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Organized Jewry Tries to Silence Old Hippie

October 27, 2015


Freedom is on trial in British Columbia. 
Let's rally behind Arthur Topham. 

Disclaimer: I have not studied Arthur's every word. I'm sure we don't agree on some things. But freedom is meaningless if you cannot, in Spinoza's words,
"think what you wish, and say what you think." In Arthur's defence, where is the "hate" he is accused of promoting? People do not hate Jews. They hate the satanic agenda promoted by the Masonic Jewish Central Bankers and the colonial establishment, most of which is not Jewish. The charge of anti Semitism is a ruse to suppress opposition to the satanist agenda. Justin Trudeau could prove he represents "change" by amending 319-2 section of the criminal code under which Arthur is falsely charged.

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
~ Jesus Christ, John, Ch. 8, Verse 32

"For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad."
~ Jesus Christ, Ch. 8, Verse 17

by Arthur Topham
"Arthur and the Jews"
(abridged by 

Monday, a trial in B.C. Supreme Court involving the case of Regina v Roy Arthur Topham commenced in Quesnel, located in the interior of British Columbia in an area known as the Cariboo.

In essence this isn't just the trial of Arthur Topham based upon a politically motivated and spurious Sec. 319(2) Criminal Code of Canada "Hate Propaganda" charge initiated by one of Canada's largest Zionist Jew lobby organization, B'nai Brith Canada. 

It's far more than that. What will be on trial from October 26th to November 6th is the legal entitlement of all Canadians to exercise their Constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of expression, both on and off the Internet -  as written in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Sec. 2b which states that "Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication".

The outcome of the trial will determine whether or not Canada is, in fact, a truly open and free democracy or a nation whose sovereignty and freedom has been compromised by the wilful, premeditated actions of foreign lobbyists inimical to the country as a whole. In other words Freedom of Speech will be on trial.

Roy Arthur TOPHAM, [is charged with] "willfully promote hatred against an identifiable group, people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin, contrary to Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code."

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Butler will preside and a jury of twelve men and women will make the final determination of guilty or not guilty.

This is based upon the multitude of articles and online books which I have published on my website prior to and since April 28th, 2011...

Now there are some serious problems that accompany an allegation which accuses a person of "hating" a whole "identifiable group" such as the "people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin" based upon not only his own writings but also the written works of dozens of other writers, journalists, video producers, talk show hosts, artists, musicians and so on and these problems will undoubtedly come up during the course of the trial.

Without going into too much further detail surrounding the spurious nature of the charge of promoting "hatred" toward all the Jews of the world ... I would rather focus on letting readers know a bit about who I really am...


I was twenty years old and in my second year of university at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. In 1967. ... The only fundamental difference really was the sudden and unexpected appearance throughout Western society of what became known as the Hippie Movement. It was that previously unheard of phenomenon that attracted me and countless others and became the focus of my life; one which has never ceased or abated since I first became involved with it.

The watchwords of the Hippie Movement were "Love" and "Peace" and our collective efforts to manifest those two positive, life-enhancing moral qualities throughout the war-torn society of our day were what inspired millions of my generation to work toward a world where violence and war and terror and hatred would end forever to be replaced by the fundamental Christian values and precepts taught by Jesus Christ, values that included learning to love each other and respect each other as well as caring for the Earth Mother that sustained us all. These were my guiding principles throughout my life and remain so to this very day.

With that in mind the accusation of the Zionist lobbyists, when it comes to dealing with their own hatred of anything or anyone who doesn't support their ideological objectives or the actions of the foreign state of Israel and its parallel objectives, that every critic of their political agenda "hates" all the Jews in the world is utterly preposterous and beyond all comprehension....

The controversy surrounding the Jews throughout history has now reached the point of culmination. Their mission to stop the truth from being revealed. whenever it applies to their own culpable actions, by using the criminal court system to attack the truth revealers is doomed to end in failure just as their efforts to stop the Internet from exposing their heinous acts of terror and murder and destruction perpetrated upon the defenceless Semitic people of Palestine has proven to be unstoppable.

The Age of Orwellian Censorship is coming to an end and it behooves all people of all races, nationalities, ethnicities and colour including the Jews to recognize that no single group of people has the right or the power or the ability to stem the tide of evolutionary consciousness that's now happening on this planet.

It's for these basic reasons that I have fought against the Zionist efforts to control our basic human rights over the past nine years. Now we will see if the country is willing to protect its most precious of gift - the freedom to speak one's mind and express one's views on whatever issues they deem of value to sustain our God given right to live in peace and happiness without fear and war.

I pray that God will grant us the wisdom to choose freedom over censorship and love over hate.


Please help out with my upcoming Sec. 319(2) "Hate Propaganda" trial that commences in one week on October 26th by making a donation.
Donations can be made online via my GoGetFunding site located at or else by sending cash, cheques or Money Orders to the following postal address.

Please make sure that any cheques or Money Orders are made out to - Arthur Topham - and sent to:
Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C.
V2J 6T8
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First Comment by Lasha Darkmoon:

The trial of Canadian patriot Arthur Topham began in British Columbia yesterday. Arthur's alleged crime? Incitement to hatred against Jews for publishing on his website various items regarded as highly offensive to Jews, such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and other such 'incendiary' material.

If Arthur is found guilty, there will be two immediate consequences:  (1) Arthur will be severely punished with imprisonment, fines, and the shutting down of his websites. (2) Freedom of speech in Canada will have received its final deathblow, with Jews henceforth being the only arbiters of what may or may not be said in Canada.

With Jews alone being allowed to define the parameters of "hate speech", all negative criticism of Israel will come to be seen as hateful and intolerable. The slightest offense given to a Jew will become grounds for complaint and criminal investigation. Attacking the enemies of the Jews, however, will be freely permitted and even encouraged, with Muslims and Christians becoming the new "Nazis".

In short, if Arthur Topham is found guilty, a new unwritten Eleventh Commandment will take root in Canada, and, in the course of time, spread like a virus to other countries: THOU SHALT LOVE THE JEWS AND HATE THE JEWS' ENEMIES AND AT ALL TIMES SERVE AND OBEY THY JEWISH MASTERS.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Organized Jewry Tries to Silence Old Hippie "

Ron said (October 28, 2015):

I would like to see Arthur (the man not the person) demand that Mr or Mrs Regina appear before the court so that he may confront his accuser and make reparations for any injuries he may have caused. Men create codes to regulate persons and charges under a code are always laid upon persons, as evidenced by the all CAPITAL spelling of the name.

As well stated earlier, can the prosecutor prove that Arthur is a regulated person under the code or is he waiting for Arthur to admit that he is? Those that carry the BAR card will not and indeed cannot relieve us men of the burden of defending ourselves. I hope for the best outcome, but I fear for the worst. I personally tremble at the very thought of having to confront the satanic bastards but I can see no alternative. If we cannot shake off our collective illusions and delusions the sun will soon set on this great land.

A said (October 28, 2015):

What brings hatred of "jews" is not only some of their very hateful behaviour, but mostly it is when they do stuff like this; attack freedom of speech; trying to silence us for whatever reason. How about they just piss off and stop being so damn despicable ? Then maybe they won't heap upon themselves anyone's ire.

Every time you turn on any type of media it is Israel this, Israel that, zionist this zionist that. I for one am sick and tired of it and them.

Peter said (October 28, 2015):

Arthur's trial in Canada was preceded in Australia five years ago with the trial of Brendon O'Connell, arguably Australia's first and only political prisoner. A three year sentence for mouthing off in public against a Chad Lubavitch dual citizen who was stalking (spying for Israel no doubt) Palestinians who were protesting against the sale of oranges whose groves had been stolen from them, and also for his web updates revealing such truths as these .

Released for a couple of years, and by no means silenced as they have intended, Brendon is now up for another charge and has not been "allowed" to update his website at . Arthur should expect the same kangaroo court that Brendon was subjected to and people should learn how to defend to the death a persons right to express their opinions.

We get the good "Jew" Fabian socialist culture to repress opposition and make weak the public, but the fangs of the Cheka and other Illuminati creations awaits lest we relearn the lessons of the past and unravel the gordian knot of deception.

Glen said (October 27, 2015):

Truth is freedom of speech, and yes even thought is dead in every "civilized" country in the world. The only place a human on this shite hole of a planet might find any semblance of freedom is in some third world back-asswards country where the CIA, M-I6 or MOSSAD has failed to yet penetrate, at least with their actual "boots on the ground".

A place where you will poop in an out house, pump your own water from a well in your yard, and heat your water over a coal-fired stove for your bath in a number three tub. A land of no telephones or T.V.'s. A place where I thank God I lived the earliest years of my life. A place that at one time was rural America.

Those days are now gone. Every move you make and every breath you take is monitored by someone or something. America has now become the greatest Police state the world has ever known, with her close friend to the north in tow. It is done, over, finished, and the fat lady has already sung.

And as we look around for someone to blame, we need look no further than the man(or woman) in the mirror. Due to our laziness and inattention we have allowed these Jewish banksters to gain control over every component of our lives. The Zionist are now in full control, and unless we grow a set they will continue whip us like slaves and bleed us of our last drop of blood. I wish I could say I had hope, but then that would be a lie. I leave you with a few thoughts from the old timers Buffalo Springfield:

" Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid, you step out of line
The man come and take you away"

This one's for the "Old Hippie"

Robert K said (October 27, 2015):

The central principle of Christianity is the Incarnation, and Arthur Topham practices his faith as he should, by incarnating it according to his lights despite the risk this might expose him to. Jesus did the same.

Quite certainly, as happened in the David Irving libel case, millions of dollars will be flowing, overtly or covertly, to defeat his cause. Let's hope that the jury will do its job properly and ignore the insidious, justice-defeating argument (which will certainly be made) that Topham should be made an example of in order to discourage other persons who truly believe in freedom of conscience and of speech from following his example of saying what he thinks and trusting his fellow citizens to judge its merits.

Al Thompson said (October 27, 2015):

I heard a saying a long time ago: "The judge is your enemy, the prosecutor is your enemy, and your attorney is your enemy spy." If Arthur is going to use an attorney on this, he will probably have a bad outcome. The reason is that even his attorney must support the scam.

He should ask the prosecutor: "What facts do you have that the code applies to me?" What is interesting is that there will be no facts that these codes apply to any man or woman. I did this recently in a traffic court and I simply asked: "What facts do you have that the vehicle code applies to me?" The "court" entered a plea for me and scheduled a trial about 30 days later.

The judge actually said that she called the officer and told him not to show up. So the case was dropped. The question attacks the underlying authority of the court as it shifts the burden of proof back to where it belongs; the accuser An attorney will probably not do this in a case like this one. This case is a political hit on Arthur.
So he must stay focused on the facts question and don't let them slide around it. If they have no facts, there's no evidence of any crime.

In addition, the word "person" is a word of art. "Person" means a "human being." The problem with the word human being is that it means a "bi-pedal primate mammal" which means a monkey. The court considers a man or a woman an animal. This fits in with the Jewish-masonic freaks that think that the goyim are animals. This may be the reason they'll never give an answer to the question: "What facts do you have that the code applies to me?" "What facts do you have that show that I am a 'person' and how does it apply to me?" They'll never answer that one because they would have to prove the theory of evolution. Of course, if Arthur believes in evolution then this won't help him.

He could also file in the a conscientious objection because he believes that the court process is based upon Satanic principles and it is repugnant to his moral beliefs.

The courts are extremely disgusting places to find oneself in and they are evil to the core. It is best to simply separate from them rather than think anyone can work within the system. Having been through the ringer myself, I can say that the court will cheat and his attorney will probably help them do it.

The courts reek of Talmudic Judaism, especially with their oath-taking which is breaking God's commandments.

JG said (October 27, 2015):

Canada has produced many great "truthers" in the alternative internet media such as Henry, Arthur, Max French, and many others.

What is not being discussed here is the ignorant "play on words" that got Arthur in trouble in the first place.

Unfortunately even some of the best "truthers" in the field still speak of the Jews in the collective tense without differentiating as to what kind of Jews they are. I uses to do the same thing myself but thanks to Henry's website I have learned that all "Jews" are not part of this NWO conspiracy and that to speak of them without specifying what kind of Jews they are is irresponsible and not fair play.

The once Canadian citizen Ernst Zundell found out just how much " freedom and justice" there is with the Canadian courts. Truth and evidence were disallowed by these courts and deemed as "hateful". It got Ernst deported and later imprisoned.

Mr. Trucker said (October 27, 2015):

To me, I hope that he is found not guilty. I hate to see this come to America.

All this is to divide and conquer Canada. I wonder what that new Prime Minister of yours is going to do. I hope he intervenes and tells them to drop it,meaning the case against this man.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at