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Talmud Cited By Defence at Topham Hate Crime Trial

October 29, 2015

"All the while [my lawyer] was reading [excerpts from Talmud], the Crown Counsel sat there squirming and playing with her pen and the Justice and the witness were daunted by the whole episode. Earlier on, [hate crime cop] Wilson had been lauding the Talmud as one of the Jews "Holy" books and attempting to convince the jury that any negative criticism of it was just pure anti-semitism and hatred."

Dear Arthur [Topham]

If i were in your position, I would defend myself by reading excerpts from the Talmud and demand to know why Jews haven't been charged with hate crimes. Just the news that this is your defence should put the fear in them.

good luck


Radical Press <[email protected]>
9:35 PM (7 minutes ago)

to me 
Hi Henry,

Judging from your email which I just read at 7:15 pm my time you appear to have been doing some "remote viewing" of the scene in the courtroom this afternoon.

Today was the day that my counsel began to cross examine the ex police officer Terry Wilson who  testified throughout the earlier part of the week. As you may already be aware, one of the online books that the Crown is using as evidence to prove their case is Elizabeth Dillings book The Jewish Religion: It's Influence Today. I'm sure you're familiar with it. Anyway, seeing as they introduced it defence was able to argue as to its authenticity (as per the sections of the Talmud that Dilling quotes throughout the book). 

My counsel asked the former detective if he had read the book and he said he had read it (the online version). He asked Wilson if he had read the Talmud. He said he hadn't. Then asked Wilson if he had checked out the footnotes to the various quotations to ascertain whether or not they were reliable and could be sourced to the actual text. Wilson said he hadn't done that either. 

After confirming that Wilson hadn't done anything but read the online text and then concluded that the book was anti-semitic and hateful he then established the fact that Wilson wasn't an "expert" in determining what "hate" was; only that he relied upon the definition used in the Keegstra Case as a guideline. 

This opened up the door for my lawyer to select some of the more gross and controversial instances contained in the Talmud which related to sexual issues, and children, etc. He carefully read them out to the jury and had Wilson acknowledge that each selection conformed to the book. The jury of 8 women and 4 men sat there and listened to the an assortment of rather perverse and loathsome behaviours. When my counsel finished reading them, the day's proceedings ended.

All the while he was reading them out Crown Counsel sat there squirming and playing with her pen and the Justice and the witness were daunted by the whole episode. Earlier on Wilson had been testifying and lauding the Talmud as one of the Jews "Holy" books and attempting to convince the jury that any negative criticism of it was just pure anti-semitism and hatred.

Just what effect it had on the jury remains to be seen, but I don't think it left them with a very good taste in their mouths.

Tomorrow Len Rudner is appearing as Crown's "Expert witness". It will also be another interesting day.

So it appears we're on the same page here.

P.S. This afternoon Gilad Atzmon arrived in town. He's our Expert witness and will be testifying after Rudner on "Jewish identity", etc. It's a great honour to have Gilad come half way around the world to assist me in this trial. I hope to send out another report this weekend. 

Thanks for writing Henry.

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First Comment by Glen:

 For many of my generation the lies of nation of Israel and her supposed superiority to all mankind are very difficult, if not impossible to see through.  Since birth we have been taught in our houses of worship that the Jews are Gods chosen people. We have been taught that simply by their birthright they  are superior to us. We are taught they occupy the layer right under God in power pyramid. We are there to serve these people by any and every means possible, lest we feel the wrath of a God who really loves only "them" and tolerates us Gentiles only as long as we serve and worship the Jew. 

It is only if and when one steps out of his religious box and does some real research will the truth be laid bare. Cognitive dissonance is very real and powerful force. It closes every mind to the truth that it touches. Our only hope is to keep sharing the truth at every chance and hope it will eventually be accepted by the so called "Christian right", Jewry's biggest worshiper.

In closing I must say Arthur could not have picked a better reference to bring to the jury than the work of Elizabeth Dilling. Her work should be required reading by all Christians. I would like to leave a link to her web site. I hope all will share this vital information.

Best of luck to Arthur in his trial.

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Comments for "Talmud Cited By Defence at Topham Hate Crime Trial"

Reader said (November 2, 2015):

If Arthur Topham's words are 'hate speech', isn't the Talmud 'hate literature'? Just saying. And since when is an emotion 'hate' a crime? Actions, yes, but feelings?

Michael said (October 31, 2015):

Your site is one of two I visit for real, serious, no b.s. news/commentary. Jim Stone is the other.

In reference to the piece above, I offer an excerpt of it, and then validation.

"First Comment by Glen" "Since birth we have been taught in our houses of worship that the Jews are Gods chosen people."

This is all very true. Recently, in an effort to appease my wife (raised R.C. but non practicing at all until 'Catholic Guilt' licks in an after a martini or two.). We decided to do a 'tour' of different denominations, with an eye toward selecting one for attendance. I was opposed, but love allows for many things, so we went.

First was R.C. Even she acknowledged the cultist aspect and that was that.
Next, a church called "Elm Street Christian Church", and the to the point of this note.

Out of forty-five minute service, no less than 20 minutes were spent lauding the Jews, exhorting us to love and help them, praising them for their for standing before God and exhorting us to do everything but worship them as deities.

I couldn't take any more and had to excuse myself from the balance of his talk. (potty break). When it was over, my wife, thinking (before) that my speeches to her on the way of the Jew were wrong, after that service, 'saw the light', and now knows another slice of the pie.

Thanks for the article and good work Henry. Please keep it up.

Al Thompson said (October 30, 2015):

I read this and it is going to be hard grind doing the trial this way. His attorney is going to the merits of the case without challenging jurisdiction. That is done by asking the simple question: "What facts do you have that the 'hate crime' codes apply to me?" This immediately goes to discredit the prosecution's witness. If they try to answer it, then ask: "Is that a fact or an opinion?" They will never provide any facts that the codes apply to anyone. I had a govtard state: "The codes apply because the codes apply." Usually, the judge will ignore this and continue with the case, at which point the defendant should object to every answer the witness gives. This will make any witness look like they are not competent as a witness and their testimony should be disregarded. The problem with quoting the Talmud is that his attorney has already accepted the "court's" jurisdiction and he is getting to the merits of the case without establishing the court's authority. Of course, you would expect an attorney to do that as they wouldn't have a job.

I think this works because no man's law can interfere with the natural law that God created. Since the court is Satanic, there is really no remedy. And that's why the court's authority should always be challenged. An attorney won't do that, unfortunately. While Arthur may do okay with the jury by showing the hypocrisy of the Jews and the Talmud, the main problem is that his attorney accepted jurisdiction without a challenge.

There's a lot more that can be done in a courtroom, but jurisdiction is the big issue and should be established before the trial. I hope this works out well for him, but it is up to his attorney to shift the burden of proof and make them prove everything they are accusing Arthur of doing. Most attorneys do not do a good job with this. Applicability of the codes should be the first place to start.

The big question if one is caught in a courtroom should be directed to the judge at arraignment: "What facts do you have that the codes apply to me?"

In my opinion, the only authority that means anything is God's authority under his natural law. The rest of it is just nonsense and it is unusable.

Robert K said (October 30, 2015):

You can see why the MSM are not covering this important trial. But you may be sure they will be crowing loudly if Topham is convicted. It would be the obverse of the recent case in the UK, where the trial of Ben Fellowes, who reported that a Minister of the Crown had sexually assaulted him in his youth, was reported on until the jury exonerated Fellowes, at which point the Establishment media abruptly fell silent.

The external discipline of the media is now so blatantly pervasive that it is surprising that anyone pays attention to it at all, except perhaps as an exercise in studying methods of deception. It has become just a section in the orchestra playing to manipulate and neutralize the thinking of the population.

It's probably too much to hope that the judge might utter some obiter dicta about the laughable research standards of the hate speech squad, which clearly is beyond its depth in a matter such as this.

MS said (October 30, 2015):

The second and longest chapter in the Quran, al-Baqarah ("The Cow" - referring to the golden calf,) is among other things an epic overview of the Jews and their eventual betrayal of God's covenant. In it, God tells us that during Prophet Solomon's reign, the Jews "began following that which was recited by the devils (Talmud)," and "they threw their revealed book (Torah) behind their backs." We also learn that the exiled Jews in Babylon were instructed in sorcery by two angels, Haroot and Maroot, who were sent to the Jews as a test from God.

The Quran further exonerates Prophet Solomon (Suleiman), blessings be upon him, from allegations of sorcery, and affirms his role in uprooting the occultist Jewish leadership, and the Jinn (demons) with whom they were in league. It is said that he buried their magical knowledge beneath his temple, which has lied beneath the sanctuaries of the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosques for many centuries now.

This site has a pretty good summary: The author does, however, make an error in identifying Prophet Muhammad as the expected messiah of Abrahamic revelations. This is incorrect. The Muslim view is clear, and has always been that Prophet Jesus is the prophesied messiah, and that he will return to complete his mission and establish a rule of peace, justice and abundance. The Quran calls Jesus the messiah at least nine times, and Muhammad affirmed repeatedly that Jesus is the messiah, blessings be on them both.

For the sake of mutual understanding, I'm also obliged to note that the article, in the opening, when it identifies those who have gone astray as Christians, does so due to the deification of Christ, the sonship, and for the Pauline doctrine of a triune godhead (trinity), all of which the Quran considers deviations from the monotheism of father Abraham. Aside from thus doctrinal point, the Quran speaks affectionately and approvingly about Christian virtue and piety, and Prophet Muhammad has prophesied that Muslims will ally with Orthodox Christians to confront the antichrist, Dajjal.

Paul said (October 30, 2015):

One of the hardest things about being God's Chosen People (something I do believe the Jews are at the moment) is learning how to accept such an identity with humility and realize that as a leader of the groups of people that make up our world, this one group of people has to always be above reproach. If they sin in any way, they will be judged by God Himself, in more severe ways than any other group of people. This identity is not for the weak or the timid but for the boldest and bravest of men. The Talmud twists this identity into a monstrosity.


The notion that God would choose one people over another is a con job and perversion of the meaning of God, which in part is universal love.


Bob said (October 30, 2015):

I'd love to have a transcript of this trial!

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