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American Mourns Dad Murdered in the Philippines

October 17, 2015


What makes Western men travel 7000 miles to meet women? 

by Andrew Jones 

My father Andrew Charles Jones, 60, met a lady Eden Joy Trongco on Facebook . 
He started talking to her in January 2015. He took his first trip to the Philippines at the end of March and met her at a hotel. 

They treated him like a king. He came back saying he was their great white hope. Well, he was very excited said he was gonna marry her, and he started buying her tons of gifts.

He filled five suitcases with women's clothing and perfumes. He even bought a wedding dress and diamond rings. 

Well, this time at the end of July, he went to her village Sallapadan in Abra Phillipines. He was so happy and in love.

On August 17, he texted me at 8.30 am and said he was coming home. He also changed his plane ticket to come home the next day so something happened. 

11911604_1077868745575082_789569384_n (1).jpg
Then at 9:05 I got a phone call and the lady who says to me, your father is dead. Come fetch his body . 

They started sending me pictures of him dead and the embassy didn't help me. 

My uncle had to fly there to verify his body . This is so sad cause I don't even know how he died.
They have not given us an autopsy report. The first story I was given is your father fainted and is just dead. Then he was depressed and maybe he drink too much and died. The third, maybe he had a heart attack. No real answer which is crazy. I have called the embassy to see if they can call the MD but he either does not answer and keeps avoiding are calls
All his stuff was gone. Also ten thousand dollars in cash is gone too. I just received a video of  autopsy i requested. Its so sad. 

PS- From the time he met her he even started sending money to her western union which was weird . Eden has three Face books and it looks like she only checks two of them. There may be no way to prove how he died but I know my dad was way too happy. He was excited to get married to Eden. He felt in love. The weird thing was Eden texted me before my father went there and asked what would I do if my father ever had a heart attack. I said oh don't talk like that. I don't know if that was a warning or a joke. 
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First Comment from Steve

I'm 64 and have just come back from the Philippines after meeting a lady thru Cherry Blossoms. These men you report getting scammed or killed should not be happening if they weren't so naive. There are tons of info on the net to avoid most all the hazards in meeting the bad ladies. CB has an excellent article on what to avoid.

!st everybody says never never send money period for any reason, 2nd never leave a reputable dating site like CB which you can do all your correspondence thru. That's because they keep records of all emails and scammers will be caught. A dead give away of a scammer is the want to communicate thru another non traceable form right away. Never ever make any commitment. Never ever discuss what you own. I told them I didn't own a home, nothing in the bank and only a pension. That gets rid of most the scammers. Go over and visit without a commitment and look around, don't rush. Don't meet in remote areas, just in cities in big malls for the 1st times. Never flash wealth. No need to stay in $200/night hotels. I stayed in 30 day stay clean hotels with security, AC for $300/month and maid service which I found by spending hours on the net searching for. Did all my transportation by taxi too. I did not appear as a rich although most foreigners are thought of that way.

I had a nice time with an intelligent lady that works. She never asked for money, but I did pay for all expenses together and a few inexpensive gifts like mops, coffee maker, led lights, ect. I even volunteered to have her families 800 sq ft tin roof replaced because it leaked, cost $250 with labor. I never spent more that $3000 for the whole month total. I'm going back to stay longer and investigate longer in a couple of months. These guys that get scammed would also be scammed in the states; they didn't do their homework. Art Bell was very pleased with his 1st Filipina wife till she died and has now remarried a second.

Everything in life has risk and it is up to us to learn what they are. Those men didn't. There are old guys that can't date young women in their own countries and women so poor that they want a better life. It doesn't make either one wrong or evil. If both are honest, things can work out with much satisfaction to both. Women have always looked for security in men and men in pretty young ladies for companionship that aren't into feminism but femininity.

For me it's just opening up a new door to explore. No rush. Plus they make great translators and guides.
Marco replies to Steve:

In reply to Steve's first comment, how did men become so heartless? The man just wrote a letter detailing how his father died, under very suspicious circumstances, and the only thing that comes to Steve's mind is to talk about how to be better prepared and write about his own worldly successes? Can he not sympathize or be empathetic with the authors grief? Did Steve not have a father?
Not that Steve's advice isn't good, but for anyone who loves their father, an article like this breaks the heart.
The problem with this world isn't that it is full of naïve people, or that there is a general lack of intelligence.  The problem with the world is that people have hearts of iron and put practical thinking and their brain before their hearts cutting themselves off from God.
Steve: "Dear Marco, I felt very bad for this man and it bothers me greatly. I wrote this as I did to prevent this from happening again. I can't bring back this fine father but if I got one man to research a little and saving himself of this fate, I'm glad I wrote as I did. Good day"

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Comments for "American Mourns Dad Murdered in the Philippines"

Z said (October 18, 2015):

wish you would give more credence to the Red Pill and Game teaching of the manosphere.

I recommend every man out there to read the blog The Rational Male and his subsequent 2 books.

Again Game and Red Pill would have saved this man's life. He would have recognized that women are women everywhere. He would realize his own mental brainwashing in a feminized culture and also what to look out for.

An investment of some 25$ for both of those books would have prevented this catastrophe from happening and would have given him a better overview of what kind of woman to look for, how to understand female minds better and how to deal with it in stride. Instead he was killed not by the family and the woman, but mostly by his fem-centric Blue Pill consciousness that is prevalent among men in the West.

JG said (October 18, 2015):

I have a lot of respect for the Asian people in general. They are polite, hard working, and never had the welfare mind set that the America people owed them something.

I met an especially nice Vietnamese lady who was attractive, smart, and tough with a real nice father and mother a few years ago. I'm glad the relationship stayed plutonic because after some sober thought I felt the relationship was not right. I have had a history of letting women down in the end and I didn't want that to happen to her.

A woman who has to market herself over the internet has already told you something about herself by doing so. I'm sorry but love just can't be purchased. Companionship yes, but love, NO!

Sheila said (October 18, 2015):

Seems pretty clear what happened here. The Filapina was on Facebook trolling for a rich white husband. She tells him everything he wants to hear. He goes out there, and eventually he realizes all is not as he had hoped it would be. He calls off the marriage and makes plans to head back home. Her family, who have been salivating over their “great white hope” are enraged that their dreams of riches have been dashed, and kill him. I’m guessing poison since there were no external injuries.

This blog cherishes the notion that women in other cultures are purer than Western women. Maybe the women over there are just more desperate to marry well and, like a prostitute, willing to fake orgasms and be whatever the man wants her to be. Would those women be interested in a man who had few financial resources? I think not.

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