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Greater Israel and the Exodus of Syrians

December 10, 2015


Syrian writer suggests ISIS atrocities are designed

to clear the land of all unwanted Syrian citizens, 

sects and communities which might stand in the way 

of Illuminati Jewish designs for a Greater Israel. 

This is why their puppet politicians in the West accept them.

I wonder if we'll see a wave of antisemitism in the West,

including false flag attacks, designed to make Jews fill this vacuum.

Syrian Free Press

(Excerpt by 

The Greater Israel Project lies at the very heart of the [Illuminati Jewish] geopolitical triangulation strategy throughout the Middle East. The United States, the United Kingdom and the Modern State of Israel have collaborated quite closely for well over a century to implement this final phase of destruction of several Mideast nations. Because their once clandestine agenda has now become transparent to the many concerned countries, these 3 nations have become known as the true Axis of Evil in the world today.


(left, Migrants, the Illuminati invading armies of NWO do not recognize national boundaries.)

Just as Israel was born out of terrorism, the outright theft of Palestinian land has occurred by way of incessant false flag terror operations. These and many other highly deceptive and destructive tactics have been used... just as they are now being utilized in Syria. The very essence of their 'Relocation Plan' is the employment of every form of terror. Just like the Armenian Holocaust was implemented by the same Zionist cabal to scare them away from their communities, which it did, the ISIS and Al Nusra terrorist groups have been set up and enabled to do the very same.

The purposeful and slow-motion Zionist genocide of the Palestinian people has likewise furthered the cabal's Greater Israel agenda. Systematically getting rid of those indigenous peoples throughout much of the Middle East is a central component of that agenda. In this particular regard the globalists seek not only to remove the Palestinians, but the Syrians from their lands as well. Witness what is perhaps the largest mass migration in modern history of Syrian people to Europe. Irrespective of the fact that the forefathers of Syrians and Palestinians alike have lived in the Mideast for centuries and in Israel over millennia, the Zionist cabal is intent on their removal.

That the USA funded, equipped and armed ISIS is now a generally accepted fact of life in the Middle East. Even President Barack Obama has yet to deny such a self-evident truth.


All of the intelligence agencies and secret services, to include first and foremost the aforementioned "nexus of the CIA, MI6, DGSE and MOSSAD", have a common home in Switzerland. Switzerland is not only the most protected banking capital in the world as demonstrated by its unique neutrality status during WWII, as well as home to the highly secretive BIS (Bank for International Settlements), it is also the true home of the headquarters of the CIA (aka The Company).

It ought to be obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills that the appearance of ISIS and Al Nusra on the Mideast set -- coming practically out of nowhere as they did -- could only have happened with the enormous support of a well established network the size of The Company. Bearing in mind that the CIA is intimately connected to every Fortune 500 company, as well as to a whole slew of super-secret, privately held corporations across the planet.

Clearly, the rapid emergence of ISIS and Al Nusra was both state and corporate-sponsored in a major way. Given this reality, there are very few state sponsors (with well connected intelligence agencies) that would qualify, and, therefore, which must also be working in concert in order to pull off this con of the millennium. Hence, the CIA, MI6, DGSE and MOSSAD must necessarily all be working closely together to maintain the Islamic State. It has even been proven that ISIS-controlled oil wells and transportation routes have been carefully protected by the very same CIA-coordinated network, just as their oil revenues have been safeguarded in their ultra-secret Swiss bank accounts.


(Left, Armenian women crucified during the Armenian genocide)

Who could possibly refute the effects that so many highly publicized beheadings and crucifixions would have on Syrian communities across the Levant? Just like the Armenian Holocaust, the many spiritual communities which dot the Syrian countryside rightly assessed the danger associated with the Fric & Frac of terrorism--ISIS & Al Nusra. They had seen this all before when the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks, who also happened to live in the wrong place at the wrong time, were genocided by the Young Turks and their crypto-Jewish masters.

What better way for the Zionist cabal to clear the land of all unwanted Syrian citizens, sects and communities which might stand in the way of their designs for a Greater Israel?

Not only did their scare tactics work, as they did when they crucified the Armenian girls pictured above, and below, they have now overrun Europe with an unparalleled refugee crisis. Because the same Zionist cabal effectively controls all the major leaders of the European Union, it has been quite easy for them to ensure an EU-wide open border policy. In spite of an unprecedented backlash to the ongoing exodus ending up in both Germany and France, both Chancellor Angela Merkel and President François Hollande have obeyed their masters remarkably well.

Very few realize that the unending incidence of beheadings by ISIS and mass shootings by ISIL were carefully scripted to scare the living daylights out of every Middle Easterner. Incidentally, whether these grotesque acts of violence were actually faked is inconsequential at this point. All that the cabal wanted was to sufficiently terrorize the Mideast masses so that they could be corralled into any pen of their making. By instilling the fear of wanton and barbaric terror into so many, the desired mass migration would take place of its own accord. And so it did ... and right on time in 2015!

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First Comment from James Perloff-

Spot-on, Henry. When I wrote my own blog post on the refugee crisis (after the images of "Baby Aylan" went viral in MSM, and Merkel cried for Germany to accept 800,000 refugees), I listed several potential reasons for the refugee agenda, and one was clearing Muslims out of the Middle East to make space for "Greater Israel."

The Israelis have learned from their experience with the Palestinians that Muslims do not give up their homes without a fight. Unlike America's Christian Zionists, Muslims do not kowtow to Zionists as "God's Chosen People" who somehow have the right to break God's commandment against stealing because of grossly distorted interpretations of Old Testament prophecies.

Since the Zionists, as usual, prefer not to do their own fighting, they want foreign nations to demolish Syria and drive out the indigenous population. Then the Zionists could move into abandoned homes and businesses, asserting that "God gave it to us," just as they claim about Palestine.

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Comments for "Greater Israel and the Exodus of Syrians"

Glen said (December 11, 2015):

Thanks for bringing the true purpose of this exodus to light. As we all know, the study of history is the best means of learning what is being forced upon us today. Seems to me you are saying this is just the "transfer Agreement 2.0". I would like to post this video for all to see and consider. I think this is the most concise history of Hitler and what is going on now ever put together. As it was then, it is still Zionist controlled. This video is quite long but many truths are exposed here.

Anonymous said (December 11, 2015):

I was just perusing an old blog post about a certain Brooklyn Rabbi that had warned a Jewish community in Florida that civil war is coming to the U.S. and to flee to Israel. He continued in the post that the Jews of South America as well as Europe had to escape to Israel because that would be the only safe place. After reading the post, I typed in your url and bam, your headliner is about the fleeing of Arabs from this war torn region and the goal of the Jews to repopulate it with their own kind. Henry, as always, you are spot on. I smell a new weird odor.

Thanks Tony

Not aways "spot on!"

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