leavening motive. This ardent purity has allowed them to access a secret place of great power, where the cultivation of evil proceeds in exponential fashion. And with it, the furtherance of evil's resulting power. These are not fairy tales, or myths. This place of power is tangible, and as such, can be found, entered, and perhaps, utilized in some fashion. The dugpas have many names for it, but chief among them is the Black Lodge."


Did David Lynch place occult secrets in plain sight in Twin Peaks?  Was this "Revelation of the Method"?


There is also a strong connection between Theosophy (Blavastky, et al) and Tibetan Buddhism. Theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater wrote about an occult Buddhist hierarchy of the world and the Great White Brotherhood is an important aspect of Theosophical teachings. The Occult Hierarchy and the Masters discusses this in detail.


According to The Shadow of the Dalai Lama, German authors have written of "an occult hierarchia ordinis of the Lamaist theocracy, which invisibly influences and steers the East."


"J. Strunk's arguments (Zu Juda und Rom --Tibet, [To Juda and Rome --Tibet], 1937) are more far reaching; he tries to uncover a conspiracy of an international ecclesiastical elite (with members from all the world religions) with the living Buddha, the Dalai Lama from Lhasa as their visible head. "What there are of organizations and new spiritual currents running alongside and in all directions nearly always end up on the 'roof of the world', in a Lama temple, once one has progressed through Jewish and Christian lodges"(Strunk, 1937, p. 28)."


"General Ludendorff and his wife likewise took to the field with great vigor against the "Asian priests"and warned that the Tibetan Lamas had emplaced themselves at the head of Jewish and Jesuit secret orders (Europa den Asiatenpriestern?[Europe of the Asian priests)], 1941)."




On pg. 32 of Geheime Weltmächte [Secret World Powers] by S. Ipares, possibly the most accurate chart of the world hierarchy can be found, (see above) placing the Lamas at the top with the Theosophists possibly being the liaison between the Lamas and the European leadership.  


Lastly, the famous German author Gustav Meyrink (The Golem) had a very interesting mystical experience (Read the story in part 1 and part 2) in which he saw a Dugpa (red hat Lama) in a vision. I believe anecdotal information like this can help us just as much or even more to find the truth.


More scrutiny of Tibetan Buddhism is warranted.  I see a lot of deception and attempts to conceal the truth.  Tibet to be a stronghold of both spiritual and temporal power, connected with the highest secret orders and globalist councils in the world. Their common goal is world domination through a saviour king to bring this about.  The effort to gradually sell this agenda to the world is most seen in the carefully engineered public adulation of the Dalai Lama, which has me wondering if a planned World King will actually be a Lama. 

The idea of a Lamaist theocracy being the ultimate rulers of the world will sound far-fetched to many, but there is a good reason why it can only be found in old and untranslated German books.


1. Dalai lama articles on this site:

Tibetan Buddhism- A Racket Posing as a Religion

2. Critical Links to Lamaism

Buddhists, Occultists and Secret Societies in Early Bolshevik Russia: an interview with Andrei Znamenski

'Red Shambhala': Telepathy, Mental Powers, Electronic Surveillance & Mysticism in the U.S.S.R.

Red Star Over Shambhala: Soviet, British and American Intelligence & the Search for Lost Civilisation in Central Asia

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First Comment by Ryan, author of "In Defence of the Dalai Lama"

I must say, it seems that you need to fill a Summer News Gap by stooping to publishing such unfounded, uninformed s..t!

I was just in a 2 week retreat with very close contact with such so-called "elite" tibetan Tulkus/Rinpoches which the people like to criticize so much.

Unfortunately we live in times where it is cool to viciously criticize anything and everything which we don't understand or which seems strange to us.

I would like to ask the authors of this babble if they have actually ever talked with a tibetan, a tibetan monk or nun, a Tulku or Rinpoche? Or if you have read any correctly translated Buddhist doctrinal or philosophical texts, much less meditated?  Obviously not.

Once again, His Holiness the Dalai lama is being abused as a lightning rod for our own frustrations, misconceptions and political motives.


Sure their are dissident "Buddhist" groups also criticizing His Holiness the Dalai Lama. One of the most vicious and vocal groups is funded by the Chinese. The authors seems to (unknowingly?) be on Chinas side by mentioning the Chinese government-supported fake Panchen Lama while neglecting to mention that the real Panchen Lama has been in detention for over a decade.

Henry, since you seem incapable of sorting out the mish-mash of confused western preconceptions about Tibetan Buddhism (admittedly an enormous and confusing topic) or noticing that you are being inadvertently manipulated by Chinese interests, I suggest you avoid this topic altogether.


In short your latest bashing of Tibetan Buddhism is just another example of someone with an axe to grind who criticizes something he has no idea about, based solely upon other overly-critical, antiquated and misinformed articles. As evidenced by the numerous factual flaws in his article he obviously doesn't have the least bit of knowledge, superficial or otherwise about Tibetan Buddhism.

Just a few of many points:

-"Lamaism" is an incorrect, very antiquated term for Vajrayana Buddhism.

-To quote "Twin Peaks" - an American TV series? as an authoritative source on the Drugpas undermines any seriousness of this article. Really! Yes a Drukpa school exists, but this cannot be used as a general term.

-The Trimondis are an interesting example. The Dalai Lama has thousands of students who praise him. Why quote only the rare few who were disenchanted by the Dalai Lama and don't even publish their highly critical book under their real name.

-I am amused by his German language sources from the 1930's. Can/did the author actually read the material he is quoting.  The chart only contains general Buddhist terms and seems to put Pratyeda (solitary) Buddhas at the pinnacle (Herr der Welt/Ruler of the World) . Pratyeka Buddhas are practitioners of Theravada Buddhism and are held in very low esteem by Tibetan Buddhists.

-It is worthwhile to read other parts of the original "Geheime Weltmächte" text. Reading the short last chapter "Asiatisches Geheimbundwesen" it becomes clear just how little the author knew about Buddhism in general. This being the case what validity can their conclusions in the chart have?

-As far as the visions of Gustav Meyrink: What makes them more valid than mine or yours?
If the author is really looking for who might control the world shouldn't he look more into the Theosophist Illuminati connection.


Dan writes:

There's not enough room here to even begin on the topic of how we've been bamboozled about the Dalai Lama and Tibet, and why.

Tibet was the last fully intact feudal theocracy on Earth till 1951, when Mao seized the moment to occupy and incorporate it.
At that time an Australian journalist wrote that the concept of human rights had been unknown in Tibet. A tiny elite of lamas and ancient aristocracy were literally worshiped by the serfs as demigods. Belief in soul evolution through reincarnation invariably produces a rigid caste system, on the logical assumption that serfs are 'born that way' because of karma and dharma. The ruling castes equally so. Got a problem with being a serf? Obey your masters, and maybe in a few hundred lifetimes your status may improve - but not in this one. The Tibetan serfs fully believed this. So did the lamas and 'nobility'. Serfs were whipped an tortured for trivial offenses. Mutilation was a standard punishment - cutting off ears, fingers, gouging out eyes, etc. These acts were carried out by an army of thugs formalized as warrior caste, or brutal order of low born monks who served as muscle for the lamas.

There are 'high and low' castes of Tibetan monks. The 'tulku lamas' are supposed to be reincarnations of historical men of renown. The vast majority of monks are from the lower castes and serve the Tulkus as slaves. Inside one of those magnificent medieval monasteries in Tibet it was discovered that the Tulka and all the elite lamas in that monastery were very active homosexuals, taking any peasant boy that struck their fancy for the 'honor' of becoming a monk-slave in that monastery. But this monastery also provided many of the especially brutal thug-monks sent out to serve as guards and enforcers at other monasteries.

Why didn't we hear any of this in school? Where were the specials on National Geographic and History Channel about the reality that the Dalai Lama is as much a feudal throwback as the Royal family?

Politics. The Dalai Lama* was important to the CIA when the State Department was against China's expansion. But the real money poured into the Dalai Lama's organization in exile through the United Nations NGO's. Between the two of these backers, there was a very real blackout on the reality of Tibetan lack of a "concept of human rights" well into the 20th century. Even right now, if you Google "Tibet human rights" you will get a pile of articles talking about modern Chinese violations of human rights. The template for this skewed history comes from Amnesty International. They're not going to tell you that the Tibetan theocrats think most of us are no better than sheep to be herded, accordingly.

The 'Elite' wet dream is a "New" World Order that is in fact a resurrection of ancient Theocratic Feudalism. That's they push Tibetan Buddhism.

There's not space left for me to recount my own experience with the Tibetan network in America. I'll just say that it was consistent with this dark mind set from the past. Just volunteer to go into one of the Tibetan ashrams out west and the pseudo-Christ candy coating melts off the Dalai Lama very quickly.

* Dalai Lama - The Worst Dictator in this Modern Day


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Is Tibetan Buddhism Part of Globalist Plot? "

Olivia said (August 24, 2015):

A man Mikhail Demidenko has written a book Po sledan SS v tibet (following the SS trail into tibet) 1999.
You hear about the strangest things while looking at something else.

Here is the link.

Father Francis said (August 24, 2015):

Fascinating story on the DL and all the connections. But the Jesuits? Certainly they were some of the first Westerners to arrive, but collusion was not their intent. If there were, I would be the first to want to know who is undermining our Catholic Faith. If not, why is there so little reference to the Jesuits involvement? No notes, no links, no manuscripts from the 16th, 17th, 18th or 19th century?!? Now, the 20th is another story.....

Please use discretion and your editing powers in reusing others' materials. Perhaps you could lead the charge in addressing these wrongs marketed by the Judeo/Masonic/Protestant/Zionist propagandists?

Don said (August 21, 2015):

The initial connection between the Dalai Lama and the CIA was established by Ilya Tolstoy (grandson of Leo Tolstoy) on an OSS mission through Tibet during WWII. The Tolstoy expedition was reported in National Geographic circa 1953. See

Wikipedia is already fiddling with the information on OSS agent Ilya Tolstoy and the Dalai Lama. I know about this connection because Ilya Tolstoy was my father's roommate at Iowa State University in Ames and they became lifelong friends. The Tolstoy Foundation in New York, which channeled support to and honored the Dalai Lama, was established by Ilya's aunt, the youngest child of Leo Tolstoy.

Lois Ann said (August 20, 2015):

Bravo! About time someone had guts to expose these rats. Evil to the core Satanists and cruel in the vilest forms.

I found this interesting and thought you would too:
Neighborhood gives support to plan for Buddhist temple on West Bluff - News - Journal Star - Peoria, IL

Lois Ann said (August 20, 2015):

Bravo! About time someone had guts to expose these rats. Evil to the core Satanists and cruel in the vilest forms.

I found this interesting and thought you would too:
Neighborhood gives support to plan for Buddhist temple on West Bluff - News - Journal Star - Peoria, IL

DD said (August 20, 2015):

ALL religions now existing serve the Illuminati-cum-new-world-order.

The aim is to keep people in ignorance, and squabbling about which is true and which is false.

The Illuminati let those religions/knowledge survive which aids and abets its agenda. NO religion has the truth in it!

There are clues to the truth in the Bhagavad Gita, in the Essene Gospels Of Peace Bk 1, and in the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali. Chinese religion are more for health than any salvation despite the lies of the Ying/Yang theory.

Humans are 90% bacteria, including viruses and fungi. Most humans are run by these predatory colonizers. This is where the evil comes from. It is why they destroyed people like Raymond Rife. Bacterial cells are conscious but human cells are not....the awareness of the soul uses the nervous system but does not reside in cells, except for the brain.

So human problems come from inter-species warfare (bacteria and satanic entity). Original sin and liberation after death are religion's solution for this. What one really needs is a Rife machine made by the founder.

Buddha is famous because of his teaching about conquest of desire. Nobody has done this in the history of the world.....not even Buddha. You cannot be desireless unless you destroy the life-steering bacteria/fungi/viruses that are 90% of body cells. They are the under-rated but actual controllers of human bodies. They are the sources of women's snake and other powers. They are the ones who hold this global all-seeing eye together!

Destroy the 90% bacteria that make up your body and be free. OR.....put in cue good bacteria alternated with destroy bacteria programs. Good bacteria turn bad!

MacLeod said (August 20, 2015):

t's odd that there's no mention of the Dalia Lama's connections to the CIA, which in 1959 evacuated him from harm's way as the Red Chinese took over Tibet. The CIA doesn't work for free: they save your life, you owe them for life.

Trevor said (August 20, 2015):

"The first Masonic Legislator whose memory is preserved to us by history, was Buddha,..(Morals and Dogma, p.277)

Olivia said (August 20, 2015):

Henry I live about fifty miles outside of Boston. It is a rural place on the outskirts of the main town very rural. Recently a brand new Buddhist Temple went up way up in a area where it is all farms. This place is grand, huge and takes up an area of at least two farms. I said to myself what the crap is going on? What bothers me is that the monks are out there every day begging food from people who may not have it to give. You know it took a lot of cabbage to build this place. I am sick of other religions coming to this country and then expecting the citizens to shore them up. I believe
it is a communist concern

Al Thompson said (August 19, 2015):

After reading reading this article, it just goes to show how people can get mind-raped. All of the religions do this by leveraging the lie in so many ways. Governments compliment the religious trash people in manipulating the unsuspecting minds. This should be a good warning to stay away from them. None of them can be trusted. The only one that can be trusted is God himself.

Roger said (November 15, 2014):

This is a hilarious article. No problem if anyone buys this tripe – they’d have to be dumber than Dubya.

Robert said (November 14, 2014):

This observation: only one human being ever claimed to be God. We have a record of His existence.

If one has a need for a god model, a "ruler of all," one can follow whomever one wants-- including this bizarre Dali Lama. But that is not following the One who alone claimed He was God. It's anyone's choice-- one can follow either Him (and would be well advised to disregard much of the noise surrounding His teachings from "Church" mavens and leaders-- just read the first century accounts handed down to us, anyone can figure out what's going on in them-- you don't need "hierarchs" telling you what these account mean). Or one can hanker after imitations of Him (like Buddha, Confucius, Mahomet-- take your choice) and see just how foolish they were to doubt that there once was an Individual Who actually was God and Who actually came to dwell among humanity.

CF said (November 14, 2014):

This article and its accompanying comments very skillfully connects so many dots. Yet, this topic is so vast, there is so much to discuss.

The very ancient swastika symbol, predates the advent of Buddhism by centuries, possibly millennia. The connection to the German swastika is tied to the Nordic European and Germanic gods. Since the German language is a not-so-distant relative of Sanskrit, the Aryan invasion theories, and/or invasions from the opposite direction, from India, gain credence.

As Dan brought up, the Indian Caste System has EVERYTHING to do with Buddhism. The power of the upper most Brahmin priest class was threatened by the sudden rise of Buddhism. Like yet another early version of Theosophy, Buddhism mixed and distilled many long-standing Vedic concepts.

This perceived threat to the Brahmins was so strong that key Vedic/Yogic philosophers, like Shankaracharya, literally revamped and remolded their faith into one similar to Buddhism. Since Buddhism was largely based on Vedic principles, this was not a stretch. The agnostic Buddhist Void and Nirvana concepts were met by the newly refreshed concepts of atma (soul or higher Self) merging into an impersonal Supersoul, or 'the effulgence of Brahma', the creative light. Thus began the impersonal Mayavadi lineage of Yoga, which is the form that has been pushed so hard and made so popular today.

Many truly traditionalist/fundamentalist style yogis, even today, direct much prejudice towards this Mayavadi line; which opens the Pandora's Box of 'The Superman' - man 'evolving' into a god. The worries of the ancient Brahmin class were soon relieved after Buddhism was pushed out of India, but the Mayavadi lineage continued. It was from that diaspora that Buddhism's ancient influence truly began. From ancient Greece, to the farthest reaches of China, and then Japan - Buddhism spread and took hold.

Note: One of the first Tibetan Buddhist Yogis, Jetsun Milarepa, was also a fully trained Sorcerer. Exactly like the now very ecumenical Catholic Church (or Sci-Fi 'Borg'), Tibetan Buddhism eventually absorbed and incorporated formerly antagonistic spiritual/political traditions, like the indigenous animist and shamanistic belief system, Bön. The early animist/shamanistic belief systems of Tibet, which predate Buddhism, worshipped nature, used animal sacrifices, and looked to the Shaman's trance state for guidance. Bön, and other similar belief systems, have their roots in the more ancient, pagan past - where a primitive feudal, master/slave system operated.

Thirty-third degree Mason and Masonic author, Albert Pike, stated the final World War is to be between Moslems and Christians. The Hegelian dialectic formula pits 'A' against 'B' to arrive at 'C'. Thus, the newly constructed 'World Court' building (the Israeli Supreme Court Building, which is plastered with Masonic symbols) is now located in Jerusalem (home to at least three major religions), their desired future 'World Capital', where the NWO spiritual/political system will be centered.

Agnostic systems, mixed with various forms of neo-paganism, such as Mayavadi Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, are the psychological 'lubricants' which are 'helping' the masses to gradually accept the coming, desired one-world religion: An erroneous Theosophical smorgasbord, on egotistical steroids. Humanity has "been there - done that." It failed in the past, and it is destined to fail again.

John said (November 14, 2014):

Great article on the Dalai Lama. The other day I was asked in hong kong "Are you a Christian'. I simply answered the question with a question and asked "how many times did Jesus Christ go to church?" Then simply added too, "how many times did Buddha show up at the temple?" Then I laughed and laughed because I am an INDIVIDUAL.

Religion is filled with all kinds of sweet stuff designed to coral the individuals into their flock. Religions are masters at co-opting all of this into an energy harvest machine in my opinion. The controllers are always shopping for a new energy harvest machine, from the NEW AGE stuff to Tibetan Buddhism etc....the list is quite long. But eventually as an INDIVIDUAL you realize you are pure soul, pure eternal light and can follow your deepest inner promptings with delightful precision. The robotic following of anything else becomes boring and un-interesting...even may I say SILLY. Enjoy the "INDIVIDUAL RIDE" and have fun with other INDIVIDUALS...that is very powerful in my experience...

Matt replies to Eduardo said (November 14, 2014):

Regarding Islam, the idea that the Antichrist would come out of Islam wouldn't make sense considering the massive volume of material and discussion on the subject within Islam, making every Muslim ever-wary of this future impostor leader. Also, the Muslims believe that JESUS will come back to fight and destroy the Dajjal/Antichrist and yet there are many Christians (and others) who feel nothing but evil can come from Islam. The links I posted "Rudra Chakrin: King of the World, Tantric Apocolyptic Redeemer, and Dajjal" goes into this.

Also from the Aggressive War Myth link is a pertinent point:

"Buddha versus Allah The armies of Rudra Chakrin will destroy the “not-Dharma” and the doctrines of the “unreligious barbarian hordes”. Hereby, according to the original text of the Kalachakra Tantra, it is above all the Koran which is intended. Mohammed himself is referred to by name several times in the Time Tantra, as is his one god, Allah. We learn of the barbarians that they are called Mleccha, which means the “inhabitants of Mecca” (Petri, 1966, p. 107). These days Rudra Chakrin is already celebrated as the “killer of the Mlecchas” (Banerjee, 1959, p. 52). This fixation of the highest tantra on Islam is only all too readily understandable, then the followers of Mohammed had in the course of history not just wrought terrible havoc among the Buddhist monasteries and communities of India — the Islamic doctrine must also have appeared more attractive and feeling to many of the ordinary populace than the complexities of a Buddhism represented by an elitist community of monks. There were many “traitors” in central Asia who gladly and readily reached for the Koran. Such conversions among the populace must have eaten more deeply into the hearts of the Buddhist monks than the direct consequences of war. Then the Kalachakra Tantra, composed in the time where the hordes of Muslims raged in the Punjab and along the Silk Road, is marked by an irreconcilable hate for the “subhumans” from Mecca."

Jim said (November 14, 2014):

Interesting article about the Dalai Lama Anti-Christ. The comments from Dan are especially intriguing.

I recently read the Dalai Lama's book, "The Art of Happiness". The things he said made sense to me. He helped me to make some personal adjustments in my life.

But so did Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life" book... although I had to put it down because I felt a genuine unease about him using Eugene Peterson's "The Message" Bible.

That being said, I would put the Dalai Lama in the same category as Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and the Pope. They are all religious hacks who control people with their mind games and extortion.

This is one reason why I don't go to church anymore. Few religious leaders can be trusted.

And besides, according to Brother Nathanael, the Anti-Christ will be a Jew. I'd have to agree.

Tanveer said (November 13, 2014):

Dan's comment has a clear point on the Lama-serf-army. Only the thinkers among your readers will see the countless similarities [in nature, agenda, [occult] machination, modus operandi and usefulness to Illuminati] between the Dalai Lama and the Jewish Pope Francis (I refer to your earlier articles on the Pope)! The Dalai-led genocide on Rohingya Muslims (by one of the Dalai-serf armies) is a clear sign that the AntiChrist couldn't be Muslim.

End Times prophecies in Islam have commonalities with the Book of Revelations. [Only enlightened people know this.] Islam records that EVERY Prophet/ Messenger had talked/ warned about the AntiChrist/ Dajjal. ... Just like Jesus prophesised many antichrists to emerge before the Real One does ... Islam notes that there will be 30 antichrists ("Dajjals") before the final Great Deceiver, False Messiah ("Masihud-Dajjal") AntiChrist --- who will be Jewish, short, blind in the right-eye, and will claim to be God, and reward his followers (with plenty of 30 pieces of silver!) and starve and annihilate those who refuse him! [There's not enough room to cram that eschatology here).

The parting thought raised by this great article by Matt is this: How many other AntiChrist "Representatives" and Networks are out there as we speak?! Where are they, and who are they? And how is it that their god (just like the Lama's god) is the same 'god' of the Zionists (and of this strange new oxymoronic breed called 'Judeo-Christians') --- namely, Lucifer/ Satan?

Eduardo said (November 13, 2014):

Jesus said in the Bible that many anti-Christ would come. Moreover, certainly there are some represented on the Tibet.

However, THE anti-Christ is still not clear from where it will come. For many years my conviction where around the Roman Church (since it is clearly identified as the Babylon). Alternatively, a political leader on Europe.

Recently, after studying deep and deep on Islam, I had many doubts on my previous views. Since Islam messiah is EXACTLY our anti-Christ, it is amazingly clear. The WW3 will be between Israel and the muslin world. It makes sense that the anti-Christ will come from Islam. The recent development of the league of 10 muslin nations also gains attention, since the Revelations says about that. Other interesting thing is that the nation from the north that will come against Israel is actually Turkey, and not Russia. In addition, that make much more sense if we see that Revelations says that the throne of Satan was in Turkey (it is now in a German museum) on Pergamum city.

There is a good video:

from a respected source about this information.
It fits very well in many other prophecies.

This one

is both very informative and reliable.


Tanveer replies:

People need to ask themselves (and do deep studies on) the following type of questions before ending up "unspeaking" re: the identity of the true enemy: (1) has Islam [like Zion] taken over all socio-economic and political institutions/ agencies and imprisoned the world through Usury, racism, [child-] pornography, Feminism, Unspeak and the like? (2) Is the modern day [nation AND people of] Israel (European whites) the same as the Biblical Israel (Semitic AND Brown)? (3) What kind/ background of Jesus would today's Israelis/ Zionists love and what kind/ background of Jesus would they kill? (4) Would the real Jesus's heart be tainted with racism, wickedness, cruelty or profanity? How many white Christians (deep down) around the world can really stomach or follow a Brown/ Semitic Jesus? (5) If you call the real Jesus the son of Mary (Peace be Upon them Both) "Jesus" and the imposter Sun God as "Christ" ... in today's upside-down world of UnSpeak, doesn't it make more sense that the Anti-Christ will call himself Christ ... and the REAL Jesus (pbuh) will be deemed as the antichrist? (6) In an increasingly deceptive and deceived world where truth-and-lies and good-and-evil are completely reversed [Henry Makow explained/ exposed this too many times!] ... doesn't it make more sense that if Zionist liars are brainwashing sheeple to think that the Muslim Jesus (pbuh) is the Anti Christ?! (7) Isn't the term AntiChrist quite misleading ... since the AntiChrist will also be Anti-God, Anti-Islam, Anti-humanity, Anti-Indigenous-Peoples, Anti-Natural-Order-of-Humanity, Anti-Harmony, Anti-Decency, Anti-Humility, Anti-Any-Monotheistic-Belief-System ... and Anti-Truth ?!

Too many exposes by Henry Makow and David Livingstone already points to this --- that a Satanic Creed has systematically hijacked true Torah Judaism, the true Teachings of Jesus (pbuh) ... and is currently taking over true Islam (in which they're destine to fail miserably, because while some Muslims may be corruptible, Islam and the Qur'an are not)! ... Final thought for those with bigotry-free intellect : why is it that "ISIS is about as truly Muslim ... as Sun-worshipping Christians are truly Christian ... and as Ashkenazi Jews are truly Semitic Jews? ... Hmmm ...

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