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Did Einstein's Wife "Discover" Relativity?

January 22, 2016

Why was Einstein's wife's name on the 
scientific papers that brought
him worldwide recognition? Was he
being chivalrous? Or did he
wish to divert blame in case their
plagiarism was discovered? 

by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Albert Einstein died in 1955, Soviet physicist Abram Joffe published a biographical obituary in which he revealed,  "The author of these articles--an unknown person at that time, was a bureaucrat at the Patent Office in Bern, Einstein-Marity."

This is not Einstein but his wife, Mileva Maric, a Serbian physicist who was the only female in Einstein's class at the Zurich Polytechnic. 

Joffe was referring to three papers first published in Annalen der Physik in 1905 which made Albert Einstein famous. Joffe had seen the original manuscripts that had been submitted for review.

In 1962, Joffe's friend Daniil Semenovich Danin clarified the fact that the papers were signed "Einstein-Marity".  "The unsuccessful teacher, who, in search of a reasonable income, had become a third class engineering expert in the Swiss Patent Office, this yet completely unknown theoretician in 1905 published three articles in the same volume of the famous 'Annalen der Physik' signed 'Einstein-Marity' (or Marić--which was his first wife's family name)."

These stunning statements were largely lost behind the iron curtain. Desanka Trbuhovic-Gjuric  pointed out that "Einstein-Marity" was never Albert Einstein's name, only Mileva's. She argued that Mileva was the coauthor of these famous works that first expressed Einstein's special theory of relativity, a theory of Brownian motion and the law of the photo-electric effect.


 Joffe tried to meet Einstein: "I did not come to know Albert Einstein, until I met him in Berlin. [***] I wanted very much to talk to Einstein [***] and visited him in Zurich together with my friend Wagner. But we did not find him home, so we did not have a chance to talk, and his wife told us that, according to his own words, he is only a civil servant in the patent office, and he has no serious thoughts about science, much less about experiments."

We have direct evidence from Albert's own pen that the relevant work on relativity theory was a collaboration between Mileva and him, "How happy and proud I will be, when we two together have victoriously led our work on relative motion to an end!"

Albert pleaded with Mileva in one letter, "As my dear wife, we will want to engage in a quite diligent scientific collaboration, so that we don't become old Philistines, isn't it so?"

In 2002, I published a chapter in my book Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist outlining the facts which evinced Mileva's role as author, or at least coauthor, of these 1905 papers. That section of the book attracted more attention than any other. I have greatly expanded my research into a full length book just released titled Mileva Einstein-Marity: Einstein's Partner in Crime.

Why partner in crime? Because these supposedly breakthrough papers contained little that was original to either Albert Einstein, or Mileva Einstein-Marity, even though their paper on the principle of relativity failed to make reference to a single source. It was almost entirely plagiarized from prior works in nearly verbatim terms.

Einstein's plagiarism was widely known and publicly discussed just prior to the time the Nobel committee awarded Albert Einstein the Nobel Prize in 1921. Rallies had been held in Germany where Nobel laureates condemned Einstein. Professor Oskar Edvard Westin, of Stockholm, informed the Nobel Foundation Directorate of the unoriginality of Einstein's work, its metaphysical delusions, and of the accusations of plagiarism outstanding against Einstein, some of which Einstein never denied.

Prof. Westin published an article in the prominent Swedish newspaper Nya Dagligt Allehanda on 22 October 1922 levelling these charges at Einstein and calling him a dishonest investigator and a plagiarist, undeserving of the Nobel Prize premium. The second half of my book is devoted to Einstein's Nobel Prize and the scandals it caused. Prof. Westin's article is republished in full.

Mileva Einstein-Marity, since divorced from Albert, extorted the Nobel Prize monies from Einstein, and he paid them to her in full. Given the public scandal surrounding Einstein's plagiarism of the theory of relativity from Poincare, Lorentz, Soldner, Gerber and others, the Nobel Committee was obliged to expressly state that the prize was awarded, "irrespective of such value which, after eventual substantiation, may be assigned to his relativity and gravitational theories". They instead awarded Einstein's Nobel Prize for the law of the photo-electric effect, but also awarded Robert Andrews Millikan the Nobel Prize in 1923 for the very same thing!

Even the award for the law of the photo-electric effect produced an international scandal, because Nobel Prizes in physics were only to be awarded for scientific discoveries and experimental results, not theories. It was Millikan who made those discoveries, not the Einsteins. Albert flouted the rules and in his acceptance speech discussed the theory of relativity as if he had been given an award for it, despite the express admonition that no such award had been given.


Einstein's Partner in Crime is available from Amazon.

Also by CJB:   ALBERT EINSTEIN The Incorrigible RACIST (785 pages!)

The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

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New First Comment from LC:

I welcome this article on the fraud and plagiarist Einstein.   Unfortunately, altho providing wonderfully telling details of his relationship to the Sulzberger family of the NY Times,  this article does not really go into the main reason for his popular fame and fortune -- being used not only as a "poster boy" for Jewish genius, but far more importantly, for promoting the concept of relativity, which, as "Dan" so correctly observed, has served as the foundational "...paradigm of Western philosophy and religion."

This is precisely the reason why Einstein and "his" theory of relativity was promoted -- to serve as a basis for the philosophical school of thought that all things are relative and that there are no absolutes, no right or wrong, no true good or evil, but only 50 shades of grey.... so to speak!  Ultimately this philosophy was used to serve as the fulcrum for the corruption of Western philosophical thought, which explains why Albert and "relativity" became associated with "genius", while "it's relative" became the hip phrase to justify indulging any behavior from sexual promiscuity to drug abuse.

Of course, and equally important, is how this "scientific" philosophy became the lynchpin that threw physics into a literal black hole for the past century, away from a true understanding of electricity and gravity and and zero point energy extraction from the aethyr.   It explains why Tesla derided Einstein as a charlatan, and why Tesla's theories have been buried and "disappeared" down the memory hole of Western scientific inquiry, while serving as a basis for such things as particle beam weapons, gravitic propulsion, HAARP, and scalar weaponry by select militaries around the world.

The promotion of the Theory of Relativity explains why we are still dominated by Big Oil which is the symbiotic parasite of Big Finance attached to our world.  Tesla's discoveries would have eliminated a century of wars for unnecessary carbon-based energy resources, the ripples of which are still flowing throughout the Middle East today.   This is the tragedy and the real reason why Einstein's place in popular culture became a part of his social sainthood.


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Comments for "Did Einstein's Wife "Discover" Relativity? "

BB said (January 30, 2016):

Hey.. Henry.. I read your article about Einstein and the theory that he might have plagiarize his way up the ladder of the scientific world... And I must say?.. I agree.. Totally!.. I became interested and started researching Einstein history.. When I came across an obscure article about his early childhood and his young adult years... Einstein was a lackey, a lazy good for nothing.. So much so.. That as a young man.. His father was so disgusted by his failure, that he begged a certain successful businessman to please give his son a job!.. And do you want to know what that job was?.. "A Patent Office! " Einstein began working at a Patent Office as a young man...

It was during that period when a brilliant young scientist entered the office to drop off one of his inventive ideas, Einstein dismissed the young man, telling him that, the office wasn't interested in ideas as that, and that they were looking for more interesting inventions... The young scientist feeling rejected, quietly left... But was even more determined to be a success in the science field.. That young scientist name was Nicolai Tesla... It was shortly after this encounter.. That Einstein became a genius... In fact.. Einstein's Theory of Relativity is very similar to Tesla's Theory of Dynamic Gravity....

ML said (January 24, 2016):

About your article "Did Einstein's Wife "Discover" Relativity?" :

I would like to call your attention to the book of Jean Hladik, "Comment le jeune et ambitieux Einstein s'est approprié la Relativité restreinte de Poincaré" ("How the young and ambitious Einstein stole Special Relativity of Poincaré"). Jean Hladik is professor or Physics, and teaches quantum mechanics and relativity at university (I am myself retired researcher in theoretical physics). In his book, Hladik studies the problem of anteriority of articles on the subject, from a scientific point of view, by examining the original articles of Poincaré, Lorentz and Einstein, and comparing contents and dates of publication.

In addition, he also cites opinions of other scientists, and historical non-scientific facts that complements the book of Bjernes.

The book can be downloaded at the address:\pdf\H\Hl\Hladik_Jean_-_Comment_le_jeune_et_ambitieux_Einstein_s_est_approprie_la_Relativite_restreinte_de_Poincare.pdf

Unfortunately, despite its interest for historical reasons,it has not been translated into english, to my knowledge. This is comparable to the books of Soljenytsin, "Deux siècles ensemble", Vol1 "Juifs et Russes avant la révolution" and Vol2 "Juifs et Russes pendant la période soviétique" that have never been translated into English either (maybe opposition of the US jewish lobby, in both cases?). Soljenytsin's books in French are also available online in one pdf file:\pdf\S\So\Soljenitsyne_Alexandre_-_Deux_siecles_ensemble.pdf

Best wishes and thank you very much for your work

Anonymous said (January 23, 2016):

Mr Bjerknes reveals another chapter in his life's work of rubbishing Einstein. However, another approach is that adopted by Roger Schlafly, author of "How Einstein Ruined Physics" which gives a comprehensive history
of Symmetry and Motion going back to earliest times and which achieves the objective of exposing Einstein by simply crediting the actual authors of the scientific discoveries which had preceded any alleged work of his by a considerable margin. In modern times, it is important to credit James Clerk Maxwell as the first of a succession of brilliant physicists and mathematicians whose work led to the formal statements of special and general relativity as they are now understood. Why Roger Schlafly takes issue with Einstein is not so much his plagiarism per se but the fact that he disguised it by pretending he had achieved his scientific 'breakthroughs' by pure thought unfettered by any prior work, thereby licensing other 'physicists' to emulate this approach to create versions of reality far removed from the potential for experimental validation and even further removed from simple credibility.

Schlafly's work is very much a history of science text, approachable by the lay reader. Roger Schlafly's blog is Dark Buzz

Dan said (January 23, 2016):

I have an interesting tip for Jon he may want to pursue. Einstein was taken under the wing of the Sulzberger family, who even put him up in a guest house and sponsored his immigration to America in 1933. I had the surreal fortune to have dinner with a Sulzberger many years ago who told anecdotes of Einstein living in a guest house at her parents summer retreat. I researched this further and discovered the Einstein was actually directly related to the New York Sulzbergers through Sophie Einstein* (1811-1878), the wife of the family patriarch in Baden, Germany, Mayer Sulzberger (1843-1923). Mayer's parents - Sophie Einstein-Sulzberger and Abraham Sulzberger immigrated to Philadelphia, USA in 1848 - (the year of the failed first German Marxist revolution). Mayer pursued law and became an American Judge, but he was also a lifelong editor of the 'The Occident and American Jewish Advocate', the first Jewish magazine in the United States. He also co-founded the Jewish Publication Society of America. As you know the Sulzberger family is known for acquiring the New York Times since 1935.

The General Theory of Relativity was genuinely exciting for physicists, mathematicians and engineers, but did it rate the Messianic cult of Einstein that persisted for seventy years? Even when I was a boy in the 1960's the name Einstein was synonymous with "genius". When he died, the press anxiously interviewed the doctor who dissected Einstein's brain. Newspapers from all over country wired Associated Press to obtain photos of Einstein's brain. Einstein was the most overrated 'science celebrity' of his time . Of course now they are as common as Viagra commercials: Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, and so on. The common denominator is MEDIA. Einstein's disproportionate fame was generated primarily by the papers and newsreels, and later, by the New York Times, TIME and all the magazines. On CBS he was God - or at least a scientific Moses.

In latter life Einstein served the media as what we now call call a 'poster boy'. His 'creds' were used to give the liberal pacifist stamp of approval to the new State of Israel.

Whether Einstein's Theory of Relativity was entirely his own or not, the theory itself has been instrumental in literally changing the paradigm of Western philosophy and religion. It was used as the mantle of scientific authority to back up 20th century relativism.

* see ARC MS25 - Mayer Sulzberger Collection paragraph 1.
You won't find the blood relation between the Sulzberger family and Albert Einstein in pop sources like Wikipedia.

BF said (January 23, 2016):

I read your article about Albert Einstein with interest. There is no question that Einstein was overrated as a scientist, if he was a scientist at all. When he was in high school, he failed his mathematics exams, which is strange for a genius. His wife, Mileva Maric, was a mathematician by training, and not a physicist as stated in the article. There is no question that she was the chief force behind all his scientific "research". There is nothing he could have done without her. What is grossly unfair about Einsteins "legend" is that Einstein got all the glory while his wife was almost entirely ignored, when it should have been the other way round.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at