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Do We Owe Alex Jones An Apology?

January 9, 2016


George, a reader, thinks so. 

"Jones is a surgeon, and a clever one, albeit not quite clever enough to convince you that he's one of the good guys. He is having a real effect in combating the NWO, and it is terribly disappointing that you cannot recognize how. Everyone with good or light on their side has their position to play, and everyone plays their position differently."

From George:

Hello Henry,
I have just finished reading your article about Alex Jones. I am highly disappointed. There are so many problems with it, it would take me far too long to address it in any way that would be considered complete, so I will have to limit myself to the most important aspect.
For five years, I have listened to Mr. Jones every day with very few exceptions, and day in and day out Jones absolutely savages Jews. There is not a single high powered Jew he has not laid waste to. The list is too long to even begin to compile. In fact, it would be far easier to come up with a very short list of Jews he hasn't attacked, but as a few random examples of those subject to his onslaught I give you Sumner Redstone, Elena Kagan, Rahm Emmanuel, and Janet Yellen. Jones has merely made the decision, for whatever reason, to attack the super elite as human beings without distinguishing them as Jews. So what. That is his prerogative. If others are able to put the last piece of the puzzle together without Jones being so explicit then he has done the job marvellously. Makow, you have to sharpen your skills in distinguishing good from evil. Jones is your ally.
Henry, I've read enough of your writing to know you have a good heart, but on this one you are terribly misguided.
It is virtually impossible for Jones to be so called controlled opposition, because if he was, it would be the most illogical tactic that could possibly be employed by the powers that be. Jones shines light on every conceivable evil perpetrated by the NWO, day in and day out, and there is no play in the book that says this is a viable tactic against an enemy, which in this case is you and I. Therefore, by appeal to the most basic logic, one must infer the NWO is not so stupid as to wantonly allow a constant spotlight to remain on their crimes by employing one Alex Jones. The fact that he ruthlessly excoriates the highest echelons without explicitly identifying many of them as Jewish is thoroughly irrelevant.
As just one example of how easy it is to disprove the Jones controlled opposition hypothesis of Peter C. via Makow, consider that in the article you cite a bombshell dropped by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney regarding the Israel lobby. Did you know that Ms. McKinney is a frequent guest on Alex Jones Show? Did you know that Cynthia McKinney has been a frequent guest on the Alex Jones Show before and after her bombshell of 2012 that you just cited? She has been on Jones's show no less than four times that I am aware of. Alex loves Ms. McKinney and constantly brags about her incredible strength and fearless character, so how can you remotely explain this? I could cite scores of similar examples if I felt the listening party was actually prepared to give an alternative viewpoint on Alex Jones real consideration.
My point is, sometimes you have to look deeper when faced with obvious contradictory evidence. I have demonstrated that Jones cannot be a militant Zionist by pointing his relationship with Ms. McKinney (verifiable with some diligent archive searching). I have also listened to Jones express great criticism of Israel. As yet another example, he frequently mentions Israel's bombing of the USS Liberty, and he pulls no punches. Henry, why would he pull back the veil on the Liberty affair if he was exclusively pro Israel? Henry, the truth is, you have incorrectly assessed Jones and his motives, mostly through focusing solely on circumstantial evidence that supports your conjecture. Jones has at least ten thousand hours of  airtime, which means that any single minded editor could easily find and compile statements that could support just about any theory about Jones.
My point remains, Jones is fearless and ferocious in his attacks on jews, not just on an occasion here and there, but every day. Just for a lark, add to my previous short list Henry Kissinger, Cass Sunstein, Chuck Shumer, Michael Bloomberg, Barbara Boxer, and the granddaddy of them all, Jacob Rothchild as just a few of the jews which Jones has taken on. I have heard Jones obliterate these people to the point that if they were facilitating him in any way, it would have to be merely as an act of suicide. In fact, I have a challenge for you, Henry. Provide me with just two prominent names of the illuminati that you are certain Jones has never talked about because of his connections.
In my opinion, Jones remains alive and out of the clutches of the powers that be for one reason, and one reason only, providence. Does Jones have faults? Sure, plenty of them, but who doesn't.  
 You know, timing is everything. As fate would have it, at the very moment our topic turned to Alex Jones supposed Islamophobia, Jones reported on today's show that on Monday he interviewed someone very interesting. In fact, Jones interviewed the very last person any Islamophobe would choose to interview. The interview lasted some two hours and included a very cordial dinner after with associates of both sides present. Some of the conversation at dinner was also recorded. All reports are the interview went very well and there was considerable common ground. Who did Jones interview? Louis Farrakhan.
Can you tell me if Jones's attempt to find common ground with the leader of the Nation of Islam creates any doubt that you might have some facts wrong?
Jones will release the interview within a short time. I hope you will make some effort to listen to it in entirety. And I hope you will give consideration to trusting my insight with respect to Jones since I have far more information about where he stands on matters related to the NWO, the unfolding police state, and the criminal activity of the American government, which happens to be bought and paid for by the crime syndicate that is your sole focus.

Makow reply- I don't visit Jones' sites so I depend on readers like you. You start by saying Jones lambasts Zionists and then you say he soft pedals them - which is it? If you're going to "lead the opposition" in  Lenin's words, you have to be convincing.  Hitler was convincing and I believe he was also false opposition. Michael Collins Piper described how the Illuminati Jewish bankers have used false opposition in the past. Like Jones, the John Birch Society does good work but it is also false opposition

 I believe Jones is false opposition because 1) His connection to Bronfman lawyer.   2) He was too young (age 22) when he got into the biz. He was groomed. 3) He has admitted he is a Rosicrucian, which is a Freemason. Admitted many family members were Masons.  4. More telling than Jews, he glosses over the role of Freemasonry which is crucial.  5. His access to mainstream media. 6. His cutting off William Cooper with the spurious excuse that Cooper used profanity. Did the same thing to me when I was on his show in 2008. He chewed me out for saying, "Illuminati don't give a shit." The world is going down the toilet, and suddenly this loudmouth Texan is being prissy?  


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 First Comment from George:

I could seriously challenge your published response to my emails, and explain Jones's real position probably better than he could. In fact, just in the last few days, and prompted by our recent exchange, I have uncovered some interesting things that bolster my Jones hypothesis substantially. It would take me weeks to formulate a written presentation, and I just don't have the time. I merely make the small gesture on occasion to pull together those who are near the front lines, when time allows by writing a brief letter or two.
I am deeply disappointed that I failed to make any positive impression on you, and that you declined to call me, or provide a phone number so that we could discuss this at length. You know perfectly well how laborious it is to formulate complex thoughts and ideas and present them well in writing. You say you depend on readers like me for your information about Jones, so the idea that I am much less credible than the others - given what efforts I have made to reach out on a more personal level - tells me that you have no interest in changing your opinion on him. Make no mistake, Henry, you are far less effective in your life's work because of it.

Lynda writes:

  No. Stick to your position.  You have called it.  Alex is controlled opposition. "To control the opposition, you must lead the opposition".  (It sounds better in French).
Your reader George is engaging; his heart is in the right and write place.  But like most people with good hearts who are working to correct their thinking, George  does not get - in a word: guile. He does not get trauma based mind control as used on mass populations. And frankly who would want to get it?  Unfortunately at this point in the discussion, this is one of the must knows.
The Jewish Supremacy needs anti-semitism - a specific type of anti-semitism that must look as much as possible like raving, foaming at the mouth irrational hate. This is because the Jewish mass mind has been programmed to think/feel and know in the kishkes that the Jews as a people are hated by all others for no other reason than - they are Jews.  This program at an unconscious, racial level is virtually downloaded with the DNA.  Only the Divine Logos, Christ the Saviour of men can heal this.  But Gentiles can at least be aware of what the Jewish program is and refrain from punching enter, enter, enter - as does Alex Jomes.
And the Gentiles can work on de-programming ourselves.  Why am I not surprised  Alex Jones does not go there?
If we were to sit down at the table with the Learned Elders who are mapping this thing out, we would see they have certain necessities.  One of them is to keep their schmo screen as impenetrable as possible.  And they have to work the bellows and drive the machine of war in terms of the human mind and emotions.  E Michael Jones has called it.  Israel Shamir has called it and Gilad Atzmon has called it. And you have called it, Henry.  The Jewish people are both camoflauge and shields to the Big Machers at the apex of the new world order.  In his "Goy Guide to World History", E Michael Jones lays out one of the key roles of the Jews as a population: "they are human shields". 
To control this dynamic population and keep it on a short lead, the Machers have to apply trauma based mind control to a mass population.  It has to be seared into the Jewish mind that the non-Jews hate them for no other reason that they are Jews, hate their looks, their characters, their successes, their cooking, their grandmothers, their achievements, their kids and even their pet shi-tzus.  It is important, in terms of the schmo screen,  that the Jewish program must read  like:  'if Big Jew did not have the situation in hand,  a pogrom would get Judge Judy off the air and close all the kosher delis tomorrow'. They have to live in a state of anxiety. Basically it is the same schtick the Big Machers are running on all the Gentile nations they have now subverted and are in process of  utiliizing as ZOGs for their new world order. On a darker note, it is why the Jewish false flags and black ops often include in the script an atrocity on a Jewish school or business or centre. 
It is one of their main weaknesses that the Schmucks who are running this never really get any new ideas.
By now, of course, with so much evidence on the table documenting the outsized role that Jews are playing in the subversion of nations, anti-semitism doesn't look so irrational.  This constitutes a problem for the Big Machers. Enter the Alex Jones brand of anti-semitism.  In terms of the Jewish Supremacy and its works, Alex never actually breaks any news about the Jewish role in the subversion of nations.  The information that he deals with is already public domain.  So Alex plays an indispensable role in framing it for the goys, modelling the emotional energy, "lambasting the Jews" and brewing the storm and the fury. The Big Machers can use that.  Correction.  They will certainly use that.  Right now they are using it to dominate  the speech that is putting the evidence of the Jewish Supremacy on the table and apply it to providing a strong suggestion that the Jews should 'return' to Israel.  I seriously doubt that anyone who reads your writing thinks that the ZOG wars over there are about oil.  Of course, the ZOG wars are for the creation of Greater Israel.  Who is supposed to inhabit Greater Israel if not the Jews?
In terms of the program, the Jews have to 'get it' that they are hated because they are Jews and because they are, on the whole, a successful group.  And from the Big Macher POV, the more Jews who can be loud and out there with their successes that create social destruction for the Gentiles, the more they will give all Jewish success stories a bad name.   Think Lucky Larry and his insurance pay-out on the Twin Towers.  Alex's role is to amplify that and shit stir the backlash.
But as with David Icke, Alex crops the Masonic Agentur out of the picture.  Them good ole boyz Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum have to front the schmo screen and promote the ordo ab chao.  How could Alex possibly miss this?  For me that seals it.  Alex is controlled opposition and he is modelling to an international audience exactly the kind of anti-semitism the Big Machers want at this stage of Revelation of Method. 
The Jews who want to dismantle the Jewish programming and rewrite the script will have to be strict with Alex.  The Gentiles who want to dismantle the Gentile programming and rewrite the script will have to be strict with Alex. He must exit pursued by a bear.  

Glenn writes: 

"Do We Owe Alex Jones An Apology?"  No, Alex Jones owes us an apology. When I was a relative new comer to the "truth movement" sometime around 2004 I found Alex to be a good source for information I was seeking on 9-11 and the globalist agenda in general. I was even an infowars subscriber. Alex never seemed to be afraid to call out the bad guys. As a period of two years passed by with me listening to his every show I began to notice at times Alex would absolutely destroy the guest he had on his show if they in someway crossed some kind of line he held sacred. He would become loud and rude, talking and almost screaming over his guest at times. This began to grate on me and made me wonder if he was not in fact "paid opposition", used to keep people who were smart enough to know many things were not right about 9-11 looking in a certain direction and not at the real culprits.

  One of my first eye opener's was when a video was posted of Alex disrupting and really destroying a pro second amendment rally in Austin, Texas. Here is a link to that video.

  My second clue was when Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton (now Dykes as Aaron and Mellissa were married) quit his show and started their own truth site. Aaron was the force behind some really great videos put out by infowars at the time. 

  So, after years of research and a relentless quest for the truth I have found there is a great force out there who are in fact nothing more than paid opposition, cointelpro if you will. These forces act the same way the lame stream media does. They feed you constant doses of fear along with a steady list of enemies to hate. It will be hard when you learn these folks are paid and supported by the same Jewish masters who rule over everything else. It will be hard when you learn these controller's and their plan of deception and  lies are as old as history itself. 

  If you do not think we have a "Jewish" problem, ask yourself why virtually EVERY politician must kiss the ring of the Jew before he is allowed to enter the field of national politics. Ask your self why the largest lobby in America is a JEWISH lobby pushing a JEWISH agenda. Ask your self why the fact that five Israelis were arrested on 9-11 as suspected conspirators is never mentioned. After all of that, ask yourself why Alex Jones will never mention anything to do with our Jewish problem. Maybe it is true that he is in fact Alex Jewns.

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Comments for "Do We Owe Alex Jones An Apology? "

LC said (January 13, 2016):

No, you don't owe Alex Jones an apology. His "schtick" is to make anyone who reveals or opposes the forces behind the NWO and globalist agenda as mad, foaming at the mouth, raving lunatics. HIs appearance as a "pro Second Amendment" representative who opposed the "slimey limey", Piers Morgan, was a textbook example of how is advocacy of responsible firearms ownership was made to look like lunacy. This is his function --to make the positions he "advocates" look like the ravings of a mad man, and by association, anyone who supports such positions is tarred with the same brush.

By the way, another interesting personality you might have added to your list of "Chosen" supported opposition was George Lincoln Rockwell. Or the reputed "Nazi" march on Skokie, Illinois, whose leader was Jewish and supported and financed by the ADL.

Michael C said (January 13, 2016):

I am on a tablet, so will be brief, but thanks for the Alex Jones's article. Article was worth pondering as well as your comment. For me Jones is abrasive, and yet I have thought him sincere. One curiosity that surprises me is the acting ability day in and out of controlled opposition. I would have hard time doing that if I imagine myself on the other side... be that as it may.

FS said (January 12, 2016):

As for Mister Show Biz Jones being remiss in unmasking the "real" villains and their crimes; not to worry, all in good time.
The Illuminati always demolish their fleeting fronts once having served their respective purposes: Jews and their faith and all other faiths and their faithfuls; governments; their enforcer classes; Zionism; Israel; Freemasonry; the Old Man and the Old Woman; even their monetary system will be no more in due course. (Again, "Be careful what you wish for", holds true.). Even the visible bankers provide cover for their unseen flesh and blood bosses: the Hidden Masters.

And if the war on Earth is a mere reflection of the war in Heaven, then we are engaged in a spiritual battle that can never be fought and won by flesh and blood mortals on the material plane alone. We must take care, lest we become like madmen blasting wildly away at phantom reflections in a hall of mirrors.

Coastx said (January 11, 2016):

Very excellent critique on JEW savior, Alex Jones.

I got censored 2010, his excuse for this it was the Alex Jones show, not a forum for debate with opinionated subscribers.

Do be aware this double dipping Satan's literature has penetrated California militia which in my opinion has radicalized public alert on manufactured crisis. He'll start a civil war if he can get away with it.

Controlled opposition is a correct assessment, in my opinion. He's a gatekeeper, and his redaction of the reality check in Sandy Hook proved this.

Jones is a part of the Freemason inspired theatrical landscape that populates the globe with racketeer and fraud crimes the public is wired not to perceive, that bliss bubble periodically burst via genocide which today's such project appears to be Fukushima ANAI.

I don't like him. I advise others similarly.

John D said (January 11, 2016):

My take is that Jones takes the honourable path.
He names individuals, for their actions, not for their race/religion.

His style is too loud & brash for my UK tastes,
but I have never found him wrong in point of fact.

Bear in mind that, from William Guy Carr's book Pawns in the Game, the illuminati/bankster plan is for WW III against Islam, destroying all countries, including US & Israel,
& that both are being demonized now, my belief is that the term "Jew" is way too broad brush to be used.

Perhaps "Khazar/pretendJew? Bankster Crony?
I reckon 97%+ of Jews don't have a clue what's going on.
It's a tiny fraction driving the depopulation/one world govt agenda, 1% of the 1%?

Ron said (January 11, 2016):

I am skeptical that Jones is really supposedly divorced because the supposed legal divorce form posted online has misspelled his name! The proper spelling of his name is Alexander Emric Jones. Not Alexander Emerick Jones.

Jones regularly notes how there are numerous lies about him online & this supposed "divorce" is probably one of them as he recently referred to his "wife" [ he did not say "ex-wife" ] so this supposed "divorce" looks like disinformation. Also: Jones recently clarified that the Jews do run Hollywood but that the Saudis were buying it up. I am wary of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Particularly on such tenuous assertions. I want to see concrete evidence before making a judgement.

James C said (January 10, 2016):

No, we most certainly don't owe Alex Jones an apology. Jones is a self-confessed Zionist. Furthermore, he has never done a single program concerning possible Israeli involvement in the 9-11 false flag event. That fact alone should tell us all we need to know about this fake.

Jeanine said (January 10, 2016):

You don't owe Alex Jones an apology. Jones' epic fail in the debate with David Duke also shows he's just controlled opposition. If people can't handle the truth, let them live in the lie. I'm surrounded by them. He may criticize jews but he doesn't identify them as jews and the conspiracy as a jewish one. I have jewish friends who are no part of this and have no idea they are being used. I'm not anti-Semite but these particular jews are racial elitists who are racist even against their own. Keep telling the truth and don't hold back.

Peter said (January 10, 2016):

The mere fact that Alex Jones is there, with his brash voice and approach, is proof that he is controlled opposition, like the Nazis were. The job of the false opposition is to enTRAP true money printer enemies... who are expected to be stupid enough to show their cards to ostensibly strong and loudmouthed TRAPpers, such as Alex Jones. With the majority of the public brain dead zombies, all the money printers need to do is study their few real enemies and move against them, if they pose any danger. They feel that they are so strongly in the saddle that they can handle ANY opposition. The more loudmouthed and entrenched the trapper is, the stronger the proof that he IS controlled, false opposition. True opposition would long have been shut down and never get the continued media exposure of the fake trappers.

FS said (January 10, 2016):

You know, I often thought for of Jones' shortcomings and however much he falls short of the mark, given his reach, the diluted version of what he does present and the manner he presents it, is so horrible that by rights it should at the vary least have long since touched off a mass, organized, grassroots uprising (Why, even his exposure of 911 should by itself have been enough to get the lynch mobs taking the streets.). The fact that it hasn't, is just proof positive to the Controllers that they have won. (A testing of the waters?)

Given what we are up against and the level of zombie public brain death, even if he did do an about-face and made the necessary corrections to mine and everyone else's satisfaction on this forum, would it really make any difference? I don't think so.

Chad said (January 10, 2016):

In the case of Alex Jones, if he’s criticizing Jews, he’s hiding his Jew-ness. If he’s not criticizing Jews, he’s providing aid.

Can we name one patriot, radio show host or television personality we can’t accuse of being Jewish or working for the Jews? Or maybe he’s at fault because he’s married to a Jew. There’s just no winning.

For the most part, we’ve made great efforts at accusing Alex Jones of being a closet Jew and working for the Illuminati. Now, can we get on with battling false flags, vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride, gun control and the Federal Reserve?

Shall we consider Alex Jones as a false choice opposition leader and become leaders ourselves? If Alex Jones is a deceiver, change the channel, grab the banner and carry on the fight. They can’t kill us all.

Chetsy said (January 9, 2016):

I think your readers have done a good job here, but I'll add my two cents too. At the very least, I think Alex doesn't want to get into nasty wars with Jews, who, as you know, control the media and aren't forgiving of any insult.
He does call them out, but not as Jews.

Having said that, however, I think he actually covers for them in that he wants us to believe that Saudi Arabia "quarterbacked" 911, and cites as evidence the missing 28 pages of the 2002 Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry Report on 911. It is my belief that SA and Israel are secret allies, but to completely overlook the "Dancing Israelis," the Odigo foreknowledge, and the Israeli art students actually living in the WTC is not an oversight.

He also doesn't make the connection that freemasonry is based on Kabalistic mysticism and dualistic thinking.
So, I personally like Alex, but I don't completely trust him.
That's why I read you and various other sites on the Internet.

John said (January 9, 2016):

Hello Mr. Makow. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and this is my first comment. Like someone who had previously commented I don't always agree with you either, but you are far more on the mark than most. Like many here I was elated that Jones had taken on the yolk of fighting the oppression that we see everywhere, everyday and he had a great platform to do it. It didn't take long for that to fade.

I can hardly listen to the guy, what with his long winded, gravelly and very loud and annoying voice, always throwing fits and acting very strange. I decided long ago that there was something up with this guy and the feeling never left me. After YEARS of seeing the effects he has had on those that initially enter the 'conspiracy zone', 'controlled opposition' really seems like the only deserved title he should get.

I believe he has violated one of the strongest weapons that any 'conspiratorialist' has at their disposal, resolve, a good repoire with your listeners, a calm and relaxed demeanor (not at all times) and a clear and succinct way of getting the point across. Alex Jones does NONE of this, even when he is calm he is still grating. And I believe this is his sole purpose. One: He provides information yes, and has been providing that information for a number of years, but haven't we all learned that the controlled opposition camp is continually releasing this kind of information as the sign of the times? This information was meant to be collated and partially disseminated to the masses, and what a better way to make a NOMINAL effect by having some overbloated windbag report this news, it has a two fold effect, because of his location (Texas) and his gun rights stance, he most definitely pushes the left so far off the screen that they pay no attention to him, repubs look at him as another rush limbaugh and automatically assume they are working for them (pompous idiots). Two: this brings us to our target audience, lower to middle class roughnecks and (God Bless them) ignorant 'freedom' loving Americans that most likely, like someone had mentioned above, are too busy to entertain long hours of research to find out more about what they are protesting against and most often, are militia affiliated and are in the 'freedom movement' that includes MANY incendiary elements within their ranks.

I believe Alex Jones is grooming a portion of '2nd Amendment' patsies to be fed to slaughter with their overreaching and unempathetic approach to Second Amendment Rights. This laissez-faire gun toting cowboy mentality about gun rights is only going to serve one purpose, set these Americans up to get slaughtered as an example for the rest.

If you will notice that is his Modus Operandi, he incites anger and hatred simply with the tone of his voice, this is why so many people are so apt to fall for the conspiracy that Alex Jones is really the complaining long winded comedic antagonist Bill Hicks, who had a similar approach to the ills of this world. Satire could be construed as a form of MAGICK.

I would admire Alex Jones if his approach to 'The Jewish Dilemma" was as straightforward as that, that although he knows they are Jews he does not call them out as such but still attacks them, as you say Henry the 'soft pedal', and you are right, NOW is not the time to go around soft peddling these monsters considering they are well on their way, possibly less than a year or so, to fomenting a World War the likes the world has never seen. We are far too late in the game to be pulling punches. I don't see Alex Jones doing anything constructive enough except for creating sides and opposition, not solutions and results.

Annette said (January 9, 2016):

I read the “ in defense of” Alex Jones article.

I used to listen to Jones too. After a while I started picking up the info that is everywhere like “ he’s married to a Jew”. My response at the time was, since when is it a crime to be married to a Jew, and how does this make him a Zionist ?
But I really knew something was wrong the day I actually heard him say with my own two ears that, “Arabs own Hollywood”. WHAT ???!!!

Yes Jones does put out some very good info, but he is kindergarten and a gate keeper. If one never moves on to sites like yours, Brother Nathaniel’s, and many others, one will still be blind as to the magnitude and nature of what and who we are really up against.

Dan said (January 9, 2016):

George reaction is strictly coming from his emotional level. He's not alone. The real issue here isn't Alex Jones; it's processed media addiction.

When people lose trust in the government it's human nature to want heroes: a 'good guy' that's in their corner and knows the score.
Most folks by far are wrapped up in making a living and daily life and at the end of the day they're tired. Most don't know how to fact check news. The TV age lulled North Americans into accepting the 'news' passively from media. With the advent of Internet it became possible for a person to fact check and gather enough information to come to their own judgment about news events. The majority of people unfortunately haven't taken advantage of that because it's work. There's a learning curve, and it takes a LOT of time to become proficient at it, and a lot depends upon hone your own discernment skills.

I would ask George if he owns and still watches television on a daily basis. If the answer is yes I can see how he's blind to the rather blatant commercial branding of Alex Jones. Back in 1990's Jones was already peddling 'prepper' junk like hand crank powered short wave radios from China, and freeze dried food to survive Y2K*. Now Jones shameless pushes "SUPER MALE weight loss formula" in between his announcements of martial law, EMP blackouts, and other assorted end-of-the-world messages. Shouldn't be hard to reason out that if we're going to rounded up an put in put in FEMA concentration camps our $29.95 might be better spent on a last good meal with the family rather than shopping the INFOWARS STORE.


* Y2K meant 'Year 2000' problem, aka the Millennium bug, was an IT industry scam that originated in 1995
Theoretically, that all the digital timers in computers all over the world would reset to an earlier date when the clock tried to roll over from 1999 to 2000. This hoax was seriously promoted by the entire industry, and US Congress actually passed the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act, which limited the liability of businesses who had properly disclosed their Y2K readiness.

MM said (January 9, 2016):

I was an Alex Jones dupe once myself. Not anymore. Like Mark Dice, his bombastic style has convinced many of his authenticity. A closer look reveals his true agenda.

Henrique said (January 9, 2016):

Ridiculous opinion of the writer - and great retort by you Makow. His arguments are wishy-washy trash, and yours are solid, based on evidence ( I don't always agree with you ). Tremendously annoying how people still waste time defending a fellow admittedly Rosicrucian, who brags all the time of "being ( genetically ) as pure as it gets" ( reference to esoterist inbreeding, something by the way D. Drumpf alluded to about himself the other day ), and is proud of his completely Rosicrucian heritage.

When his British poodle Watson started openly attacking Islam I thought to myself: "well if people don't get it now, they're just too hopeless to understand anything". And it's truth.

The direction you're taking, Makow, of emphasizing esoterists a bit more than Jews is the correct one, as well.
The "Alternative Right", to which the poodle supposedly belongs, is a bunch of sarcastic, degenerate, empty funny-boys bent on lowering the conscience-level of the "Right". Pretty much led by a British homosexual ( Milo Yannopoulos ) who says openly he likes to suck black cock ( I know, classy - forgive me ), they're changing the old norm of the proud conservative who lives what he preaches into a bunch of pathetic, sarcastic college-boys. Do I need to mention they never attack Israel or neocon wars ?

About inbreeding, funny that Jones, Icke, Putin, Drumpf, all these hotshots are blond, in a day and age of tremendous race-mixing and preponderance of dark-haired people. Does that tell you something ? Drumpf's sons almost look albino.

Conclusion: no, "we" owe nothing to the vulgar, opportunistic, "enlightened brother" Motormouth Jones.

Anon said (January 9, 2016):

A good samaritan can start out with the best of intentions and be truly fighting the Good Fight but then the samaritan gets a tap on the shoulder from THEM.

The Tapper says, "OK we will let you continue but you can't talk about this or that and you can talk about that subject up to a point but you can't go into these certain areas…and you must never mention these certain things…. If you do as we ask then we can guarantee that no harm will come to your family or you. If you do Not do this then we can Not guarantee you any protection."

THEY hem them in. What would any of you do faced with that?! Most people agree - some negotiate because why give one's silence for free.

But meanwhile, THEY are liars and they still go about doing a myriad of things to destroy the good samaritan's life. THEY covertly attack the person, "Gang Stalk" them and make their life Hell.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at