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Homeless Jewish Woman Describes Her Life

December 16, 2015

"I could not get back to you as I was quite ill.  I had to rent a motel room for $77 a night, just to sleep on a bed and bathe.

I do not have internet service where I am and was too weak to drag my computer to the library.

Starbucks is closer to me, but one morning as I was about to plug in my computer, a guy there told me they insist that people buy drinks in order to use the wi fi internet there. I cannot afford to buy their drinks just to use their wi fi for a while.

Right now it is 6 am and it is cold and I am outside of Starbucks sitting on the cold cement sidewalk just to get this message to you.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

"Marla Rogers" 65, is an educated homeless woman. Despite living in an increasingly "socialist" country, there is no social safety net for people like her. 

by Marla Rogers 

It is virtually impossible to survive this nightmare of 17 years of homelessness. I have never seen a town as deranged, degraded and filled with reversal energy as El Cajon. 

Every person, store, business and building in this hellish town acts like they belong in a mental institution for the criminally insane. If you need to cross the street, they will block you. I went to a corner and found they suddenly put up the ridiculous sign, "No pedestrian crossing". 

I had to cross three corners just to get to the original corner that I wanted, wasting my energy and time. 

I spent yesterday in the library reading magazines to distract myself from my pain. Even the library is rigged against poor people. Their computer only lets you stay on it for 2 hours and then it ends your time whether or not anyone else wants to use the computer. 

It will sit idle rather than let you continue your search for jobs or housing. The malicious actions of El Cajon, a seriously demented town, shows that it is rigged to make you fail and keep you homeless. 

I was reading magazines when a homeless woman arrived with her enormous cart which she parked at a table where a homeless male sat. Soon I could hear his loud snoring. More homeless people meandered about the library using it as their daytime homeless shelter.

This town also has a prison mentality with its guards everywhere you go. The Assessor's office has a guard who once chased me down the street by the bus stop as if he wanted to assault me. 

There is no place where I can go to recuperate from the unrelenting stress of this horrible life. I am forced to live with hunger and sleeplessness as my constant companions. The hardships I face of having no home, no bed, no bathroom, no kitchen, no car, will most likely bring on my death. 

The selfish greed of El Cajon is evident by the many vacant buildings which could very easily house the homeless for a night. Every business proudly insults the homeless with their selfish, "No public bathroom" signs in their windows.

I pray to God to get me to Los Angeles, San Francisco or anywhere my literary communication skills can be useful.


For years, I was "living by the rules" of society, being a good Jewish daughter and wife and now that I ask the Jews to help me survive with funds from their million dollar charities, they all say no. 

Each Jewish charity organization I contacted said no me, while they assist so many others. 

There are no daily soup kitchens or food banks in this town yet millions of dollars have been spent on useless, stupid projects. 

El Cajon is built on lies, manipulations, conspiracies and bribes intended to provide the rich with greater incomes while depriving the indigent of basic life necessities. 

 While there is a WIC grocery store for mothers and children, the homeless cannot get daily free food. I see the shelves filled with nutritious foods which I yearn for.

When I pass by the dozen motels with their empty rooms, I crave the luxury of a hot bath and sleeping on a bed. More than a dozen churches lock their doors rather than allow the homeless to spend a night indoors. 

One church gives food occasionally to the poor, yet when I asked for food, they refused claiming I had no family to feed so I did not qualify.

Another church advertises free food for Arabs and Muslims from Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. No free food for hungry American citizens. Setting you up for failure is a favorite pastime of this town's dysfunctional residents. 

Addendum: I am not writing these facts to complain; rather to show there are solutions to many problems of the homeless whether here or in any town or city. I am not seeking sympathy. 

As the adage says, "You can either be part of the problem or you can be part of the solution". I wish to make life better, but as long as the rich corrupt politicians ignore the basic life necessities of the homeless, while commanding billion dollar budgets, the homeless will continue to languish in utter poverty and either starve or freeze to death or both.

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First Comment from Marco:

That was a pretty sad article, homeless people have it tough. The life is rough enough as it is without being looked down upon or treated like a lesser person by other people. Maybe Marla should open a GoFundMe account so readers can send some money her way to help her out. Christmas is around the corner, people would probably be happy to help. 

Reply: Thanks for this suggestion Marco. I will forward any money received at paypal address:  [email protected]   (I am also contributing.) As of Dec 17, about 9 readers have contributed $222.

Marla replies to a sceptical reader:

This writer lies about me by jumping to the worst conclusion and labels me as someone who "wants" to be a victim. This stranger judges me  negatively and eagerly insults me by projecting their own negative motives onto me.  There is no reason to be "suspicious" of me and try to make me out to be a criminal or mentally ill; I am neither. He/she shows me no compassion at all. If the roles were reversed, I would offer the person a prayer, a small amount of food or money and leave it at that. Hurting people like me, serves no purpose at all except to exalt the criticizer's ego. I do  not "want' to be a victim.  Too many people have thwarted my attempts to rise above my hardships.   I did not choose to nor do I "want' to be a victim.

2- I have already contacted all the so called shelters including father Joe's. I was told there were no available spots and there was a waiting list. If there were available spots, surely the thousands of homeless who wander the streets in El Cajon and in San Diego would have entered those shelters. I am highly suspicious of of this reader who is most probably a male, who criticizes me to tear down my self esteem, then offers me nothing but a ride to get me alone with them, and no food at all. I do not accept car rides from strangers. I think after 17 years, I know my way around San Diego and El Cajon. If I need a car ride, there is a Pastor who I can ask. At the risk of being criticized even more, I observe Kashruth, I eat only Kosher food and I know for sure none of these shelters provide kosher food. For economic and other reasons, I exist mostly on fruits and vegetables which are 100% kosher.

3- Many ill people with contagious and fatal diseases can reside in those shelters, soup kitchens, etc. I am highly absorbant of the atmosphere around me and cannot risk getting sick as I have no means of getting medical care, nor do I wish to risk contracting a fatal disease.   Does this reader know these shelters will not provide me with free medical or hospital care should I need it. So, going into a shelter may actually hasten my death.  People who have never walked a mile in my shoes, feel free to cast aspersions on me and throw out names of places they think will help, but won't help. Often in my life, after following stranger's flimsy advice, I have had more pain, problems and suffering. I have since learned to follow my own higher guidance.  Less problems occur when I do so. Someone has offered to run an ad in a newspaper for a "trade/exchange" position for me as a housekeeper. Introducing me to employers who would welcome my using my skills and talents in a productive way, would go a long way towards ending my homelessness. 

Marla, - who does not "want" to be a victim

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Comments for "Homeless Jewish Woman Describes Her Life"

Michael I said (December 17, 2015):

I can thoroughly understand "Marla's" situation. Although she's about 20 years older than I am, I've been homeless. In the early- to mid-80's, my father had a crack problem (nope, folks, it's not just a "black man's" drug), which resulted in him burning up our apartment and forcing us out into the streets. At the time, as a young teenager, I was the only one in the household working, and what I was earning as a burger flipper at the Illuminated "restaurant" with the golden arches wasn't really much, barely enough to pay the rent, much less anything else. Anyway, so we lost the apartment. I spent many a night between the ages of 13 and 17 sleeping under the Coney Island boardwalk, or various store fronts. I've been spit on, pissed on, and beat up because I was young and vulnerable target. Fortunately (I guess) I was also young enough to pull myself out of the situation by joining the US Navy (they were reluctant to take me at first because of being a high school drop-out, but my ASVAB score was 99, so it was hard to pass me up, too).

Since you've posted "Marla's" stories several times, all I can do is pray for her. Whether she knows it or not, her situation and contact with you might be spreading more awareness to the engineered system of destruction than if she were to receive the "benefits" of the system. I don't know, but you have a BUNCH of readers who are aware of things. If it was within my power, I'd bring her out from CA to AL. Ah well, such is life.

Marla, best of luck. I pray God shines his grace on you and lifts you out of your situation.

Luis said (December 17, 2015):

I'm just writing to share my sadness after reading Marl's story..It's unbelievable that millions of americans have to go through the same as Marla described.

Over here in the UK state help is a lot more efficient. Applicants for either benefits and housing don't have to wait much until they get the minimum conditions to live.
It's a reality that working people might pay a lot in taxes..but on the other hand the benefit system works quite rapidly, if one does the right thing.

Unfortunately, we both know that this state of things has been planned and engineered by the globalists...They wanna destroy the middle classes and the bigger number of people in difficulty, the better. The more people protesting on the streets, the better for them, cos they can then send the police and gradually instal their police state dictatorships..They love people protesting on the streets and most 'truth seekers' haven't realized this agenda.

Tony B said (December 17, 2015):

Unfortunately, this woman's experience in El Cajon is pretty much par for the course in the whole country, perhaps the whole world. You might call it part of the obvious plan to reduce the world population. First those most vulnerable. Then, gradually make more and more classes of people the next most vulnerable. Few will be concerned, not caring what happens to those "caught" until they are themselves the most vulnerable and unable to fight their planned demise.

Robert K said (December 16, 2015):

As Marla says, the shelves of all the shops are full. And the merchants want only to sell their wares to customers. Marla is not a customer for only one reason: she has no money.

Most goods are now being produced in volume by robots controlled by computers, and this is increasingly the case. Buildings are being erected by gigantic 3-D "printers"; eventually this will spell the end of most building trades. Automated hamburger-making machines will soon replace most short-order cooks. The only thing holding this robotic revolution back somewhat is government policy aimed at artificially supporting the creation of "employment"; in other words, government incentives to thwart productive efficiency.

The robots make wonderful "employees". They never tire, never complain, never have debilitating personal problems, never want salary increases. And there is no limit to the number of them that can be brought into service.

Given this unprecedented productive capacity, these should be the best times for humanity in all of history, but our burgeoning opportunities for living comfortably and well are stolen by our perverse, corrupt, disinheriting, debt-multiplying financial system. The only hope of changing it is through the political power people still possess, but apparently do not love their fellow men and women enough to use to effect reforms for the economic benefit of all.

JG said (December 16, 2015):

I can relate to what Marla is going through in California.
I remember living out of my car when I first landed there in 1973. It took me a few months but in time I found steady employment and got an apartment shortly afterwards but that was the California of old where immigration was controlled and then President Nixon had the landlords contained under the ' wage, price and rent freeze' law.
I was paying $125 a month for my apartment and NOT $1250 like it would cost you today.

Marla might find Los Angeles a contemptuous place for a homeless person because they are heavily burdened with illegals and runaways from all over the country.

The job market is there but the cost of living can offset your earnings leaving next to penniless between paydays.

Marla just needs to find the right people where she is at that can help her. A lot of the organizations that are out there for assistance, as she has found out, have become bureaucratic and dysfunctional. Only the professional beggars know the ropes on how to get help from those agencies.

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