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Catholics Put Freemasonry in Correct Perspective

December 21, 2015

left, Ernest Jouin sounded alarm 

Western Society is Doomed

Because Freemasons control the media, we don't understand the calamity that has befallen humanity.  Over the centuries, only Catholicism recognized that Freemasonry is Satanism and fought a valiant but unsuccessful rearguard action. The following are excerpts from a Dec. 8, 1930 speech "Papacy and Freemasonry"  by Monseigneur Ernest Jouin, 1844-1932, a priest who published Occult Theocrasy and The Protocols of Zion.

This was written 85 years ago:

"Papacy and Freemasonry, those are the two powers active throughout the world and each is seeking to dominate it. The solution of the struggle taking place between them is, at the present moment of the utmost importance; for we are face to face not only with the crossroads of history but also with a radical transformation of humanity itself. Either Roman Catholicism will lift us up again to the level of Christian civilization or else Judeo-Masonry will drag us down the path of barbarism and decadent paganism. The whole world oscillates between the two: Christianism and Paganism.

Monseigneur Gay, having been assigned by the Council of the Vatican the duty of writing "A Memorandum on Secret Societies," gave the following striking definition of Freemasonry: "It is evident that in a general way, this doctrine of Freemasonry is not only a heresy, nor even the totality of all heresies, which find in it a haven; it is a fact that Masonry ... allows full play to the commission of outrageous perversion. Freemasonry is indeed the abyss of all errors, the well of perdition." 

This abyss of all errors (Abyssus Errorum ) is justly compared to the "abysmal well' mentioned in Revelation (abyssus putei , ix, 1-3 ), whose emanations darken the light of the sun and poison the air. It is this accursed Sect whose perversion was stigmatized by Pope Pius IX when he named it: "THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN." Due to its enormous extension and its nowadays very visible collusion with INTERNATIONAL JEWISH FINANCE, Freemasonry has indeed become the "SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN."

 As such it provided funds for the RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, installed in Moscow; it carried Communism from East to West, took up the leadership of States of their governments, their various administration departments or ministries, and of their parliaments and, in consequence, it is such a world power that for any discerning mind, it seems as though, today, there are on earth only two great powers, viz.: JUDEO-MASONRY in the service of WORLD JEWRY and the CHURCH in the hands of PETER'S SUCCESSOR. Those two powers are at war, face to face as though fighting an endless duel, as is clearly expressed in the stone inscription of the Masonic Grand Orient and Supreme Council of France:

"The fight taking place between Catholicism and Freemasonry is a fight to the very death, ceaseless and merciless." (Bulletin of the Grand Orient of France P. 183. 1892 and in memorandum of the Supreme Council No. 85, page 48. )

With such a rallying definite line of action, one can positively affirm that JUDEO-MASONRY IS THE UNIQUE ENEMY OF THE CHURCH. It can be detected in all anti-Catholic attacks against clergy or laity led either by Freemasons or by even Catholics whose faith has decreased due to either fear, passion or self-interest.


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First Comment from James Perloff

My own study of history validates the view that the Masons and Zionists utterly despised the Catholic Church. The slaughter of priests during the Illuminati-backed French Revolution is just one example.

I believe that the CURRENT corruption at the Vatican has given people the misconception that it has always been that way, but let's remember that after she left the Communist Party, Bella Dodd  revealed: "In the 1930's, we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within. The idea was for these men to be ordained, and then climb the ladder of influence and authority as Monsignors and Bishops." And the PROTOCOLS (17:3) say of the Papal Court that "we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place."

This may be, to a great extent, a fait accompli at this point, but it has been due more to infiltration than due to inherent iniquities within Catholicism itself.

I am not a Catholic, but it is worth mentioning that when Theodor Herzl approached Pope Pius X in 1904 seeking support for a Zionist state, the Pope would not sanction the idea. The Zionists instead turned to the Protestants, and through the Zionist-backed Scofield Reference Bible, deluded millions of conservative evangelicals into believing that the Bible itself prophesied what the Zionists wanted on a silver platter. That was the birth of Christian Zionism--seen today in people like John Hagee and Hal Lindsey--with its insane support for Palestinian land theft, a rebuilt temple, and ultimately a Zionist world government which has every intention of exterminating Christians once it reaches its zenith of power.

Note from David Livingstone's  Transhumanism: The History of a Dangerous Idea

The goal of the Illuminati is the creation of a New World Order and the elimination of "organized religion." Before attacking Islam, in the so-called the "War on Terror", their first victim was the Catholic Church. 

Ever since the advent of the Italian Carbonari, a subversive Masonic group headed by Giuseppe Mazzini, who succeeded Adam Weishaupt, there was a conspiracy to install a Pope of their own. 

The Alta Vendita, written by Giuseppe Mazzini,  details this Masonic plot. In its 1819 "Permanent Instruction" to its members, the Alta Vendita stated:

Our final end is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution, the destruction forever of Catholicism and even of the Christian idea... Catholicism has a life much more tenacious than that. It has seen the most implacable, the most terrible adversaries, and it has often had the malignant pleasure of throwing holy water on the tombs of the most enraged... The Pope, whoever he may be, will never come to the secret societies. It is for the secret societies to come first to the Church, in the resolve to conquer the two... 

The work which we have undertaken is not the work of a day, nor of a month, nor of a year. It may last many years, a century perhaps, but in our ranks the soldier dies and the fight continues... We do not mean to win the Popes to our cause, to make them neophytes of our principles, and propagators of our ideas... That which we ought to demand, that which we should seek and expect, as the Jews expected the Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants.

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Comments for "Catholics Put Freemasonry in Correct Perspective"

AG said (December 23, 2015):

"....stigmatized by Pope Pius IX when he named it: "THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN."...

Actually, it was Jesus Who first called it that (Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9).

Peter said (December 22, 2015):

Amen, Henry.The Vatican is under the control of the Enemies of Christ and as prophesied by Our Lord in Luke 18,8, Faith is almost non-existent!

Robert M said (December 22, 2015):

Wonderful post, Henry, thanks for that. And thanks to Mary for that enlightening information. So how HAS that completely-closed-and-secret-conclave thing worked out? We all know the answer - tragically. Every time, EVERY time you post an article about the Church's war with Freemasonry, you get, among the first commenters, the same line of remarks from those steeped in anti-Catholicism (and ignorance of the subject). "The Church is a more evil institution than the Masons." "It's like the pot calling the kettle black." "Looking to the Church to vanquish evil is like looking to Satan to vanquish evil." Blah, blah, blah. This is exactly the mindset the Masons WANTED to foster in the West. The differences between the two institutions and their goals and purposes couldn't be more stark. "Lift us up" or "drag us down" is right!

Bonnie said (December 21, 2015):

To Darrell: Read your scripture

Matthew 16:18 "You are Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Mary said (December 21, 2015):

Memo to: Darrel, [below]

The freemasons were successful! In 1914 on August 20th Pope Pius X died supposedly of a broken heart. Not 24 hours before, the Superior General of the Jesuits , Father Wernz, a German, died, also, allegedly of a broken heart. Not two weeks later, one of Pope Pius X's sisters who took care of him, also died, again, of the ever fatal, broken heart. Don't believe me? You don't have to. I ripped this from the archives of the New York Times, August, 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand died less than two months before on June 28th, 1914. Pius X was frantically attempting a rapprochement between the disputing parties, to no avail, when he suddenly died.

The rules of the conclaves (the meetings that elect the popes) are set by the previous reigning pope. The Pius''s rules for the next conclave were set in January of 1905 -- and most unusually were to be held in secret until the death of Pius X. As my husband put it, rules made in secret can be changed in secret. Never before had the proceedings of a papal conclave been proposed to be held forever in secret. And that I believe is exactly what happened. Catholics have an obligation to follow a true and validly elected pope. The proceedings of the conclaves prior to 1914 were publicly known, before, during and after the conclaves. Beginning with the 1914 conclave all the proceedings, before, during and after the conclaves were supposed to be held in strict secrecy. Pius X crafted several oaths in order to maintain Catholic loyalty to the faith. One of those oaths was the oath of a cardinal. No where in that oath is any mention made of maintaining secrecy during a conclave. If secrecy had been of paramount importance to Pius X he would have mentioned it in his Cardinal's oath. Freemasons live by secrecy, especially at their meetings. Faithful Catholics cannot possibly know whether the canonical rules were followed at the conclave of 1914 to elect a true and valid pope. This invalid election effected all subsequent elections, to this very day.

Msgr. Jouin is said to have been the investigator who approached Emperor Franz Joseph of the Austro-Hungarian empire to veto the nomination of Cardinal Mariano Rampolla to the papacy , at the conclave of 1903, due to his discovery of Rampolla's freemason connections. Cardinal Rampolla died in December 1913. His understudy, Giacomo della Chiesa, became Pope Benedict XV in September of 1914, at a conclave whose secrets will forever be held by the participants but unknown to the people for whom the knowledge is most necessary - the Catholic faithful.

Darrel said (December 21, 2015):

The article paints the catholic church as the one to save mankind from masonry. Yet the catholic church is steeped in more evil than the masons ever imagined. This is like saying that satan will deliver us from satan.

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