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September 16, 2015


Arriving at the American Airlines Center--Home of Dallas Mavs for the Donald Trump Rally, I felt like the circus had come to town.

There were bizarre messages everywhere.

And the Donald Trump Rally was also reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Rallies in that some Trump followers were highly radicalized, even wild-eyed.

For example, there were people carrying Bibles and wearing American flags.

I was careful NOT TO OFFEND:

The news talked about counter street protests, but I saw none myself. (Can you see any?)

The program began with politically obnoxious speakers decrying illegal immigrants, extolling the virtues of firearms and pounding the podium for more aggressive foreign war.

First Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jeffress led the rally in a jingoistic, aggressive and fanatically nationalistic prayer.

For anyone wondering where Donald Trump draws rhetorical inspiration, LOOK NO FARTHER (skip intro) 

This 1989 Batman movie was obviously predictive programming for last night's Trump performance. 

"Who do you trust? Money, money, money!

Hubba, hubba, hubba, WHO DO YOU TRUST?

Trump bragged about his massive wealth and how he would NOT accept political contribution with "strings attached."


His central message was MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN but totally devoid of any specific plans.

WE MUST TRUST THAT he will cut taxes, raise benefit, build a wall along 2000 mile of the American-Mexican border and prosecute a new and improved WAR ON TERROR.

How? Don't ask. Just leave it to THE DONALD.

I left with a sense of foreboding and helplessness thinking HE JUST MIGHT DO IT.

I fear the 'quiet elite' and Bankers who run America have groomed Donald Trump to be America's first Fascist Dictator.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at